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#Yemen :Member of the negotiating delegation of the Sanaa government, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, today mocked the statements of the puppet government of the Saudi coalition about its "sovereign legal status" against the background of its acquiescence to international
and international pressures by traveling with passports issued by the main center of the Passport Authority in the capital, Sana'a.

Al-Ajri said in a post on Twitter: "Funny when they talk about their fear of the impact of Yemenis traveling with their
passports from Sanaa on the sovereign legal position of their government!"

Al-Ajri added: "Give us one Yemeni who claims that he had a role in choosing Al-Alimi as your president."

He continued, addressing the puppet government: "Was it not the first thing that you feared
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#YEMEN:Al-#Mahra Tribes Warn Against Building New Base By Coalition
On May 13, 2022 22

Prominent social leaders in Al-Mahra province, eastern #Yemen, warned on Thursday of the repercussions of the coalition’s start to establish a new military base in the province, which
#Saudi Arabia aspires to be a gateway to export oil.

The head of the sit-in committee in Al-#Mahra, Ali Al-Huraizi, said during an urgent meeting that the tribes of the province bordering the Sultanate of Oman will not allow the coalition to pass its agenda in violating the
country’s sovereignty and robbing its wealth, indicating the tribes’ readiness to confront any new schemes.

Al-Huraizi’s statement came with his disclosure that Saudi Arabia had started bringing dozens of locomotives loaded with building materials to Al-Ghaydah Airport,
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#Saudi war on #Yemen has killed over 46,000 Yemeni civilians.

A recent statistic issued by the Eye on Humanity Center for Rights and Development has revealed that 46,374 civilians have been killed and wounded during 2,600 days of the aggressive war waged by the US-Saudi-
-#Emirati coalition on #Yemen.
The statistics showed that the number of civilians killed during 2,600 days amounted to 17,750,including 4,028 children,2,440 women, and 11,307 men,while the number of wounded reached 28,559, including 4,595 children,2,440 women, and 21,091 men.
With regard to infrastructure, the statistic stated that the coalition airstrikes destroyed 15 airports, 16 ports, 342 power stations and generators, 6,827 roads and bridges, and 614 telecommunication stations, in addition to the destruction of 2,815 water tanks and networks,
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Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor sounds alarm over humanitarian crisis in #Yemen
The Yemeni people are suffering a difficult humanitarian crisis that affects all aspects of their lives as a result of the ongoing war, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said
1/2 Image
on Monday.
In a tweet, the Monitor said that “the majority of Yemenis do not have access to basic services and struggle daily to not slip into the threat of starvation that threatens them all the time.”
On March 17, the United Nations announced that

it had received financial pledges from 36 donors worth $1.3 billion for its humanitarian plan in #Yemen. The United Nations was however originally seeking to get $4.27 billion worth of aid to a total of 17.3 million Yemenis.
By the end of 2021, the war had killed 377,000 people
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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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Very touching scene
A Yemeni father’s heartbreak for his children and their bodies next to him, sitting on the rubble of his house, which were targeted by the Saudi-Emirati aircraft in a raid.
. Image
Among the thousands of touching scenes left by the Saudi-American air strikes on Yemen over the past 7 years:

This is a scene of a Yemeni girl from Hajjah Governorate, the only survivor of her family whose home was destroyed by the US-Saudi coalition aircraft on the heads of
1/2 Image
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#YEMEN:Ministry of Sana'a Health: Among 30,000 Patients Needed Treatment Abroad, 12 Cases Died.

The Head of Supreme Medical Committee in Sana’a, Dr. Mutahar al-Darweesh, has revealed that 12 patients have died within 30 days since the armistice entered into force while
1/2 Image
awaiting the conduct of the alleged flights promised by the United Nations and the Saudi coalition.

Head of the Medical Committee expressed regret that the Saudi coalition had disassociated itself from the opening of Sana’a airport in accordance with the truce announced by
the United Nations for two months, despite the expiration of the half-term, and that Sana’a airport was still closed to patients and humanitarian situations.

