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Tomorrow is #Venezuela Eid.

A flotilla of 5 #Iran tankers w/ gasoline & alkylate (to improve the quality of domestic gasoline) for 1,800 gasoline stations starved, is approaching the Caribbean, with the 1st vessel expected to reach it tomorrow Sunday. Image
US sanctions prohibiting the sale of oil products to #Venezuela. US oil service providers ceased their operations in the country, contributing to the country’s oil collapse. Only 10% of #Venezuela capacity of 1.3 million barrels per day is delivered due to lack of refineries.
#Venezuela fuel produced is low octane as most of the country's alkylation units are out of service. Imported alkylate could improve the quality of domestic gasoline.
Venezuela has not only lost access to the US oil market but has also lost access to the US financial system.
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Today, @FCNL, @yemenrrf, the Yemeni Alliance Committee, along with 81 other organizations, sent a #letter to key congressional leaders urging that they take action to restore @USAID funding for Yemen. #YemenCantWait [1/7]
This coalition is made up of groups representing #tens of #millions of Americans from the #humanitarian, #Yemeni, #faith, #veterans, #academic, and #peace communities. We are asking Congress to act now!… #YemenCantWait [2/7]
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MSF is witnessing a catastrophe unfold in our #COVID19 treatment centre in #Aden, #Yemen

Apr 30 - May 17 we admitted 173 patients, at least 68 of whom died.

What's worse is we know we are seeing only a small proportion of those people sick and dying in the city.
Government burial statistics in #Aden show that daily burials have risen to 80 from a pre-outbreak normal of 10.

Another indication of how widespread the outbreak has become is the number of healthcare professionals we are treating in our centre.
Many members of our own staff in #Aden are also sick.

“People are coming to us too late to save, and we know that many more people are not coming at all: they are just dying at home. It’s a heartbreaking situation.” — Caroline Seguin, @MSF’s Operations Manager for #Yemen
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Michael d'Andrea (aka Ayatollah Mike), #CIA officer, responsible for:

➛ The killing of Martyr #Soleimani & #Mughniyeh
➛ Mastermind behind the unrest in Iran
➛ Expansion of the CIA's drone strike program in Pakistan & Yemen
➛ killing of 300 Iraqi demonstrators
Dark Prince or Ayatollah Mike are nicknames given to CIA chief officer d'#Andrea. He joined CIA in 1979. It was not until April 2015 that a NYT journalist, Mark Mazzetti, finally outed him. A month after D’Andrea left his post as director of the #CIA’s Counterterrorism Center
In 2008, D'Andrea was responsible in the killing of Imad #Mughniyeh, operations chief of #Hezbollah. With the aid of Israeli's Mossad, the CIA used a car bomb to kill Mughniyeh.
Mughniyeh was the mastermind in the fight against occupied #Palestine.
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*Thread: Exposing @alnassar_kw @Abdulmane @DrAlshoreka @LadyVelvet_HFQ and many more*

