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10 Softball Questions @CPC_HQ& #CPC base would love to have me ask #Conservative leader

(1) When #JustinTrudeau said "budgets balance themselves" did you feel it was the most fiscally irresponsible political rhetoric you ever heard?
(2) When #JustinTrudeau showed up an airport to welcome #Syrian refugees did you feel that this wasn't intelligent refugee policy, but rather Liberal Selfie policy?
(3) When #JustinTrudeau showed up at pride parades did you feel the right thing to do was to not attend any because they weren't family events that any Conservative leader should ever dignify?
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UK oil exec confesses to corruption conspiracy...
More interesting one of his employees paying bribes in Libya was also the contractor who Clinton's State Department used to hire the guards in 2012 for the US consulate in Bengazi!
This guilty plea is for paying bribes for oil infrastructure business in Iraq between 2005 & 2013. The investigation started in March 2016 into suspected bribery and money laundering involving a Monaco-based oil and gas firm Unaoil.
Three other co-conspirators have trials scheduled in January 2020, to there is more to come from this case.…
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1. For the kind Patriot who asked & for all the Patriots of 🇨🇦.

I dug up 10 unique digs on Justin Trudeau.

I did not read them nor fact check them but, walla.

#JustinTrudeau #WakeUpCanada
2. PC only 👇🏻…
3. The Elliott Trudeau foundation appears to have a pet aphelia logo and is a part of a really scandalous group of people.…
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1/ Why’s #JustinTrudeau so inept & Canada’s Media so complicit?

Painfully obvious @realDonaldTrump ONLY looks for ANY advantage helps #MAGA

Trump’s NOT politician looking for love - he’s deal maker.

Trump will exploit China/Canada crises for USA gain.

Trump will not help 🇨🇦
2/ who do you think @realDonaldTrump thinking of when China stops canola, peas , pork, beef from Canada?
1. Canadian farmers & producers
2. American farmers & producers looking for new China market share.

Inept Trudeau knows he got rid of problem by passing in it on to @POTUS
4/ what inept Trudeau did is hand @realDonaldTrump great opportunity to pounce on new markets in China for American farmers and producers

This is how GREAT deal makers think.

Imposters like Trudeau think that he will not be blamed- he asked @POTUS

Not me. I BLAME Trudeau!
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"Genocide" was recognized as a crime under in the 1948 #UnitedNations Convention on #Genocide, which defined it as
"acts committed *WITH INTENT TO DESTROY* in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group"
lies THE PROBLEM.🤔 >…
2/ Marion Buller, the inquiry's chief commissioner, says "the tragedy in🇨🇦 is a *DIRECT RESULT* of a "persistent & deliberate pattern of systemic racial & gendered human & Indigenous-rights violations & abuses, perpetuated historically & maintained today by the #Canadian-state, >
3/ designed to displace #IndigenousPeople from *their* lands, social structures & governments, & to eradicate their existence as nations, communities, families & individuals."

It's A MOUTHFUL ~but THE TRUE QUESTION IS~ do U as a Cdn BELIEVE that *YOU* are somehow *RESPONSIBLE* >
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Looks like the #JustinTrudeau government really thinks more #corruption will save them from Canadian voters. They enacted a secret settlement with KPMG last week to hide the auditing firms role in tax evasion using shell companies. #ButNothingsHappening…
Avoiding taxes by donating money to off-shore shell companies & foundations. But secretly keeping access to spend the money off the books.

