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Auditors lubricate capitalism, keeping finance's gears smoothly a-whirl, so investors can move money in and out of companies without poring over their books or walking their facilities. Without auditors, capitalism's gears would grind to dust:…

1/ Two business-suited male fi...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Unfortunately for capitalism, auditing is irredeemably broken. The Big Four auditors (#PWC, #EY, #Deloitte and #KPMG) have merged to monopoly, becoming #TooBigToFail and #TooBigToJail.

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1. The Trudeau Foundation used this symbol just 6 years ago. It is of course a symbol known to the FBI as a pedophile symbol… #TrudeauFoundation #JustinTrudeau #pedeophile Image
2. Justin Trudeau claims recently that he has had nothing to do with the Trudeau Foundation for 10 years - but the Foundation certainly benefited once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows… #TrudeauFoundation #justintrudeau Image
3. This report confirms that officially Justin Trudeau has withdrawn from the affairs of the Foundation for the duration of his involvement in federal politics but also lists him as a succession member..… #TrudeauFoundation #TrudeauCorruption Image
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Dear PM Trudeau,

I’ve revised your China-format, keeping your careful budgeting habits in mind

These additive-revisions will also facilitate a timely announcement of your free speech sentiments to Canadians at your next media scum:1/4
“Obviously everyone in an upcoming Freedom Convoy should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to share their perspectives, and, indeed, protest.”2/4
“We’re going to continue to ensure that Truckers and Farmers know we’ll stand up for human rights, we’ll stand with people who are expressing themselves.”3/4
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What's most fascinating about #Pfizer and the #unvaccinated is that is offers a unique insight into a surprising difference between China and the West. You must read this thread 👇
Many people would imagine that #China would be super strict with #vaccines and force it's citizens to get the jab. Interesting enough there is a large amount of #unvaccinated seniors throughout China who are both sacred of the virus, but also scared of the vaccine.
Earlier this year #China announced it would require seniors in Beijing to get the vaccine (Covid cases were surging and unvaccinated elderly were at high risk) but when the news came out, there was huge public backlash against the Chinese government. What did they do in response?
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De echte journalistieke alternatieven voor de gelijkgeschakelde #miljardairsmedia (alle landelijke kranten en commerciëleTV) en de inmiddels totaal gelijkgeschakelde Staatsmedia van de #PubliekeOmroep

#journalistiek hier ⬇️

@AndereKrant en @_GezondVerstand Image
Nog gehypnotiseerd ?


Oekraïense #crisisacteurs verkleed als gewonden nemen 'n selfie in #Kiev.

Opgezet voor de westerse #miljardairs- en staatsgesubsidieerde media.

#RTLnieuws #NOSJournaal #Nieuwsuur #Eenvandaag #Op1npo en '#journalistiek' #NRC #Volkskrant
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#SkyNewsAustralia 6/7/22

Canadese premier #JustinTrudeau en de Nederlandse premier #MarkRutte "golden pin-up boys" voor #KlausSchwab en de globalistische fantasten van het #WorldEconomicForum
Montage door #RebelNews van het plan van #MarkRutte om de agenda van '#theGreatReset' uit te voeren.
Ook beschreven in het boek van #KlausSchwab waarbij de psychopate aartsleugenaar beweerde dat boek niet te kennen.
Het geheugen, de #politiek en moraal van #MarkRutte werkt elke dag anders.
De inhoud van z'n briefje aan #KlausSchwab van de vorige dag kan verschillen met z'n opvattingen van vandaag.
Maar z'n fascistische en perverse agenda staat als een #WEF-huis.

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Guess they're talking about Canada & @liberal_party re #BayduNord #TMX #LNGCanada
#oldgrowrh #clearcut 👇
"Ongoing investments in fossil fuel infrastructure & clearing large swaths of forest for agriculture undermine the massive curbs in emissions needed to meet Paris goal"
Such cuts would be hard to achieve without without drastic, economy-wide measures, the panel acknowledged. It’s more likely that the world will pass 1.5C

#JustinTrudeau never had any INTENTION of meeting 2C much less 1.5C target
Many experts say #CCS is UNFEASIBLE with current technologies, & even if it could be done it would be far costlier than preventing the emissions in the first place."