This is gonna be one of those hell lengthy thread but it will be worth watching. By the end of this thread you guys will know the real reason behind their ranting, anxieties they have, their...
Losses, the support they have in India, money laundering in India, how they are building their nexus around India, their hawala connections with few Indian Hawala operators, Shaheen Bagh connection and govt support(local and Kuwait).
Here let me clarify that most of the research was done by @AKacclInt earlier but he was dependent on translator in Twitter which has some factual errors sometimes. But Thanks buddy for allowing me to use your research. Appreciate it. 🙏🏻
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For weeks, there’ve been warnings about what might happen when #Coronavirus reaches #Yemen.
It is now officially spreading inside the country. @SkyNews has filmed images of graves being dug at a worrying pace & we’ve spoken to @jnbeuze - the head of the @UNHCRYemen [thread]
.@jnbeuze told @SkyNews that the presence of #COVID19 in #Yemen + the impact the virus is having on the economies of wealthy donor countries presents a devastating DUAL BLOW for the country.
He warns that 3.6m displaced people + 280,000 refugees will lose their aid.
More than 24 million Yemenis - 80% of the population - are in need of humanitarian assistance after 6 years of civil war between Saudi-backed government forces & #Houthi rebels aligned to Iran. Half of health facilities are dysfunctional; nearly a 1/4 districts have no doctors.
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People in #Yemen ‘s Aden are dying in droves and in Sanaa, Houthis are waging a campaign to aggressively suppress any information about the scale of the outbreak.…
In Sanaa, medical staffers said they are under surveillance by Houthis and can’t speak about what they see inside health centers. In Aden, many medical facilities in Aden have closed as staffers flee or simply turn patients away.
“If you are suspected of having corona and you are in Aden, most probably you will wait at home for your death,” said Mohammed Roubaid of the Aden’s health office. From May 7 until Thursday, the city’s civil registrar recorded 527 deaths.
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On the threads of this tweet I will post the footages released for sniping several Saudi soldiers & mercenaries on Najran, Jizan & Aseer during the past week.
First footage is for sniping several Saudi mercenaries in Aseer.
Another footage for snipings several Saudi mercenaries in Aseer duelring the past week.
Great shooter.
A footage for sniping several Saudi troops & their mercenaries in Jizan - a border area to Yemen during this week.
Saudi troops & mercenaries are facing many difficulties in finding solutions to stop the Yemeni snipers from sending their souls to the hell everyday.
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#Hizbollah,the army that defeated & humiliated Israel & forced them to leave Lebanon.
Germany's decision to ban Hizbollah is a pure example of obedience to US-Israel Mafia.
Hizbollah has been banned by Germany to protect the Zoinist-Wahabi State in Iraq & Syria (ZSIS)
& to keep Takfiri thugs safe & secure in M.E.
Germany shud hang their heads in Shame,it has gassed Iran,aided terrorism in Syria & facilitated genocide in an impoverished nation, #Yemen while as, Hezbollah is an advocate of justice & truth,a guarantor of Lebanese. @ShaykhAzhar
Hezbollah is the voice of #humanity, hope of Syrian people, shield of Lebanese nation.

Hezbollah has not bombed/gassed any nation, but yes, it has destroyed the petro-dollar mercenaries of west, annihilated the bloody morons-anti-human terrorist gangs.
@mehdirhasan @IlhanMN
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✈ Sending medical equipment to #Haiti
🧪 Producing lab supplies in #Iraq
🧑🏿 ‍Supporting rapid response teams in #Kenya
📞 Setting up a COVID hotline in #Romania
These are just a few ways @WHO is responding to #COVID19 at the country level.
UN Solidarity Flights led by @WHO, @WFP, @AfricaCDC and @_AfricanUnion are delivering urgently needed medical equipment - such as face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilators, to help all African nations respond to #COVID19.

In #Yemen, WHO supports 333 #COVID19 rapid response teams. These 5-person teams are present in every district in the country, responsible for detecting, assessing & responding to suspected cases.
WHO is also equipping hospitals & delivering vital supplies
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Trump's anti-#WHO policy and deaths in #Yemen

@UNReliefChief warns catastrophic #CoronavirusOutbreak

U.S. to give aid BUT may try deliver without WHO

Anonymous US official: "we are caught on this rock of the WHO at the moment WHICH DOES A LOT OF GOOD WORK IN YEMEN by the way"
2. Quote from the senior US official comes from this Reuters report (by @humeyra_pamuk @michellenichols).…
3. @UNReliefChief's warning to UN Security Council of COVID-19 outbreak in Yemen plus cholera is in this briefing:

