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I started doing research on SOS Children's Villages Orphanages & #Obama & I think you all need 2 see this.
Too many coincidences to go unchecked.🐉
Claim #1 Maurice Strong knows Barack Obama & has a connection 2 SOS Children's villages.
Who is Maurice Strong;…
#1 Who is Maurice Strong?
Strong, a former pass officer position in the Identification Unit of the U.N. Security Section who apparently went on
To use his CalTex job as a front in Kenya in 1953-1954 to develop Mau Mau oath ceremonies with Obama’s grandfather;…

He sponsored a depopulationist program in China in the ‘80s where families would have 2nd babies killed, bought or confiscated 4 use by SOS
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Associating w Fiona Barnett almost cost me my life.
She triggered Omega programming w her tweets re Aquino.
She triggered return to Handler w her Ruby shoes tweets. She was used to ingratiate Isaac Kappy into my life who’s a protégé of #mindcontrol programming guru John Podesta
...I want to make it very clear that I care about Fiona Barnett very much as a fellow survivor of #ritualabuse #mindcontrol #childsextrafficking and other atrocities that no child should ever endure.
I pray for her, and her family.
Frankly, I miss talking to her yet, I know...
that interacting with her, as is the case for many of us RAMC survivors, usually isn’t safe.
I wish it was.
I wish that we could be safe for each other, that we didn’t trigger each other or could be used to access each other.

Love to all of my fellow survivors, always.
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Anon: #ProjectVeritas video shows #BetoORourke's campaign team aiding illegal immigrants at church centers in #ElPaso. Hold on, isn't El Paso a hotbed for #HumanTrafficking, including children ?


Thread by @TheLastRefuge2: "1. We used to track this scheme when it first started 2010-2014. Do you see this tweet from @jaketapper ? 2. Look Closely 3. The business-en […]"

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John 8:32
"The real TRUTH about why D's depend on illegal immigrants and why they care more about them than you."

FOOD. They depend on them for physical subsistence. #CANNIBALS
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Today October 31st on Samhain,
S@tanists like, those in O.T.O, will be conducting
ritual blood sacrifices of children.
O.T.O., Ordo Templi Orientis
credo is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”
Their beliefs are occult practices, Satanic ideals, and Freemasonry. They believe man is more powerful than God or potentially is God.
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Ur familiar with this, right @jeffsessions @TheJusticeDept? Because I am again without food, medicine, etc. after nearly collapsing in Wal-Mart on 10/10 from the accumulative effects of #DisabilityAbuse defrauding me my RSDI after 15yrs. & now SNAP!…
@jeffsessions @TheJusticeDept due 2 the honest service fraud 2 take all my low income /disability services, my fuel assistance, criminal damage to my tangible property by vandalizing my car to take my right to travel freely, my brand new snowblower, so I had to haul supplies last winter in an ice fishing sled
@jeffsessions @TheJusticeDept for which I supplied you, all video footage of every trip I made in order to survive this atrocious extrajudicial punishment for exposing HUMAN TRAFFICKERS/CHILD TRAFFICKERS YOU CLAIM TO BE COMMITTED TO BRINGING TO JUSTICE WHO ARE NOW RESORTING TO NON STOP FEDERAL STALKING OF ME!
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1/ Dearborn MI, Funeral Homes - Part 2
#Huma & #HRC direct ties to Death Industry...
👉🏻 Is #LaFarge - #CEMEX Partnership connected?
Down the #RabbitHole we go...
#HumanTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #Concrete #ChildsexTrafficking
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ For those that didn't read my last thread, #HRC & #Huma ties to Dearborn MI, #MuslimBrotherHood, #IIRO,
#Al-Quaeda all connected...
I highly recommend you begin there first...
#OrganHarvesting #QAnon
3/ ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ this is a tough subject matter, it's horrific & heartbreaking ... especially if you have no knowledge of #PizzaGate or #SatanicRitualAbuse
#ChildSexTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #HumanTrafficking #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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Someone can be a #pedopredator without being a Satanist but, if someone is practicing occult dark magik, a Satanist or a Luciferian then they are undoubtedly a #pedopredator.
How would a #pedopredator Satanist best protect themselves from being outed as one of the evil #pedovores in #Hollywood?
Maybe pretend to be an advocate for victims?
#WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight
Maybe pretend to have trauma when you’re really Troma?…
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Pompeo's been Sec. Of State since April 26, 2018 and in 6 mos. he don't know who his dirty ppl are!? Or is he complicit instead👇
The @StateDept has been a #ChildTrafficking #ChildSexTrafficking racket for sometime @realDonaldTrump. Now trafficking in persons via the caravan, furthering activity performed as part of a continuing criminal enterprise!
@StateDept @realDonaldTrump SMDH, this is almost comical because of the hypocrisy having heard the calls against human trafficking Pompeo and Trump both have made!
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...and and up like me! Retaliated against via schemes, scams and honest service fraud to deprive me all low income/disabilty services, an extrajudicial death sentence by those I reported and have been reporting to Homeland Security for years! #Minnesota #ChildSexTrafficking