They need to elaborate what they mean by costlier @MarkJCarney @s_guilbeault
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Does a municipal government have the authority and legality to do this? What about companies with mandatory drug/alcohol testing? @CBCEdmonton @ctvedmonton @CityNewsYEG @edmontonjournal @globeandmail @GlobalEdmonton you might want to look into this
Cc: @ABmunis @RuralMA
@Mitchell_AB @KikkiPlanet @TheBreakdownAB @duncankinney -
Know anyone who may be able to answer if a Municipality can institute such a “rule”?
Just to follow this up, this County and some of it’s small towns are among the lowest vaccination rates in Alberta.

And while this area also claims to be untouched by covid, the statistics don’t lie.

#covid19AB #abpoli #ableg #RamRanchResisitance #ottawa #cndpoli
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The world watches with concern as the authoritarian govt of #JustinTrudeau clamps down on dissent and curtails civil liberties. Peaceful protest is the right of citizens in a democracy. We urge the Canadian authorities to exercise restraint.
The problem is not just the hypocrisy of the White West. It is of their collaborators in post-colonial societies who parrot and amplify the ideas of their supremacy.

#Modi held on for 10 times longer without resorting to emergency powers to quell dissent.
It's really the story of an entitled prince who likes giving royal sermons but has never had to face reality.


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@globalnews Shut the hell up - Message is clear - TRUDEAU NEEDS TO LIFT THE MANDATES…
LIFT THE BLOCKADES - federal ministers caused this mess - TRUCKERS SPEAK FOR CANADIANS
If the message is not clear RESIGN. @OmarAlghabra @CanadianPM @LiberalQuebec @liberal_party @theJagmeetSingh @AnitaAnandMP @HonAhmedHussen @SeanFraserMP Image
TO BE CLEAR @BillBlair we're giving you swift kick out of office @marcomendicino LIFT the MANDATES
Minister Bill Blair went further and called for a swift end to all the protests.
Blair, who was previously Toronto’s police chief, said the protesters were hurting Canadians. Image
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Sobre lo que está ocurriendo en Canadá 🇨🇦

Sobre lo que está ocurriendo en Canadá 🇨🇦


👆El convoy de la libertad va más allá de Canadá y empieza a convertirse en levantamiento mundial.

Los camioneros de Italia se están movilizando para participar en la protesta y se informa que los australianos y los británicos también están dispuestos a unirse al levantamiento.
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These are my parents. They have been married for more than 50 years. On the day my mom was diagnosed with cancer and kidney failure, the hospital administration would not allow my father and me to see her. The reason? We are covid-19 unvaccinated. My mother is also covid-19 /1 Image

My mother, my father and I are covid-19 NEGATIVE.

On the day my mom was diagnosed, the security guard at the hospital who had castigated me 48 hours earlier for not having a QR Code when I brought my dad to the emergency room with heart troubles, made sure to /2
tell the secretary not to allow my father and me to visit my mother.

I will never forget the heartless actions of that security guard, nor will I forget his face and his cruel eyes. /3
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Agriculture bill was just an excuse, the real story is something like this
1. For many years we were eating imported pulses.
2. Years ago .@narendramodi started banning it and now completely shut it down.
3. In 2005, Manmohan abolished the subsidy being given on pulses.+
...2yrs after that the government started importing pulses by compromising with Netherlands, Australia and Canada. Canada has established large farms of Lentil Dal at its place, the responsibility of which was handed over to the Punjabi Sikhs living there.+
...Large scale pulses are being imported from Canada to India. Among the big importers, Congressmen like Amarinder, Kamalnath were also there. As soon as Modi banned imports, Badal also, their game started. Their Canadian farms started drying up.+
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1. oggi #Repubblica pubblica un commento su #elezioniUSA di #MattBrowne: senza le email di #Podesta rivelate da #WikiLeaks non potremmo capire chi è #MattBrowne: è analista politico del potente circolo dei clintoniani che supporta leadership di #MatteoRenzi
2. possiamo capire chi è #MattBrowne leggendo email di #Podesta rivelate da #WikiLeaks.Nel 2016 ne scrissi in questa esclusiva basata su email di #Podesta, in cui purtroppo ero l'unico media partner di #WikiLeaks, perché NESSUNO voleva pubblicare[ARCHIVIO]…
3. #MattBrowne è,come scrissi nel 2016,grazie alle email di #Podesta è un insider dei circoli di Washington che fa da collettore tra i liberal USA e i leader #Dem nel mondo. Promuove:#JustinTrudeau,#JacindaArdern e per l'Italia #MatteoRenzi
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Why have good intentions so consistently paved the way to hell?
1) A lack of understanding of evolved human nature & of how it is perverted & corrupted by civilisation itself.

