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@ir_rkp #Korsakov @MikaLintila
#Gasgrid. #LNG alus ei tuota #kaasua, vaan varastoi #Venäjä'n, aiemmin #Baltiasta ostettua, n. 3x hintaan.
- 10v. ajalta terminaalin kokonaiskustannuksiksi arvioidaan noin €460 miljoona, eli noin €126 000 päivässä
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #GreatReset=#SuurTyöttömyys-#Hätätila
#WEF-#Marxist -ideologia lahtaa yritykset #kaasu'lla. @valtionomistus
#Gasgrid Imatra #Räikkölä vs. #Korsakov
- Korsakov on satamakaupunki ja piirikunta #Sahalini'n saaren eteläpäässä Venäjän  Sahalinin alueella. 
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #Uniper-#Gasgrid #skandaali.
#YGLs veijarit keksivät roudata kaasun #Räikkölä'n sijasta näin. @TyttiTup
#Prigorodnoje'n satama 10km #Korsakovi'n itäpuolella on #LNG'n vientiin erikoistunut satama
From: Port of #Korsakov
To: Port of #Gibraltar (->#Inkoo)
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1. “L’Italia sta seguendo le decisioni dei tribunali e non si sta discostando dalle precedenti amministrazioni”. Così Giorgia #Meloni risponde alle preoccupazioni del premier canadese Justin #Trudeau sui diritti #LGBTI in Italia. È una bugia. Image
2. In ben due sentenze (n. 32 e 33 del 2021) la Corte costituzionale ha richiesto al Parlamento di legiferare per proteggere i diritti dei bambini nati da procreazione medicalmente assistita (PMA) e maternità surrogata (la GPA) all’estero.
3. Per la Corte, “il legislatore dovrà al più presto colmare il denunciato vuoto di tutela, a fronte di incomprimibili diritti dei minori [con] una disciplina […] organica [che] individui le modalità più congrue di riconoscimento dei legami affettivi stabili del minore…
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1/25 There are many factors contributing to Canada's rapid decline. I will focus on the political contributions and touch on some cultural shortcomings. Notice that the vitriol is targeted exclusively at Justin Trudeau. This is intentional. Image
2/25 While the 2nd most racist Trudeau deserves it, we need to be honest: Justin Trudeau, despite his childish temper tantrums, made no decisions, and everyone in Ottawa knows it. This isn't speculation; it comes from sources in the Liberal Party.
3/25 The postmodern Canadian system is governed by strategic management companies/lobby groups who are subcontracted for the purpose of policy advisory, polling, and developing political platforms leading into elections.…
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Over 100 #Wildfires Burn Across #Trudeau-#UNfriendly Province, #Alberta | May 7
- A reminder that an #election approaches in this province, and that Danielle #Smith, the relatively new premier, has been a major #critic of the Trudeau government.… Image
cc: @ BushelsPerAcre
I know, it’s just pure coincidence the province with 1.7 trillion barrels of #oil, with a premier who said they would get rid of the #carbontax, who said no to the fed #gun grab and who said no to the Fed interfering with resource devt
cc: @ WhiteCrkLumber
The forest #fires in #Alberta are serious, all the jibber jabber from the left blaming #Smith or the Forestry is just that, J-j. In Modern history never have so many fires started at all once so close to so many communities.
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1/ THREAD (in aggiornamento) - UNIRE I PUNTINI.

Sono troppe le cose che stanno succedendo, tutte insieme e tutte molto velocemente.

Provo ad appuntare in un unico thread quelle che secondo me sono connesse tra loro. Image
2/ Attenzione alle notizie che arrivano dal #Sudan.
Perché? Qui una cronistoria che parte dalle bombe dei tempi del DEMONcratico #BillClinton che hanno aperto la strada a ▶️ USAID (operazioni più sporche) e a ▶️ certi "laboratori di ricerca farmacologica"

3/ È importante notare il fatto che, almeno fino al 1995, in #Sudan troviamo Joseph Cofer Black (trasferito come capo-centro CIA da Londra a Khartoum nel 1993, probabilmente per gestire la formazione di Al Qaeda).

Ma chi è Joseph Cofer Black? (segue)
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1. The Trudeau Foundation used this symbol just 6 years ago. It is of course a symbol known to the FBI as a pedophile symbol… #TrudeauFoundation #JustinTrudeau #pedeophile Image
2. Justin Trudeau claims recently that he has had nothing to do with the Trudeau Foundation for 10 years - but the Foundation certainly benefited once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows… #TrudeauFoundation #justintrudeau Image
3. This report confirms that officially Justin Trudeau has withdrawn from the affairs of the Foundation for the duration of his involvement in federal politics but also lists him as a succession member..… #TrudeauFoundation #TrudeauCorruption Image
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@Clemence_Guette Et ?
Vise quelle manif ?!
Evidemment, dès qu'il s'agit de contribuer au chaos & déstabiliser France & notre République, les USA sont aussi les 1ers à sauter sur l'occas'
Etrange que les British ne soient pas déjà montés au créneau.
Donc, c'est ok d'être "vassalisé par les USA" ?!
@Clemence_Guette Cette hypocrisie #USA (droit de grève n'y est pas garanti. il faut "demander" pour se syndicaliser!) annonce in fine que #Macron risque de se faire lâcher #G7/#OCDE, comme #Trudeau après #GrèveDesRoutiers (cf Faisabilité Politique de l'ajustement - 1996).

