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Canada's #5G rollout

"A larger number of connected devices will result in huge increases in data that need to be stored in energy-intensive #data centres, which are expected to emit more #carbon than the international #aviation industry."

"It also means an exponential increase in the # of wireless networks, which are energy-guzzlers (est. to be 10x less efficient than wired networks). In 2015 alone, the energy used to power wireless networks generated approx. 30 megatonnes of carbon, the same as 4.9 million cars."
"There are no published long-term studies... As one US Senator put it, w/ #5G, “we’re kind of flying blind here, as far as #health & #safety is concerned.” For this reason, 273 #scientists & #doctors in the EU have signed a declaration calling for all 5G [] to be stopped."

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At this point, Bell, Telus, and Rogers have all said they’ll use non-Huawei kit for their 5G networks. Bell remains open to Huawei equipment, if permitted, as I suspect is true in the case of Telus as well. #cndpoli #cndnatsec
But...what does this mean?

All Canadian carriers have stated their 5G networks will be ‘enhanced broadband’ networks, at least for the first few years. That means layering on 5G equipment atop existing 4G and other networking systems.
At least in the past, Telus strongly indicated that it was going to to cost a hella lot of money (technical term) to use Ericsson or Nokia (or Samsung!) atop Huawei 5G kit. This was part of the pressure campaign, mounted by Telus and their lobbyists, to permit Huawei 5G sales.
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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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All along the demands from the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs have been: 1. RCMP out, 2. CGL stop work 3. When those two cease, sit down and talk with gov officials over land rights. (Con’t) #Wetsuweten #WetsuwetenStrong #cndpoli
The pressure has been immense. Everyone wants a resolution. As a show of good faith, the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs sat down to talk to gov officials, and what happened? CGL and RCMP are back on their lands again today. Those two crucial points were not resolved. (Con’t)
Yet I see government congratulating itself, and media headlines proclaiming a “proposed agreement on pipeline” achieved even though it wasn’t an agreement about the pipeline. (Con’t)
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For all those folks complaining that @JustinTrudeau paid too much for our doughnuts when he could have got a dozen at Tim’s for $10, consider this:
-Tim’s isn’t Canadian owned;
-Many Tim’s owners have taken away breaks & benefits from their staff;

-A local Winnipeg Tim’s has locked their staff out over a 10 cent raise;
-Tim’s doughnuts are not made fresh in each shop-they are trucked in frozen from a plant in ON
-Tim’s does not use local or organic ingredients where possible, and their cups are not compostable;

We are locally owned;employ 30+ staff who enjoy breaks and have the option of joining a benefit plan;we use local butter, eggs and flour;our doughnuts are made fresh daily;we do our best to pay a living wage & never pay minimum wage;

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Exclusive: B.C. politician breaks silence: China detained me, searched my gov’t Blackberry, PRC is increasingly interfering ‘in our democracy’ |… #cndpoli #elxn44 @inamitchellfilm
@inamitchellfilm 1. "On one occasion the consul general, Liu Fei, she told me directly I should not attend the commemoration of the June 4 services,” Lee said. “And she complained to some of my colleagues that I should not (attend June 4 services)."
@inamitchellfilm 2. Richard Lee, a veteran BC Liberal MLA and federal Liberal candidate, says he was detained in Shanghai, Nov. 24, 2015, 'held incommunicado', and officials demanded to search his BC gov't Blackberry. He feared long term detainment, his wife was with him for an anniversary trip.
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I’m going to take a moment to step away from my campaign, and my partisanship, and talk as a queer person and a human. I want to address the disrespectful comments overheard by a few folks in the audience last night at the Chamber of Commerce forum. #yql #cndpoli #elxn43
I’m tired of the existence of my community being used as a talking point to gain political capital. I’m tired of our existence being mocked and derided. I’m tired of being asked to defend the lived experience of myself and those I love.
We exist. We love. We build families, run businesses, pay taxes and worry about our kids.

We. Exist.

