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I'm still shocked how almost 20,000 people visit every month just from organic traffic.

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#python #coding #100daysofcode

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The White Room analogy that explains a lot of what's happening in #programming using a mental image that everyone can relate to.…

#python #100daysofcode

In #4th place:

This fun project designed to practise using lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets in a fun turtle-based animation.…

#python #turtle #datastructures

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I get this question a lot. I’m not sure what’s the best way or most accurate way of doing this but I can tell you how I do it. This is a mini #tutorial - #houdini #fluid #simulation #vfx @sidefx 🧵
I make 90% of these in a SOP solver and don’t use the bigger solvers like flip or pyro. Basically I started this one by making a simple motion. Don’t remember what exactly but say making particles move towards the center.
Then I convert that v to vdb field, I usually use the attrib rasterize for that. then I use the vdb non-divergent to make that field non divergent.And then transfer than v field to points. I use wrangle I think you can use the vdb node,I think vdb advect points if you want.
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Hey @notsofast check out these guys and tell me that you know why I was checking out such a game :) -…
I may or may not dabble in historical newspapers… (funniest part was guy was using Second Life and eBay to pay his mortgage... in 2005. I bet that ended well - who doesn't pay their mortgages?) #SecondLife used to give a guy free L$ to login > $2013 @VirWoX
The Swiss company that I used when I got in the game to buy L$ with PayPal then trade for BTC and wait 48 hrs for it to arrive in my desktop wallet ;) #workarounds #virtualworld #simulation - savvy folks look forward and back in crypto. You might wanna check out novacadian's BBS
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A thread on imagining impacts of the #Metaverse on “my” world. How will the job of a #geopolitics analyst be different? How will this new platform change international relations in general and the #Gulf in particular? Feel free to add your take, it’s simply thinking out loud.
First, meetings & events. #Zoom events are here to stay, alongside in-person ones. But a digital event on #Metaverse could be so much better and closer to a real-life experience, enhanced by instant access to resources 2/
Then, outputs. Will it make sense to write papers when you can produce an interactive output combining texts, recordings, images/videos in the form of a meta-research on #geopolitics on #Metaverse? 3/
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McChrystal’s new book coming out —

Title: “Risk: A Users Guide”

Takeaway: we’re not doing a good job of protecting ourselves due to the fact WE didn’t unite as a country, he said. Rather, we fought dozens of ‘small wars’ as states.

The USA has separation of powers, sir.
1/5 ImageImage
To imply the only way we unite is by taking directive / mandates from an authoritarian & Unitarian type government is incredibly flawed.

‘If only every person and state confirmed’ — thats the translation. Checks & balances, Democracy, Bill of Rights would cease to exist.
“We always knew another virus was going to come & threaten a pandemic,” he said. “We not only knew it was inevitable, but we know how to deal w a threat like that through public health. & we blew it; we absolutely have flubbed the response.”

We knew this? Who? You & B Gates?
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Many students doing basic mathematics cannot distinguish between #iteration, #simulation, and #emulation as different methods of experiment design.
Even further surprised why so many students don't know the similarity and the difference between computation and calculation.
These are some of the basic mistakes which one, embedded into the mind, will work their way right into a workplace and destroy our educational foundations
For, e.g. when I was teaching Introduction to FRM Financial Risk Management, I noticed many students thought they are three different types of VaR - Value at Risk.
What they didn't realize is that VaR can be computed using different models aka methodologies, namely, HS, VCV, MCS.
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1of4: Water simulations running on my large flip-digit kinetic display. #kineticdisplay
2of4: Water pouring down on custom-built kinetic digit display. #digitalArt #simulation
3of4: Water and the Void. Low-resolution water sim playing on magnetic digit display. #art #digitalSculptor
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Graduated from the *ahem* 28th grade today!