@Clemence_Guette Pour rester au sein de la "Famille" #G7/#OCDE du Mondialisme économique & internationalisme politique, les réformes doivent passer, même de force, discrètement #Le49_3, sans provoquer d'émeutes & violences.
Dans l'Histoire, elles doivent rester "Positives".
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transfer of billions of dollars from ordinary Canadians to wealthy oil companies continues unabated.

Trudeau's Pipeline Scandal via @TheTyee #tmx #trudeau @liberal_party 🔥

“challenging terrain and geography.”  & #xWx 💦🔥🌀
#cdnpoli #tmx fraud
Liberals have lost the plot er pipeline 🤑 @liberal_party du Canada #cdnpoli
"Trudeau promised to build #tmx for $7.4 billion. That figure, as Allan warned, soon ballooned to $12.6bn in 2020. Last year it climbed to $21.4 billion. It now stands at $30.9 billion and counting"
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So much kefuffle around China and it’s alleged election interference, compromised democracy and PM Trudeau’s supposed insouciant attitude or, worse, his and his government’s compliance. It all sounds terribly frightening and in need of speedy investigation and correction. But 1/
I’m starting to feel like it’s rather more simple than most feel or understand., like:
1) China, Russia, USA and more - all interfere in Canada’s internal politics and have for many years. They e supported all parties from time to time and elected governments too. But despite 2/
…all their efforts and cash spent, the net interference in, disruption of, or actual real impact on Canada’s elections is - zero, none, zip, nada. And that doesn’t seem to be in dispute really by anyone. So, given that the ‘interference’ happens all day every day, 3/
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A #thread 🧵on why Canadians are being forced to pay for corruption and ethnic cleansing, to support a NAZI regime in #Ukraine

Chrystia #Freeland

An Obsessed Ukrainian Nationalist who has access to Canada's credit card


First off, the way you view Trudeau's LPC needs to change

#Trudeau isn't running the show, #Freeland is fully in charge of the party, and she is the one holding Justin's puppet strings

Keep that front and center every time you hear him speak


2/ Image
#Freeland's riding is Toronto's - University/Rosedale

Her riding has all the global players in it, and those execs/donors are the true controllers of this Lib gov.

Nothing Freeland does isn't first approved by those elites in her riding, and she kisses their feet 24/7

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#Trudeau's immigration "plan" is meant to destabilize Canada even faster

Let me tell you how this works


Our Corrupted Immigration System - Designed by Justin Trudeau, young global leader...

For this thread, I am going to focus on my local gas station which I visit every 3-4 days

First off, Canada used to have one of the TOP Immigration Systems on planet earth

That is now so far from being true, but it's by design

Dropping by my local gas station every few days, I've gotten to know some of the staff that work there

6 Years ago, the stations were owned by a local family

The family was aggressively approached by Indian immigrants, pressuring the family to sell the business

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🔆Justin Trudeau's Canada
Josh Alexander A high school student in a Catholic school in Renfrew was suspended and school authorities had him arrested for saying there are only two genders.
#Canada #Trudeau #trans #USA #EUROPE #LibsofTikTok
On Monday 6th Feb 2023, Alexander returned to class and was promptly met by the vice-principal, arrested by two local police officers and charged with trespassing.
#Canada #Trudeau #Transgender #LibsofTikTok
A lawyer representing Alexander said that the school won’t let him attend classes again until he agrees “not to use the ‘dead name’ of any transgender student religious beliefs.”
#Canada #Trudeau #Transgender #LibsofTikTok
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Jacinda Aldern was groomed by Klaus Schwab as a young global leader. As @KimDotcom has noted, she appeared to be an empathetic person (ie the Christchurch tragedy). IMO she resigned because she saw the damage that the technocratic policies were having on NZ citizens.
The opposite of Jacinda is @markrutte, the PM of the Netherlands who is implementing the WEF’s global technocratic fascist totalitarian governance plan starting with pconfiscating farms in the name of “climate change”. He doesn’t care about the people.…
@RebelNewsOnline is one of the few media outlets that is exposing the transformation to global technocratic governance. This video that they produced exposes both @markrutte and @JustinTrudeau as stooges for the WEF’s nefarious global technocratic governance plan. #Trudeau
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🚨🇺🇸🇨🇦 Il NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) comunica di aver avvistato un altro potenziale pallone spia. Questa volta nei cieli del #Canada.

