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Wave LGBT network held an event on focussing on women+ and non-binary people a few days before #IWD2020

The companies involved will now be able to tick the intersectionality boxes on their Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

Optional pronoun stickers were provided.
It was explained Wave was set up a year ago as a network across 6 international firms.

AIG - finance and insurance
BNY Mellon - banking and financial services holding company
BCLP - law firm
Deloitte - accounting firm
Barclays Bank
Wave hold roughly one event every two months.

The discussion was supposed to be about ‘gender’ - it was said there were too many ‘men in suits’ (boo-hiss) and not welcoming of women and NB people.

Currently we see lots in the news about gender, but
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@stephanieboland Seriously, re that last RT about the 88 couples.

This enforced cutting off & quarantining could be a living hell for anyone living under the shadow of domestic violence.

You know how Christmas can get, well imagine that for weeks, esp if you’re on low income and in a tiny flat.
So an (I hope) useful thread incoming of places to get help, advice & support.

I’ll include information on in-person 💻📞 & text support in case you or someone you know simply can’t get out of the home.

Yes, doors are locked & padlocked.
Yes, victims are handcuffed in the home.
B4 I do tho:

Both men & women experience dom violence & abuse

Women are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to experience repeated&severe forms of abuse inc sexual violence

Also >likely to experience sustained physical/psychological/emotional abuse or violence resulting in injury/death.
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Not sure I've ever felt helpless like I did yesterday & I'll share the reason with you.

People need to understand the difference between the Nigerian government professing Ease of Doing Business on paper but doing the opposite in real life.

Let me show you in a short thread!
So, on Thursday evening, I got home from work to see missed calls on my phone.

I checked and it was my Automobile Engineer, Mrs Joyce Dayser Adams. So, I called back but her line was switched off.

I could not fathom why she had called but I sent her a text immediately.
I didn't get a reply. So, on my way to work yesterday, I decided to stop by at her garage.

And to my devastating surprise, this is what I met!
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About 7 in 10 Nigerians (66%) say there is no #GenderEquality in Nigeria. SE (78%) has the highest number of Nigerians who think so, in contrast the SW (48%) has the lowest number of Nigerians who think so.
61% of Nigerians say women are NOT given equal opportunity as men in Politics. Similarly, in Family (57%) and Society (56%), Nigerians agree that women are NOT given equal opportunities.
Interestingly, 54% of Nigerians identify that #GenderEquality is most encouraged in the Workplace.

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I'm annoyed with myself for not tweeting about this yesterday on actual #InternationalWomensDay but OH WELL.

I am one @YorkCycle's co-chairs, and I am proud to bring a much-needed female voice to the overwhelmingly male-dominated worlds of cycling and transport planning. /1
The national gender split of cyclists is 70/30 male/female. In York it's a little better at 60/40 but that's still not good enough. Often it's put down to women not liking cycling or having other priorities, but this lazy, false narrative allows the status quo to continue. /2
In countries where cycling is given a reasonable amount of thought and funding, the gender split is equal (in fact in the Netherlands, more women cycle than men). Not only that, but more people with disabilities cycle, as do more older people, and children. /3
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#UCUstrikesBack Since today's @StrathclydeUCU strikers are participating in today's #FeministPicket I want to add a thread about the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood bonus that I mentioned at the teach in last week #IWD2020 #IWD #IWD20 /1
The motherhood penalty impacts all women - regardless of whether a woman can have or wants to have children - 40% of managers admit to discriminating against women of childbearing age #UCUstrikesBack #FeministPicket #IWD2020 #IWD #IWD20 /2…
"Many mothers also face discrimination from employers. ... This discrimination extends to women without children too, with some employers regarding all women of childbearing age as potential liabilities" (Woodroffe, 2009:3) #UCUstrikesBack /3…
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Incredible pictures of the #IWD2020 March in Mexico City, ahead of tomorrow’s historic nationwide women’s strike, when women & girls will not attend work/schools in protest against femicides & the culture of impunity in Mexico. #UnDiaSinMujeres #UnDiaSinNosotras #NiUnaMas
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For the past few Sunday's I have been dispelling some of the myths of transgender leadership at Stonewall. I'd like to focus today on the real women of Stonewall.

As everyone knows, Malcolm P. Johnson wasn't at the start of the riot and led no one. People just didn't... 1/
... celebrate drag queens then. Sylvia Rivera wasn't at the first night of rioting. It was a butch lesbian, Stormé DeLarverie, who electrified the crowd and inspired that first night's rioting. Yet women who weren't there have celebrated Johnson & Rivera, who did nothing... 2/
... on #IWD2020 & have forgotten Stormé.

