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On #WorldEnvironmentDay2023 sharing my top 5 #Wildlife destinations. A thread with photos by @shranjan

1) Corbett - The #beauty of #Corbett lies in its montane #river valleys, majestic Sal #forests and expansive #grasslands teeming with #wildlife.

@ReserveCorbett #Dhikala ImageImageImageImage
2) Tadoba - It has transformed from a little known forest in the 90’s to Central India’s tiger capital. The only park where tiger sightings in #buffer zone are as good as the core.
@etadoba #tadoba @SvasaraResorts #TigerReserve ImageImageImageImage
3) Kaziranga - Wildlife as far as the #eye can see, the only park in #India that can match the experience of #MasaiMara. You can sight the “Big Five” in a single #safari.

@kaziranga_ #Assam #BigFive @assamforest ImageImageImageImage
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A common habit resulted in severe #vision impairment in a young woman

1. 30-year old Manju had severe disabling vision symptoms for one and half years. This included seeing floaters, bright flashes of light, dark zig zag lines and at times inability to see or focus on objects.
2. There were moments when she could not see anything for several seconds. This occurred mostly at nights when she got up to use washroom. She was evaluated by an #eye specialist and detailed evaluation was found to be normal.
She was referred to rule out neurological causes.
3. I reviewed the history. Symptoms had started after she quit her job of a beautician in order to take care of her specially abled child.
She picked up a new habit of browsing through her smartphone for several hours daily, including >2 hours at nights with lights switched off.
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A 24-YO♀️: a 10-year of episodes of redness & photophobia in eyes, &⬇️visual acuity
SLE: conjunctival hyperemia & peripheral corneal opacification, inflammation & crystalline deposits on the corneal

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm1709103
#eye #internalmedicine
✔️Bacterial: SYPHILIS, Lyme borreliosis, tuberculosis, etc.
✔️Viral: Herpesviridae (HERPES SIMPLEX, H. zoster, E-B)...
✔️Parasitic: Onchocerciasis, Acanthamoeba...
✔️Immune: Cogan's syndrome, contact lens-associated keratitis, autoimmune disease…

ESR:⬆️& evaluation for infectious causes: unremarkable.
6 months after the diagnosis of interstitial keratitis: vertigo, tinnitus, & hearing loss.
Audiometry: sensorineural hearing loss in both ears.
Clinical findings consistent with COGAN´S SYNDROME

#Ophthalmology #MedEd
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Young woman who would lose eyesight in left eye each time she took hot water bath

1. 25-yr old woman consulted me with complaints of losing #vision in left eye after hot water bath. This had occurred 8 times in the past one month. Vision would get restored in a few hours on own.
2. Short-duration loss of #eye sight had occurred last Winter too, but she ignored them.
Last week, she was taken for an #ophthalmological examination after one such episode, and no abnormality was detected.
Her family members thought she was making up her symptoms.
3. She requested her husband to take her for further expert medical opinion, which he refused.
But the woman was convinced that her symptoms were for real, as she had definite loss of vision in left eye after hot water bath.
So, here she was in my OPD, against her family's wish
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Demonic Symbolism Alert Activated 🚨

Mark Ryden.

Net Worth $15 Million - $500 Million

Pervert who likes mixing satanic imagery with little children and tells them to use his one eye bathroom

Partner #Barbie
Thread 🧵
#FashionGate #FashionHellGate Mark Ryden Artwork Thread &...Image
1. This guy creates Eye-catching material.

The use of small symbols to speak big words that not a lot of people remember because it goes back through hundreds of years of time buried from the American school system. A way of speaking from our ancestors.

#Art #FashionGate ImageImageImage
2. @DavisSalika showed Barbie partnered with him to create a unique Anniversary #Barbie edition

So I looked into what they created and things he has also created to see what kind of environment it produces.

