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The editor of the disgraced @TheLancet - who published the fake #surgisphere paper - is Richard Horton.

Richard Horton was a primary witness for the @gmcuk against Andrew Wakefield. The trial was a sham.

The Lancet are the main drivers for the whole #covid19 crisis. They published the complete lie that was the "zoonosis" paper of Peter Daszak and his chums.

It is provably false.
@CharlesRixey @Charles04144986 @jjcouey…
The @TheLancetRheum also published this paper to discredit #hydroxychloroquine by @bengoldacre who refused to make the data public despite making his whole reputation on "scientific data transparency".

Until it is verifiable, assume it is fake.… ImageImage
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1. CV19 là simulation đc sắp đặt ở mức độ cao. Theo AK người đã biết về âm mưu CV19 từ rất sớm, thì Event 201 là dot mấu chốt để confirm CV19 là simulation do bề trên sắp đặt
2. Theo chữ nghĩa thì
0 = oh = world = hình quả địa cầu thay thế cho số 0 trong logo Event 201*
2 = two = to*

Event 201 = Event 2 oh 1 = Event 2 world 1 = Event to world 1= Event to world one = Sự kiện hướng tới thế giới là 1 = One World Order
3. One World Order = New World Order kế hoạch cao nhất mà bề trên dày công sắp đặt bao lâu nay

Nếu theo Gematria thì
William Henry Gates = ba chú Bill Gays = cha đẻ của tổ chức phá thai Planned Parenthood = 201

Giáo hoàng Pope Francis = Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
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@CaseyNewton bro you have a big head. I made a funny joke on Ashley Carman's thread, but I have no idea if you saw it. For someone who ostensibly cares about journalists, you seem to be conspicuously silent about the shadowbanning on this "platform"
@CaseyNewton which, by its very nature, creates confusing and deceptive communication interference and disturbs a journalist very much. I am disappointed in you.
anyway, you suck, but I invite you to stop being Baster's tenant and get LIT, hella.…
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@KimDotcom Wait…you still didn’t know the 🦠 + mRNA 💉 are Pentagon & CIA projects?

And the 🦠 was originally in USA during summer 2019?

It was a false flag 🚩 for WW3…

The evidence is insurmountable = USA orchestrated all this for global regime change…been working on it for decades.
@KimDotcom US created SARS 2.0 in 2015, then the Pentagon + CIA outsourced work on it to EcoHealth Alliance to create plausible deniability/false flag on China
Force the mRNA 💉 that DARPA pioneered into humanity.

2015 ::…

2015 ::…
@KimDotcom Jan 2020…

2017 :: ‘Over the past several years, DARPA-funded researchers have pioneered RNA vaccine technology…’…

2021 ::…
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Late 2018 early 2019.

And I have the "receipts."

I saw it in a series of nightmares and sold this home.

Lost my wife over it.

Put earnest money down on this place in Costa Rica and then had my bank call in my BLOC with an 822 Credit Score and ruin the deal.
Then as it all came true in March of 2020 as a 20 year entrepreneur who ran a Live Event Production Company, I lost my company.
Prior to all this I invented and patented a Blockchain Technology for my industry and was sued by a Goldman Sachs owned company. My partner "committed suicide," and I was threatened twice. Blockchain was introduced in 2010, I patented my technology in 2007.
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#InnovativeOrganizing is my forte.

BOTH #ProcessInnovation and #ProductInnovation got me sued and like #RobertMalone said publicly, it got me warned twice of a life threatening event if I continued to pursue my technology platform by what is now a #BlackRock owned group of
companies that relocated to Australia on paper to usurp the SEC.

The live events industry, think #WEFEvents or #Event201 is where companies like mine are #FliesOnTheWall.

THINK: #MittRomney caught on video saying "We'll never get the Blacks, so why waste our time."
I was a victim of THIS "#BusinessTactic," as so many have been!

So I have direct experience with people showing you a picture of your loved ones and saying back off or else.

