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2/20/2023 -- Huge Discovery in Missouri -- Giant 'Starfort' at Femme Osage, MO 8 miles long w/ water
@RealDutchsinse I live by the nga site you mentioned. here is some of my old maps, stlouis tunnel info, etc: Star Fort StLouis Research…
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1>a rash of coincidences? I couldn't figure out why i was getting emails, then opened the 2nd one and saw StLouis mentioned, I opened up the link to the fox2 hackjob article that had a few truths in all their disinfo. SRA Covered Up in St. Louis…?
2> the #fakenews #stlouis fox2 hack job ? even a forked tongue will speaketh truth occassionaly a few "glints of actual reporting" in the article. coincidence to my prior tunnel tweets or StLouis Arch link that was embeded in the article???
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@JuanitaESplain1 the simulaties are blaring to the StLouis #GatewayArch.
i haven't visited the new arch grounds yet. looks like the place needs a good ole fashioned blessing at the minimum. @JuanitaESplain1 Image
i'm not jumping to conclusions yet... but if it is indeed a demonic portal it sure was alot of taxpayer money that went into funding it.
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I’m thrilled to join the Veterans Community Project STL Capital Campaign Committee to raise the funds to build out @vcp_stlouis providing transitional housing and supportive services to homeless veterans in the STL region. They have dramatically improved the lives of veterans. Image
I’ve been a fan for years.
When @JasonKander & @KellynSloan joined the team in 2019 to lead their national expansion I promised to help. After moving home to STL 2 yrs later I’m proud to fulfill that promise finally. Support their mission & learn more at
If you want to see the progress, the village and outreach center are just north of the North Grand and Cass Ave intersection. I was out in August and it’s come a long way since. We will be welcoming the first veterans and outreach clients early next year! Let’s get it done! ImageImage
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“Housing is significantly affected by these higher rates.”
-Jay Powell today about the Fed’s impact on housing

Every month our team surveys 1,000+ agents across the US on what they're seeing in their local markets.

Short 🧵 on local housing markets from our monthly survey:
#Houston, TX: “Home prices have most first-time home buyers priced out of home ownership. It's even worse with the higher interest rates decreasing what the buyers can qualify for.”
#Denver, CO: “Cost of living [and] interest rate [increases] are keeping most buyers from buying.”
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@NIISH13 dyk about this nuclear mess in stlouis and how the govt has ignored the plight of my neighbors? I would love to do another interview on Solutions. Maybe some of your listeners will have suggestions on the needed personnel to get it moving.…
@NIISH13 I would have never imagined it would be this difficult to work with the EPA to clean up pollution>… I've been trying for years. I recently heard @RealBenFulford mention other countries are wanting to clean up the world.
@NIISH13 I know your a researcher so here is the science and short plan for Pilot Study.…

This system will work for any pollution and toxins. I'm focused on local #stlouis nuclear mess.
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$$2,595,708 reasons why Politicians are not listening to the People in StLouis Missouri. I'm tracking MONEY is politics with Open Secrets.
I live in StLouis MO Ameren UE is offshoot of Union Electric from my research long ago. I am researching and seeking info on everyone's #smartmeter. Did your bills go up are the continuing to go up?
I see others in South Missouri who are part of a Class Action Lawsuit against their Utility Company. Is there anything like that in #StLouis ???
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1. On the passing of #BillRussell. I've been a @Celtics fan for a long time. Prior to that I was a kid in St Louis and my dad was the @AP photographer who covered the #StLouis, now @ATLHawks. My two favorite players were Bob Pettit and Cliff Hagen. I recall my dad bought me a
2. small giftshop basketball and got them to autograph it. I've long since lost it and it was the only autographs he ever got for us from St. Louis players. We would never ask for one though we were around the teams on several occasion. There was a story recounted by Bob Pettit
3. about a ride home from the @NBA Allstar game. Bill Russell had been picked and his dad travelled from #Louisiana to St. Louis to watch his son play. After the game the Pettits were driving back to their home in Louisiana and offered Bill Russell and his dad a ride.
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June home builder sentiment and survey results are in. Top themes: 1) A lot more new home buyers cancelling. 2) Price cuts becoming fairly common. 3) Drop in demand finally cooling construction cost pressures (builder layoffs also happening). Market commentary to follow…
#Atlanta builder: “Someone turned out the lights on our sales in June!”
#Austin builder: “Sales have fallen off a cliff. We’re selling 1/3 of what we sold in March and April. Trades are more willing to negotiate pricing since market has adjusted significantly past 60 days.”
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2 young cousins were livestreaming from a #StLouis apartment when one child fatally shot the other before killing herself in what family members say was a tragic accident.

