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#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking #Mafia
Während der Anwesenheit der OV hat es wieder Tote gegeben. Bisher 6, weitere werden vermisst. Es ist immer das gleiche. #StopOceanViking
Die OA diesmal auf ungewöhnlichem Terrain.
#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking #Mafia

Ein Geier immer noch vor Zuwara, der andere Geier versucht sein Glück vor Khoms.
Der nächste europäische Hafen wäre dann Malta.
#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking #Mafia

Die Ocean Viking hat 106 Migranten aufgenommen. Von drei Booten haben es zwei geschafft, das dritte ging in Flammen auf, es gab sechs Tote und viele Vermisste. #RussischesRoulette
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: 🇺🇸 Democracy and Human Rights
🇺🇸 Only one party will advance the ability of all persons to live with dignity, security, and respect, regardless of who they are or who they love. 1/13
#Democrats will advance the ability of all persons to live with dignity, security, and respect, regardless of who they are or who they love. 2/13 #DemPartyPlatform #LoveIsLove #HumanityFirst
#Democrats will restore the United States’ position of leadership on #LGBTQ+ issues by passing the #GLOBEAct and appointing senior leaders directly responsible for driving and coordinating LGBTQ+ issues at the State Department, USAID, and the National Security Council. 3/13
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#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking #Mafia

Hier die Übersetzung des Artikels über die Vorfälle 2016 und 2017.

Private Seenotrettung für Dummies.…
Noch ein paar Bildchen dazu...
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In all reports of the accident in SoCal btwn SUV/ Semi, I've not seen ONE journalist comment why that the SUV had 25+ people in it.

Why/how do you think that was?
Coyotes remove the seats and stack humans.
That horrible business is back under Biden.
This trade, and it's thriving again under Biden, isn't only poor people playing the evil Cartel's Coyotes to get them cross the border, in hopes of a decent job in the USA to send money home to their families. Those are few>
The majority are unaccompanied children and women either given, sold to or kidnapped by the Cartels for sex trafficking, indentured servitude, or hostages for ransom from their families back home who have often already paid for "safe passage".
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#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking #Mafia
Über das Wochenende hat die Seawatch3 ca. 745 konzentrierte und punktgenaue Abfahrten aus Libyen ausgelöst. Davor gab keinerlei Abfahrten, erst nach Ankunft des NGOs. Davon Ankünfte Italien 453.
#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking #Mafia
Ein anderes NGO #MareJonio scheint einen hohen Betrag für die Übernahme von 27 Migranten eines Frachters entgegengenommen zu haben.
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#Memes 🤔 That's funny #RickGaetz because who was it that waged a multimillion dollar Memetic Warfare operation in the 2016 election?
#CPAQ #CPAQ2021 #GaetzIsArranged
Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ… /2
Fiancée of Matt Gaetz tells how she responded to the Republican congressman's Mar-a-Lago proposal after their whirlwind 10-month romance…
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ /3
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Operation Talon, which targets CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS who are in our country illegally, is vital to both national security and public safety. 18 state attorneys general are urging President Biden and other political decision makers to reverse the Biden-
Administration’s last-minute cancellation of Operation Talon – a nationwide ICE operation that focuses on deporting those illegal immigrants CONVICTED OF SEX CRIMES. Canceling this effort not only EMBOLDENS SEXUAL PREDATORS AND TRAFFICKERS, but it also shows the world that-
the United States tolerates and encourages the breaking of laws. #factsnotmyths #humantrafficking #sexualexploitation #protectourchildren
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Thread: The #SuperBowl is coming up so it is important to know that this event coincides with increased demand for sexual exploitation of people believed to be "escorts", "prostitutes" and consenting "sex workers".
The pro porn & pro sex work ideology creates an acceptance culture around sexual exploitation. The flawed ideology promotes the idea that "sex work is real work" and that "sex workers are consenting individuals who enjoy what they do".
This is a false cover veneer sold to the public to cover up the horrific, dark reality of the sexual exploitation industry. The "pro sex work" (pro prostitution) movement that promotes and defends prostitution also list things like...
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Irony profound when @DHSGov is engaging in #HumanTrafficking all over USA: watchlisting people wrongfully, then handing them over like plums to the Nazi docs & assassins at @CIA @DefenseIntel @NIH_NIAMS @DeptofDefense @TheJusticeDept @FBI to Neuro-hit, heart-hit, attack at will.
It is in protection of this treasonous set-up treating Americans as "enemy combatants" & using deadly weapons of war on the streets, in neighborhoods, while co-opting neighbors to "monitor, comm-police" that ppl like @Karen_kams56 --ex-NSA, now Blackhat--have been recruited.
Evidence of #KarenStewart's connections to Blackhat NSA/FBI/CIA engaging in unlawful Surveillance of desktops, emails, phones--& jumping to the wrong conclusions--is littered in her own defamatory tweets & confessions--marked in articles exposing her.…
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Today for the 1st time ever heard a German pro-#prostitution activist (self-identified "hobbyist dominatrix") mention the New Zealand model and saying we should adopt it because it eliminates human trafficking. No, it only eliminates human trafficking convictions. Big difference.
German's rates of convicting pimps are already continuously decreasing since we introduced our own highly deregulated liberalized model back in 2002. We went from 151 convictions in 2000 to 32 in 2011. Bureau of Criminal Investigations says convictions decreased, rates did not.
Meanwhile, New Zealand was doing the following to make it appear as though it didn't have human trafficking: They didn't have a law against domestic sex trafficking, which helped to ignore the fact that 1/3 of prostituted women were once commercially exploited girls.
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#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking

Last Departures from Libya:
See Picture below from IOM

New Departures from Libya:
Ocean Viking arrived on 01/17
01/19: 53
01/20: 48
01/21: 120

Death: 43

#Pulleffekt #OceanViking #Deadly Image
Das stimmt!
Beim ihrem ersten Versuch ertranken 43, beim zweiten Versuch hat sie 120 gerettet.
Hätte die Küstenwache nicht noch schnell die anderen gerettet, wären die auch noch ertrunken. ImageImage
#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior


01/21 86
01/22 140

More than obvious.

