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I've been using my Smart Insulin Pens (SIPs) for 14 months now & they've been a resolution in how I feel about my diabetes, how I manage my diabetes & how passionate I am to help others & to advocate. This thread🧵collates some of the things I've been part of to raise awareness. A picture of Smart Insulin ...
I do hope you find it helpful & hopefully take something away from the thread. There are lots of pictures, links, videos and helpful resources.

If you have any questions, please fire them to me 👍 Always happy to help 😀💙

* btw- SIPs is short for Smart Insulin Pens.
To start... I'd like to ask you guys a question.

Q: Do you know anything about Smart Insulin Pens?

Have you used SIPs? How did you hear about them? What do you/don't like about them?
Please feel free to share your experiences and any pictures you have in the comments below 💬👇
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Betting for the next best thing in digital #diabetes technology:

'#AID systems & algorithms are very effective.
Unfortunately, they are used by a minority of ppl who cld benefit from them.'
-Steven Russell

#EASD2022 #dedoc°voices #nothingaboutuswithoutus @dedocORG 1/n
Betting for the next best thing in digital #diabetes technology:

'In addition to the challenges of getting hybrid #AID systems, they still require setups. They still require the user to #carbcount for meals & initiate correction boluses.'
-Steven Russell

#EASD2022 #dedoc 2/n
Betting for the next best thing in digital #diabetes technology:

'The #IletBionicPancreas pivotal trial results will be published by end Sept.' -Steven Russell

✅ Only setup needed: @PwD's weight
✅ No #carbcounting
✅ Fully automated

#EASD2022 #dedoc°voices #BetaBionics 3/n
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Are we becoming robots? #AID systems for everyone with #T1D:

'#CGM is the Archimedean point of #diabetes technology. This is when the idea of closing the loop really emerged.'
-Moshe Phillip

#EASD2022 #dedoc°voices #nothingaboutuswithoutus @EASDnews @dedocORG 1/n
Are we becoming robots? #AID systems for everyone with #T1D:

'#CGM opened our eyes to the fact that the data we used to get was very different from the reality #PwD live.'
-Moshe Phillip

So true. Connecting the red dots' never been our reality.

#EASD2022 #dedoc° @dedocORG 2/n
Are we becoming robots? #AID systems for everyone with #T1D:

'I'd like to convince you they are efficient. Automated Insulin Delivery is safe and efficient.'
-Moshe Phillip

#EASD2022 #dedoc°voices #nothingaboutuswithoutus @EASDnews @dedocORG 2/n
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Puntos NUEVOS y puntos CLAVES del nuevo consenso de manejo de la diabetes tipo 2 del consenso ADA/EASD (americano/europeo) 2022

Recién presentado en vivo en el #EASD2022 por los propios autores

Dale RT para que este hilo de actualización llegue a todos los colegas @EASDnews
1) No sólo nos importa la glucemia, no sólo nos importa la mortalidad cardiovascular… NOS IMPORTA TODO.

Es un círculo en el que tenemos que manejar bien TODO para tener buenos resultados en glucemia, riesgo cardiovascular, manejo del peso y protección renal #EASD2022
2) Es importante la correlación de la HbA1c con el automonitoreo o el monitoreo continuo en pacientes con insulinoterapia.
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No nos olvidemos de la neuropatía diabética, es común y afecta la calidad se vida. #easd2022 @EASDnews Image
Cómo manejarla?

Control glucémico
Manejo sintomático
Manejo orientado en la fisiopatología
#EASD2022 @EASDnews Image
Manejo actual recomendado por guías Image
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About to start watching the inspiring advocates of the #dedoc° symposium that was held earlier today at #EASD2022 🍿

Sad I couldn't watch it live. Couldn't wait to catch up here ▶️

#nothingaboutuswithoutus #diabetesadvocacy
@EASDnews @dedocORG 1/n
I already know many happy tears will be shed listening to their inspiring advocacy work 🥲

#EASD2022 #dedoc°voices #nothingaboutuswithoutus #diabetesadvocacy #languagematters
@EASDnews @dedocORG 2/n
Dedoc° symposium, What we wish you knew and why:
'It's the 1st ever #dedoc° symposium at #EASD2022'. This is what I had in mind 10y ago - a panel of advocates at the world largest #diabetes conference.'

-Bastian Hauck, @dedocORG founder

@EASDnews 3/n
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