Rich Stanek
Eric Simonson
You either have child traffickers working for your agency or very complicit agents representing Minnesota. Based on FACTS, I'm opting for the 1st! @SecNielsen @DHSgov @Rewards4Justice THEY HAVE NEARLY SUCCEEDED IN THEIR RETALIATORY AGENDA.
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U SUCK @Twitter! Nobody knows there's a missing WI girl whose parents were shot dead in their home, eerily similar to a double murder, suicide in the same vicinity, around the same time a yr ago, & tied to the Minnesota #ChildSexTrafficking Iron Range Cult cause ur censoring me!
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2/ adding @FederalistNo78 Thread to this and the rest of the pics from That Face Book Post
3/ lots of Connections to #Huma and #HRC “FBI Raids Possible Abedin-linked home in Dearborn, MI”…
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🤔Hmmm any relation to Jacklyn Corradi Simon of Attorneys - Sellman Borland Simon PLLC - in Hibbing Minnesota #MNSteveSimon@GenFlynn @parrish4mn
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn 🆘️ These #ChildSexTrafficking #HumanTrafficking #occult families are generational & indoctrinated into it as kids, by their parents/elders, usually by the age of 6yrs old❗ 👈#Freemason #Sodomy #Rituals #TRUTH

🐍☠#LockThemAllUp NOW☠🐍
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One year ago today I broke my silence publicly and spoke out about the crimes Roman Polanski committed against me on the beach in Malibu, California when I was a little girl.
I went from living a private life to having my name, face and information about crimes Roman Polanski committed against me as a child in the press world wide because @AP picked up the story after I gave an exclusive interview to @emmamarieparry…
#Pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski and his incompetent attorney Harland Braun (who ought to be disbarred) decided the best tactic was to harass me, my family and friends so I would back off and no other surviving victims would come forward.…
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Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Becomes Warrior Fighting Against State-Sponsored #CPS Child Kidnapping… 🗣#ChildProtectionServices, because it sounds better than #SexTrafficking👊
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"Important moment in time.
The picture will be the signifier.
The signifier will 'force' the Q.
The Q will be answered (((#WWG1WGA))).

“I do know they are great people.” - @realDonaldTrump

I never had any doubts but❤️this!
Thank Q🙏🏻🇺🇸

@POTUS is the People’s President.
Qanon is MI, it’s an unprecedented open source intel drop to #WeThePeople.
We aren’t doing anything other than educating each other and spreading memes. Yes we play a part but our lives aren’t at risk.
God bless the families of those who have lost their lives for our FREEDOM🇺🇸
Though my speaking out along with fellow survivors of #MKUltra #mindcontrol #childsextrafficking #ritualabuse and other crimes by #Illuminati #theCabal puts our safety more on the line than if we were silent, the reality is we’ve been at risk since we bolted and revolted.
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IT SEEMS @SenBlumenthal HAS A FEW SKELETONS IN HIS CLOSET 😡😡😡 #PedoGateNews @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #QAnon #ChildSexTrafficking #RedShoes #SRA


Link 👉…
2/ So this event was the Children Of Fallen Patriots Gala 2017 and this is @SenBlumenthal photograph, he was definitely in attendance that night…
3/ The Women in the Photograph, with her Two Children has been Identified as Kami Kennedy, widow of US Army Maj. Thomas Kennedy... Here they are on the Red Carpet with Co-Founders of Children Of Fallen Patriots, David and Cynthia Kim @realDonaldTrump #PedoGateNews
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