1) Loved seeing our wonderful division chief @ERAlpernMD win the professionalism award we nominated her for 🥰 she’s the epitome of grace under pressure.
2) Fellowship is a very different experience than residency and it’s been evident how invested @LuriePEM is in us!
Hearing @kmangold_NU tear up talking about us (her first class taken all the way through fellowship) was really sweet and special.
3) Having cofellows who have your back is clutch! Wouldn’t have made it through without @AmyZhouMD and Selina Varma Thomas to both complain and celebrate with.
Sometimes you get lucky enough to make friends in other divisions. @DrRissman I cannot wait to see what you do in LA!
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1/7 Eye contact is one of the most underrated #communication tools in general conversations, but it’s importance is amplified by several magnitudes when trying to facilitate group #conversations during #debriefing.
2/7 Making and holding eye contact is a great way to invite #engagement in the conversation. Giving them the opportunity to opt in or out without placing them psychologically unsafe position created by verbally trying to engage them.
3/7 They may initially signal that they are not ready by closing their #bodylanguage Move on and engage others in group. Periodically check back (with eye contact). When they are ready they will signal that through opening their body language ready for you to invite their input
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Fake or real?

That’s one of the questions Grimes asked her fans. Image
According to CR Fashion Book:

“Grimes, I quickly learned, was not Grimes. The person sitting across from me with black lacquered talons detailed in holographic red was C (formerly Claire Boucher). Grimes was the project, C was the artist.” Image
According to Rolling Stone:

“She fakes it so real she’s beyond fake.” Image
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THREAD: Can #simulation be used to improve patient care? Can it impact & improve our healthcare systems?

Short answer = yes.

Some thoughts on the practical & operational framework we just published led by @precordialthump @InSituSteph @SocraticEM

2/ Many of us have experienced it firsthand
during #COVID19 as we piloted & refined new protected intubations/code blue…but how can we make this type of sim happen?

Lots of places now using sim regularly to identify problems & improve's a bit of a guide
3/ But first, what exactly is translational simulation? Here’s the defn from @socraticEM who first described this term.

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If the connotation of risk is an intertwined concept and is difficult to quantify, how does a Risk Officer look at it?
Is there any way other than using copula models to determine systemic risk with long tails or a black swan event?
@CQFInstitute @GARP_Risk @SOActuaries
I guess we are worried about Market and Credit Risks or other interrelated financial risks which can create conjoint loss given events.
Any #Gaussian distribution model will enable you to model and predict potential Operational, Liquidity and Balance sheet AL - (Asset - liability) Mismatch, Market and Credit drove losses under normal market conditions.
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Latest version 0.2-1 of #rstats package ‘precautionary’ on CRAN tonight includes a new vignette confirming this prediction. Will tweet on some major implications tomorrow.…
cc @ChristinaBYap @CatchTwentyToo
@ChristinaBYap @CatchTwentyToo The most concrete and immediate consequence is that we can now eschew the perfunctory & performative #simulation studies which have hitherto dominated (and obfuscated!) dose-finding methods development, committing instead to deep, exact, comprehensive formal modes of analysis. 1/
Thus, with the right implementation, the #EscRisk app might omit the progress bar! Any one of 3+3, CRM, mTPI, BOIN, … may well be amenable to fast, #exact simulation. The app could become a 1-stop shop for safety analysis of dose-escalation designs. 2/
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Our daily #BS not in real time.
Create Date
2021:01:06 13:00:19.986-05:00
Date/Time Original
2021:01:05 12:00:19.986-05:00
Editor's Date/Time Original indicates fraudulent metadata.
#Graphic as per usual, #MediaMagic #ShowTimeForSheep
#FairUse ImageImageImageImage
The fine tuned with 3 star rating to #DefraudAmerica version
FULL Metadata >…
So, again, we need to #DefundTheGovernment It is a #PhonyGovernment & #MediaCabal needs brought to justice. They are NOT ACTORS they are #Graphics including #Convirus #TaskForce ImageImageImageImage
#PonderThis Why do people fall for pre-planted distractions? LOOK>… How many that fall for this #BS are actually on the #Distraction promotion team?
"US CAPITOL LOCKDOWN" is a documented #WiresProject
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THREAD: Spent the past 2 days co-designing & testing the #CovidVaccine administration process @UnityHealthTO using #simulation informed #design.

A huge multi-disciplinary effort coordinated by @Sim_StMikes. cc: @IrfanDhalla

Here's some insights into the process

2/ Why does it matter? Somewhat self evident, but we want to design & test a process that optimizes the number of people who be vaccinated while also ensuring a pleasant & safe experience

Great clip from "the Founder"... example of design #simulation

3/ We began with core objectives/principles for the project.