In the meantime, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Sana’a government, Dr. Najeeb Al-Qubati,
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Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi said:Through our follow-up to the new political scenario of the countries of coalition and their tools, we and all our free people have a clear picture that they have no intention of peace,”

1/2 Image
Major General Al-Atifi pointed out that “the Yemeni Armed Forces are in a state of readiness, and high combat power by land, sea and air, are following the movements of the Saudi-backed forces during the truce period and monitor all developments, including the formation
of the so-called multinational naval task force led by America and its deployment in the southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait, in flagrant violation of Yemeni territorial waters and with the goal of besieging #Yemen, plundering its oil and gas resources, and imposing
1/4 Image
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#Moscow lost 3.5 million in WWI & 24 million in WWII. #Ukraine, #Czechoslovak, #Poland, #Lithuania, #Yugoslavia, #Netherlands, #Norway, #Greece, #Belgium, #Luxembourg, & #France were under Nazi.
W/o the Russians and the allies on the other, #Germany would have not been defeated.
#Syria President Bashar al-Assad visited #Iran for the first time in 3 years. By sending the Air Force following the request of the gov in #Damascus, #Russia challenged the #US and NATO and defeated, along with Iran, their objective to create a fail-state in Syria.
What is interesting to note is the presence of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps - Quds Brigade commander general Ismail Qaani during the meeting between President Assad and Wali al-Fakih Sayed Ali Khamenei.
#Iran #Syria.
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@GiovaQuez @mentecritica @KovalevskyMasha @HSkelsen @assurdistan @epistocrazia @radiosilvana
Propongo un mio thread, auspicando di spiegare a chi legge, ma soprattutto a chi ancora se lo chiede, perchè #UE e #NATO stiano aiutando #Ucraina️

Spero in un vs cortese Rtweet [1diN]
Da qualche tempo corre — in Italia ma non solo — l’idea che nella vicenda ucraina non sia chiaro quale sia l’end-game, l’obiettivo finale, di #Zelensky. E, subito dopo, degli americani.
(cit Danilo #Taino, @Corriere)
Lo sostengono esperti di politica internazionale, ambasciatori, politici, sovranisti nostrani...
Dicono che l'obiettivo di #Kiev e della #Nato non sia chiaro.
E' strano che l'obiettivo di #Zelensky non sia chiaro: non è invadere la #Russia, non è #Mosca: è difendersi

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In the 🇩🇪 discourse on sending heavy arms to 🇺🇦, political theorist Jürgen #Habermas weighed in through an article in the Süddeutsche today. A quick🧵with a summary and some thoughts in English, for my non-German-speaking colleagues. Original article here:…
Habermas begins that 77yrs after WWII and somewhat threatened peace, war returned to our doorstep unleashed by 🇷🇺. The war dominates our media in an unprecedented way, and the ‘calculated publicity of an unpredictable war‘ may impress the older gen more than media-native young 1/
Habermas argues that with drastic sanctions against 🇷🇺, 🇩🇪 became party to the war. That is why every military step should consider if it constitutes formal entry/participation in the war by Putin’s definition. As such, there is no space for ‘risky gambling’ in decision-making 2/
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Study centers loyal to the Qatari government revealed, on Wednesday, the details of the coalition’s announcement of a new presidential council in #Yemen.

The Doha Institute for Research and Political Studies said, in a report, that the new coalition council is a body
shared by #Emirati and #Saudi influence in #Yemen, stressing that Hadi did not resign from his position, but was overthrown by force.

The report made it clear that the Presidential Council is not considered legitimate, noting that "the Saudi-Emirati move undermines the
internationally recognized "legitimacy."

The Qatari Center pointed out that the coalition did not provide sufficient support to the Hadi government in the face of the forces of Sanaa, nor in the face of the Transitional Council, which exercises great influence in #Aden,
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THREAD: #Rwanda, is it the best choice?

As we have all had had time to mull over the extraordinary revelations from last week, we thought it might be now a good time to dissect through some of the issues
This thread will focus on Rwanda in relation to the #PritiPatel deal. 1/
Most of you will have heard of #Rwanda from "Hotel Rwanda" a film that tells a bit about the Genocide that happened in the country in 1994 - in 100 days between April-July - >800,000 Tutsi people were killed in a national Genocide.
Rwanda has been rebuilding itself ever since. 2/
Why is it important that we dissect this deal from the #Rwanda angle?

Well put simply - its because the British gov #BorisJohnson #PritiPatel are deliberately not telling you, if they did, most Britons would be appalled & disgusted at how bad the scheme is for RW & refugees. 3/
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Today is the 7th anniversary of the devastating Faj Attan bombing in #Yemen's capital Sana'a.

