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It’s not about a virus.
It never was.


Listen carefully to the psychos who rule over you:
Be prepared for an electrical black out.
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1. İlk başta nöbet geçirip yerlere düşen insanlar vardı. Zombileşmiş insanların görüntülerini gösterdiler..

Sonra, birden bire ateş ölçerler devreye girdi. Tüm mekânlarda zorunlu oldu.
#uyanın #nefessizkalmatürkiye
2. Devamında..Hiç var olmamış, yıllar yılı onlarla yaşamamışız gibi diğer Gribal Enfeksiyonlar DSÖ ve Sağlık Bakanlığı raporlarında ortadan kayboluyordu.!

Âdeta, her yıl bu dönemler Hastane Acillerini dolduran Influenza türevleri, "üstadımız Kovid varken bize iş düşmez" dediler
3. Birden Ateş Ölçme modası başladı..🤒Mantar gibi heryerde ateş ölçümü ve Kovid Takip Sistemi (HES) devreye girdi.

Halbuki çok değil, 1 yıl önce #DSÖ Genelgesinde, bu uygulamalar bir #Salgın esnasında önerilmiyordu.!

Fakat önemi yoktu, zira Kitle bunu araştırmayacaktı.🤫
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM PATENTS GIVEN TO CHINA BANK (HSBC) AS COLLATERAL IN 2019 one day after #Trump speech "We will NEVER serve Globalism"

HSBC received ownership of IP of #elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities.
#Trump gave his famous speech to the #UN
On September 24th 2019 on how "The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to Patriots" & stuck a Massive #MAGA finger in their FACE. The very next day the #Dominion IP was transferred to CCP China & HSBC Crown assets
Trumps speech was EPIC. But it INFURIATED the Enslavers, the controllers of the world, The British Privy Council, & CCP China & the #EU & their combined CORRUPT Criminal Globalist Interests. They hate Patriotism, REAL Representation for the local people
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
CRIMINAL #JoeBiden announced "There will be a Dark Winter". "Dark winter is a Military Excersize just like #Event201 & #Lockstep organized by #RockefellerFdn & #JohnsHopkins & It's planned by & run by who? ALL THE SAME PLAYERS…
Dark Winter is a Preparation Excersize JUST LIKE #Event201 against a Terrorist injected Smallpox outbreak (supposedly, though what looks like just a cover for World Takeover into a never ending Totalitarian Consolidation Dictatorship "GreatReset" just like the world's been in)
International CRIMINAL #JoeBiden just announced that he will issue a National Mask Mandate. This is obviously part of the #DarkWinter "Excersize". Though they will never actually call it an excersize & just use this to enslave humanity, destroy the economy& root out dissenters
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Wondering WTH is REALLY going on?? This may help. Almost seems like the Nazi Party reincarnated.

YOU decide if you want to know or not. ⚠️ Once you open your eyes there’s NO going back. Do you want to remain asleep or know the ENEMY we’re fighting.

👇🏼🧵 #StopTheNewWorldOrder

👇🏼🧵 #StopTheNewWorldOrder

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#Breaking #BreakingNews
After BOMBSHELL FRAUD Revelations of Vote-Rigging Software Owned by #FeinStein-#Pelosi-#DNC, #Election-Meddling by Edison, & #Obamagate-#Biden Software Fraud, #Michigan Software CAUGHT ERASING #Republican Votes down to just TWO per county!
This SAME #Democrat Governor attended CRIMINAL #DNC planned #Event201 Style Coup plotting Election Fraud WAR GAMES planning event in June called "Integrity-Elections-Project" to plot with Podesta & #DeepState operatives how to get #Trump out of the @Whitehouse @RichardGrenell
Article by WesternJournal here:…
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I felt from March on that it is the responsibility of us doctors to follow our oath, to inform the public and to end this insane global PsyOp.

My latest thread web⬆️⬇️ of science aka reality against the insane web of lies

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by Natural News

"World leaders are preparing for a 2nd & 3rd wave of #covid19 cases & are fine-tuning their #lockdown strategies which will be implemented late in 2020 & into 2021. Their planning involves the development of a new world economy, one...

...introduces medical fascism as a permanent way of life.