With the government avoiding exposure of the corruption by negotiating secret deals that are sealed for 'privacy'.
Well, KPMG taking a 15% commission on any taxes evaded is pretty damning. The big global auditing firms are under fire & investigation in many nations for enabling tax evasion & money laundering.
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Algerian prosecutor refers 2 former MP's & 8 former cabinet ministers to the Supreme Court of Algeria for corruption charges. #ButNothingsHappening…
The ministers ran the usual list of government programs involved in graft. Trade, transportation, public works, finance, industry, higher education & agribusiness!
Of course this is just the latest development in draining the Swamp in Algeria which connects heavily to the Swamps in Canada, France, Russia & Switzerland. And all the banks & oil field services companies that laundered the cash in between the Swamps!
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Change is coming for the #CanadianLaundromat
How much damage with #JustinTrudeau's party suffer in the fall elections? Depends on how many of these stories continue to break! #ButNothingsHappening
Oh look, there is Trump Inc. in the middle of exposing it!…
Canada is currently laundering about $120B per year, so easily more than $2 Trillion since 2000. How did it get exposed? By money laundering at casinos British Columbia. Followed by revelations of real estate money laundering through shell companies!
Like every Trump property, he comes in to the region as the FBI begins an investigation into money laundering. The networks get exposed some time later but Trump is implicated in the press, not the indictments. Why because Trump Inc. is an FBI Honeypot!…
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@MLInstitute US officials' letters "contain an implicit (but clear) threat that Canada could be kicked out of the Program – if Ottawa continues with its current policy of trying to obtain guaranteed industrial benefits that, by their very nature, are not allowed under the JSF Program" #RCAF
@MLInstitute #F35 and competition for new #RCAF fighter--see Aug. 28 letter from US Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to Public Services and Procurement Canada, P. 22 PDF… @CQualtro @PSPC_SPAC @HarjitSajjan @USAF_ACC @NORADCommand #NORAD #NATO
@MLInstitute @CQualtro @PSPC_SPAC @HarjitSajjan @USAF_ACC @NORADCommand #F35 & #RCAF new fighter acquisition "has been a complete and confusing nightmare for the RCAF, and has resulted in Canadian service men and women losing confidence in the government."
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5 Algerian billionaires arrested on corruption charges.
Algerian corruption is linked to many Swamp scandals. One company central to it is the company #JustinTrudeau fired his AG to protect from Libyan corruption charges.…

HT to @Deplorablewin5
@Deplorablewin5 For more information on the Algeria here is a thread I did on the topic.…
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#JFK called them
👉🏻European Imperialists 👈🏻 This is who he was fighting... May he RIP 🙏🏻

#SwissFederation #BIS #PalladiumRite #SecretSocieties
@realDonaldTrump #QAnon

3/ #JFK’s Battle to Free the World from This Horrific Tyranny & How @realDonaldTrump has picked up where President John F. Kennedy left off (Assassinated)...
#ClimateHoax #GeoEngineering #QAnon
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Boy look what I stumbled onto! Wow...every other page is a full page for alcohol and cigarettes. Take a look at the date...
Have we really been asleep this long?
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump #WakeUpAmerica @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

They put it right in our faces back then
#WakeUpAmerica @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
It gets better though... #Nixon and #Kennedy #Chappaquiddick
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#ObamaCare is still Alive. It is not Dead.. wtf.. #RepealObamaCare #ReplaceObamaCare with New Healthcare insurance
@realDonaldTrump @arresthrc @madmandave1011 #QArmy
#EasterIsland one of the Oldest Islands with Giant Gods. #Mysterys of the #World
@arresthrc @madmandave1011 #GreatAwakening
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1/ WHAT IF I TOLD YOU OF A SECRET WAR, a war for control of “YOUR DNA?” What if they had the cures for many Diseases but instead used this knowledge to Create Illness Instead 😱 #VictimsForProfit
#DNAEditing #ReleaseTheCure #Matrix #QAnon #WWG1WGA
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ Each living Organism has it's own Genetic Code... #DNA is the Genetic Map of “YOU”. It holds detailed codes from your Parents/Ancestors, including your strengths & weaknesses...
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ United States Department of Energy Cites “Q Clearance” as a “National Security Position” of “Critical & Sensitive Matters.” The #DOE had full Oversight of the
👉🏻#HumanGenomeProject 👈🏻 🤔
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA #QAnon #BioSimilars
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Imagine if Canada received a “terse statement” when Canada elected far-left socialist party in 2015 by only 39% of its population.

