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Twitter, I’m about to get VERY grumpy. I have some of the smartest, caring people trying to support me. But despite literal hundreds of pages of evidence, @NDIS have said “insufficient evidence submitted” I’ve been in hospital 16 nights. Second fall admission in as many 1/
Months, with all due respect @NDIS @billshortenmp @stevegeorganas @PWDAustralia @JFAPurpleOrange @PictonChris @NatCookMP what the heck more can I possibly do? Enough gatekeeping, evidence is supplied by multiple specialists and allied health. I already have multiple 2/
Documented avoidable adverse reactions, more frequent hospital admissions and longer admission. I really need out of inpatient services and back home, but without #NDIS supports that’s not going to happen. #AusPol it’s 2023, we’re meant to be a 1st world country that cares 3/
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1a) Welcome to a 🆕#accredited #tweetorial on the importance of time in range #TIR in #diabetes . . . with additional emphases on #primarycare and on practice in 🇨🇦.
#FOAMed #endotwitter #MedEd @MedTweetorials #nephtwitter #cardiotwitter
1b) Hence we welcome2⃣ expert faculty from Canada: Ilana Halperin @ilanajhalperin, academic endocrinologist at @Sunnybrook and @uoftmedicine, and Noah Ivers @NoahIvers, #familydoc & researcher at Women's College Hospital @UofT ImageImage
2) Earn 0.75hr 🆓CE/#CME by following this🧵! This program is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Sanofi Canada and is intended for #HCPs. Statement of accreditation & faculty disclosures at
And so we begin . . .
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This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
Today’s short thread is about how living with #diabetes can affect psychological well-being🧵

Plus how #HCPs can effectively assess and support people living with the condition👩‍
Living with #diabetes increases the risk of variable mental health conditions.
For this thread, we will be focusing on #depression , #anxiety and #diabetesdistress🔎 Image from Diabetes UK whic...
The ‘Diabetes is Serious Report’ led by @DiabetesUK highlighted that almost half (47%) of people with #diabetes experience difficulties managing their condition.
Those from more deprived areas are at a higher risk🔼
The report is available at:
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At 4pm EST, the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology will hear testimony related to Bill C-22, including comments from our EVP @KristaCarrNB. #cdnpoli

We'll be live tweeting throughout the committee meeting.

Tune in here:…
@KristaCarrNB Session is starting now - first up, introductions from the committee members and an overview of the #accessibility features adopted by committee.

Panel 1 opens with remarks from @CQualtro.
"This poverty finds its roots in historic and ongoing discrimination, bias, and exclusion face by #pwd. These barriers exist because our systems, laws, policies, and programs were not built with or for #pwd." Image of Minister Qualtrough appearing in Senate.
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Time for another #thursdaythread in collaboration with @diabeteschat.

This one is about 'time in range' (TIR)⏰

It was requested during this week's #diabeteschat session.

This thread aims to define TIR and identify recommendations for TIR. Image of the this weeks thread front cover which is about ti
What is 'time in range'?

It is a measurement of CGM sensor data highlighting how much time glucose levels are within a specific glucose range for a 24 hours period:
· 3.9 – 10.0mmol/L (70 – 180 mg/dL) for adults.
· 3.5 – 7.8mmol/L (63 – 140 mg/dL) during pregnancy🤰
Where did TIR come from?

In 2019, the @ATTDconf congress brought together a panel of individuals: #pwd, healthcare professionals and researchers with expertise in CGM.

They developed CGM target percentages of time within, below and above the glucose range⏰
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A straightforward, hands-on approach to Portal Vein Pulsed Wave Doppler.

Physiologic and pathologic waveforms


#doppler #PWD #echofirst #POCUS #VexUs @ButterflyNetInc

Physiologic flow should be always antegrade and hepatopetal ( towards trasducer). Could be monophasic or gently ondulating,

In doppler it should be red (get the smallest angle posible).
To Remember:

Fugal: Away

Petal: Toward

Normal velocity: 16-40 cms
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Time for another #thursdaythread 🧵

In collaboration with the brill @diabetes_chat

This week is all about #diabetes diagnosis.