I'd like to talk about the forgotten women of Stonewall.

After the first night of rioting, we (Homophile Youth Movement) organized and leafletted the next day to promote a demonstration on the second night. That second night... 3/
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For #InternationalWomensDay, I thought I’d introduce you all to my lady hero and leading lady in Fighting for Space, JACKIE COCHRAN. #IWD2020
Jackie learned to fly at age 26 in 1932 with the goal of covering more ground for the cosmetics company she wanted to start. She got her license in 17 days! #IWD2020
By the end of the 1930s, she’s won all the major aviation awards including the Harmon Trophy, the Collier Trophy, and was the first solo woman to win the Bendix Transcontinental Air Race. #IWD2020
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We are full of desires about what we want women to be, without asking if we have what it takes to be the man of the woman that has all we want. Be sure u're not setting urself up with unrealistic goals you set for a woman. If she meets it, you're doomed!
At a party, my wife was helping the host. She was in a trouser I saw on ladies, which I bought. Some young men who don't know me arrived at my table, and started discussing her, singing "ase opo to yi." After that day, I have been fighting she should not wear the trousers again.
We can be very inconsistent in our expectations of women, while the singles among us still build requirements of what their woman should be around fantasies of what their cohorts think. Be careful what you wish for. When it backfires, these women will make sure you look stupid.
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Every #internationalwomensday I see lots of posts about uplifting women and especially about raising kick-ass women. But, are we raising our boys to be supportive partners? #IWD2020
This is primarily a hetero question because it’s my hetero sisters I see struggling the most with balancing it all. #IWD2020
This isn’t yet another thing mothers need to be responsible for, this is for the DADS. We expect way too little of dads, but this is on THEM. Dads, raise sons who can care for themselves, who can care for others. #IWD2020
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We asked several Cloudflare staffers for their thoughts on what International Women's Day and gender equality means to them. Here's what they had to say. #IWD2020 #EachforEqual #Womenflare
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Tote-al Panic

Dom’s prized ‘Vote Leave’ tote went missing last week, totally vanished from its usual peg in the hall. D was beside himself. The way he carried on you would have thought that damn tote was an extra limb…
‘I’m sure it’s around somewhere,’ I said, looking in the cupboard under the stairs. Montserrat the daily, lip quivering, finally unburdens herself. She borrowed it the other day to carry some cans to the recycling point down the road...
After emptying it, she put it aside and forgot about it. Distracted by worries about her son, the deputy manager of that hotel in Tenerife stricken by the virus. He had to deal with the unrest of various English ‘malhumorado jamóns’ held in quarantine...
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In my #OTD threads I try my best to draw attention to important scientists who historically haven't received the same recognition as their peers. A science education involves a lot of lore: Stories and anecdotes meant to flesh out a narrative about the development of a field.
In my field –– physics –– that lore typically involves work done by white men. (Not exclusively, just predominantly.) And if that is all you ever hear about, then it's easy for those stories to become the things you tell to your own students.
It's hard for a student to see a place for themself in a field if those stories never involve someone they can identify with. And there's lots of ways to identify, I know, but there has to be some representation in there.
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When I was in fourth grade, I wrote a very sexist piece on why women couldn't be astronauts. I thought it was a humor piece and my older sister read it. My teacher gave me an "F" on it. I remember the look of anger on my sister's face, and the disappointment
of my teacher when he handed it back to me. I learned a lesson about being an ass and sexist back then. Embracing the norm, and accepting sexism. Since then I have been working to remove my own sexism. But, we live in a sexist culture based on the primacy of men.
And most people think that it's natural, and that women who work outside of their assigned gender roles are beat back down and given extraordinary measures to remind them of their "place." Threats of violence and rape are continually sent their way,
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As we prepared to oppose the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as AG in 2017, we found in ⁦@NAACP_LDF⁩ Archives a letter #CorettaScottKing had written in opposition to his nomination to the fed bench in 1986.We submitted it to the Sen.Jud Cmtee. #IWD2020…
The letter is devastating, thorough, unequivocal. It is a demonstration of the power of Mrs. King’s ongoing civil rights advocacy long after her husband’s death.… #IWD2020
We thought the letter would attract the attention and concern of every member of the Sen Judiciary Cmtee in 2017 then preparing to determine whether Sessions should become AG. It was introduced into the record ny Sens. Coons & Blumenthal, but it went largely unnoticed.
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1/6 Callot Soeurs created stunning gowns that epitomized the Belle Epoque fashion movement which now live in top museums. They mentored Madeleine Vionnet, one of history’s most well-known designers. Yet the women behind this fashion powerhouse largely remain a mystery.