2) Good intentions attract those seeking to exploit the moral authority & high social status associated with them for personal advantage. People like #JustinTrudeau.
In place of Justin Trudeau, I might have named #TonyBlair or #BillClinton.

I don't like judging individuals I barely know, but "liberal" politicians always rise to power by deceitfully posing as moral authorities, which I feel sure the three I have named did.
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1. #JustinTrudeau became Liberal leader in April 2013.

Ever since, it'ss been 7+ years of the @CPC_HQ feeding the basest of its base a daily diet of defamation, lies, character assassination, dehumanization, and demonization.

What did they think would be the result?

2. So...

I am saying it.

I blame @stephenharper, @AndrewScheer, and the @CPC_HQ for this.

I outright lay ALL of this directly at their feet…

#CdnPoli #PartyofHate #CantSayDomesticTerrorism
#RideauHall #ManitobaMan

-2 shotguns
-1 unlicensed revolver
-1 rifle
- ALL loaded
- 1 unlicensed high-capacity magazine
- Military training
- Stated intent to kill/cause bodily harm to the PM of 🇨🇦

This is where 7+ years of @CPC_HQ #AllLiesAlltheTime #24HourRageMachine toxicity leads

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(1/3) Li #Vancouver Aquarium in #Canada anunciat que it sta in dangere de clusion pro li perde de moné quel resultat del manca de visitantes pro li #coronavirus. Secun li aquarium, it perdi $3.3 million mensualmen e solmen du mensus resta til quande it

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) va esser fortiat cluder su portas permanentmen. Secun li organisation, it tornat se al guvernament de #JustinTrudeau por apoy pecuniari, quel semblat positiv vis-a-vis li idé de apoyar it ma que un oficial response tarda ancor. Li aquarium possede un lua-contracte
(3/3) de 35 annus con li Parc Stanley, e pro li mult animales qui vive ta it ne posse "simplicmen cluder li portas e extinter li luce" si it trova se in bancrotte. It cludet su portas li mensu passat, con null visitantes desde li 17im de marte. 60 employates ha esset congediat.
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Os resultados até agora conhecidos da eleição dos delegados democratas no Iowa, poder-nos-ão dar algumas pistas.
#Buttigieg 10 delegados, #Sanders 10, #Warren 4, #Biden 0
#1 #Biden por ser demasiado "do sistema" e com acusações de #Trump sobre o filho, não é visto como credível para ganhar a Trump
#2 #Sanders representa o oposto de #Trump e o lado mais extremista dos democratas, confirmando a tendência da sociedade (global) em radicalizar-se nas suas escolhas e posições políticas
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I can understand ppl who have never met #JustinTrudeau forming a vision of him based in the Christ-like qualities the media framed him with last election. I also understand ppl who are now suspicious of his sincerity & honesty becuz of the media & Ethics commissioner's
"Hillary's emails"-ing his role in SNC Lavalin & racial insensitivity from decades ago, and his not coming forward w/pics himself before Warren Kinsella slipped them to Time magazine. Plus #Scheer's constant barrage of lies about the PM are bound to stick to your subconscious.
Fact is that the overwhelming majority of Canadians only know #Trudeau through these lenses. How else would you? Well, I have known him - not well, but well enough - for several years. He is neither the messiah he was painted as before nor the slippery devil he's painted as now.
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