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How #UnionBudget2021 cut off health, education & social sector financing while claiming otherwise!
When 84% households have reported reduction in income, the budget has provided subsidies, tax holidays & incentives to businesses & startups instead. #FightInequality
Despite govts all over the world imposing COVID tax & 78% people in @FightInequality supporting 2% COVID cess on the rich, the #Budget2021 failed to do so. Instead GoI has 80,000 crores shortfall to meet expenditure targets which will be met through private market borrowings!
All headlines speaking abt exponential increase in spending have to be read carefully. The overall #Budget2021 has increased only by 1 percent from the revised estimate of 2020-21 with cut in education budget.…
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Before @FinMinIndia unveils #UnionBudget2021, @FightInequality alliance India's pre-budget survey provides insights into people's expectations from 24 states & UTs.
@fia_india @jenny_ricks
Link here-… Image
Recognizing the imp role of frontline health workers & public health system during pandemic, overwhelming majority wants health insurance & social benefits to them. #बजट_बराबरी_का
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88% want an urban employment guarantee scheme, along the lines of MNREGS to be setup; for urban Muslims, the support for such a demand is even more overwhelming, at 96%. #बजट_बराबरी_का
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What's driving the Inequality crisis? There's a variety of intersecting issues but here in this thread are five key systems that cause this crisis, we'll focus on one a day over the course of the week.
#FightInequality #InequalityVirus
Sexist patriarchal attitudes & norms place the needs of men first. Those ten millionaires that have gained half a TRILLION DOLLARS since the pandemic started. Any of them women??
Of course not! Image
Globally, women are overrepresented in low-paid precarious professions that have been hardest hit by the pandemic. If women were represented at the same rate as men in these sectors, 112 million women would no longer be at high risk of losing their incomes or jobs. Image
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Days after @IMFNews @WorldBank mtgs ended, I'm feeling anxious. A long thread! The threat of looming IMF-imposed austerity post-pandemic is clear. IMF's pushing this in 84% of #COVID19 loans, tho austerity b4 meant most were unprepared going into pandemic…
Ppl around world are deeply concerned. 500+ orgs/academics pushed @IMFNews to #EndAusterity; global @FightInequality rally Oct 17 had strong msg to IMF; @business @WSJ @FT @allafrica @guardian & many across LAC Asia and Africa covered austerity stories last wk. Heat is on
W/out denying austerity push, @IMFNews emphasized instead not to pull support plug too early, promised to prioritize progressive taxation & debt relief. But austerity writing is on the wall for after pandemic, and it’s frankly terrifying. Alternative c/o @IsabelOrtizUN
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A thread 1/4: New @Oxfam analysis shows that 84% of @IMFNews #COVID19 loans encourage, or require austerity measures in aftermath of pandemic which could result in deep cuts just when people are breathing a sigh of relief…
2/4 Austerity contributed 2 ill-preparedness 4 pandemic as govts failed 2 invest. 1/6 countries was spending enough on health, 1/3 countries had safety nets for workers to fall back on. We need a new plan @IMFNews. #EndAusterity #FightInequality…
3/4 Austerity will manifest differently in different contexts but by way of demonstration, we found 14 countries (Eg. El Salvador/Tunisia) are likely to freeze/cut public sector wages/jobs. More here…
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How rich is billionaire rich?

So imagine you saved $10,000 every single day since the building of the pyramids.

Today you'd still only own 20% of the wealth of 1 of the 5 richest billionaires.

Does anybody need to be that rich? Image
"Isn’t capitalism working? The global economy is growing, and poverty's declining."

Sorry to break the neo-liberal capitalist bubble, but...

10 questions you asked about our inequality report:…
5 shocking facts about extreme global inequality👉🏽…
#BeatPoverty Image
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Now packing my bags for New Delhi! Sharing some reflections from my time at Davos #WEF20.

We're witnessing a clash between competing visions for the world. One vision belongs to many billionaires, big business.

It tells us our world's on track; we just need tweaks

Their vision puts faith in more tax giveaways to the rich, less workers rights, even denials of science as the answer.

Its the idea that we can somehow trust those who got rich on the back of billions of people, subvert democracy & burn our planet with deciding our future.

I saw first-hand a billionaire US President who came to Davos to address the billionaires he's propped up at the expense of millions of ordinary Americans.

Speaks volumes.

He delivered a sales pitch for American oil & gas instead of facing up to the #climateemergency.

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“When policies increase inequality of wealth, they increase the power of the wealthy in the policy-making arena, which leads to *more* policies which increase inequality - an infinity loop that undermines democracy.” @LFLopezCalva @UNDP at Notre Dame Inequality Conference
“We know inequality is bad: everyone now agrees that. We even know what to do about it. But this is not being done. Why? Because those at the top are stopping it happening. The problem of inequality is a problem of power.” @Winnie_Byanyima @Oxfam, Notre Dame Inequality Conference
”It was not an *accident*: inequality is the result of a deliberate planned attack on the bargaining power of ordinary people, to further the asymetry of power, to rig the economy for the rich against everyone else.” @TheaLeeEPI @EconomicPolicy, Notre Dame Inequality Conference.
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