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Does anyone know how many of #OmarSabri's properties burned in 🔥? The ones I found are all located close to #MPD #3rdPrecinct

According to #TinEye, all these pics surfaced in May. Can someone show me old pics of #Georgefloyd on social media? Did he just have no presence there? Is his name really GPF?………

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📌So... ((they)) do this for 8 years to take your guns... #crisisactors #WakeUpAmerica #COVID19 #BlackLivesMatter A thread of what they do👇
And this... #tuesdayvibes
📌Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook wow #SandyHook
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Actores de Crisis #CrisisActors, manifestaciones simuladas, descontrol guionado, #caos planificado. De lo que se trata es de generar reacciones y asi justificar medidas, concientes que las masas no piensan, actuan; y el miedo aniquila la razón.
Quien lo orquesta? no es muy dificil adivinarlo, solo hay que seguir el hilo, quien se beneficia? que es lo que se quiere imponer?
La sola concatenación de hechos de inmenso alcance, que nunca se solapan, que se suceden con precisión milimétrica como para que no decaiga el animo del espectador, ya debería alcanzar para que un buen observador comience a sospechar la existencia de altas dosis de fantasía.
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PATRIOTS... recently someone dropped this “meme” on one of my tweets.
while I’m all for a “good” conspiracy theory, this is a bad one so like it or not I’m gonna call BS!
#CrisisActors DO exist, so don’t get your #RedPill panties in a bunch. 😂🤣🙄
Block if you must.
Normally when #CrisisActors are shown, we rarely if ever get a name, let alone an interview.
This is different; we know who the officers were at Sandy hook.

Pictured below we have Michael McGowan, David colgren, and
Liam Seabrook as well as the meme.
Look closely... #MAGA
Sandy Hook was 01-03-13
The Boston Bombing 4-15-13
Let’s look at Michael Mcgowen and the first meme again only magnified.
Mike is a little “heavy”, has a cleft Chin and a round nose... Boston Bombing Guy has a pointy nose, and chin and is thin. Not the same guy.
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The Chinese White House correspondent Weijia Jiang boasts about covering Sandy Hook in her bio. NICE gal!

CIA Mockingbird Media #ObamaGate propagandist.

My #FalseFlag #CrisisActors thread … scroll up.

*Separate #911Truth thread inside this thread.

For Context ..

#WeijiaJiang born in China, acts offended after POTUS told her to ask China.

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Best 9/11 Redpill.

Watching with my sister.


One week w/her and now she'll be a conspiracy theorist too!

30 minutes. Love Peter Michael Ketchum.

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O My people who bought “Pandemic Bonds” just lost out big right at the deadline of a YUGE payout! That’s really gotta hurt- how will the World Bank handle this one? #TheMoreYouKnow #QAnon
U.N. Cheif declare War on Virus #COVID19
United Nations Absence may be felt around the World-#TheMoreYouKnow #QAnon
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NASA's #rainmakingmachine

Yet California burns ...

Go into the thread and check evidence yourself.
Drone picture link of Paradise Fires.

D irected
E energy
W eapons

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Best 9/11 Redpill for friends and family.

5 min. snarky video by James Corbett.

You'll love it.😂

#WellHellzBellz #Favorites #911Truth

Shortest documentary on #911Truth

#WellHellzBellz —Twitter has disabled #Building7 GIFs over a dozen times.

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Nope, no cannibals today. 3 days in a row — I'm about to join my daughter on the vegetarian train. 🤮

What are Mormons good at??

Ok, besides that.
We have the largest database of humans in the world ... and we're going to baptize you. kekek 😂…
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Prayers for the family and friends of all involved.
I've been saying for awhile now that my home state has corrupt leaders, & this proves it beyond a doubt.
Why is there zero footage, pictures? State is high in #HumanTrafficking #SexTrafficking
& @realDonaldTrump is at warr with those in power (DS) trying desperately to throw the narrative & create more anger at whitmans & our constitutional rights #2A THINK!…
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So... what's the acceptable number of "real" school shootings per month?
It's weird because Stephen says "drug deals"-with-an-S plural but I only see 1 in the list

And "incidents"-with-an-S plural "near schools but not related to them" but I only see 1 of those too…
The rest of these are definitely suspect. I bet the dead people aren't even really dead. #CrisisActors…
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🚨#Breaking 🚨

White House Finds No Corroboration Of Sexual Misconduct In FBI Report

👇Click Thread for complete details👇
(1) White House will forward FBI report to Sen. Grassley’s Senate Judiciary Committee today.
Republicans have narrow 51-49 Senate, in event of 50-50 tie, VP Mike Pence would cast deciding vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s behalf.

(2) FBI probe launched Friday as Judiciary Committee vote on sending Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to Senate. Mr. Flake voted yes, but asked FBI to give week for background check into allegations by Ford, Deborah Ramirez, who says Judge Kavanaugh exposed himself to her in college
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@POTUS Trump colluded with American people to #MAGA

The House Intel Committee concluded that Trump went out every single day to touch the hearts & lives of the working class & thats why @realDonaldTrump WON

LETS NOW #KeepAmericaGreat
@POTUS Trump has replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with former CIA Director Mike Pompeo

He also hired Gina Haspel as the first female director of the CIA

Trump treats the Presidency like a business & if youre not doing your job, YOURE FIRED

(1)The Felonious "Littering" of 7,000 pairs of shoes by #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain "Forced Protestors" Needs to STOP Manipulating #USA Youth into these Criminal acts

Next "Protect" like this dont say #Metoo that you Participated
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#QAnon #Qanon8chan Well,well,well REVEALED: Woman who cared for Florida shooter'filed court papers demanding control of his $800,000 inheritance from his mother just ONE DAY after the massacre'🤨The Friday after the shooting they had the half-brother committed!!#MKUltra #Stinks
#QAnon #Qanon8chan @antischool_ftw #MockingbirdMedia It. Never. Ended!!Fauntroy knew!!😒
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What are the odds that the son of an #FBI agent, who happened to be a student at #Parkland, is interviewed twice within 6 mos by the news as a criminal witness? Oh and he's anti-gun, anti-Trump.... serious fuckery is afoot!

#ParklandSchoolShooting #2A #ParklandStudents #Trump
Clearly a crisis actor being coached by the Media and #DeepState on how to profit politically from tragedy and trash the President. Really pathetic. You can't trust anyone being put on TV by the #FakeNewsMedia.
Source and further details @thedonaldreddit here:…
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