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#Genocide by Federal hellcare guidelines

#childsextrafficking at highest levels of our degenerate federal bureaucracy

#EvilJustice Department that protects criminals

#EvilFBI terrorizing Americans

And these #UniParty #politicalpussies yakking incessantly but doing jack shit Image
Meanwhile... ImageImageImage
#EvilCongress #EvilJustice and very evil Epstein Wexner Maxwell MegaGroup child sex Traffickers ImageImage
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Why We Need a Shared Language Around Child Sex Trafficking | NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault ⁦…
👆🏻sharing a blog post I wrote to promote accurate understanding of the problem of #childsextrafficking in #NorthCarolina that leads to responsible and effective action @NCCASA #endsexualviolence
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@TaskFor26668668 @EzraACohen @Bitchute @PentagonPresSec @USNavy China Joe... #DonaldTrumpWasRight

Gotta just love the Industrial Military Complex hey?🤦🏻‍♀️

👉🏻18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason👈🏻

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies”…

@TaskFor26668668 @EzraACohen @Bitchute @PentagonPresSec @USNavy Joe Biden on “China”... 🇨🇳

“I do know a lot about Foreign Policy...” “Guess what, they
own you?!”


Human Trafficking Agendas, Hidden in plain Sight?
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@TaskFor26668668 @Admiral Willy Moore worked as a VP at Lockheed Martin” during the same time that “James Comey worked as a VP at Lockheed”... Strange coincidence hey? Both during the GW Bush Administration.…… ImageImageImageImage
@TaskFor26668668 Look! Admiral Charles “Willy” Moore of #V4CR was General Mattis’ boss at one time too! These two also have a history together.

@TaskFor26668668 So Admiral Charles “Willy” Moore is Good Friends With General Milley?

Gen. Milley is working with Pelosi?

