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So, yesterday's anger over @NicolaSturgeon and @S_A_Somerville betrayal of trans people over #GRAReform has crystallised into white-hot fury

Yet again we've seen another Government ignore the voices of the trans community in favour of cis voices who don't have the first...

clue what it's like to be trans and unable to gain easy access to the basic human right of legal recognition via a simple, permissive process

The claim was made that 60% of people supported a self-declaration system for obtaining a GRC, but this is false

Trans respondents overwhelming supported (from memory >90%) a self-declaration model and, as we are the only people able to obtain a GRC, our voices should have been given weight. Instead the @theSNP decided that cisgender voices should, for some unknown reason, have...

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If you’re not a fan of #Eurovision, please look away now, as I will be wittering about it for the next… *checks watch* oh God.
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@charliekiss @Tara_Hewitt 1/ You are aware that NHS trust patient databases have, for some time now been required to have fields disclosing transition? Not the central one of all names, addresses, phone numbers, NHI number, & GP, fortunately though. I think I've avoided being so recorded, have you?
@charliekiss @Tara_Hewitt 2/ They did try to get it as required information in all electronic referrals, but we stopped that, but there's a national advisory committee run by all all the royal colleges pushing for it. It is likely the data from Equality Monitoring forms is used to fill gaps in the records
@charliekiss @Tara_Hewitt 3/ As you know, NHS records show current gender; they added a "Sex at Birth" field, which is labelled as "this will normally determine medical treatment". Yes, Really. They got that in without testing, consultation, or notice. I'd love to know what @UKTELI has done about it.
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The most stunning revelation of #WNTTDevon came in the excellent chat after the outstanding event itself, although there were plenty of new (to me) and shocking facts from the speakers. I hope you’ll correct me if I have misunderstood.
I’d known that the GRC allowed the applicant to have their birth certificate legally falsified to show their sex as the opposite one to their birth and that the process was sealed so the public weren’t allowed to view the original certificate.
What I learned is that there is, apparently, no central record of the original name and sex of the person who has now stepped clean from the ordure of their past, all sins expunged, no questions asked.
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And so, as much threatened, Tuesday Tweet mayhem as a I finally get to address points around the #GRA and why I think the Government is pushing ahead and is going to change the process.

But first, it’s time to clear up a few misconceptions—mostly T*RF-created...

misconceptions but also, weirdly, a misconception put out by the EHRC as well.

So gather up your chairs, bean-bags, footstools, and pouffes (It’s a Sin, I know) and sit awhile and listen, ‘cos this is going to be a long one.

So; misconception number one...

That legally you are your sex on your birth certificate, unless you have a #GRC, no exceptions.

As anybody who studies this area of law knows, that’s just wrong. And not even a little bit wrong. Very wrong. And the reason why it’s wrong stems mainly from...

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Holy crap. Gemalto's IDPrime.NET cards - the ones they tout being Windows native compatible - are suscept. to factorization.
1) Researchers have found a process to duplicate a PRIVATE key just from the PUBLIC key. This is big.

And cheap, for a 1024bit key.
2) Gemalto are a large mfgr of smartcards. Their IDPrime.Net cards are popular because they work with Windows w/o extra software
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