- cbs News

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1/? Ryan saga megathread.

Ryan is a supremely wealthy penguin with a bangin sense of style. His adventures are becoming spread out across the cryptoverse and I decided to compile them here for easy access for his fans.

#ryan #penguin #xtz #tezos #adventure #nft
Ryan began with a drawing I made in MerMay, skateboarding Ryan:

Black tie renegade!

#xtz #tezos #hicetnunc #mermay #ryan #penguin Image
I had a lot of fun drawing Ryan, so I thought I'd make a little project on #hicetnunc featuring him. This was the first piece of the project:
Fabulously wealthy as he is, of course he has a gigayacht. Ryan is always trying to make new friends! Image
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Breaking: judge will not let St. Louis Co et al intervene into Robinson case re: health orders. Huge win for @AndStlc… #stlccm #stlouis #MoLeg
“It is an exciting, momentous occasion in our state,” said Robinson. “Missouri can return to the constitutional principles of 3 branch system. It is high time for our executive branch to stay in its lane and stop acting as a legislative branch.” @AndStlc
Ben Brown, a Republican state Senate candidate and owner of Satchmo’s Bar and Grill said “the impact of this ruling cannot be understated.” 
“The result is tyranny, and it is over. @BenBrownTweets @Satchmosgrill
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I'm so frustrated with radio stations that claim to be serving their communities. Tonight we had two major tornado incidents, one killed two dead in one and countless others missing in an Amazon warehouse collapse. I go to the all news radio stations website and see this. 1/3
It is completely unacceptable for a #radio station to call themselves #news radio and not have 1 word about deaths and damage hours after it happens. They still have the story from this morning saying it could be bad this afternoon. #Tornado @KMOX #stlwx 2/3
And while the "newsradio" station is running recorded programs, the TV stations that do news have done an amazing job wall to wall and now that it's 12:22 in the morning are still doing cut-ins from the @amazon warehouse. @FOX2now @kmov @ksdknews #StLouis 3/3
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Some interesting comments from today's Fed Beige Book on both housing (investors, lot shortages, market normalizing) & labor market tightness (namely continued wage spike).
#Atlanta Fed housing commentary on investors
#Atlanta Fed commentary on tight job market
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Yesterday's Fed Beige Book commentary on #wages was pretty eye-opening. I'm hearing this daily across housing sector, but definitely spiking across the board.
#Dallas Fed wage commentary
#Atlanta Fed wage commentary
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Tomorrow I’m opening my first grocery store in a Title One school. I doubt I sleep tonight - imagine a parent between checks who can order dinner and breakfast for their family thru our app and their child bring it home. I’m changing lives man, no one does it like me. Just wait!
Before Picture!
FYI this is in #Atlanta my hope is that we bring this to rural communities. Also I hope to bring one to #Memphis #Birmingham #LittleRock #JacksonMS #Nashville #Jacksonville #Tampa #Houston #CharlotteNC #Dallas #Newark #Camden #LasVegas #Chicago #StLouis #Detroit and so many more!
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Had an incredible day yesterday at the International Institute of St. Louis in our first mission with military volunteers from the region. On Weds morning they asked me if I could find 20 volunteers to help move some of the flood of donations from their site to their warehouse.
I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I only started volunteering with them this week and hadn't really done any outreach to the organizations in St. Louis yet. But, I had an ace in the hole. I had waved down an Air Force Captain at @IISTL on Tuesday as he dropped off donations. Cars lined up to donate at IISTL
I intro'd myself and asked if he could help me at @ScottAFB with some connections. Well, Evan wasn't playing. The next morning I had an email with a host of POC's he'd already spoken to and wanted to help. I wrote 2 of them asking for 10 volunteers for the next day.
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Just surveyed 6,000+ real estate agents across country. Top themes from our 1st ever RESALE agent survey: 1) Buyer fatigue, w/rumblings of remorse. 2) Bidding wars a bit less bonkers. 3) Cash is King & ton of investors. 4) Inventory gridlock. Commentary across country to follow…
#LosAngeles agent: “20-minute allotted home viewing time slots with offers due next day by noon, & buyers are asked to give up every contingency under the sun.”
#NYC agent: “Luxury home buyers feel the market is overpriced & have backed off.”
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I’ve updated my #Missouri #COVID19 website for Tuesday, 7/20 -…. A few highlights are below 👇.