Talking in circles about whether or not someone believes we do or do not exist or should have basic rights isn’t just boring, it’s unproductive.
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My comments in the Washington Post on disinformation online in the run-up to #cndpoli #trudeau #cdnpoli…
"Marc Owen Jones, an assistant professor of Middle East studies and digital humanities at Hamad bin Khalifa University, recently looked into the suspicious hashtag #TrudeauMustGo that appeared on Twitter in the past few weeks.
He found that “a large percentage (14-15%) of all accounts tweeting on the “Trudeau Must Go” hashtag are angry MAGA bots and/or trolls.” He also found that the #Trudeaucorruption hashtag was mostly run by the same accounts..."
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[Thread] As I mentioned earlier, what follows is an analysis of the 'Trudeau Must Go' hashtag. It seems people's instinctive suspicions that the hashtag is manipulated by an organized disinformation campaign are valid. The findings are alarmingly familiar... #cndpoli
As you probably guessed, the hashtag is one of many anti-Trudeau hashtags that seems to be picking up before the Canadian federal election in October 2019. This is an analysis of tweets and accounts undertaken to determine who is actually behind the surge... #cndpoli
This is an analysis of around 34,000 tweets, retweets, replies etc from around 4,896 unique Twitter accounts (with biographical data). Just for some context, the hashtag has been around for a while. However, it really picked up on 4th September, as you can see from this graph
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Here's my take. About 8 days ago, the Liberals sent out a "throw some spaghetti against the wall, see what sticks" vid of Scheer from 15 years ago. Inexplicably, the CPC didn't say "whatev, screw it". Instead, they go all in and decide to ligitate the issue #cdnpoli
The effect is that they turned a single tweet into two solid days of online argument and earned media attention about Sheer's views on SSM - when the best he has to say is that he grudgingly accepts that it's now the law and he won't revisit it #cdnpoli
What is the logic of this? What battlefield general would think it makes sense to fight on this territory when the guy has literally nothing reassuring to say to the LGTBQ2+ community? He won't even march in Pride parades. Why engage on this issue? #cdnpoli
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One more obvious thing about the Fraser Institute tax "study": What is a "profit tax"? Except for this chart, it is never defined or mentioned again in the report itself, so we don't know what it is. It isn't in the Income Tax Act. More fakery. #cndpoli

Is it a capital gains tax (gain on certain types of investments)? You'd think they'd use that term if it was. Even so, a family would have to have a capital gain of about $15-20,000 a year to have a capital gain tax liability of $4,726 a year. #cdnpoli
Or is it the tax on corporate "profits", which is exactly what the Fraser Institute deceptively rolls into their calculation of Canadians' "tax burden", even though their chart and headlines say clearly (and dishonestly) that this is "Tax bill of the average Canadian family"...
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EXCLUSIVE: Sources say RCMP opened file on Liberal MP whose firm facilitated real estate deals in B.C.… #cndpoli #bcpoli #vanre "transnational money-laundering"
In the story, you see pictures of the MP from Richmond standing with, shaking hands, and attending events sponsored by some men that are targets in RCMP investigations into an alleged transnational cartel linked to fentanyl, weapons trafficking, corruption, money laundering,
poaching and wildlife trafficking in BC, prostitution, illegal casinos, criminality in @BCLC casinos, and with connections to officials in China, according to allegations in documents and from law enforcement sources.
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Exclusive: Liberal MP involved in second bare trust deal with client named in ‘transnational money laundering’ probe… #cndpoli #vancouvermodel #vip #vanre #bcpoli
2 The industrialist from China, who we have not been able to reach, is one of about 40 'whale' VIP gamblers that were identified by BCLC investigators (using surveillance) as taking suspected drug cash loans from a Mainland China based fentanyl trafficking cartel in Vancouver BC.
3 RCMP identified these VIPs as Macau style whales, that were recruited in China to gamble at 100k per hand baccarat, mostly at the BCLC's Richmond casino. I will get to the importance of Richmond lawyers a little further down in the thread. How it works is this.
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1)@peoplespca @MaximeBernier @99freemind @FPVaughanIII @LauraLynnTT @PaulMitchellPPC @SalimMansurLNC @TomTSEC

