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Exposing corporate & political conflicts of interest in the “South River Forest and Public Safety Training Center Community Task Force”

— PART 4: “History & Civil Rights NGO’s”

How corporate money shapes the ways we connect our history to the present.

#StopCopCity Image
#1 Jill Savitt, the National Center for Civil & Human Rights (@Ctr4CHR)

Jill Savitt seems to be a good person who genuinely cares abt working towards justice, but is caught up in a web of media, liberalism & big money that is actively attempting to neutralize her better angels. Photo and Bio of Jill Savitt
But regardless of her intent, as the face of a national center for Civil & Human Rights— someone with deep knowledge of conditions leading up to genocide, authoritarian regimes & other human rights atrocities— Savitt’s silence around the #StopCopCity movement has been noticeable. We, the People, pledge to a...
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@NSFTtweets Thank you. This should not have taken 2 1/2 years to correct. We look forward to hearing the @NSFTtweets Board answers to our other questions at or before the Board meeting on the 6 April.
@NSFTtweets Amending the website is a first step, that acknowledges the problem.

Now the work starts.

Question 2: What steps will the @NSFTtweets Board take to correct the 2022 #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion Strategy & all trust communications and policies?
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In all the chaos of @NicolaSturgeon's GRR mess, little attention has been paid to the lobbyists behind it; #Stonewall.

The Scottish Parliament's Lobbying web-pages are quite interesting.…
Stonewall registered as a lobbyist at the Scottish Parliament in 2018.

Since then they have registered 81 meetings.

These meetings provided 102 contacts with MSPs.

Of these, 18 contacts were with Ministers.
These meetings gave access to 55 different MSPs.

20 MSPs met them more than once.

The gained direct access to 7 Ministers

Christina McKelvie
Patrick Harvie
Shirley-Anne Sommerville
Shona Robison
Kevin Stewart
Ben McPherson
Humza Yousaf
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Here is a story about antisemitism on the British left.

Last May, Israel fought a brief war in the Gaza strip: over ten days they destroyed forty schools, four hospitals, and nearly a thousand buildings; they also snuffed out around 250 human lives.
I went to a protest against the war in central London, not because I really thought it could change anything, but out of the usual obscure sense of duty and guilt. It was a fun day out. There were thousands of us there, filling up the streets; I kept running into people I knew.
I kept running into people I knew. Most of them were—like me—Jewish. Afterwards, I discovered that the protest had actually, according to much of the press, been an orgy of antisemitic hate.

Mostly, this hate took the form of placards comparing Netanyahu to Hitler
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No Outsiders Project 2006

1 Teacher-researcher Andrew Moffat collaborated with Educate & Celebrate in Birmingham 2013/14 on earlier volumes of his No Ousiders ethos

1st draft written in 2007 & he credited the NO’s team & project for his work
#AndertonPark schools
#Birmimgham School Protests

#StonewallLaw used to coerce parents/staff, smash parents rights, embed body/parental disassociation,

Normalise the Queer
Queer the Norm (term from the No Outsiders project)
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UK's main opposition party is run like #mafia
The #establishment media will ignore it, but it reveals a serious #crisis of #democracy in Britain

Sir @TrevorPTweets said in 2019 he thinks biggest threat to democracy after Brexit was Muslim protesters Birmingham, he will be livid
@TrevorPTweets Silent since the opposition to the protesters,
‘Enemy At the Gates ‘
was exposed as #Stonewall,
the REAL playground bullies & mob of 2019 No Outsiders Panto

Please Sir, break your silence on

#Equality was core of the national debate

How can the EX-EHRC chair be silent after being wrong about the bigger threat to democracy,

The opposition, #StonewallLaw Disciples, No Outsiders misrepresented EA2010, Queering the curriculum by stealth,
Circumventing parents rights
Indoctrinating kids with a radical ideology ImageImageImageImage
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Dear NSFT,

We appreciate your apology but you have failed to understand why "people" is not inclusive nor acceptable when talking about maternity services.

We guess you know this is an issue because you have BANNED replies to your tweet & FAIL to talk about mothers & mums. >> Image
Do you think deleting the word "birthing" is enough?

Failing to talk about mums, mothers and maternal services excludes women who may have English as a second language or with special needs, and distresses some mums. It is dangerous.

You are doubling down - and not listening. Image
You have a duty to all 9 protected characteristics.

By following #Stonewall advice to erase the words, woman, mums and maternity from your patient outreach, you are failing women in 3 protected characteristics, sex, race and disability.