We’ve now plowed past 2,000 new cases per day on average in the last week, a place we were last at this past winter. 68% of new cases are outstate. 1/19
Recall that comparisons across time are hard because of various testing shifts. What is striking, though, is we have achieved significant transmission without either of our two largest cities being major contributors. This has been a rural and smaller metro outbreak so far. 2/19
Rates around both Joplin and Springfield continue to hold at very high rates, with some counties (especially around Springfield) showing small upticks yesterday. There are also at least three counties around Springfield at all-time highs (with caveats again about comparisons). 3/
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Breaking: Reposting the #StLouis Pandemic Task Force’s urgent appeal for a return to universal masking 👇. They’re very concerned about the numbers of deaths and ICU patients they’re seeing.
For some context and commentary, see the three follow-up tweets I posted to my original (now-deleted tweet) here 👇
I deleted the original post because I am now unsure of my interpretation of some awkward wording in their press release. I took the release to imply that ICU numbers had doubled overnight to 180, but I may be misreading what it says. The original post is here 👇 for reference.
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I’ve updated my #Missouri #COVID19 website for Monday, 7/19 -…. A few hospitalization trends to note are below 👇.

Our statewide and regional 7-day averages climbed again yesterday, inching closer to 2k new cases per day on average statewide. 1/11
A reminder to folks that the New York Times data (my source) runs a day behind, so today’s data reflect cases reported by Missouri on Sunday. Lots of small drops in a number of regions, as we’d expect. 2/11
Last night, I shared my concerns about the rapid increase in new cases in the Jefferson City metro area. I want to point out that Columbia is also seeing an increase as well. 3/11
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I’ve updated my #Missouri #COVID19 website for Monday, 7/5 -…. A few highlights are below 👇.

Our statewide 7-day average is headed towards 1,000 new cases per day, with increases in all 3 meso regions. “Outstate” remains most concerning, though. 1/12
In that broad “outstate” swath, there are now three areas of greatest growth in new cases - NW MO around St. Jo, Mid-MO, and SW MO. Of these, SW MO is by far the most concerning. 2/12
In NW MO, what started in Worth County has spread, with steep increases in Adair, Buchanan, Gentry, and Holt counties. 3/12
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I’ve updated my #Missouri #COVID19 website for Tuesday, 6/15 -…. Quite a few highlights are below 👇.

The growth you can see in the statewide 7-day average, placing us tied for no. 3 nationally, is almost entirely from “outstate” MO. 1/17
The two regions I am most concerned remain the same: Northern Missouri and Southwest Missouri. That said, the number of counties in those areas that I'm watching has grown considerably over the past week. 2/17
In Northern MO, Putnam and Livingston counties are seeing their rates fall, but Linn County remains no. 2 nationally (for jurisdictions with more than 10,000 people) because of its rate of new cases. Mercer is a new county to watch as well. 3/17
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