This is why I believe our policy on foreign affairs is the most important. Issues that fall under the UN Sustainable Development Agenda affecting Canada and Canadians:
Migrant pact & Refugee Pact
✅Paris Accord
Emissions targets, carbon tax, attack on oil&gas industry, pipelines and tankers.
✅New Urban Agenda
Property rights, Bike lanes, City Planning, Infrastructure, Urban Forest,Pack em &Stack em
✅Gun Rights
✅Justice System
Reduction in sentencing ie:pedophilia and beastiality.
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Here at Unoversity and Armoury. This is the current situation. Police have uped security by cutting off armoury street and having 2 lines of cops #onpoli #cndpoli #torpoli
Security is tight. A second cordon of police officers are to the side. 80 counter protesters compared to 30 far right protesters
Lots of far right groups present including Wolves of Odin, Soldiers of Odin, Canadian Combat Coalition and Northern Guard #onpoli #cndpoli #torpoli
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OK. Let’s connect dots and take a look at an old movie. @jkenney is threatening to punish Canadian environmental NGOs and their funders for working on climate change and advocating a transition to a low carbon future. The #UCP hosted Rebel Media at his election party last night.
Rebel Media was launched by Ezra Levant, who also founded Ethical Oil, a phoney grass roots group that vilified environmental opposition to unfettered resource development and the dismantling of Canadian environmental laws under Stephen Harper.
Ethical Oil’s website was hosted on a server owned in part by Hamish Marshall, a longtime conservative strategist. Marshall’s wife, Kathryn Marshall, was an Ethical Oil spokesperson. Marshall’s server also hosted the site of anti-environment Harper henchman Joe Oliver.
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Federal Court finds that SNC-Lav application to challenge prosecutor's discretion with judicial review has no reasonable chance of success, application struck down
Can only be challenged if prosecutor abuses process.
"The applicants note they made overtures to the DPP"
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Exclusive: River Rock Casino in B.C. ‘knowingly accepted’ millions from banned loan shark and E-Pirate target Paul King Jin, audit alleges… #bcpoli #vanre #cndpoli
1. This story highlights at the least, gross failure, incompetence, or worse, for Canada's anti-money laundering system. The 2012 Fintrac report says that Jin was an "extreme risk" to Canada's financial system, and it was known he was providing cash to Chinese VIP gamblers.
2. But Jin's activity continued in BCLC casinos unabated. He continued to provide cash and chips to Chinese high-rollers that BC officials knew, or should have known, were connected to transnational organized crime. Canada's gov't knew from 2012, based on the Fintrac reporting.
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1/ Here's my first @YouTube video of 2019. I discuss what can be expected this year in Canadian politics and the role religion could play in the political landscape of the country. If you enjoy these videos, please share, like and consider subscribing!

2/ As a complementary reading, you can check-out my co-written text with @afebresg on the political impact of the Christian Right, published in the @ConversationCA last December.

#ChristianRight #uspoli #cndpoli #onpoli #abpoli…
3/ We were both also interviewed by @rick_gibbons on @1310NEWS about our Conversation article.…
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What you need to know about s.33 - the Notwithstanding Clause. A thread -
Municipalities are creatures of the province. This move was well within Premier Ford's legal authority to basically Thanos-snap half of the TO wards out of existence. #onpoli
And Doug Ford's move to use the Notwithstanding Clause in response to the judge's decision (ruling it unconstitutional) this morning, is also within his legal right as Premier of Ontario.
However, the Notwithstanding Clause is like using a shake weight on your morning commute using public transportation. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and globalist George Soros relationship goes back as far as 1990

Think about that. She was 20 years old. She was groomed her entire life for this. This globalist traitorous government has been in the works at least this long. #cndpoli #NAFTA
In more recent years with Trudeau & Soros.…
It's come to my attention that @anna_938 is responsible or recording this critical vid! Thanks so much Anna you are a great patriot & truth researcher!

I highly recommend everyone give Anna a follow for high quality illuminating tweets!
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It’s been two weeks since the best-laid-scheme was attempted. In the interim, the international audience has watched President Trump’s unrelenting approach toward China.

In the grand-trade-conflict; China is a big fight none of the sideline players
2) would ever attempt. However, the downstream consequence of the international trade team watching intently is their realization that President Trump is not bluffing. You can hear the proverbial gulps from across the Atlantic; and the tremors up North.

Back to May 23rd, 2018
3) and remember the auto tariff proposal. President Trump has made it clear that he’s more than willing to use reciprocal trade tariffs against all trade partners in getting fair and balanced trade. He ain’t bluffing.

Well, guess what just happened?
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