An investigation is needed to take place. #SaveOurChildren #Twitter ImageImage
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A salesman who got slapped by a lady customer when his right eye winked without his control

1. 45-year old man presented with involuntary #winking of right #eye of 6 months duration. It occurred several times in a day and he could not control them. He had no other symptoms.
2. He was a salesman in a cosmetics shop and most of the customers were women.
It was a usual day for him at work when his right eye winked at a lady customer (while talking about a product). She misunderstood it and slapped him. All his explanation could not pacify her.
3. With help from his boss and lengthy discussion with the woman's family, the matter was amicably resolved.

However, his job was at stake and he decided to seek a Neurologist's opinion.
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A 25-YO♂️ in Nigeria 2 years earlier: recurrent itchy swellings on his hands and forearms, appearing every week or so for the past few months.

What's in the #eye (A) & in the blood (B)?
#Ophthalmology #parasitology #microbiology ImageImage
Identification of:
📌an adult worm in the eye
📌the microfilariae on a blood smear

LOA LOA FILARIASIS is a skin and eye disease caused by the nematode worm Loa loa.

#parasites #MedEd #MedTwitter ImageImage
Loa loa is one of three parasitic filarial nematodes that cause subcutaneous filariasis in humans.
The other two are Mansonella streptocerca and Onchocerca volvulus (causes river blindness).

#Doctor #MedStudentTwitter #oftalmologia
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A👨, HIV + (CD4 = 25 cells/mm3): rash on arms, hands, chest, & buttocks compatible with #monkeypox
Ocular: redness, pain, itching, swelling, discharge, photosensitivity, & vision changes

Unilateral conjunctivitis, ulcer, & keratitis (fig.)

#ophthalmology #IDtwitter
A PCR swab of the conjunctival lesion:➕for Orthopoxvirus


#eye #ojo #oftalmologia
Patients with #monkeypox can experience serious ocular complications:
5 consecutive patients with ocular monkeypox, have experienced delays in treatment, prolonged illness, hospitalization, & vision impairment.

DOI:… #MedEd #MedTwitter
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A 49-YO man “looking through branches in a tree.”: decreased vision in his L eye.

Fundus: linear and arcuate disturbances in the retina (A).

What´s in the vitreous?!! (B)

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm075735
#parasitology #OJO #Ophthalmology Image
A fly larva was initially observed in the macula and after 4 days of treatment with thiabendazole, a segmented fly larva in the vitreous (B).


#oftalmologia #parasites #eye Image
The patient elected to undergo vitrectomy.
Eight weeks after the vitrectomy, the lesions in the retina were attenuated and the visual acuity had improved to 20/40.

#MedEd #IDtwitter #MedTwitter
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👉🏻 Quand l'🇪🇺#EU finance avec votre argent la formation de la jeunesse islamiste à « haut potentiel » chez les Frères musulmans et fait leur promotion...

THREAD 1/13⤵️ #Brussels #UE
Via #Erasmus, la Commission Européenne @UEFrance a financé pour + de 100 000 € le programme jeunesse du "Al Sharq Forum" pour former les 100 jeunes islamistes qui remplaceront nos lois occidentales par la charia

Le @SharqForum se décrit comme une ONG qui « vise à consolider les valeurs de pluralisme et de justice » en « garantissant les droits de l’Homme »… mais dont le programme prioritaire porte sur « l’islam politique »

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As an aspiring #Artist , I love to Paint/Sketch my own perspective & observations of things that inspires me. I've been doing this for a decade & would love to share it on this platform.

Hence, I am starting this thread where I'll add my couple of #artwork everyday. Let's go...
"Under the same moon, Let's watch it together, tonight."

This is made with Soft Pastel on Black sheet.
Follow on #Instagram for more:

#StarryNight #moon #night #NightSky #Sketching #sketch #art #artwork #artistsontwitter #Artists #Artist #artistsupport Image
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What's an image made of?

There are many correct answers.