A Canadian whistle blower came forward with the plans. The whistle-blower is on the Liberal Party of #Canada’s Strategic Planning Committee, which operates under the direction of Canada’s Office of the Prime Minister.
The historic lock downs have engineered mass poverty & will continue to weaken people’s financial & food security, making them more vulnerable & eventually making them more desperate to accept the new world economy & its bodily requirements.

New world economy includes...
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#BillGates LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH AGAIN on His Millions bought&paid for interviews on ONLY the FakeNews MSM. LIES 🤥 that he has NO MICROCHIP patents at all nor ANY programs or plans to do, then they pump BANNING ppl talking about it on internet
Lies that there is a "Wave of wild stories about the Vaccine"
Says that "evil intent accusations of him & Fauci" are "a wild new element I wouldn't have expected". Meanwhile they are making Hundreds of Billions on UNTESTED vaccines in the most risky psychotic Tyranny ever done
-LIES that transmission ISNT worldwide ALREADY when the peak dropped off completely, they FRAUDED 89-96% of deaths, they moved all the flu deaths over & the HIV deaths are Also missing & there is no overall increase in death, but instead he LIES THRU HIS FACE
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This is a thread that I will maintain to put the historical and present situation re the #coronavirus operation in perspective...I will continue to add content to it

Lets start at the base of all of this Agenda21

Henry Lamb: the green religion (1 hr) /1…
Yuri Bezmanov - a 16 minute interview by the one and only G Edward Griffen (author of “the creature from jekyll Island”) about the ideological and demoralization process being unleashed against the USA (now taken over by china) /2…
Yuri Bezmanov - a 1 hour lecture about how ideological subversion implements unrestricted warfare against its adversaries without the use of a single military armament /3…
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Coronavirus #COVID19 is a COMPUTER MODEL GENERATED Genome just like the FRAUDULENT Neil Ferguson 20 Million ppl Dead study. A panel of #Event201 FRAUDS gave "Consensus" like #ClimateChange to LIE,& is why #CDC doesn't have it
Video link in thread ->
Here is the link, delete the space after h =
h ttp://
-They took 37 base pairs from UNVERIFIED samples using PCR probes.
-They claimed it was the virus, but the PCR can NOT Detect a virus.
-They ONLY looked at these 37 out of 30,000 base pairs of the virus
-Used a COMPUTER MODEL to fill in the other 30,000 to CLAIM #COVID19
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From #Lockdowns to "#TheGreatReset". Lockdown in the wake of #coronavirus pandemic accelerated implementation of long-held plans to estb. so-called NWO. Under auspices of #WEF, global policymakers are advocating a “Great Reset” with intent of creating a global technocracy
It is not by coincidence that on 18 Oct 2019, in NYC the WEF “Event 201” at “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by John Hopkins Center for Health Security. This coming technocracy involves close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments
With programs such as guaranteed min income & healthcare for all, new kind of governance combines strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice. The truth, however, this NWO of digital tyranny comes with a comprehensive social credit system
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Is this really only about incompetence and saving face, or could there be something else going on?

And will @mrmarkdolan @TVKev @richardm56 @JuliaHB1 disregard silly "conspiracy theorist" stigma, and take a serious look at the research done by genuine independent journalists?
#TheGreatReset #Event201

This is an excerpt from:

'The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order'

By @o_rips

Watch in full here 👉
#BillGates #4IR #Agenda2030

This is an excerpt from:

'Who is Bill Gates?'

By James Corbett and @brocwest

Watch in full here 👉

Transcript of the documentary, with all sources:
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If you had the opportunity to spend time with a COVID-19 vaccine researcher, what questions would you ask? The following would be a handful of mine. @DrAnthonyF @NIHDirector @WHO