A moment that I personally will remember forever.

#diabeteschat #gbdoc Image
Do you remember the date when you or your family member were diagnosed with #diabetes?

Or as I call it 'D-day'.
Mine was 4008 days ago on 12th February 2012 🗓️

My blood glucose level was 30.6mmol/L🩸

I had my glucose measured in accident and emergency🏥

But the events that led to that moment was not smooth.

Where were you or your family member diagnosed with #diabetes?
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I finally rec'd my Voter Card with my Changed Name and Gender. And with it a guide by Election Commission. Happy to see they want to make it inclusive for #Transgender Community. This is what needs change, though-
1. The half man half woman logo is not acceptable to Trans folx...
It may be better to change it to Capital T (used by Delhi Govt for Toilets) or to Trans Flag or the logo in image.
2. The #Toilets are shown as Binary - Men's & Women's washrooms. It may be good to also show Accessible washrooms for #PwD and All Gender Toilets @drsitu @ECISVEEP
The guide shows this graphic for separate queues suggesting separate queues for Men & Women. What about Trans and Disability community?
Also, it may be good to make graphics intersectional - as a Trans person can also be disabled. Also, showing election officers from community
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Disabled people are dying due to legislated poverty. At 11 yr. Its deep deep poverty that has likely not been seen since the great depression. Dying of hypothermia, suicidr, hunger, hospital triage policys, Maid the free suicide that was the disableds
Pandemic plan courtesy of the federal govt.
Disabled need help yesterday. It is a crisis
And a emergency. With skyrocking prices they can no longer afford to live. Market rent consumes the whole disability check. They need aid like Cerb that was given to workers.If you know
A death is imminent does the government have the obligation to help? Yes under United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabillity. There is an obligation. Recently bill c 22 was going thru committee its a Canada Disability Benefit but it
#derb @BonitaZarrillo
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Dear Disabled Peeps
If you got temporary monthly emergency aid of $2500 would you wait for Billc22 to have protective legislation added to it before it passes?
#derb #pwd #billc22 #cdb #derbit #derbistheword
Thats $2500 ON TOP of your provincial or cccd. That way the #derb check wud likely cover rent in most places in Canada leaving u still with 100% prov/cd to spend on other bills and to catch up on stuff u couldn't afford ie, dentures home care etc
No claw back .all ages
Its gotta
Be significant as we are soooo far below poverty level. As most ppl wud be able to pay market rent it gets some 40% of homeless into homes
We deserve 2 live with dignity, whatever it takes 2 b integrated into society not segregated. So 4 me I want the $2500 on top of odsp
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United Nations on poverty & Maid 4 disabled not at end of life/terminal. ITS CLEAR ITS NOT OK.
Its a giant step backwards 2 ww2 what Canada is doing. Maid is not treatment. Suicide via govt is not a right.Why has our govt not fought with the same determination for pwd supports?
Why are so many invited guests at our Maid committee already clear supporters of pretty much every kind of Maid. This is eugenics when the govt stacks the deck. I can't even listen at times when they discuss killing kids and infants. Monstrous.
Nothing about us without us? They are ignoring objections by disabled community groups & a letter of about 888 doctors. 2 panel members quit because its so biased. Its eugenics not treatment or rights.
When they came for us did u object? Or will u wait till they come for u?
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Up now is Federation member @lasqd - Amélie Duranleau & @samuelragot presenting views from the Quebec Intellectual Disability Society/ Societe Quebecoise de la Deficience Intellectuelle. Amélie Duranleau & Samuel Ragot providing remarks in Parlia
"First, we must emphasize that we are very much in favour of the swift passing of Bill C-22. C-22 could play a decisive role in helping lift persons with disabilities out of poverty across the country. In that sense, it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity."
"Of course, we are aware that legislators may find voting on a foundational bill, which contains few details, uncomfortable. However, we believe that this is the right thing to do."
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To be a #PWD in this time of turmoil during the creation of #C22 is a complex and emotional rollercoaster of events. A nation of ppl truly affected by the outcome are watching every single moment, working to be apart of the process, hoping to have their input. A🧵
There is nothing in the Bill which brings real comfort and trust in the system. That ultimately is the truth, as I see it. Call me a pessimist if you want to, but the truth is, as I see it- this needs to be wholly rewritten and expedited. It needs to call for accountability.
Some of the questions asked during the committee meeting were astonishingly crude. Able-bodied folk, imagine this scenario: you’re in constant pain, you’re either unable to see or hear or move or swallow, or any combination thereof; and the BIG question on the frontline is…
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It wud appear there may b some confusion. At the Huma committee 4 bill c22 the impression is that they think pwd want the cdb to b the same $ amount as Cerb was. That figure was for people to temporarily survive at a very basic minimum survival level 4 the able bodied.
#pwd 🧵
Is it that we want
a) $2000 a mth
B) Is it that we want to see similarity to cerb such as a fast roll ounce it gets royal assent, easy to apply for, passed quickly as possible
An amount based on the present outrageous inflation rates and lift us Out of poverty
With the
Sorry in b) this shud read fast roll out once it gets royal assent
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Gray is calling out the amount of talking they did with no substance, she wants a timeline but he blames parliamentary timeline for holding up his timeline, best estimate is a year?
Bynen asks about episodic disabilities like arthritis and MS etc, response is we need to look at the diversity of it, eligibility and criteria, some benefits 3 months up to permanent. income tested.
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Today I asked Minister @NicholasSimons if he would immediately raise the rates for people with disabilities so that they are no longer forced to live below the poverty line.

