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1/17 Ever wonder how whiteness is privileged in the social sciences? #anthrotwitter #AnthroSoWhite [A Thread]
2/17 The Open Syllabus Project (OSP) surveyed over 41,000 anthropology syllabi.… @Beliso_DeJesus and I analyze it. Let’s see how many assigned-texts are authored by Black scholars…
3/17 In the top 1,000 texts taught in anthropology courses, only 9 are authored by Black scholars. Let's explore what they are, who they're written by...and what that says about #anthropology
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ਕਥ, ਕਥੋਲੀ, ਬਾਤ, ਬੁਝਾਰਤ
kathh, kathholi, baat, bujharat
tale, small tale, story, riddle to solve 

>Riddles, along with folktales, are used to give encouragement to young people for attempting things that might be regarded as being beyond their capacity. 

>The terms kuRi ("small girl") and kaaka ("small boy") are also used frequently in these riddles. In folk stories it is always the youngest son or daughter who is the success, the winner. That these [riddles] are told... is one reason why the young heroes win [in the tales].
nikka jiha kaaka
oh buhe da raakha (taala)
ਨਿੱਕਾ ਜਿਹਾ ਕਾਕਾ ਉਹ ਬੂਹੇ ਦਾ ਰਾਖਾ (ਤਾਲਾ)
A little baby boy is the keeper of the gate (lock)
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Crash course: I teach a paper called 'The Anthropology of Evil' at @Otago. It just got very real. This thread will unpack some ideas from the course in relation to the #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack. Questions, not answers. #anthropology #anthrotwitter #ChristchurchMosqueAttack [1]
When the world is shattered, human meaning-making kicks in fast. We try to 'locate' evil within existing worldviews, including theological, secular, and academic. We collectively ask what/who/where, & WHY?! This gives us the social resources to assign blame, prescribe action. [2]
What is 'evil'? An inherent quality of a person? Their intention/motivation? The action itself? The consequences of the action? Watch how the media and legal system frames this for #ChristchurchTerrorAttack. And what about a white supremacist who has never committed violence? [3]
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I will be reposting all of the interviews I've done on the first year of the show, one per day, on this thread, with links to the new podcast.

@robsica @docamitay @vancitytaraxo @Muttmere1 @hfsunde @franciscforde
#1 Oren Amitay: Portuguese Bills on Transgender Rights. #psychology


@docamitay @Muttmere1 @vancitytaraxo @robsica @franciscforde @YzarW @jimfrank @KarinLitzcke @Lauguerreiro
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Hey #anthrotwitter, we compiled a list of #anthropology and anthro-adjacent #podcasts. Read to the end, it's good all the way down.

Share widely! If we missed some, let us know & we'll add them. @AmericanAnthro @JasonAntrosio @anthroworks @EASAinfo #humanitiespodcasts #scicomm
.@thisanthrolife Crowdsourcing the Human Condition.

Contra* from @criticaldesignl, a podcast about disability, design justice, & the lifeworld.

@AnthroAlert, bridging the gap between academic & applied anthropology, providing an anthropological perspective to current events.
.@sfaapodcasts, sessions from the annual meetings of the society for applied anthropology.