Who do you tell that to? And what can they do even when you do tell them?
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1) Covid-19 was veel meer dan louter een kans was om de overgang naar een digitaal paspoort aan op te hangen. Het idee dat vanuit WHO, WEF en machtige NGO's vanuit opportunisme werd gehandeld kan snel overboord.
2) Veel documentatie incl. #Event201 wijzen op een nauwgezette voorbereiding. Een grootschalige uitrol van maatregelen zoals met covid, van bovenaf aangestuurd, is complex, gelaagd en betrokkenen beschikken over verschillende graden van kennis.
3) Het bekende prinicipe van compartimentalisering is ook hier van toepassing. Voor komende punten is belangrijk te onthouden: de mate van controle over het proces is groot! Het werkelijke virus mocht niet te ernstig zijn omdat dit de controle over het proces had kunnen schaden.
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1) Erg mooi stuk vol inzichten. Maar ik denk niet dat Covid louter een goede kans was om de overgang naar een digitaal paspoort aan op te hangen. Veel documentatie incl. #Event201 wijzen op een nauwgezette voorbereiding...
2) Het virus mocht juist niet te erg zijn omdat dit de controle over het proces had kunnen schaden. Technocratische sociopatie binnen een machtsmonopolie is het domein van controle freaks. Belangen zijn eenvoudig te groot...
3) Weet jij van tevoren hoe een ernstig virus plus mutaties gaat huishouden? Griep verdween, het virus werd niet geïsoleerd, de PCR-test geeft geen specifieke duiding. Mogelijk is SARS-CoV-2 gewoon een heftige influenza en hebben angst, mondkapjes, opsluiting en gerommel met ...
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Modern kölelik projesi #ID2020 Nedir ?
Konu ile ilgili sizler için kısa bir yazı dizisi yazdık.

Lütfen okuduktan sonra RT ederek diğer insanlarda ulaşmasına vesile olunuz.
#bilinç #bilgi #haber #5G #NWO #Deccal #insan
2️⃣Dünyada herşey çok hızlandı.Hergün yeni felaketlerle karşılaşıyoruz.Bir tarafta seller diğer tarafta yangınlar, başka yerlerde depremler,ekonomik süreçler,yeni oluşumlar ve daha birçok şey.
3️⃣Aynı zaman diliminde bu tür olaylarin yaşanması binlerce yılda nadiren görülmektedir.Bütün bunların hepsini küresel ısınma yalanına bağlayanlar, insanlıktan neyi gizliyorlar.
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@LottaViehler Liebe Lotte, schau mal ob Du fündig wirst (Thread):
Es wird immer gejubelt, dass Israel mit der Impfkampagne schon soweit fortgeschritten ist. Hat sich schon mal jemand Gedanken gemacht, was los ist wenn die Impfung doch so schädlich ist, wie „Verschwörungstheoretiker“ behaupten?
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Govt agencies (eg CIA) are proven to plan eg false flag attacks on citizens

As in the true

1. CIA Operation Northwoods

JFK rejected this plan. Americans would be killed, ships bombs, airplanes downed, to blame Cuba, to enrage citizens, to go to war…
2. Project MK-ULTRA

CIA experiments on unwitting humans including LCD, brainwashing and psychological torture…
3. Operation Midnight Climax,

CIA had prostitutes on payroll to drug unknowing participants with LCD & apply hypnosis techniques after sex to not only get info out of victims, but to get them to do crimes including robbery assault and assassination…
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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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1/210: Markus Kerbers Apollo13
Im März 2020 stellte das @BMI_Bund eine COVID-19 Taskforce zusammen, die ein umstrittenes #Strategiepapier verfasste. Die #Emails der Autoren wurden per Informationsfreiheitsgesetz freigeklagt. Hier kommt meine Analyse der 59 Emails. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: Die @BMI_Bund-Mails sind geschwärzt für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben, seit sie durch den Anwalt Niko Härting per IFG-Verfahren erstritten wurden. Über @fragdenstaat können sie direkt beim @BMI_Bund @rki_de angefragt werden. ImageImage
3/210: Die Emails enstanden vom 19.-25. März 2020. Sie sind deshalb so brisant, weil sie die inneren Diskurse der inzwischen berüchtigten COVID-19 Taskforce des @BMI_Bund abbilden, aus der diverse innenpolitische Dokumente hervorgegangen sind. @OttoKolbl
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🔴 [THREAD] De la crise sanitaire à l’état d’exception permanent : comment la France est devenue la matrice d’un nouveau totalitarisme techno-sanitaire (et pourquoi, si nous ne réagissons pas maintenant, nous n’en sortirons jamais).