The current disability assistance program undermines the human rights of #PWD across BC. 1/ #bcpoli
The cost of living is breaking records. Rent, food, fuel prices, medication – people everywhere are struggling to stay afloat. And for people with disabilities, they’re expected to live on $16,300 a year. 2/ #bcpoli #PWD
Currently #BillC22 is making its way through the federal parliament. The goal of this legislation is to ensure that people with disabilities are not living beneath the poverty line.

But Minister @CQualtro says it may be a year or more before benefits arrive. 3/ #bcpoli
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🧵How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

The @OPENDiabetesEU ⤵️
▶️ Katarina Braune is a co-founder
▶️ Patient-led
▶️ 2/3 of the international team live w/#T1D
▶️ #OpenSource #AID data

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #wearenotwaiting @dedocORG @ispad_org 1/n
How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

#wearenotwaiting movement ⤵️
Because DIY #ClosedLoop systems have been so life-changing for them and their kids, they decided to make it available for all.

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 2/n
How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

International consensus statement on #OpenSource automated insulin delivery ⤵️
✅ Published in @TheLancetEndo on Nov 13 2021

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 3/n
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🧵#ISPAD #dedoc° symposium:

Dedoc° started 10y ago on Twitter:
✅ Peer support
✅ Meetings outside of scientific conferences cause #PwD were not allowed in

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #diabetesadvocacy #patientvoice #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 1/n
#ISPAD #dedoc° symposium:

ISPAD was the 1st scientific conference that organised a Dedoc° symposium in 2021 🙏

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #diabetesadvocacy #patientvoice #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 2/n
#ISPAD #dedoc° symposium:

Dedoc° is a platform for others to stand on - to have the #PwD voices heard 🔊

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #diabetesadvocacy #patientvoice #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 3/n
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🧵Microbiota: can they prevent #TID?
Incidence of T1D is rising particularly in the young.
Environmental factors could drive this pattern observed across the globe.
-N. Hanssen

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 1/n
Microbiota: can they prevent #TID?
+ rapid destruction of #BetaCells in kids than adults.
#PwD with residual beta cells have higher #TIR.
-N. Hanssen

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 2/n
Microbiota: can they prevent #TID?
Poor discrimination between self/not self [#autoimmunity] happens with loss of gut microbiome.
-N. Hanssen

