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[Thread] 1/ This thread is a comparison of negative Twitter campaigning regarding Trudeau and Scheer. Negative campaigning is the spreading of negative information about a candidate. The purpose is to see which candidate has had more negative campaigns about them. #elxn43
2/ For this experiment, I used the tool trendogate - which logs historical trends in the world. I then searched for multiple negative campaigns. For Trudeau these were "trudeau must go", "trudeau black face", "trudeau black face" & "trudeau must go to jail" #elx43 #cdnpoli
3/ For Scheer the hashtags were "scheer disaster" "scheer hypocrisy"never scheer" "scheer cuts". Note: Some popular hashtags I searched did not return any results. E.g. #trudeaucorruption . This could be because they never were sufficient enough to trend, or some glitch in
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For those that took the denials from @JustinTrudeau and @TOAdamVaughan seriously, the fact that their unofficial media wing @TorontoStar is floating this trial balloon, means it's coming. Vote wisely, they're after your nest egg. #elxn43
@JustinTrudeau @TOAdamVaughan @TorontoStar This post has taken off my response to @inklessPW on this subject. Thank you everybody. Spread this as a far as it will go. Taxing your primary residence should be the red line that can never be crossed. Let @TOAdamVaughan know what you think. #elx43
@JustinTrudeau @TOAdamVaughan @TorontoStar In case you are distracted by Liberal trolls coming here and claiming this is fake news, remember the current government amended the CRA rules in 2016 to make it mandatory to report sales of primary residences, a requirement never needed before. #elx43
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1/ I gave an interview in French on the Christian Right and the upcoming Canadian elections. I'm grateful to have been able to speak about some of these less known issues in the French media. For those who don't read French, here's a summary.

#elxn43 #TheChristianRight
2/ I explained that the Christian Right is a politico-religious coalition with a clear purpose. One of the main goals is that the policies of the country be aligned with their own understanding of what they see as Judaeo-Christian values (anti-abortion, LGBTQ rights, etc). #elx43
3/ This politico-religious coalition is mainly comprised of conservative evangelicals, Catholics and Protestants. The "evangelical" label has become a problematic catchall term, and some evangelicals characterize themselves as the pure and original form Protestantism.
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People who know what racism is, who have felt it, know that Trudeau's actions, in 2001, were stupid, but more likely rooted in the fact that he didn't know better, most likely b/c of who he surrounded himself with. He's done more for racialized ppl than any PM before him...
...There are still people wearing my cultural garb on Halloween, there are still Indian people doing figurative Blackface to appropriate Black culture. He will apologize, b/c he will genuinely mean it, his actions present day speak louder than those of 18 yrs ago...
please don't forget that in many school boards in the GTA this has been acceptable behaviour for a Long time...I don't know why, but it is. Let alone all around Canada. There is even a school in Cali who's mascots today are the Fighting Arabs!

It is still wrong!
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PM Trudeau is asked about the RCMP questions, says he has given most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence ever (I don’t know if that is true or not), no indication he plans to waive confidence further for RCMP as Trudeau says he respects Clerk’s decision #cdnpoli #elxn43
Trudeau is asked what he personally did wrong in SNC Lavalin scandal since he has said he took responsibility. He does not answer the question, repeats talking points on protecting jobs #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin #elxn43
Trudeau is asked what he says to people who feel calling an election on the anniversary is insensitive. Trudeau says they remember all those who suffered as a result of 9/11 but this is about a better society in this election
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