1) There are several anomalous events that indicate foreknowledge of the release of this virus.
Are you aware of Moderna’s 3/28/19 edit to their patent which stated, “Because of a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated”? This is especially interesting in that the vaccine addresses the S1 spike protein,
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SWAMPIER than I originally reported!
Canadian Covid-task force member Alan Bernstein is Chief Global Health Advisor for Gairdner Foundation Canada.
Gairdiner awarded Fauci in 2016.
Victor Dzau of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (and Duke U prof, former Harvard/Stanford Prof, current head of the US National Academy of Medicine) also serves on the BoD of Gairdner
Dzau and Fauci serve together on the GPMB (Global Prep Monitoring Board) which is HUGELY significant because the GPMB is a WHO/World Bank initiative which led directly to #Event201.
Remember the GPMB called for 2 'system wide simulations' of a pandemic by Sept 2020!
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1. Coronavirus / covid19 thread as some good articles today.
90% of cases identified by Pillar2 are false postives...… #coronavirus #falsepositives #covid19 #covid1984
3. The social distancing measure of 6 foot was chosen as they couldnt trust British public to keep to scientific 3 foot one.
Can’t we put these power-mad clowns of the Johnson Junta in a nice rest home?… #coronavirus #falsepositives #covid19 #covid1984
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Das Thema #event201 dürfen wir noch nicht abhaken!…
Ob Terroranschläge oder Pandemien, immer gibt es parallel Uebungen dazu.
Es gibt keine offene Debatte, weil die Notfallpläne bereits existieren: Embedded Journalism!
Hervorragende Recherchen von Paul Schreyer.
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1/#Event201, the global #coronavirus pandemic preparedness exercise from Oct 2019, and the UN Chief, talking about flooding the internet with the information about #COVID19 they want us to see, and censoring info they don't want us to see.

You can't say they didn't tell us.
2/ Oh did they Flood the Zone.
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1) Serious coverup and admission of guilt at play. It was bad enough I revealed the World Economic Forum’s preplanned blueprint for changing the worked landscape in 2017 in 3 phases, all initiated by this virus #Covid19 (yes I said 2017 it was here)…
2) but after digging and tips it was revealed that #WHO and #WorldBank started exporting test kits for Covid 19- IN 2017! I downloaded the spreadsheet, screen shot the site, and downloaded the site as pdf-
3) it was clear they were stockpiling and ready to initiate this #Plandemic. This is the 3rd trace to it being a thing in 2017, and the #LaunchParty for the #NewNormal was #Event201 on October 18th 2019. The parting gift was a cute, cuddly Coronavirus sponsored by Gates, Hopkins
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#Thread ⬇️ ( mehrere Tweets)

Wieso man gegen Putin schiesst?

Am 20.08. trafen sich Merkel u die Klima-Boten d UN, Greta u Neubauer.
Wie forciert man nun einen Fossil-Ausstieg?

Man inszeniert einen Grund!… Image
Als erstes wurde Lukashenko erpresst durch die WHO, dann den IWF. Kredite gegen Lockdown.

Dann wurde er medial als letzter "Diktator" Europas präsentiert ( Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad - hat Methode).…
Wie zu erwarten war, sprang Putin ihm bei u bat Unterstützung an.

Nun wird Putin diskreditiert als Giftmischer bei
Skripal als auch Nawalny.

Man torpediert #northstream2!

Die Grünen in ihrem Element fordern "Bestrafung d russ. Oligarchen!"…
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I don't trust @NIHDirector. Is he a brother in the Lord? I hope so. He's soft on abortion and unnecessarily critical on #intelligentdesign, not that either of these are requisite for salvation by grace. He is also a member of the @wef, arguably the group that perpetuated...
...Covid 19 (see #Event201) and who are now pushing forward the Marxist and transhumanist #GreatReset (see it explicitly articulated on the @wef website). Christians, dig in and examine the facts. Look through the World Economic Forum website.
Understand the absolutely dystopian agenda. This is every dystopian book combined, and potentially the precursor to the Antichrist. Look at the #corbettreport Meet Bill Gates series. Consider the claims of the two Plandemic documentaries. This stuff is not a game.
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Back to the beginning & this thread I compiled in March on the now infamous EVENT 201.
👉"Flooding social media"👈 one of the stated goals of #Event201
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1. The PCR test used to detect #Coronavirus is an inaccurate tool nefariously being used to run up the numbers of people who MOST LIKELY don't have the virus.

Here are some 'critical' quotes from doctors who are skeptical about the results of PCR tests.…
2. The PCR test was invented by Kary Mullis. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993 for inventing it.

It's a way to REPLICATE DNA so that a large enough sample can be 'grown' to test for certain attributes of a viral pathogen like #Coronavirus. Image
3. "The PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction), simply put, is a thermal cycling method used to make billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, making it large enough to study." - James Herer
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