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1) Much like #Event201, when the big three, #WEF, #Hopkins and #GatesofHell get together for dry runs, it’s time to pay attention. This time, #SEERS. We’ve already seen a taste of it- GOF Enterovirus -…
2) in an immune suppressed population getting multiple mRNA injections, they saw how easy it was to spread. You clinicians out there have seen many positive Enterovirus infections this past winter - coincidental? (D68)
Normal Enterovirus infections are mild and present like cold.
3) It has been epidemic/like since 2010 from the Netherlands to China to Norway, mostly children. Many of the respiratory illnesses worldwide for the past 13 years that test negative for flu, could be attributed to D68 then B3 lineage. HCQ and zinc seem to mechanistically work.
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@MKartesalo @MarinSanna #Eduskuntavaalit2023 #RokoteVaalit.
#Demarit-#RoguesGallery -series; #marin @MarinSanna
#Tampere #Koskipuisto; Siltojen alta kuultua örinää:
- 'Ihmisten perkaus, nääs nääs, henkilö-henkilöltä...'
@MKartesalo @MarinSanna Vahva kirous jumalattomien, hengellisesti kuolleiden @SDPhelsinki naisten yllä...
- Kiroileva, maailman laajimmin hyväksytyn #ihmisoikeus -sopimuksen väärentäjä, #DDR-#SETA-'muumimamma' on luettava vajaamielisten joukkoon.
@MKartesalo @MarinSanna @SDPhelsinki Tarja #Halonen - Valtakunnan simputtaja
- Ulkopolitiikassa kokemattoman #Tarza'n putkahtaminen Lipposen 1. hallituksen ulkoministeriksi oli poliittinen pommi.
Ulkoministeriössä se oli henkinen #katastrofi.
- Kuka pevkele täällä väittää että minä kiroilen
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The #Halloween season is upon us, and as you can see, we are in a festive mood here at GOPC. This week, we are devoting our #GOPCThread to highlighting some of the spooky, creepy, and hunted locals across the great state of🎃hi🎃
Vacant & in disrepair, the apparition of #USA’s oldest 19th century theater haunted downtown #MtVernonOH for decades. Thru a restoration fueled by #taxcredits & persistence, the @woodwardopera rose from the dead & is a part of the downtown renaissance 👻 #GOPCThread
To the north in @MansfieldOhio lies the @OSReformatory, abandoned in 1990 and purportedly haunted by the spirits of its past occupants, the ex-prison is a major tourist destination and a favorite filming location for #Hollywood films, tv & music videos 👻
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Listen very closely 👇🏾

#GatesOfHell #WHO #Vaccines

There’s also a painful irony at Bill Gates vehemently refusing to vaccinate his own children but will happily implore and even sinisterly guilt trip others to do so, hmmm I wonder why.... #GatesOfHell #COVID19
Complete interview: 👇🏾

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Robert Langer was Epstein's most vocal defender at MIT, stating the good Epstein did far outweighed the bad...

Langer is an acclaimed bioengineer & is heavily funded by Bill Gates. Langer invented a remote control contraceptive implant at Gates' behest in 2017.

#Eugenics ImageImageImageImage
Robert Langer is also the main engineer behind the digital certificate / vaccination ID that Bill Gates is so giddy about.

This project was also funded by and built at the direct request of Bill Gates.
#GatesOfHell #Eugenics…
Another project from Gates & Langer is a multi-dose vaccine implant that gradually administers doses over hundreds of days.

A known depopulation advocate injecting people with an ultra high dose vaccine implant? What could possibly go wrong!…
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These are a few things Bill Gates is involved in:

-Biometric identification
-Vaccine injury lawsuits
-DNA editing
-Genetically modified mosquitoes
-Fetal tissue vaccine research
-Remote control contraceptive implants

Is this the future you want?
Bill Gates is funding a World Bank program to install a biometric identification system in developing countries.
India citizens who refuse to have their iris scanned and fingerprinted are denied govt assistance programs.…
Hundreds of children became sick & some died shortly after taking experimental HPV vaccines sponsored by Gates Foundation in India in 09.
Many consent forms were signed with thumbprints bc the kids were illiterate. They preyed upon the most vulnerable!…
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THREAD: Bill Gates, Pandemic I The First Modern Pandemic 4/23/2020…
"...break the rules..."
...put everyone at risk..."

"Leaders should encourage COMPLIANCE"
So we know for certain it originated in China? Patient Zero?

testing, isolation

Early action means some countries didn't have to shut down their economies as much as others?
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