@survivesocpod, every ep we each pick a topic that has made us angry, & talk about why it matters from a sociological perspective.
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This piece is getting a lot closer to key issues we discuss in the #anthropology of #reproduction. A few key issues I would like to note.
1) The concept of #stratifiedreproduction is helpful here. Originally described by Shellee Colen, #stratifiedreproduction describes systematic ways in which some people's #reproduction is valued & nurtured, while others' are devalued & hindered.
2) We've been working w/ this concept since it was put at the center of our emerging field of the #anthropology of #reproduction in 1995 when Faye Ginsburg & Rayna Rapp published the pivotal edited volume "Conceiving the New World Order"
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This #ManufactureOfDoubt script has been used by the #formulaindustry from the very beginning. You can see it from 19th century advertisements through today. The script is a #social one, exactly as @prof_goldberg says - and where #culturalideologies & #politicaleconomy intersect.
Perfect for some #anthropological analysis. In case of #formulamarketing, the social script for #ManufactureofDoubt exploits & enhances existing #culturalideologies of anxiety abt #breastfeeding which have been around since late 19th cent among white, upper class women & spread
#Biomedicalization of #childbirth & #infantfeeding played a key part in deepening these anxieties & facilitated the #normalization of #infantformula by mid 20th cent, esp via medical experts & hospital practices that entailed routine separation & scheduled feeding
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The water in the pipeline cannot fix the leaks. Contrary to the advice #WomenInSTEM & #POCinSTEM receive, we cannot actually #leanin to solving the problem of #genderbias & #racialbias in #STEM & #academia. Thanks to @NatureEcoEvo & @RoinnAnLuisigh for this chance to say this. 1/
A few months ago, @Nature published a piece with advice on how senior women can confront #genderbias. While the advice contained therein was useful, the title was enraging.…. 2/
It led me to rage tweet a thread of statistics on #genderbias in #STEM, and that thread blew up And then I got incredibly lucky when @RoinnAnLuisigh offered me the opportunity to turn it into a column. Working with her was AMAZING! 1000% fantastic 3/
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💀Skeleton story time! 💀

Since I was tweeting earlier about how one should not buy/own/sell human remains, here's the story about the time I did call the police because of random human body parts, and what happened next...

#anthropology #bioarchaeology #osteology #skeleton
This box showed up in my lab classroom one day when I was teaching at UWF. No note. No explanation.
It was lab time, and my #osteology students were in there studying for their exam, with my TA (@Angervana) answering their questions. I asked @Angervana if she knew what it was. She did not.
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Me in August: Franz Boas was the father of modern American anthropology. He praised ethnography and participant-observation!
Students: ✍🏻

Me yesterday: Alright, let's talk ethics. Who wants to hear about all the shady shit that Boas did?
Students: 😳😬😮😧
If anyone wants a "Boas was shady af" story, you know what to do:

... that time Boas helped some grave robbers steal Native skeletons, and sell others.

... that time Boas imported 6 Inuit, 4 of whom died of TB, and 1 of whom he faked the burial of.
Story the First: Franz Boas and "My Inuit"

Boas was born & educated in Germany, obtaining his PhD in physics in 1881 but then returning to his love of cultural geography w/ a habilitation thesis defended in 1886 on Baffin Land and a book two years later on The Central Eskimo.
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There is some awful pseudo-science about linguistics going around the internet right now. So let's have a little linguistic anthropology 101 thread. I'll start us off but I hope #anthropology twitter will add to this. I'd love to see a good discussion about linguistic anthro!
1. Language actively DOES things in the world. A swing of the bat is either a strike or a ball based not upon what happens (as any fan can tell you) but how the ump calls it. A spoken agreement binds people into sets of obligations. Saying "I love you" changes relationships.
2. WHO is speaking matters Every fan in a stadium can be shouting "out" but only the ump's words decide the outcome. Two people saying "I do" aren't married unless they are adults in front of an officiant. A word denoting insider status can be deeply offensive said by an outsider
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#AnthroTwitter #anthropology PhD students, MA students and Recent PhDs (oh everyone) if your department were to have a "Professional stuff you need to know that not enough faculty talk about" seminar for graduate students what topics would you want covered in it?
Here is what I have so far: Job letters, post doc apps, how to organize post field work (e.g. notes, archive materials, interview materials), how to get stared writing your diss, outlines (or not), how to write and deliver a job talk, ........
..... How to manage time (e.g. how to write, write grants, teach, mentor graduate students, mentor undergraduate students, do service, INCLUDING - how to change a chapter or dissertation writing into an article - what after [or out of] the dissertation research? ...
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#KarlMarx200 thread:

1. In my own #research, I have found Marx's notion of #contradiction particularly useful.

In his analysis, Marx noted how the contradiction between #labor and #capital accounted for many of the social dynamics of #capitalism.
2. The contradiction does not necessarily mean #conflict, but tendencies that "pull" in different directions and are in a dialectical relation to each other.

The contradiction of labor/capital can be accommodated in different ways and with very different consequences.
3. I like how this notions focuses on changing social dynamics. In my own work on #land use of #Mengen speakers in #PapuaNewGuinea, I've used the notion of #contradiction, to think about social forces underpinning Mengen land ownership and use.
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