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 3/n
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The last mile for #T1D cure:
'I believe that cell therapy can be the T1D cure. We've had landmark results in the last 2y.
-L. Piemonti

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs
#diabetesadvocacy #patientvoice #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 1/n
The last mile for #T1D cure:
'We know now that #BetaCell replacement can cure T1D. This is the #BG profile of someone who used to live with #diabetes 1y 1/2 ago.'
-L. Piemonti

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 2/n
The last mile for #T1D cure:
'We started #BetaCell in Milan replacement in 1989. Had to wait for 30y for this procedure to be recognised.'
-L. Piemonti

Can you imagine living without the mental load & physical burden of #diabetes?

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc° @dedocORG @ispad_org 3/n
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Digitalization in Diabetes Education and Care:
'We know that autoimmunity starts way before #T1D diagnosis - if screened. We learnt that #cpeptide might not be relevant thanks to models'
-Dr A. Galderisi

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices
#patientvoice #payitforward @dedocORG 1/n ImageImageImage
Digitalization in Diabetes Education and Care:
'We can find heterogeneity in #T1D even before diagnosis. Important to individualise treatment.'-Dr A. Galderisi

Yes, every #PwD has their own #diabetes.

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices
#nothingaboutuswithoutus @dedocORG 2/n ImageImage
Digitalization in #diabetes Education and Care:
'#TIR and #BG daily variability matter though we still look at the big picture. #AI can help us understand further.'
-Dr A. Galderisi

#ISPAD #ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices
#patientvoice #payitforward @dedocORG 3/n Image
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@JustinTrudeau @KanataFoodCpbrd What a hypocrite. Did u sit all the poor kids together & explain 2 them that they r poor because u do not value their #pwd disabled parents life. Did you " teach" them how during the pandemic u sent cerb 2 to the kids/ parents of able bodied but offered 2 execute their parents?
@JustinTrudeau @KanataFoodCpbrd Did u sit the poor kids down and give them a math lesson how its cost effective for their disabled parent to die/sacrifice themselves to increase the wealth of others. Did u explain how soon they too may get the same opportunity when assisted murder will b offered 2 mature minors
@JustinTrudeau @KanataFoodCpbrd Did u sit the poor kids down & say soon there may b an opportunity 4 the government to kill off babies up to age 1 if they have a disability. To prevent this unacceptable situation from recurring in ww2 Germany oops I meant 2 type Canada in the first place. Eventually ridding
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I am reading Amad committee report. Maid for mental illness. It is so twisted i feel like I have been beamed to another planet. So a person who can't access a psychiatrist/phychologist due to waitlists or costs cud likely get a Maid psychiatrist for purpose of death?
There is
Total lack of understanding on what discrimination pwd is. They are worried it will b against our Charter if they DONT kill someone where I see it as against our charter, human rights and United nations crpd to kill someone who cannot obtain
Timely good quality treatment.
This committee has it all backwards . I guess they r just going thru the paces as they had already decided the outcome. They keep talking about Belgium m aid program. 1) we r not Belgium we have our own heritage 2) Belgium spends almost 3% of gdp on
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@UN_HRC When is your next meeting?
Canada needs u to address the extreme poverty of Persons with disabilitys. Social programs payments are less that the market rent leaving many with no food or Homeless. Malnutrition is on the rise. Canada is NOT a leader in disability rights
@UN_HRC Canada:Wait lists 4 subsidizeded housing can b as long as 13 yrs. Foodbanks r overwhelmed.
#pwd were promised a federal disability benefit but are told it is years away from any payment. Can't eat promises or pay rent. Food and shelter shud b a human right. Winter is coming.
@UN_HRC Canada has a lot of tent citys. They get shoved off, tents torn down belongings seized & thrown out, injured, arrested. So its like refugee camps but its our country. Winter is coming Canada gets real cold here. 40% of homeless are disabled ppl. The very ppl that need good a home
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