#discrimination Image
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1./ Is the LGBTQ+ lobby fit for purpose? If it's not erasing women's rights or promoting puberty blockers... #Stonewall messes with the minds of 2 year olds.👇
But perhaps it's the response to monkeypox which has best revealed the lobby's malign idiocy.…
2./ The LGBTQ+ lobby's approach to monkeypox has been marked by all its trademark flaws: bullying groupthink, a bizarre inability to face facts and utter complacency about risks. These have contributed to monkeypox now being declared a global emergency.👇…
3./ For years the LGBTQ+ lobby assured us it understood risks, whether it was of puberty blockers or trans access to women's spaces. That always seemed unlikely. After all, it denied anything happened at WiSpa right up until the alleged perp was charged.…
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Su #Stonewall e le rivolte che segnarono per sempre il destino della comunità #LGBTQ+ la storia spesso si confonde con la leggenda. Nessuno sa chi scagliò il primo pugno, ma c’è chi dice sia stata lei, e lei dice di essere stata la prima: Stormé DeLarverie, donna lesbica e nera.
Stormé DeLarverie nacque nel 1920 a New Orleans dalla relazione clandestina tra sua madre, donna afroamericana che lavorava come domestica, e il datore di lavoro, uomo bianco. La sua data di nascita è sconosciuta, ma lei adorava festeggiare il suo compleanno la vigilia di Natale.
Stormé capì di essere lesbica all’età di 18 anni, dopo un’adolescenza difficile in cui alla discriminazione per il colore della pelle si sommava quella per il suo aspetto “androgino”. Dopo il diploma si trasferì a Chicago, e iniziò ad esibirsi come cantante.
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Today’s newsletter from my Congressman @jahimes: remembering #Stonewall
#TrueBlue #Connecticut
Dear Friends,
Fifty-three years ago, Stonewall Inn, a gay club in New York City, was the subject of a police raid: a pattern of explicit prejudice and bigotry targeting the LGBTQ+ community.
The subsequent riots are considered the catalyst of the United States’ gay rights movement. For that reason, we celebrate June as Pride Month. Pride in the joy and diversity found in the LGBTQ+ community,
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Il 28 Giugno 1969 la comunità #LGBTQ+ reagì ad una retata della polizia presso lo #Stonewall Inn di NY, dando inizio ad una protesta che seguì per giorni: quella notte nacque il #Pride.

Tra le prime a ribellarsi, due donne trans e non bianche: Marsha P. Johnson e Sylvia Rivera.
Marsha P. Johnson e Sylvia Rivera erano trans, erano povere e con la pelle scura, e lottavano perché questo non fosse una condanna. E quella notte di luna piena del 28 Giugno ‘69, l’estate di Woodstock, tra storia e mito, loro furono tra le prime a far sentire la propria voce.
Marsha P. Johnson nasce nel 1945 in New Jersey, e già da bambina, di nascosto, per gioco, inizia ad indossare vestiti femminili. Quando dirà a sua madre di pensare di essere gay, questa risponderà "essere gay è peggio di essere un cane".
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🧵 On Christopher Street Liberation Day

(As seen on #Wikipedia)…
Early on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons rioted following a police raid on the #Stonewall Inn, a gay bar at 43 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City.
This riot and further protests and rioting over the following nights were the watershed moment in the modern #LGBT rights movement and the impetus for organizing LGBT pride marches on a much larger public scale.
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🧵 On the spread of #Pride

(As seen on Wikipedia)…
On Saturday, June 27, 1970, Chicago Gay Liberation organized a march from Washington Square Park ("Bughouse Square") to the Water Tower at the intersection of Michigan and Chicago avenues, which was the route originally planned.
Then many of the participants extemporaneously marched on to the Civic Center (now Richard J. Daley) Plaza.

The date was chosen because the #Stonewall events began on the last Saturday of June and because organizers wanted to reach the maximum number of Michigan Avenue shoppers.
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🧵 On #Pride in the 1980s and 1990s

(As seen on Wikipedia)…
In the 1980s there was a major cultural shift in the #Stonewall Riot commemorations.

The previous more loosely organized, grassroots marches and parades were taken over by more organized and less radical elements of the gay community.
The marches began dropping "Liberation" and "Freedom" from their names under pressure from more conservative members of the community, replacing them with the philosophy of "Gay Pride".
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🧵 On LGBT #PrideMonth

(As seen on Wikipedia)…
LGBT Pride Month occurs in the United States to commemorate the #Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969.

As a result, many pride events are held during this month to recognize the impact LGBT people have had in the world.
Three presidents of the United States have officially declared a pride month. First, President Bill Clinton declared June "Gay & Lesbian Pride Month" in 1999 and 2000.
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Thank you for reporting on the difficulties faced by the #NoOutsiders project team ("Gay education in primaries climbs back into the closet" (TES, October 17)

The project's aim to challenge homophobia & transphobia in & thru primary education was always likely2 be controversial
The project's aim to challenge homophobia and transphobia in and through primary education was always likely to be #controversial, but we have no intention of being stopped in our tracks even by the #extremity of #opposition to this #groundbreaking work from certain groups
but we have no intention of being stopped in our tracks even by the extremity of opposition to this groundbreaking work from certain groups.

