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1.) Ok #QHaters, explain this. Why are you so self absorbed and turning a blind eye to what these sick #pedofiles are doing to so many innocent young girls and boys? At what point do you finally wake up and see that we need to #SaveTheChildren & stop #ChildTrafficking?
2.) 🚨WARNING🚨 Graphic Content
I have sat here day in and day out searching for proof of #pedophila. What I have found is it goes MUCH deeper. We now know that our own government has been involved for some time now. #FranklinCoverup & #GannonGate
3.) This is not new, it has been swept under the rug for centuries. Exactly why do these powerful people find sexually abusing and sacrificing children indulgent? #PizzaGate is another one that the MSM wants to cover up. I do believe Q has shown this is all true.
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They get a mention right here from the @USTreasury in a notice they are targeting them-

Correct Link for Navy Seal Swastika Building-…

Coming Alien Threat still 👀s like that damned CULT just worshiping fallen consciousness.
"Aliens" is in their Reverse Speech, but I've not determined exactly what it means by this. Stuff coming up around this: subjugation, trafficking, CULTS, torture, tech, hypnosis, corporations, MIL, #Biowarfare, #DNA...but no benevolent beings have I found.
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1. Wickedness in High Places watch 👉🏿 #Qanon #Evil #SkullAndBones #ThesePeopleAreSick
2. Wickedness in High Places watch 👉🏿 #Qanon #Evil #SkullAndBones #ThesePeopleAreSick
3. Wickedness in High Places watch 👉🏿 #Qanon #Evil #SkullAndBones #ThesePeopleAreSick
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"Who or what is #QAnon?..a world that's like #Pizzagate on bath salts, a galaxy-brained, 4chan-bred #conspiracy theory that has apparently convinced an alarming # of adults that all kinds of preposterous things are…K27dfcNZ2m
“You don’t know who is spreading [the #conspiracies] & why, or who is picking them up & why,” she says. “You can’t really confront the people who are responsible for these to their face or on social media, because you don’t know who is…0bHJLHWG
The posts appear to reference a widespread, right-wing conspiracy theory known as #QAnon. Subscribers to the theory believe that President Trump is poised to stop a secret group of powerful people who operate child sex rings.…
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#InslawScandal & #FranklinCoverUp :Part 2

“Conspiracy of Silence/The Franklin Cover-Up HQ Version”

May 3, 1994: Set to air on the Discovery Channel; the hour long Documentary on a network of Nebraska businessmen & Washington politicians who flew children

@POTUS @freedomcaucus
who flew children, some as young as 10, to DC for sex orgies.

Film tied to Franklin Cover-Up ties to #ChildSexualAbuse Ring run by Mr. King of Boys Town based around Omaha, Nebraska, to a White House male prostitution scandal investigated by the Washington Times 1989.
Craig Spence, prominant Republican lobbyist was discovered to be giving midnight ‘tours’ to boys in order to service powerful guests of White House when unqualified reporter with unusual access, Jeff Gannon, was discovered to be running male prostitution services in DC.
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#InslawScandal & #FranklinCoverUp : Part 1
November 1988: Omaha, Nebraska
Franklin Community Federal Credit Union - $40 Million Missing

“The Franklin Scandal: Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal” (c)2012

@POTUS @freedomcaucus
“Exposé of corporate corruption and government cover-ups...account of nationwide #ChildTrafficking & pedophilia ring in US. Implicated businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, Boys Town organization.”

Nebraska Legislature: Franklin Committee led by Loren Schmit.
Sen. Schmit was a corn farmer, stalwart Republican & 24 year veteran of the Nebraska legislature. The Franklin Committee had not even started its work when Schmit received his first anonymous phone call - Schmit told reporters for British television that the caller urged him...
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