Why not respect the will of people of Brazil who democratically elected a party with a very high vote of 55%. (10 point win) not 39% as in Canada.
2/ Did Canada send stern letter at completion of election in
-North Korea

Vile election where people had no choice.
#JustinTrudeau spared countries his wrath because these are countries he admires- socialists like Trudeau hate when people express their free will.
3/ More on #JustinTrudeau lecturing Brasil #Bolsonaro Win.

Trudeau 2015
39% x 68% turnout = 27%
= 10M people

Bolsonaro 2018
51% x 80% turnout = 41%
= 86M people.

So telling 86 Million Brazilians they are stupid, wrong, racist etc is what the liberal left call tolerance.
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Iran is known state sponsor of terrorism -enslaving its citizens and as offensive on human rights as #SaudiArabia is —so why does #JustinTrudeau want close ties with Iran and calls out Saudi -abruptly?

There’s another story here and given this GVT history it’s not good.
2/ None of this makes sense:

-Raif Badawi- jailed since 2012
-Iran as bad as Saudi -Human Rights
-No negotiated release- greater risk
-#JustinTrudeau didn’t get USA/UK on side before abrupt move.
-great damage to trade, travel, students for no results

3/ #JustinTrudeau embarrassed @POTUS (on purpose see my pinned tweet thread)
Having USA on our side with #Saudi_expels_Canadian_ambassador critically important.

Trudeau put 20% of our Economy at risk NOW our international clout at risk as well.

USA and UK have remained silent.
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Guess what? The race shifters have struck again --> #JustinTrudeau is "Eastern métis"! 🤨🤔

The Feds just met with this org to encourage "reconciliation" - and now they indigenize the Prime Minister through a French-woman-magically-turned-Indigenous. Follow the thread for more!
The story (see below) explains that #JustinTrudeau has Acadian ancestry through the Savoie patronym/line. François Savoie married Catherine Lejeune in present-day Nova Scotia in 1655. #raceshifting #selfindigenization…
There's active Acadian genealogy community seeking to identify Indigenous women in 1600s for purpose of constructing "Acadian-métis" identity today. Catherine Lejeune, a woman born in France, has fallen victim to the #selfindigenization movement through no fault of her own.
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Call out to Canadian 🇨🇦 patriots.

You are being used by @JustinTrudeau and Liberals for Trump-Hate votes in Canada even if it means destroying our economy.

Please watch:

PART 1 -


3/. More evidence embedded in this 4 part tweet.

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#JustinTrudeau #DonaldTrump #G7Charlevoix You've heard a lot about how scary it feels to some that our international order might be ending. This thread shows some glimpses into such a horrific war that came about after a previous international order collapsed. Remember
Throughout the 1930's the League of Nations and international alliances, were ineffective because of neutrality. This isn't that much different than the UNSC post-Arab Spring today. Nazi's before Poland in 1939 were already annexing territory. #Crimea in 2014?
When the stock market crashed in 1929/30, it wasn't just an American problem. Much like the financial crisis today, it was a global crisis that stuck around for quite some time. Many nations in the 1930's harbored economic resentment and turned isolationist, singular or fascist.
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Celina you went from strident race-baiting then racist attack on @MaximeBernier you’re crying victim.

You know thats not fair.

We can’t improve our society without honest discussion on racism and race-baiting when you post victim cry tweet.…
2/ examine your logic.
1. @MaximeBernier says “colour blind”
2. You respond “check white privilege”
3. Your assumption all whites irreversibly systemically biased
4. If so, then in your opinion there’ll never be racial harmony?
5. Is also true of gender?…
3/ Celina another thought — does “check your white privilege” apply #JustinTrudeau who has demonstrated clear breach in India vacation with his cultural appropriation

— I’m sure you’re ok with Justins white privilege—

You see—this is what fair minded Canadians really hate.
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