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Thinking about ongoing rifts within the LGBT community, I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. I think that #GettheLOut and #LWiththeT both make some valid points. But there is no space made for a constructive dialogue to happen, or for points of shared understanding to be found.
It is never going to get better unless there are LGBT spaces in which we can talk openly about ideological differences and - more importantly - find common political cause against heteropatriarchy.
Big, well-funded organisations like Stonewall are afraid to facilitate honest conversations about sex, gender, and sexuality. They are not leading by example. And that cowardice has allowed this schism to widen to a point where it almost feels impossible to bridge.
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People are generally confused with the #cottonceilling and #getthelout as they truly believe the LGBT is one happy family. Here is the thing:
Straight men:
how would you feel about being told you are a bigot for refusing to have sex with a man who id as a woman knowing that 80% of transwomen are non op (genital intact males).
How would you feel being told you are a nazi and a transphobe for exclusively dating women?
Gay men: have you ever been told by transmen that you are bigoted for not performing cunilungus? Have you received rape threats for not doing so? Have u been told u R nazis for not accepting vaginas as male organs?
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It's glaringly obvious that the #GetTheLOut crowd haa no interest in getting the L out. If they hate the LGBTQIA community, the door is open. They're free to leave. But they never actually do, do they?
The reason most don't leave is they were never in the community in the first place. They're straight people doing the work of patriarchy by policing lesbianism

As for the few of the GetTheLOut crowd that are lesbians, they have no intention of being the ones who have to leave.
No, the call of "Get the L out" isn't a call to action. It's emotional blackmail. They're saying, "Eliminate the trans women or we're leaving." They're attempting to hold the entire LGBTQIA community hostage in the hopes trans people will be blamed for it.
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"Lesbians in 2019 are constantly vilified and excluded from the GBT community for stating their exclusive sexual preference." - @FrenchFem of #GetTheLOut…
(1/3) @Openly is an impartial, independent news platform committed to reporting on all aspects of LGBT+ issues without bias. The opinion piece published on our site is not a news article and purely represents the views of the author.
(2/3) We do not endorse opinion. We are aware of the divisive nature of this issue, and the overwhelming feeling on this subject within the LGBT+ community, as reported on in our news piece here:…
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It’s impossible to overstate the massive contribution that lesbians have and continue to make to the fight against men’s violence against women (and of course feminism more broadly).
Lesbians have always been vilified under patriarchy.…
If you haven’t yet stopped and thought about the way that lesbians are being attacked by transgender activism, please read this report and think about it now.
It’s not good enough for het feminists to put our heads in the sand and ignore this.
#GetTheLOut #cottonceilingisrape
I don’t think feminism and feminist activism should be transactional, it’s not about paying back, but in this case, I think those of us who aren’t lesbians need to show some solidarity to sisters who are.
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Must read. This important research evidences the misogyny, homophobia, & coercive boundary-pushing many lesbians face, perpetrated by males in LGBT world, & enabled by others. The queer ‘community’ isn’t real community if noone cares about lesbians in it.…
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Just gonna dump some screenshots of transactivists being lesbophobic and homophobic just so people can see why #GetTheLOut and #DropTheT have been used by some gay people lately.
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Councillor calls lesbians defending their right to same-sex attraction 'utter c*nts' #GetTheLOut
The thin veil of misogynistic abuse slips off. The circle is now complete. All those people who claim 'TERF' is just a descriptor and not a slur. We see you. We ALL see your hatred of women.
'Women/lesbian = TERF = C*nts'
I previously highlighted this councillor's use of misogynistic language, which he then reported and I got temporarily suspended.
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