#PassSanitaire #DictatureSanitaire #Covid19
Mars 2020. Souvenez-vous, tout a commencé comme ça : un spot anxiogène diffusé en boucle à la TV. Interdiction des déplacements, distanciation physique, attestation dérogatoire : au nom de la santé publique, nous étions désormais tous assignés à résidence jusqu’à nouvel ordre.
Dans son allocution, #Macron donne le ton : nous sommes en guerre. L’ennemi est invisible. Et il est partout. Un discours qui tranche avec l’attitude habituelle des autorités, qui ont plutôt tendance à minimiser les scandales sanitaires (sang contaminé, Tchernobyl, Lubrizol...).
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What does it mean??? I think it has everything to do with #event201. First let's look at the programming done by MSM now a days.
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Kafirin nesli ifsad etme planının temeli olan salgın tedbirlerine uymak ve Kovid19 mRNA (Pfizer- Biontech/Moderna/Astra-Zeneca/Johnson&Johnson) aşısı olmak Helal midir ve bu hükmü vermek gerekli midir? Bismillah;
Önce hükmün gerekliliğine dair; "Bizi muttakilere imam kıl" duasını edenlerin en önemli özelliği "kendilerine Rablerinin ayetleri hatırlatıldığı zaman, onun üstünde sağır ve körler olarak kapanıp kalmayanlardır" ise salgın tedbirleri ve aşı hakkında hüküm vermek gereklidir! Image
Neden? Çünkü salgın tedbirleri Allah'ın emirlerini çepe-çevre kuşattı, onları sınırlandırdı ya da belirsiz süre için ortadan kaldırdı. Tedbirleri emredenler aynı zamanda aşıyı, lgbt haklarını, karbon salınımı politikalarını, sentetik et ve büyük baş hayvan kıyımını emretmektedir.
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The INOVIO vaccine is financed by DOD, DARPA and Gates; it can be injected into the hand and contains NeonGreen, like Luciferase, Bio-Luninescent proof of VAX. Trust Stamp CEO Gareth Genner is in every Oath Sworn Catholic Order there is and is under Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi...
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🔴 𝕋ℍℝ𝔼𝔸𝔻 du 𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒉 01

1.[EVENT 201]

Une #Pandémie de #Coronavirus simulée 2 mois et demi avant le #COVID19 :

L'objectif était de se préparer à l’exercice dont parle l’OMS dans son Global Preparedness Monitoring Board de 2019.

2. Le 18 octobre 2019, au Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security à New York, s’est tenue une réunion en public, organisée en partenariat entre le centre John Hopkins, la fondation Bill et Melinda Gates et le Forum Économique Mondial, qui avait pour nom : #Event201. Image
3. Le #coronavirus fictif au cœur de la simulation avait pour nom CAPS, avec pour origine des porcs brésiliens qui contamineraient des agriculteurs locaux, avant de se propager progressivement dans le monde entier.

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How are we to build a clear and trusting relationship with our family doctors if we are told to listen to only one group of experts? Am I supposed to ignore other groups of experts? And who appointed these “experts” we are being told to listen to? #TOP
Remember that there are all sorts of knock-on effects (personal economy, mental health, medical freedom) we should be preparing for and the emergence of new #strains has not changed any of that. Focus on what you can control, not on media-driven hysteria.…
While I strongly disagree with the #lockdowns and #restrictions on our ability to make a living, there truly is a pretty bad virus out there. And I know this from personal experience. I Had #Covid for 17 Days. Here's What It Was Like.…
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#SPARS 🦠 Pandemic

Remember #Event201 stimulating #COVID19 💉 just weeks before the "outbreak"?

Welcome to the next simulation from Johns Hopkins brought to you by @gatesfoundation

Written in 2017, it's difficult to determine if it's COVID or something "new"...
/1 ImageImageImageImage
SPARS outbreak begins in Minnesota with 3 deaths in one week from a mission trip to the Philippines and returning back home.

Suspected to be the seasonal flu at first due to similar symptoms.
/2 Image
The CDC runs the familiar #PCR test and determines it's not the flu but a "novel coronavirus" dubbed St. Paul Acute Respitory Syndrome (#SPARS) after the city where it was first discovered.

Even stimulated tweets from 2025 with hashtags like #VampireCough 🤧 are presented.
/3 ImageImage
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#event201 / ‘great reset’ ittifakının, “Amerikanın tarihini/hikayesini değiştirme” mottosuyla sunulan bu şeytanlara verdiği tek bir görev var; Korona düzeninin ilk aşaması olan temelini USA’dan başlayıp inşa etmek. Image
Derginin Aralık kapağı seçimden önceki Kasım kapağıyla birlikte düşünüldüğünde gelecek hakkında daha ciddi ipuçları verecektir. #GreatReset #Event201 #Pfizervaccine Image
“To build back better” (“daha iyi inşa etmek”)
Ortada bir bina varsa onu daha iyi inşa etmek için ne yapmak gerekir? Yıkmak ve inşa alanını molozlardan temizlemek.
Moloz nedir? Din/inanç/sistem dışı devletler/yaşlılar/kalabalık nüfus/çocuklar.
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This will probs get me banned or offed, but #Retweet and expose that this #communist agenda is why they unleashed the #covid19 #Plandemic
Below are many facts + personal theories. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK,
This goes back far beyond 2014, but this is where things got weird, and the agenda becomes quite obvious. GOF research halt- they wanted to create "viruses virulent/pathogenic,- their words. For vaccine/protection purposes, of course. 🙄
The researchers reviewing the request for GOF shot it down- here's a taste of the 200+ page discussion, more ss to come. I believe Obama wanted to wait bc he didn't want this to tarnish his memory in the WH, & it was used to take #Trump down/implement communism. My take.
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