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The other day I went to Facebook and asked people to share their go-to #Copywriting resources. There's gold in the comments, so I've decided to create a thread and share it all with you.

⚠️⚠️ 20 Resources to take your writing skills to the next level. ✍️

Let's start 🔥👇
2) by Joanna Wiebe (@copyhackers) – Thanks @NikkiElizDemere
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11 lessons from talking to 11 amazing marketers on The Marketing Millennials Podcasts.

Steal or bookmark these tips today

1-1 in-depth interview with your recent buyers is the best way to understand your audience.

- @KateBour
Stories and Community are some of the last moats for your personal brand.

- @joel_hansen_
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Ayer escribí brevemente sobre compartir conocimiento y tengo que predicar con el ejemplo, sino soy un careta.
Les dejo tres hilos: Uno con tips para manejar #socialmedia para marcas, otro para mejorar el #storytelling y uno más sobre #copywriting :)
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Steal these 8 #copywriting rules: 

1) The sole purpose of the first sentence is to get you to read the second sentence. 
2) People will jog to pleasure but they'll sprint from pain.
3) If you're selling something complicated, make it simple.
4) Only sell one thing at a time.
5) Specific sells better than generalities.
6) When you're done writing, delete your first sentence. Better yet, delete your first paragraph. 
7) The most personal is the most creative. 
8) The copywriter doesn't necessarily create art. They solves problems. 

What would you add?
PS. I learned these rules (and 100s more) from @VeryGoodCopy.
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Malam ini aku mau share materi #copywriting yang lagi aku pelajarin.

Spesifiknya ini copywriting buat kamu yang punya bisnis ya..

Notes :
Ini materi dari salah satu kursus yang lg aku ikutin, kalo bayar harganya 500ribu..

Mau gratis?
Nah, ikutin di twitter aja! Image
#copywriting itu gimana cara buat tulisan yang sifatnya persuasif untuk ngarahin audience ke satu tujuan.

Nah, karna ini copywriting buat bisnis jadi tujuannya ngarahin orang2 buat beli produk atau jasa kita ya.
#copywriting itu teknik permainan kata dan penulisan kalimat untuk bikin konten jadi :
• menarik
• memorable
• gampang diinget
• punya ciri khas tertentu
• jadi identitas brand

#copywritingbisnis itu menulis cerita yang punya kekuatan untuk menjual.
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Last week on my WhatsApp status...

I wrote about why you can't copy someone's ad.

Besides the fact that your audience may not be in the same niche...

Your audience may also be on a different level of awareness.

I ended up writing so long a status series... I decided... Image document it on my blog.

Know the 5 levels of Prospect awareness...

And you will be able to craft an ad copy that meets your prospect exactly where she is, and converts her.…
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7 Tips to Write Landing Page Text Without Sounding like a Salesman. #copywriting

1. Write copy as if you are talking to a single person. Don’t use fancy words when you don’t use them in real life. Image
2. If you only talk about your company people get bored. It’s not about your company and how great you are. It’s about your customer and how you are going to help them. Image
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Así como alguna vez hice un hilo sobre trucos de #SocialMedia para marcas y trucos de #Storytelling, les paso algunos consejitos de #Copywriting. Espero les sirva a muchos. #AbroHilo
1. La credibilidad empodera tu anuncio:
a. NUNCA mientas.
b. Que la intención de venta NO sea tu eje principal.
c. Usá el lenguaje que usamos todos los días.
2. Usá cliffhangers. Los finales abiertos con promesa de continuidad, la construcción de historias en el tiempo y los rompecabezas sin resolver, aumentan la dopamina y lleva a los lectores a querer saber más.
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1/ Copywriting is one of the last strongholds of opinions in a data-informed world.

If you wanted to optimize your website copy - take what's there and make it better - there's really no good way to go about it. Because you don't have any data on this stuff.
2/ Does the headline make people want to keep on reading?
Are the arguments you're making even stuff that people care about?
Do they understand what you're trying to say?
After reading everything, what remains unclear?

Do you have data on this? You don't.
3/ Google Analytics can't tell you anything about the copy. Heat maps don't show you anything about the copy. User testing is not designed for this.

So in most cases, you're left with opinions - "I think this is good!" or "this sucks".
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Your customer is your priority. Make him comfortable and he will always come back.

You relieve them the "stress" of saving your number and coming to WhatsApp when you add a link that takes them straight to your inbox.

As the days roll by, we..
...detest "stress" and seek ease.

Take off all stress from us.

Offer delivery, (Maybe free, maybe subsidized rate). Offer to assemble the property. Offer free consultation.

Do everything to show you think of your customer's comfort.

#Marketing #Salesforce #lockdowneffect
#DigitalMarketing #sales #copywriting #Advertising #Businesses #CustomerExperience #CustomerService

See thread. Follow for valuable content: April is explosive.
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You Can't Create Desire In Your Target Customer.

I saw an ad for skill acquisition last week, and it read, "Why not use the money you spend on clubbing and eating to get a skill that will help you."

Not quoting, but very similar.
This is a wrong move because it doesn't understand marketing. See this:

Your target customer may ordinarily like clubbing and eating.

You can't create a new desire for skills but you can stir up a desire already resident in them.

"The Desire To Have Fun"
If they make money..
from their skills, they will be able to have fun.

Another desire may be "The Desire To Feel Among"

If they imbibe skills, people will respect them and seek their approval.


You can't create desire in people; you can only channel already existing desires to your product.
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👉 How to increase your sales from 1 customer.

What is a #salesfunnel and why should I be a #funnelhacker?

Funnels, simply put, are web pages that are designed specifically to sell your product or service.

Check my great little graphic here to see the typical process.
We use services like #Clickfunnels, #Instapages or #Wordpress to build sites like this.

They are proven to work online over and over because generally 99% of businesses online that have a website, haven't optimized it for actually selling their products.
About us, contact and blog pages are all apart of a business and shouldn't be dismissed at all however sales pages are a necessity because:
1. People's attention is limited.
2. People are stupid and they need to be pointing in the right direction.
3. Upsells.
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Are you an online course creator who fears publishing courses because will download the info and ask for a refund?

Here are a few solutions:
*Clarify your course features and benefits
*Raise your rates
*Extend your money back guarantee

#contentmarketing #onlinecourses
Why do you need to clarify your online course features and benefits to reduce refunds?

Create a barrier to entry via #copywriting

Be clear about who your course is for
Be clear about who your course is not for
Why does raising your rates reduce the number of online course refunds?

At premium price points, the psychology of the buyer changes from impulse tire-kicker to Investor.

When your price feels like an investment, you'll attract a results driven consumer.

Raise your rates
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A tiny thread, celebrating how great #design solves problems.
The great thing about a design #Nudge for anyone trying to think more creatively is that you can see the problem/solution plain as day...
From people wasting water,
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