"Epidemiologists warn that COVID-19 in Yemen could spread faster, more widely and with deadlier consequences than in many other countries."…
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Partis aux #Emirats pour surveiller des entreprises pétrolières, des Soudanais se sont retrouvés finalement forcés d'aller se battre sur le front #Yéménite contre les #Houthis 💣🩸
Explications en plus de mon enquête de ce jour dans @LEXPRESS mag.…
1) Ibrahim, comme bcp de jeunes Soudanais est sans emploi. Les grandes manifestations de 2019 n'ont pas encore résolu tous les maux sociaux et économiques du pays. Alors, quand on l'informe que des agences proposent des postes de sécurité aux #UAE, il saisit l'opportunité.
2) Amanda's Agency ou encore Princess's Office décrivent la mission : surveiller des installations pétrolières émiraties avec une formation de 3 mois dans un camp à Abu Dhabi. Nourriture et logement pris en charge et paie de 1840 AED (500 dollar) par mois.
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1. @khamenei_ir's statement needs to be seen in the context of the "Battle for Dominance" of the Islamic World between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Riyadh's position as the leader of the Muslims has been under threat from Tehran right after the Islamic Revolution of 1979
2. The genesis of this war is a war of ideologies among the two sects of Islam ; 'Shia' and 'Sunni' with Sunnis being the dominant population in the Middle East , North Africa , Pakistan , Indonesia , India and Malaysia.
3. The Muslim populations of most of these countries look towards Saudi Arabia (Custodian of Mecca and Medina) or Iran for support and guidance on issues of religious conflict , regional conflict , social trends and laws. It is a dotted line relationship.
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#Qaeda, #Daesh Reinforce Their Influence In Baidha Under US-Saudi Aggression Cover.

Since the beginning of US-Saudi aggression on Yemen, Al-Qaeda and Daesh have emerged as a partner in the war on #Yemen and they have played an important role in many battles,
seeking to find areas of influence to be a safe place haven for its elements.

The coalition of aggression often resorted to concluding deals with Al-Qaeda and Daesh, granting them areas of influence in exchange for fighting in its ranks, especially in areas where the
battles are intensifying and its armed factions are unable to withstand them.

#Yemen #yemen_trends #YemenCantWait
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TV show #Friends: Map’s Legend?

Note “Coincidences:”

▪️#Chandler witnessed his parent’s orgies by age 7
▪️#Phoebe: massage therapist
▪️Lesson how people lie about their names

#tunnels #Chandler #Epstein #RayChandler #RachelGreen #Friends #Monica #Monika
Note “Coincidences:”

▪️sperm donor for experiments
▪️#JoeySpecial=2 #pizzas
▪️Joey on TV shows: #Mac & #CHEESE
▪️#Joey sexually abused by his tailor
▪️#Chandler pretends to go to #Yemen (#Janice played by #MaggieWheeler)

#RachelChandler #Pizza #Pasta #Chandler #Joey #DNA #Y
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After 5 years of the US government funding the terrorism of Yemen, after 5 years of the US - Saudi Coalition trying to put a puppet dictator in power, the US government wants to now jump back to the lie of Iranian influence.

#US activist @40_Ronda indicated that the United States announced a financial reward of up to $15 million for “information about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard networks in #Yemen.”

“This comes after the #US government has spent the last 5 years terrorizing and killing the
Yemeni people based on lies,” she said.

The activist confirmed that the US government has spent over 5 years funding and supporting terrorism against #Yemen, through al-Qaeda, Daesh, and many other terrorist organisations.
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So what’s going on with the ceasefire in #Yemen? Well, there isn’t one - yet.

The good news: You can't break a ceasefire that doesn't exist.

The bad news: No ceasefire.

#Thread (1/10)
The UN special envoy to Yemen and Secretary General have both called for a ceasefire. And yesterday Saudi Arabia announced a unilateral halt to its military activities in Yemen for two weeks, which it called a ceasefire. But...

For there to be an actual ceasefire we need an agreement between the warring parties and more importantly for the fighting to stop. Neither has happened. In fact, since the SG's call for a freeze two weeks ago violence has intensified.

So what now?

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1) reading into #Houthis ceasefire plan, it is majorly between Houthis & the coalition and no implicit mention to the ligitimate government of Yemen. Although it says ceasefire in all fronts in #Yemen, it only specified outside attacks on Yemen [by coalition] & attacks on KSA.
2) it refers to a freeze of hostilities by all “forces” without specifying which forces. Is it limited to coalition and Houthis as main parties to the proposed agreement? Not clear.
3) it neutralize coalition by proposing lifting #Yemen from under chapter seven and calling for not siding with a military party against each other.
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As Americans are gripped with fear over the coronavirus, the cholera epidemic quietly continues in #Yemen. The disease spreading in #Yemen is not some new untreatable virus, but a well-known illness that can be easily prevented with
by Dave DeCamp…
access to clean water, or with a cheap oral vaccine. The outbreak is a direct result of the barbaric US-Saudi siege on the country that started in 2015.…
The cholera outbreak started in #Yemen in October 2016. The outbreak exploded in 2017 when the country saw over one million cases, the worst cholera epidemic since records started in 1949. In 2019, Yemen experienced the second-worst year, with over 860,000 suspected cases.
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It is difficult to overstate the danger of Yemen’s position here. The best preventive measure to control the spread of the novel #coronavirus is hygiene, but the war has mired #Yemen in filth. “Pumps to sanitize the water supply sit idle for lack of fuel, while maintenance
agencies tasked with chlorinating aquifers go without salaries and supplies,” Reuters reported in 2017. The situation has not improved in the three years since, especially as U.S.-supported #Saudi airstrikes have targeted crucial water treatment facilities.