But the most fascinating one is: << sines & cosines >>

Read on if you're intrigued👇🧵🪡

#python #images #fourier
*Any* image can be reconstructed from a series of sinusoidal gratings.

A sinusoidal grating looks like this…

#sinusoidal #grating Sinusoidal grating
It’s called a sinusoidal grating because the grayscale values vary according to the sine function.

If you plot the values along a horizontal line of the grating, you’ll get a plot of a sine function Cross-section of a sinusoidal grating
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Une Dune est composée de milliards de grains de sable. Pourtant, la Dune est Une.

"Diouna" ("Dune de sable")
Guematria ordinale = 39
= guematria de "YHVH E'had"( "Dieu est Un")
יהוה אחד

D'Une Image
« D' » est l’éli-sion de la préposition « De » qui indique la provenance : le féminin de Un.

D’ Un
Dieu est Un.
D’ Une
Dieu est Une.

YHVH est Un.
Elohim est Une.

YHVH Elohim
יהוה אלהים
Guematria = 112

1 + 1 = D-i-eux

#ELLEoHIM #Sand #Ouz Image
Yeux dans les Cieux
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1/ Παρασκευή με #fosstotounel, και ξεκινάμε #thread με την ανάλυση της υπόθεσης της #Ολυμπίας Κυρήκου, της οποίας χάθηκαν τα ίχνη το Σάββατο, 11 Νοεμβρίου 1995, απο την Νέα Ιωνία. Θα αναλύσουμε μία σειρά από 7 βίντεο της εκπομπής από το 1996 με πρώτο το
2/ H εκπομπή γίνεται στις 2 Φεβρουαρίου, 1996, με τους συγγενείς να απευθύνονται στην νεαρή τότε Αγγέλω, για να τους βοηθήσει στην αναζήτηση. Να θυμίσουμε ότι το #fosstotounel ξεκίνησε κάπου μέσα στο 1995, οπότε βλέπουμε τα πρώτα βήματα της εκπομπής και των συντελεστών..
3/ Αυτο φαίνεται τόσο από την παραγωγή/ σετ και την εικόνα που έχουμε από τότε, όσο και από το γεγονός ότι πολλά από τα τηλεφωνήματα που γίνονταν από `τηλεθεατές` δεν μπορούσαν να διασταυρωθούν (όπως θα δούμε) με συνέπεια να παραπλανούν, πιθανότατα με δόλο, τις προσπάθειες
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1/τ Ενώ όλη Ελλάδα ακούει τον Μένιο #Φουρθιωτης να δίνει live συνέντευξη μέσα από τη φυλακή, οι έρευνες για την #δολοφονία της #Καρολάιν στα #Γλυκά_Νερά συνεχίζονται. Προχωράμε με #thread στην ανάλυση των μίνι δηλώσεων του πιλότου εχθές (,
2/τ Ενας από τους περιορισμούς για την ανάλυση αυτή είναι ότι ο πιλότος φορούσε μάσκα και γυαλιά μέσα στο αμάξι του, με το twitter να διχάζεται σχετικά με το αν αυτή ήταν μια προμελετημένη κίνηση για να μην δώσει περισσότερα tells στους detective του πληκτρολογίου ή...
3/τ ...αν ήταν μία genuine προσπάθεια να προφυλαχθεί από τον φονικό #κορωνοιό (μέσα στο αμάξι) και τις βλαβερές ακτίνες UVA & UVB του ηλίου...
#Γλυκα_Νερα #γλυκανερα #Καρολαιν #Γλυκά_Νερά
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Thread by @isabelrodbar: Are SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates biased?…

The Great Stagnation—or Decline and Fall? - Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Think. Live Free.…

#civilization #fall #decline
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For 2020 I'm going to try the one photo a day challenge. I'll reply tip this each day with a photo.
Marble Kaleidoscope.

Sony a7iii
FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS
ISO 400
1/30 Image
Carew Sconce

Samsung Note 10+
6 mm
1/17 Image
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...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
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