The NGO Alarmphone was always involved.

#Pulleffekt #OceanViking #Deadly Image
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#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking
Die nächsten antifaschistischen Bessermenschen im Schritttempo unterwegs, zum Einsammeln von Seereisenden, die sich zum richtigen Zeitpunkt am richtigen Fleck befinden. Image
#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking
Bei Wind und Wetter locken die weißen Retter schwarze Menschen in Todesgefahr, weil sie sich zu schade dafür sind, ihnen an Land zu helfen, denn da kann man keine Action und Kinofilme darüber drehen. Image
#Seenotrettung #WhiteSavior #HumanTrafficking
An dieser beweglichen Haltestelle steigen die Seereisenden um. Image
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@StateDept | Sunday, January 10, 2021


Announcement of a new whole-of-government human trafficking website.


❝With my resolute support, executive departments and agencies are steadfastly continuing the battle to abolish this form of modern slavery.❞

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"The Renewed Bail Motion fails to establish sufficiently strong ties to the United States that would prevent her [Ghislaine Maxwell] from fleeing.

Although the defendant now claims her marriage would keep her in the United States, her motion does not address
the plainly inconsistent statements she made to Pretrial Services at the time of her arrest, when, as documented in the Pretrial Services Report, the defendant said she was “in the process of divorcing her husband.” [Scott Borgerson]
"On this point, it bears noting that the defendant’s motion asks that she be permitted to live with xxxxx if granted bail, not her spouse.

Moreover, the fact that the defendant’s spouse has only now come forward to support the defendant should be afforded little weight given
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@GeorgeGammon @RudyHavenstein @99freemind @SomeBitchIKnow2

5yrs ago, @BillClinton praised #Inclusive/#StakeHolder Capitalism #LynnRothschild #SDGs...

Still amazing seeing clinton/Lynn on #Epstein flight logs, while they preach about #HumanTrafficking

Now the #Vatican is on board with it...

Merging of Church, State, and Corps at a global level.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is highly concerning. We need a transformation of the global economy, but not on their terms. Not the #GreatReset.

H/t to @wmiddelkoop for this. The #Rothschild/#Clinton cartel wasn’t able to get #HRC in 2016, so they have found a way to pursue their plans through other means. In #BillClinton’s speech above, he talks about “Us/Them”. 2020 shows us just how much they’ve exploited that.
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Says a non elected man whose country integrates South Asians through modern day slavery, is a center for human trafficking, where #HumanRights, #FreedomOfthePress do not exist, where prisons are filled w/ political prisoners #UAE #UAENationalDay #France⤵️…
The United Arab Emirates (#UAE) has been ranked 131 in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index (down by 12 points in 3 years) for its severe restrictions on #FreedomOfExpression and opinion and outward repression of independent journalists.
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I am contemplating trust - with particular focus on whether or not I am willing to completely open up to my therapist.

Talking darkness and shadows seemed relatively easy work in comparison to sharing who I am, what I believe, and how I interpret my experience of the world.
I lived in darkness for years. It's victimhood feels like a soft weighted blanket in comparison to the vulnerability of discovering, owning, and being myself.

I struggle to be forthcoming out of fear of judgment and abandonment. So sometimes, it feels easy to cuddle...
into assumption, rather than removing the blanketed shield of silence and speaking my truth.

Today, I am preparing to open up to my therapist about how therapy is going. She asked at the end of our last session and I reacted quite confused, "Good?"
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How I reconnected with God after a lifetime of abandonment, neglect, and abuse -- A Thread.

#childsexabuse #childsextrafficking #humantrafficking #healing #recovery #therapy #emdr #savethechildren #survivorstory #cpts #pts #osdd #triggerwarning
My parents lived on a cult compound for the first decade of their life together. Upon leaving, they turned inward to meet their religious needs. When I was old enough to attend school, they decided to introduce religion into our lives. I received a scholarship to attend a...
private Lutheran school starting in second grade.

From that moment, I was raised in fear. For a Lutheran church, they were rather fire, brimstone, and damnation. I convinced myself that every horrible moment in my life was a form of penance for my impurity...
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Sitting in the present often fills my body with a sense of great unease. I find myself looking around the room frantically searching for the trauma I am about to endure. I am temporarily transported out of time.

#cptsd #ptsd #csa #childsextrafficking #humantrafficking
While my body sits safely in my home or office, it simultaneously replays the most intensely awful sensations of fear. It starts an invisible silent countdown to the moment the camera light turns red and my uncle films my sexual abuse for profit.

#savethechildren #wwg1wga
I can be sitting perfectly still in relief & suddenly the sense of vulnerability hits & I am in torment.

This weekend I spent a few moment reflecting on Friday's therapy session in which I felt a great sense of relief when my therapist acknowledge my hesitancy to trust.
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Today, I followed through on therapy homework I didn’t want to consider. I took an opportunity to open up to a good friend about yesterday’s session.

My friend & I work together. She stopped by my office to check in on me, because she knew I felt depressed last week.
She’d given me a ride home the day before and new it ended poorly, so that is how our conversation started.

When she asked about my therapy session, something clicked before I could think and I burst into laughter. My system blew up my capacity hide in fear.
Needing to explain my laugh, I told my friend my therapist challenged me to open up to 3-4 friends about how hard it is for me to accept their love.
How I am challenged to remain balanced in their onslaught of care.
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