It seems that there are some people who will stand out against equality whatever the changes in the law
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1. It's 3 weeks until the submission deadline for the UN Universal Periodic Review for following countries:

Bahrain, Ecuador, Tunisia, Morocco, Indonesia, Finland, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Philippines, Algeria, Poland, Netherlands & South Africa.… Image
2. The UPR is a human rights mechanism overseen by the UN Human Rights Council. UN member state's are reviewed on their human rights record in a 4/5 year cyclical process by the UN & other member states.… Image
3. States issue recommendations to one another, which can be rejected, noted or accepted. Civil Society Organisations(CSO's)/NGO's can participate in several ways including by submitting a report & taking part in national consultations.… Image
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An FOI shows #Stonewall in #NorthernIreland got the NI Civil Service to remove the words 'mother' and 'woman' from their maternity policies. @StephenNolan you covered this re Scotland; now it's here too. Doc 5 in FOI reply:…
Left column is #Stonewall's recommendations to remove 'woman', 'her', etc; right column is NICS HR response.

@StephenNolan @dt_ni @News_Letter @irish_news @BelfastLive #Mumsnet Image
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Gay people are forced to live private lives.

We can't hold hands in public without fear of being physically and verbally assaulted, or without fear of being judged.

People tell us we have it "so good".

I wonder how they would feel if they were forced to hide their whole life?
I call it straight privilege. And in my fifth decades as an openly gay man, this remains the same. Only this morning I read about yet another gay couple brutally attacked and now receiving treatment in hospital.

Imagine if you were persecuted just for being who you are?
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'They reveal how children ar being encouraged to embrace a transgender identity by other pupils, with the #connivance of teachers & often, deliberately, without the knowledge of their parents'

(Andrew Moffat taught his gender identity embedding CHIPS resource secretly for 2yrs)
Parents of school-age children may already suspect tht sumthng is rotten in the state of r Relationshps & Sex Education (RSE); they might baulk whn their kids come home parroting unscientific dogma, inclu. the denial of biological sex & the existence of infinite gender identities
But many will have no idea how completely their schools have been #captured by trans #LobbyGroups, how #invested teachers are in this #ideology, and what this means for their children.
That’s why it’s so important that we listen to the whistleblowers
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The 25 Deeds of Christmas. Sharing actions from feminists over the past year, it’s been a busy one and we’re preparing to #SleighTheGRA! #WomenWontWheesht the fight goes on. Image
Deed 2 - the amazing Sole Sisters and women voting with our feet. #SleighTheGRA #WomenWontWheesht Image
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Hey #furry friends! Let's talk about #pride, LGB, LGBT+ and adjacent groups.

In June 1970, Brenda Howard, a bisexual New Yorker, organized the first Pride, in response to the Stonewall raids in 1969.

Her purpose was to express the notion that she - and everyone - should (1/9)
be able to love who she/they want to. She believed that, as long as there is no harm, that no one has the right to persecute or judge another based on the nature of their love.

Recently, a #gay man was bullied out of a #Pride parade because he was wearing a t-shirt of an (2/9)
organization that specifically focuses on LGB rights and equality. This is really troubling and is just one example of a problem I've seen numerous times, not just as a #furry within the #furryfandom, but more widely.

You simply cannot pick and choose. Pride, by definition (3/9)
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#Pride month should be about celebrating the #LGBTQ+ community and highlighting the fight for equality & freedom around the world 🌈🌍 Pride flag
But, disappointingly, we’ve seen backlash against those campaigning for the rights of the #Trans community here in the UK, especially at work 🏳️‍⚧️
Data by the @The_TUC shows that 7 in 10 #trans workers say their experience of workplace harassment or discrimination has a negative effect on their mental health

@stonewalluk research found that 1 in 8 trans employees said they had been attacked by a colleague or customer
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June has come to be known colloquially as "LGBTQ Pride Month", which I suppose, many consider to be another step in the "right direction" toward acceptance of LGBTQ+ persons.
But as someone who's old enough to remember when the last weekend in June was a time of Queer Liberation Marches, I 'm saddened by the ways in which June has become another commercialised, corporately-sponsored "festival" that loses sight of the original objectives.
And I know, there are no shortage of drag queens who have politely turned down offers to appear on my podcasts and live shows, because they "refuse to discuss politics" (even aging drag queens, which is beyond reprehensible).
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