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@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @PIB_India @cbic_india @GST_Council +
My limited wisdom:

(A)Declare 2020 as a zero year, as if it never happened.

(B)Extend all 2020 deadlines by a year each, incl for eg if a petrol car is >15yrs.

@Naveen_Odisha @capt_amarinder @PMOIndia
@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @PIB_India @cbic_india @GST_Council @Naveen_Odisha @capt_amarinder @PMOIndia Cont'd

(C)Revisit union& state #budget's. Recast reprioritize 4social obligation rather than revenue maximization.

(D) Merge (or suspend) situationwise non-essential departments & ministries for a year, & reroute human& financial resources into essential ones.

#covid year
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ପବିତ୍ର #ସ୍ନାନପୁର୍ଣିମାର #SnanaJatra ହାର୍ଦ୍ଧିକ ଅଭିନନ୍ଦନ🙏
#ସ୍ନାନଯାତ୍ରା ସମୟ
1.00 – ମଙ୍ଗଳାର୍ପଣ (Mangala Arpana)
4.30- ମଙ୍ଗଳ ଆଳତି (Mangala Aarati)
4.40- ମଇଲମ (Mailam)
5.00- ତାଡ଼ପଲାଗି (Tadapalagi)
6.00- ଅବକାଶ (Abakasa)
7.30- 9.30 ସ୍ନାନ ନୀତି (Snananiti)
10.30- ଛେରା ପଂହରା (Chherapahanra) #SnanaMandapa @ 2020
ରୀତିନୀତି ଓ ପରମ୍ପରା ଅନୁଯାଇ ଦେବସ୍ନାନ ପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣିମା ଦ୍ୱିତୀୟ ଶ୍ରୀକ୍ଷେତ୍ର #ବାରିପଦାରେ ଅନୁଷ୍ଠିତ ହେବ। After #Puri , #Baripada also known as second #ShriKhetra is celebrating #SnanaPurnima amid imposition of #Section144 #curfew

#Baripada #SnanaYatra #ଜୟଜଗନ୍ନାଥ #OdishaTrails @TheGreatAshB Baripada which is also known as second #ShriKhetra is celebrating #SnanaPurnima amid imposition of #Section144 #curfew
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A crowd of what looks like several hundred protesters are marching on the Upper West Side, more than a. Hour after curfew. Police are following along. This is at 61st and West End Avenue.
This crowd is in the thousands of people, all marching south on 10th Avenue into Hell’s Kitchen more than an hour into curfew. Local residents are leaning out their apartment windows banging pots and pans in support of the marchers. #nycprotests
Almost every apartment on this block of 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen has residents sitting on their fire escapes or leaning out their windows to cheer for the protesters #nycprotests #curfew
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A running list of things cops have done on camera this week during the #protests:

- Mace a child
- Arrest clearly identified press
- Shoot marker bullets at the press
- yell “shut up bitch!” and shoot a woman(who was just filming) with rubber bullets
- intentionally hit a protester with their car door as they drive by

- indiscriminately spray pepper spray at protesters as they drive by

- shove a woman from behind, causing her to fall and hit her head on the curb

- Drive police cruisers into crowds

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#GeorgeFloyd protesters have halted a long line of cars along the Interstate 579 over the Allegheny River in #Pittsburgh.

A car is on fire outside PPG Paints Arena.

Stay tuned to @TribLIVE for developing coverage. Also: @dillonswriting & @nsmallwoodphoto
UPDATE: Traffic cleared by police on I-579 — but an ambulance just reached the off-ramp to treat an injured man near the intersection of Route 28/Chesnut Street.

Several #protesters told me that a car driver got inpatient and rammed into the protester.

Tristen Nesmith, 23, of Beaver Falls said he saw a car strike one of the fellow #protesters along the I-579/Veterans Bridge over the Allegheny River.