25 people died in an explosion of such grand magnitude locals initially believed it was small nuclear bomb.

Here's another angle of the explosion. It is today believed that the US-backed & supported Saudi Coalition struck an arms depot.
"Here comes the sound, cover your ears!" a father can be heard telling his son as the explosion occurs. In the background you can hear active anti-air fire going off as the Yemeni army tries to intercept & shoot down Saudi airplanes.
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Despite UN truce, Saudi blockade still prevents patients from traveling for medical treatment

Yemeni Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha al-Mutawakel, has said on Monday that not a single patient has traveled via Sana’a International Airport yet,
despite the passage of two weeks of the UN-declared armistice.

The Health Minister added that is because “the Saudi-led coalition continues to delay the opening of Sana’a International Airport.”

He indicated that 525 hospitals and health centers were directly destroyed
during the years of war and siege.

“Through the siege, the coalition aims to disrupt the provision of medical services in hospitals and medical centers that remain operating under war conditions,” the health minister said.

He explained that 98% of the quality devices of
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My fifth paper for @GI_TOC has just gone live!

Over eight months, we catalogued 425 weapons and over 3,200 rounds of ammunition in 13 illicit markets across #Somalia.

The research showed that assault rifles were priced approx. $90 higher in southern Somalia than in the north.

The pricing data constitutes tentative corroborating evidence of a north-south illicit supply chain, with weapons becoming more expensive the further south they travel. Image
Over 60% of documented weapons were of apparent #Chinese manufacture, with an additional ~20% manufactured in #Russia (Soviet Union). Image
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A prominent leader in the #AnsarAllah movement: The “Presidential Council” will work to destroy the secession project forever

A prominent leader considered that in the Ansar Allah movement, the recently formed Presidential Council, would work to thwart the secession
1/2 Image

Hussein Al-Ezzi, Deputy Foreign Minister in the Sana’a government, explained that “one of the advantages of coincidence is that the council appointed by the Gulf states (meaning the Presidential Council) served the northern unionist parties
in their common orientations to bury the partition project forever.”

He added, "North and south will be very happy to see our Yemeni flag over the occupied Al-Ma'asheq Palace, and with the determination of the great Sana'a, God willing, one #Yemen will be crowned by ending
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Aggression, mercenaries commit 65 violations in past 24 hours

PROVINCES, Apr. 18 (Saba) - The aggression and its mercenaries committed 65 violations of the humanitarian and military truce during the past 24 hours, a military official said Monday.

The official added
1/ Image
the aggression's violations were represented in 42 flights of armed reconnaissance and espionage aircraft in the airspace of #Taiz, #Jawf, #Hajjah, #Saada, Dhalea, #Hodeida provinces and beyond the borders.

He indicated that the mercenaries of the aggression targeted
intensely the sites of the army and the popular committees in Haradh district in Hajjah, province and al-Malahith area in Sa'ada province.

The official confirmed that the mercenaries carried out 17 shooting violations against citizens' homes and on the army and popular

1/4 Image
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US occupation forces deploy to Aden to protect "presidential council"

Saudi-led forces have sent dozens of US troops on Sunday to Yemen’s southern port city of #Aden.

This was reported by the Yemen News Portal, based on the testimonies of well-informed sources.
1/2 Image
This move came a few hours after US officers arrived at the al-Ma’ashiq Palace in #Aden, on a mission to protect the so-called Presidential Council, which is expected to be reside at the palace in the coming days.

Informed sources confirmed that a new batch of #American
soldiers arrived in the city of #Aden within hours, coming from bases stationed in #Mahrah province, in the east of the country.

The sources explained that the US units will be tasked with protecting the Saudi-funded mercenary presidential council, along with Tariq
1/4 Image
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The @nytimes is quoting Nadwa Dawsari in their latest peace on #Yemen as if she was some sort of truth oracle.

She once claimed that the Ansarallah had "manufactured" ISIS to have a pretext for waging war in Albaydha and Marib. Image
@nytimes She literally said that unironically and the New York Times is quoting her as an expert.
@nytimes But of course the one group most persecuted by ISIS crimes would manufacture ISIS and strategically place them around Baydha & Marib as board game bricks for a quick photo op and some political legitimacy.
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