#NORAD: "Aerei militari stanno operando dall'#Alaska e dal #Canada a sostegno delle attività del NORAD. Il NORAD conferma di aver identificato con certezza un oggetto aereo ad alta quota sopra il Canada settentrionale".
#Trudeau: Un jet da combattimento ha abbattuto un oggetto non identificato che ha violato lo spazio aereo del #Canada.
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WH Press Sec Karine #JeanPierre presser: (Nat'l Security Council Coord for Strategic Communication Admiral #JohnKirby) Says re: US taking down a "high-altitude object over #Alaska ... within the last hour": (See screenshot b/c I ran out of characters.)
WH Press Sec Karine #JeanPierre presser: (Nat'l Security Council Coord for Strategic Communication Admiral #JohnKirby) Says more re: US taking down a "#HighAltitudeObject over #Alaska ... within the last hour": (See screenshot b/c I ran out of characters.)
WH Press Sec Karine #JeanPierre presser: (Nat'l Security Council Coord for Strategic Communication Admiral #JohnKirby) Says more re: US taking down a "#HighAltitudeObject over #Alaska":

"I know of no outreach this afternoon to the Chinese gov't about this."
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🧵: In the comments of this post - which the actions in the video are horrendous enough - it is referred to as how all elected officials should be treated this way, and we should bring back guillotines back into every square for politicians. The irony is there is this sense 1/
that we need to get rid of all of these horrible politicians and somehow good ones back… but honest question here. Why the fuck does anyone want to get involved in this?! I had someone reach out to me the other night to say how much they missed me on Council and hoped I was 2/
doing okay and I replied how great I am, and how much happier I am off of Council. It’s the first time in 3 years I have gone a couple months without death threats, threats of being sued or charged or horrible comments in my inbox or voicemail. It’s actually a weight off 3/
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A disturbing trend I’ve noticed from the right with Ardern and now with Trudeau boils down to an underhanded way to undo democracy. After winning her last election by a landslide and still being within her term, Jacinda Ardern stepped down, citing stress. It’s a strong guess
That the huge numbers of death threats and insults to her and her family, plus the mobs harassing her, had something to do with it. Now, they seem to be trying to do the same to Trudeau in Canada. They even talk about this as a plan and celebrate Ardern stepping down as
If it’s the peoples will, when the reality is that the propel’s will is shown through the elections which they won, and these mobs are trying to undo their will through threats. While I understand the temptation to step down and they have to be aware of their safety, this
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My contrarian ass when Canadians conservatives start talking about defending first amendment rights. #trudeau #firstamendment #PierrePoilievre #Conservatives Image
To be clear this is a joke. I have no issue with Manitobans, some of whom are decent people.
I mean, I assume. Statistically speaking there should be a bunch.
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Kyllä me #judaisti-#siionisti-#kasaari-#natsit sitten naurettiin.
- Sinisilmäiset #goyimit kaikkein mieluimmin alentuvat pelleiksimme, sotivat puolestamme, tuhoavat maansa ja kansansa omalla kustannuksellaan ja nuolevat saappaamme puhtaiksi, lastensa verestä. ImageImage
#EudraVigilance: 41,834 #DEAD 3.9 Million #Injured Following #COVIDVaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100% | Mar 22, 2022
- From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,814,420) are SERIOUS injuries.
https://tinyurl. com/24j2ssbj Image
#Darpa-#Roulette-#mRNA, #Idolatry in the Twenty First Century.
80 #Canadian MDs “#boosted” and dead | Oct 20, 2022
- Though many #doctors have maintained their income by complying with and participating in the criminal injection campaign.
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Ask @JustinTrudeau Qs! Mine thread: /1
1. Where's the promised disability benefit?
2 Are females their own demographic entitled to our own words, sports, spaces and activism?
3. Should women be allowed to express dissent about gender identity ideology and censorship #billc11 Image
/2. How much funding goes to promote the idea that TQ+ "identities" are marginalized and should be tied to LGB activism and organizations, even if LGBs don't agree? How does rebranding white, affluent college students as "diversity" via blue hair and they/them pronoun demands Image
help really promote diversity in Canada. Can't we promote the acceptance of diverse men and women without paying to medicalize them and fund them as non-men and non-women? How much money goes to programs like Gegi.Ca instead of poor, disabled and indigenous Image
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I heard that #Trudeau just funded the invaders entering Canada at the Roxham Road border crossing to the tune of 37 million dollars.

#Trudeau prefers to call them #asylumseekers.

Meanwhile, Canadians are suffering because of his tax-grabbing policies and #JustinFlation.
Here's a report by #RebelNews published 7 months ago.

You might remember that during the Trudeau lockdowns Canadians visiting other countries, couldn't enter back into Canada without proof of vaccination, however, this didn't apply to #Trudeau's #illegalinvaders.
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#ENVIVO Tras más de cuatro horas, de recorrido sobre paseo de la reforma, el presidente López Obrador llega al Zócalo de la #CDMX para emitir su mensaje por los cuatro años de su gobierno…
#ENVIVO | "Me da mucho gusto estar con ustedes, lo que decía Martí, amor con amor se paga": presidente López Obrador #MarchaConAMLO
#ENVIVO | "La mayoría de los que participaron en la marcha son jóvenes": presidente López Obrador #MarchaConAMLO
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