Vital infrastructure isn’t all the Saudi-led intervention has destroyed: The coalition’s airstrikes have a high rate of civilian casualties. The attack on a school bus that killed 40 children in 2018 was merely the most infamous of its genre.

#Yemen_trends #YEMEN
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Uzun yıllardır #ABD ve #NATO'nun, kendisine yönelik esas tehdit olarak gördüğü #Rusya'nın yanına #Çin de eklenmiş durumda. Bu iki ülke hem #Amerika hem de Avrupa Birliği üyesi başat ülkeler tarafından tehdit olarak tanımlanıyor. Son NATO zirvesinde de bu teyit edilmişti.
#Çin ve #Rusya'nın uzun yıllara dayalı bir işbirliği söz konusu. Bu işbirliğini, Şangay İşbirliği Örgütü ile yeni bir boyuta taşıyan ikili, yanlarına #Hindistan, #Pakistan, #Kazakistan, #Kırgızistan ve #Tacikistan'ı da yanlarına almışlardı. Hal böyle olunca, ortaya çok büyük
bir nüfus, iş gücü, ekonomik pazar ve askeri güç çıkmış oluyor. Peki birlikte böylesine önemli bir siyasal/ekonomik oluşumun temellerini atan #Çin ile #Rusya ilişkileri çatışmasız mı? İki ülke arasında çelişkiler yok mu? İsterseniz, gelin tarihsel süreciyle buna bir göz atalım.
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On Wednesday, the Ministry of Tourism announced the size of the losses inflicted on the Yemeni tourism sector during five years of the Saudi-American aggression and the siege, which exceeded five billion dollars, in addition to destroying and damaging 473 archaeological
and tourist sites and monuments and a historical facility.

The Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Olay, affirmed during a press conference held last Wednesday in the capital, Sanaa, that the national tourism sector had suffered great damage resulting from the brutal aggression
against our country for 5 years.

He pointed out that the aggression led to the destruction and damage of 473 archaeological and tourist sites and monuments and a historical facility, noting that the tourist establishments that were destroyed and damaged by the aggression are
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Do you know that Yemenis have been facing Cholera, Diphtheria, H1N1 since 5 years?
With a health sector severely damaged by US bombs?
Under a siege on patients, drugs, medical equipment?
Imagine #Yemen's situation if #COVID19 comes in! #5YearsOfWarOnYemen
60% of the health facilities in #Yemen went out of service due to direct targeting by US-Saudi airstrikes, which killed many patients. You can imagine what could happen if #Coronavirus reached #Yemen! #5YearsOfWarOnYemen
In light of the siege on #Yemen the countries of aggression bear the responsibility for an outbreak and spread of #Coronavirus or any other epidemic! #5YearsOfWarOnYemen
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#Yemen 03-26-2020

Sayyed Houthi - “Yemen has witnessed five years of the most violent war on earth and the fiercest aggression on the face of the world targeting the Yemeni people under the supervision of the United States and the implementation of Saudi Arabia and its allies,"

Sayyed Houthi went on to say the aggression was "met with legendary steadfastness and stability unprecedented in the history of our people,” He praised the sacrifices of the Yemeni people in all the courses of action to defeat the aggression and confront it. 🙏

Sayyed Houthi - "There is no point in continuing the aggression after all the failures and losses, because your continuation after five years of aggression will never lead you to your ominous goals,”
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