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[ENG] #GIDLE - #Queencard

It's like the next step up from #Tomboy, it's like an improved Tomboy, taken to another level. It's light but it is charged with elements that go beyond the musica. It brings a direct message that got us quickly and goes very well combined with the+++ Image
music; it doesn't allow you to get bored for a second and at the same time it has its respective breaks; it's like a lot in one but it doesn't feel too stuffy. On the other hand, there isn't much to highlight about the music, it's cool that it's not so generic (a bit it is, but+
not that much) and how it fits perfectly into the era of tiktok and dances and things like that. I've seen a lot of people complain but I actually think it's a perfect song for May 2023.

✅Qualification: A.
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Congratulations to #IVE and #LimYoungwoong for winning MMA TOP 10 Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 tonight 🎉

#KoreanUpdates RZ Image
Congratulations to #TXT (#GoodBoyGoneBad) for winning Best Performance - Male Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 tonight 🎉

#KoreanUpdates RZ Image
Congratulations to #LE_SSERAFIM (#ANTIFRAGILE) for winning Best Performance - Female Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 🎉

#KoreanUpdates RZ Image
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“Nxde,” (G)I-DLE (2022). This song is frustrating. That’s because the English lyrics throughout are just so unsatisfying. In the very first line, Soyeon sings this:

“Why you think that ’bout nude?”


#KpopEnglishProject #GIDLE #Nxde #Neverland #kpop #kpep #lyrics

Why do you think that about nude? That is not a well-formed English sentence. And I’m not talking about the nonstandard grammar (“Why you think?”). I’m talking about the rest of it. Yes, “nude” can be a noun (we’ll get to that), but not like this, it can’t.

“Why do you think that about… me?” A question like that works. “Why do you think that about… sex?” That works. But “nude”—even if we interpret it as a noun—doesn’t work without a determiner, like “a” or “that” or “her.” Count nouns can’t occur all alone.
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[LIVE] Naver NOW #GIDLE Miyeon's Gossip Idle ft. #LOONA Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Yves

Livestream link (no VOD in link afterwards) Image
Miyeon remarks about how cold it's suddenly gotten the past week as we've moved from August to September, though fall's her third favorite season. (In order summer, spring, fall, winter)
This is live so they can read chat, unlike last week which was pre-recorded apparently
Autumn reminds her of fallen leaves and poems, like reading poems at a cafe
[Reading and responding to chat for a bit before the guests come in]
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#2NE1 Image
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Traducción en español "(G)I-DLE TIEMPO DE CHAT: #SHUHUA 🐺" (hilo) 🧡

Por reglas estrictas no se puede subir fotos o vídeos que son de contenido japo*és

#GIDLE @G_I_DLE #여자아이들
1,2; Hola ¡Somos @G_I_DLE!
#SOYEON 🦁: Como #SHUHUA no está aquí vamos a empezar a hablar sobre ella. Ella es la maknae del grupo pero ella toma más bien el rol de unnie
#MIYEON 🐊: Si, ella actúa más como si fuese la mayor del grupo

#GIDLE @G_I_DLE #여자아이들
#MINNIE 🐭: ¡S I!
#YUQI 🦒: 🐺tiene un estilo individual muy claro. Es como si viviese en su propio mundo
#MIYEON: Ella realmente vive en una 4 dimensión. Cuando pienso en 🐺 viene a mi mente sus lindos pies. Se ven muy tiernos cuando saca su dedos

#GIDLE @G_I_DLE #여자아이들
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❥︎ sooshu filo socmed au

shuhua never knew a single tweet about soojin's performance would change her whole life Image

- first au
- inspired by @minjaerves_ 's tweet (she knows dw)
- taglish
- maybe few cursing
- aint plotted well oop
- likes and qrts!
- rt to spread the word 🥰
- ages not specified but around 19-21 ? SORRY NA TAMAD AKO
- random updates
- just enjoy!
UPG (unoriginal powerpuff girls)

maglalagay sana ako descs kaso tamad ako magisip yay 😃🔫 ImageImageImage
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As a thanks to those who made sure to lift my spirits up today, here is a short story of Sooshu. Wherein Soojin wakes up from a car accident and finding Shuhua standing at the foot of her bed. Also I didn't proofread at all so I apologize in advance. ImageImageImageImage
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