The driver got frustrated, “started reviving up his engine and just hit my man for no reason. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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The government declared #COVID-19 as a “notified disaster” under the #Disaster Management Act, 2005. As per Section 10 of the Act, the Health Ministry has directed National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority to regulate the price and availability of #sanitizers and #masks. (1/n)
The prevention of fake news over social media is also being controlled by the #government.
It is for the first time that under Section 6(2)(i) of the Act, a national lockdown was declared by the National Disaster Management Authority and implemented in the States u/s 38. (2/n)
This affects the freedom of movement and assembly of citizens with the exception of provision of essential goods, but is required for the prevention of the spread of #COVID19. Hence, the police are permitted to book violators of the lockdown under the provisions of the IPC. (3/n)
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Questioning Conventional Wisdom in the COVID-19 Crisis with
Dr.Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University
#Lockdown #Curfew #Covid19 #EconomicMeltdown #Depression
Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
An open letter, on how Covid19 deaths classification does not follow the German official guidelines, which is now deliberately increasing the Covid19 death count,
Contributing to overhyping the situation
Translating transcript,

Likewise in other places this mistake deliberately or not is followed, it's gonna give us faulty data, make things look like it's much worse

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TODAY's #US Numbers as of 10:58 AM
CASES 50,212 DEATHS 606..
#Recovered 333 (see Importance below)
By Rick Noack, Lateshia Beachum, Kim Bellware,
Marisa Iati, Siobhán O'Grady, Adam Taylor and
John Wagner
10:51 a.m. PDT
MAR24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: Here from my AM MD Threadlet.. SOMETHING POSITIVE about it all..
The Importance of our #RECOVERED .. with #Immunologic data from @NAChristakis .. LINK in my TWEET 1.
Please read esp #Medicals who will understand. @maddow @CNN
MAR 24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Here is link to Yesterdays's MAR 23 ...36 TWEET THREAD..
AND ICYMI: Last WED. March 18 #US NUMBERS...
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कोरोना हेल्प डेस्क, #डोंबिवली साठी
आयकॉन एक सामाजिक संस्था मार्फत
#कोरोना व्हायरस मुळे जी परिस्थिती उद्भवलेली आहे त्या परिस्थितीवर मात करण्यासाठी आपण सगळ्यांनी सहकार्य करावे
#144 लागल्यानंतर किंवा #Curfew लागू झाल्यानंतर खालील काही मदत हवी असेल
आमच्या स्वयंसेवकाला आपण फोन करू शकता मदत घेऊ शकता व मदत देऊ शकता
आम्ही खालील प्रमाणे मदत करणार आहोत
◆सेफ्टी सुरक्षा कोणाला मास्कहवे आणि सॅनिटायझर असेल ते घरपर्यंत देण्यात येईल येतील(कमीत कमी 50नग)
◆जेवणाचे डबे जेवणाचे साहित्य (तांदूळ,डाळ,गव्हाचे पीठ,तेल,साखर,मीठ.)इत्यादी
◆मेडिकल सुविधा,पेशंटसाठी लागणारी रुग्णवाहिका(Ambulance),व्यवस्था
◆तुम्ही काय मदत करू शकता?
-तांदूळ,डाळ,गव्हाचे पीठ,तेल,साखर,मीठ.इत्यादी
*पैसे स्वरूपात मदत स्वीकारली जाणार नाही.*
वरील दिलेल्या सेवा घेण्यासाठी व देण्यासाठीआपण खालील नंबर वरती संपर्क साधू शकता
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This will be an ongoing thread regarding life here in #SaudiArabia, during the #CoronaVirus (#CoVid19) #outbreak.

The #Saudi Government was initially quite strongly criticized for it's preventative measures, yet now many criticizing nations have declared states of #emergency.
While basic things like #facemasks have been hoarded elsewhere & sold for up to ten times their market price, here in #Saudi national factories are producing #FaceMaskForSale in the domestic market.

Thank you @MCgovSA 💚🌴

#CoVid19 #CoronaVirus #كورونا
Here's another #CoVid19 essential.
While hoarders and heartless advantage-takers have emptied store shelves of #HandSanitizer, elsewhere…
#Saudi @MCgovSA makes sure factories produce enough to cover domestic demand.

#SaudiArabia #CoronaVirus #كورونا

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