2/6 So what do we know? Marie, Marthe, Regine, & Josephine were born to an artist father and lacemaker mother. The sisters opened a small shop selling antique lace and ribbons, becoming skilled at using these trims to enhance existing garments.
3/6 In 1895, the sisters opened a couturier shop in Paris, and the Callot Soeurs fashion house was officially born. Their expert craftsmanship and flawless construction solidified their place in the elite fashion world. The shop was an instant success.
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A tabela periódica completou 150 anos em 2019. Embora muitas mulheres tenham contribuído com a organização dessa ferramenta fundamental para os químicos, elas mal são citadas.

Você sabe quem são elas?

Thread... #diadasmulheres +
2. Descoberta de novos elementos químicos

Marie Curie, bastante conhecida, foi pioneira no campo da radioatividade. Ao lado de seu marido, em 1897 descobriu o Polônio (Po 84) e o Rádio (Ra 88). Primeira mulher a ganhar um Nobel e única a ganhar duas vezes (Física e química).
3. Marguerite Perey, química francesa, começou como assistente de Marie Curie em 1929 no instituto Rádio (atual Instituto Curie). Em 1939 descobriu o elemento Frâncio (Fr 87) a partir da observação da decomposição radioativa do isótopo Astato (At 85).
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From resisting colonizers to leading uprisings, from racial equality to an end to gender violence, women are at the forefront of struggles for a better future.

For #InternationalWomensDay, some powerful photos of women protesting globally. #IWD2020 #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer
Clockwise above:
Chile, Palestine, Chile, Brazil

Clockwise below:
United States, Bolivia, Sweden, Palestine
Turkey, United Kingdom, Sudan, Macedonia
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finding your voice can be a challenge for women globally, of all ages + myriad circumstances. after many years of public silence, i'm so grateful to have my narrative back. for #IWD2020 here's a thread of ways i've used my voice in the past 5 yrs... plz share yours, too. ❤️⚡️
dec 2019: my end of decade round-up "the decade we reclaimed our stories and ourselves" for @VanityFair visualizations by @RLukeDuBois ... bonus: begins the full circle the night before the bottom of the thread article!…
Bullying Prevention Month 2019 #TheEpidemic PSA @BBDONY @dvmcpr

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.@UN_Women Now imagine a world where this never happens:

🇮🇷 Iran named a @UN_Women's rights judge 1 year ago this week, after it sentenced women's rights lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh to 38 years prison & 148 lashes.…

🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia sits on your Executive Board.
Today is #InternationalWomensDay. Tomorrow is the 64th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia is an elected member.
🇧🇪 Belgium helped elected the Saudis, we revealed in 2017, to win its own election to the Security Council.…
Also, in April 2018, Saudi Arabia was elected to the Executive Board of @UN_Women. I said: "Electing Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality & Empowerment of Women is like making a pyromanic into the town fire chief."

Happy #IWD2020
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Hello boys. 5 things you can do to be allies on #IWD2020

1/ When you are debating with a woman please consider that she might be better qualified than you. Before you ask her whether she’s read your blog perhaps check whether she wrote the book you quoted in it.😂
2/ Respect a woman’s lived experience. It’s not tricky. She’s a woman. You are not.

So. When she tells you her experience don’t dismiss it. Honestly - you don’t know better. #IWD2020
3/ Don’t go on about men’s rights. Of course they matter. Human rights matter (if you don’t think that this thread not for you anyway). & of course individual men suffer & we need compassion & support for them.

But society structured around men’s rights. Please don’t deny this.
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Walked for 3 mins from the end of the line to the front where the altar was set up to pay tribute to Chow. Hundreds queuing up with white flowers and candles. A moment of silence at 20:09 when Chow was certified dead 4 months ago in the morning. #HongKongProtests
#JUSTIN: Mins after moment of silence, police suddenly advanced to make containment to stop and search the crowd. The crowd included the young and old, reporters, first aiders and even residents nearby was in it. Police later contained the other side too. #HongKongProtests
#NOW: 2.5 hours later and we’re still inside the containment waiting for search. We were told to be cooperating w the force but officers from time to time yelled at the crowd and took mugshots. One even said “I’ll arrest you if you keep on opening ur umbrella.” #HongKongProtests
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Here are some socialist posters of #InternationalWomensDay celebrating its roots in militant working class struggle around the world. #IWD2020
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