Tucker calls out Gen. Milley...…

Judicial Watch calls out Gen. Milley & Pelosi...… ImageImageImageImage
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companies began pressuring #MindGeek to clean up explicit references to trafficked
content and CSAM/child pornography on its sites by removing titles, descriptions,
and tags that explicitly flagged such content. However, @Visa did not insist that the
content itself be removed
or that MindGeek put in place systems to reasonably
ensure it was not commercializing such content and/or using it to benefit its business
through SEO and the funneling of traffic to its websites.
For example, in November 2019, Visa’s
competitor PayPal terminated its relationship with MindGeek because it could no
longer ignore the overwhelming evidence of MindGeek’s trafficking venture. At
the time, PayPal publicly explained that
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In 2019, it was reported that a “verified” member of
Pornhub’s model program was actually a trafficked 15-year-old girl who had been
missing for approximately a year. MindGeek allowed the uploading of fifty-eight
videos of this child being raped to its “verified” model channel
MindGeek knew that it had never reliably
verified the age of the 15 year old missing girl because the law requires all
participants in filmed sex acts to be 18 years old. Rather, MindGeek wanted to
continue to profit from advertising impressions from, and sales of the videos
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Andre Garcia, one of the traffickers involved in the GirlsDoPorn trafficking
operation, was sentenced to twenty years in prison on June 15, 2021. This human
trafficking ring was one of Pornhub’s most popular partner channels, with nearly
800,000 subscribers
and over six hundred million views, and was heavily promoted
by MindGeek.
258. The channel was so lucrative, and MindGeek so indifferent to
monetizing non-consensual content, that MindGeek kept the channel on its site and
collected revenue from it even after learning
of the initial civil lawsuit and did
nothing to investigate the allegations. Pornhub continued to host and monetize this
trafficked content until the company and its founders were indicted and the website
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on or about March 10, 2020, four
videos of child pornography were uploaded to Pornhub depicting men abusing a
toddler in diapers and a pre-pubescent child bound and being raped anally while
crying for the abuser to stop
Pornhub, however, refused to remove the videos for over ten
days, during which time they were viewed tens of thousands of times, and only did
so when the FBI became involved, reported it to NCMEC, and NCMEC instructed
Pornhub to disable the video.
Although Pornhub disabled the video, it left the video
page, title, tags, and user on its site, did not cancel and remove the uploading
accounts or review those accounts for the offending videos or other offending videos.
Indeed, to this day, if one googles the title or user,
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In 2019, the Internet Watch Foundation, the United
Kingdom’s private internet watchdog for child pornography, reported to the Sunday
Times that it had been notified of 118 instances of child pornography on Pornhub by
the public over the prior 2.5 years, increasing each year.
Half of that child
pornography was Category A, the worst kind of abuse involving penetration and/or
sadism. MindGeek permitted the upload of this child pornography and transferred
it to its other tubesites and never reported it the authorities as it was required to do
the United States and other jurisdictions where its servers are located. That child
pornography remains on MindGeek’s servers to this day
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From 2014-2015, 49-year-old Dawn Giannini sexually abused a 14-
year-old relative, recorded the abuse, and posted those recordings on Pornhub.
MindGeek not only permitted the obviously underage assault and child pornography
to be uploaded to Pornhub, it transferred those videos
to its other tubesites. The
videos were viewed by the victim’s friends at school, one of whom ultimately alerted
the authorities leading to Giannini’s arrest in 2018.
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From 2013 through 2020, MindGeek’s tubesites
contained 100s of videos of child pornography created in video chat service
Stickam chat rooms until they were shut down in 2014 as part of one of
the largest internet child pornography convictions in history,
involving the sextortion
of over 350 minors via the video chat service
those child pornographic videos and
compilations of those videos were ubiquitously uploaded by MindGeek users and
transferred by MindGeek to its other tubesites and to users downloading the videos.
They remain on its servers to this day.
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after Taiwanese playboy Justin Lee was arrested by
Taiwanese police for the date rape of dozens of women from 2009 through 2014,
some minors, police reported that Lee had recorded those rapes and posted them on
Although Lee’s arrest, conviction, and criminal conduct, including his
uploading of the rape videos to Pornhub, were highly publicized worldwide,
MindGeek kept those rape videos on its site for years thereafter.
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The same abuse occurred on Pornhub Gay. A simple search for
“daddy and son” produced oceans of unprofessionally produced videos of very
young looking boys with the titles saying “REAL Father Son” and other videos of
distressed young hairless boys being penetrated by older men
Other cases of
CSAM/child pornography involved underage boys were videotaping themselves in
sex acts, with video titles like “13 yr old boy” and “14yr old.”
245. Like many videos on Pornhub, these abuse videos frequently ran a
Pornhub Live ad or other advertisement
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MindGeek allowed its private premium accounts on
Pornhub to be used as a secret marketplace to distribute illicit content, particularly
CSAM/child pornography, for a fee, sometimes directly on the platform, sometimes
through links to an external CSAM cache exchanged privately
This trafficking included minors posting child pornography of themselves at the
direction of predators & pimps. The content, while private to other unsubscribed
users, was visible to MindGeek, part of its SEO analysis, & included in Google &
other search engine search results
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Abuse videos were also common in MindGeek’s partner channels. For
example, one of MindGeek’s official ModelHub partner accounts called PornForce,
from which MindGeek received a cut of all revenue, had videos of obvious victims
being exploited.
Another ModelHub account was comprised of a man exploiting
homeless teens in New Jersey in commercial sex acts. The victims of this exploitation were anally assaulted while crying and pleading for the abuse to stop.
MindGeek’s suggested video and search algorithm would direct viewers of these
videos to similar videos and suggested search terms of “abused teen,” “crying teen,”
“exploited black teens,” “homeless teen,” and the like.
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MindGeek’s suggested search and video algorithm directed
users searching “Asian” to a cache of sadistic abuse videos. Among this cache were
a category in which underage appearing Asian women were being suffocated in
plastic bags attached to a vacuum packing machine…
The women were thrashing
and screaming. They were not performing. The videos were amateur, poor
quality, and had zero indicia of consent.
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Users who MindGeek directed to this video were then directed by
MindGeek’s suggested search and video algorithm to equally clear cases of rape. In
one video, the drug needle used to render the victim unconscious was then inserted
into the vagina of the victim and zoomed in on…
These videos were on the site for
years and accompanied by numerous comments flagging them as obvious rape.
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one of MindGeek’s most popular partner
channels (and a constant focus of its SEO efforts), “Exploited Teens Asia.” A
representative video on this channel involved a young girl in a child’s room
surrounded by toys and stuffed animals.
She was being aggressively penetrated by
an old man and she was crying out “karushi,” which meant “stop.”
EXPLOITED TEENS ASIA she can’t be older than 15 or
16. This is a real victim. In some moment she looks like
she wants to cry. You can see that she doesn’t want this,
you can see that she wishes he’d leave her alon!
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for seven years Pornhub contained a video of a completely
unconscious girl with underdeveloped breasts clearly being physically assaulted and
raped. The title of the video was “dead pig half-opened eyes after being drugged.”
The rapist
repeatedly displayed the victim’s dilated, red eyes & even touched her eyeball to
prove she was truly unconscious. No moderator or search engine optimizer could
have missed the obvious rape depicted in this video.
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Not only did MindGeek not report CSAM/child pornography it became
aware of on its tubesites, it actively discouraged victims and others from reporting it,
and lied to do so. For example, MindGeek tried to convince a victim of
CSAM/child pornography not to report its presence
on MindGeek’s tubesites and
lied about MindGeek’s practice of not removing such content unless forced to do so:
“You don’t need to report the urls to an agency, just flag them it[’]s very likely if
it[’]s not removed it not illegal content. . . .
We do have access to our entire upload
library, including deleted videos and can confirm this.”
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Investigators submitted
takedown requests to Pornhub that were ignored. It was not taken down until it was
reported to the @FBI, the FBI notified NCMEC, and NCMEC issued a takedown order
to #Pornhub.
Even after it was removed MindGeek left the title, tags, views and url
to continue driving traffic to the site using the child rape video.
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in 2020 two videos of child pornography – one involving a
toddler in diapers being abused and another of a pre-pubescent girl being anally raped – were located on Pornhub.
After multiple reports MindGeek notified those
flagging it that it the video had been disabled, fingerprinted, and reported to
NCMEC. But according to NCMEC’s own testimony, it was not reported to
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