This informed the blueprints for the design of the space

But we all know, things may look good on paper, but don't necessarily translate to real-life

More importantly, people's behavior can be difficult to predict
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Hey, #FioNA, do you know the history of your colleague Anne (Resusci) as known as the "most kissed" face of all time?
In 1880, an unidentified young woman was found drowned in the river Seine, Paris. Due to her beauty, a pathologist at the morgue decided to make a death mask 👀 Image
In the following years, numerous copies were produced and, unthinkable nowadays, became a fashionable fixture among part of the society. Her enigmatic smile was compared to that of the Mona Lisa.
#MedicalHistory #CPR Image
About #CPR, in 1732, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was described first by William Tossach in Alloa, Scotland. Tossach resuscitated a suffocated coal-pit miner. "A man dead in appearance, recovered by distending the lungs with air". Image
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THREAD: 5yrs ago we began the TRUST study. Excited to see it finally published in @BMJ_Qual_Saf . This kicked off my interest in using simulation to support patient safety and simulation-informed clinical design.

Here’s some thoughts & reflections…
2/ Study goal = identify/quantify latent safety threats during trauma ISS & analyze using framework analysis

We published other data including tracking movement within the clinical space

& debriefing content during systems sim.…
3/ This study was only possible with substantial support from @UnityHealthTO , our dept & @Sim_StMikes

My mentor, @HumanFact0rz taught me the importance of pitching an idea to the right people. When we started simulation for systems eval & patient safety was uncommon
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I am humbled and privilleged to note that my #Research paper; "Sources of #Unemployment in #Lesotho" is now available and can be accessed via the People's Republic of #China's National #Science and #Technology #Library - #NSTL. I give thanks 😎 Image
So far this year, I have successfully published three #Research articles in #Macroeconomics & #Finance, with another two in press. I am currently hammering away at a handful of working papers which will most certainly find a home in reputable #Journals, come 2021 🙏🏽🙂 Image
Im currently internalising the very insightful reviewer comments on my latest #Research paper titled; "Investigating Determinants of Commercial Bank Spreads in #Lesotho", from the good folks over at the globally reputable #International #Journal of #Finance & #Economics #IJFE 😊 ImageImage
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What is the simulation of Grimes?


“C insists Grimes is an experiment. “For me, it’s almost like a sociological exercise in the nature of celebrity. I just watch what happens to the Grimes character. It’s pretty important for my own mental health. I definitely have to abstract myself from my persona.”
“It takes a lot of effort to, like, build something, to work on something for a decade and then be like OK, the winds will take it where it will.”

Note: In interview it also mentioned the “associated act Elon Musk” regarding fiction vs reality. Is it all an act?
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What is the simulation of Grimes?



“C insists Grimes is an experiment. “For me, it’s almost like a sociological exercise in the nature of celebrity. I just watch what happens to the Grimes character. It’s pretty important for my own mental health. I definitely have to abstract myself from my persona.”
“It takes a lot of effort to, like, build something, to work on something for a decade and then be like OK, the winds will take it where it will.”

Note: In interview it also mentioned the “associated act Elon Musk” regarding fiction vs reality. Is it all an act?
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I've read with interest the proposal by @SickKidsNews to conduct simulations about the #covid19 back to school experience. I think this is an excellent concept which wrote about about a while ago.

Here's the link to the study
Many people have noted concerns about the validity of the study given it will be conducted in private schools (appropriate criticism) though probably worth knowing whether they tried to study in public schools and whether any road blocks.
I'm curious to hear more from the study investigators about what looks like the primary outcome of the study... which seems to be related to glow in the dark liquid transmission through out the class. This appears to overemphasize surface transmission rather than person to person
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Great work by @sparsh717 leading this project.

Thread= #simulation for latent safety threat identification

Summary: Debriefing safety threats, people talk more about people (e.g. interpersonal issues) than env't or equipment threats…
1/ Image
There's a growing application of simulation to identify latent safety threats e.g. equipment, interpersonal & physical space issues especially during #covid19

Typically data is gathered via debriefing (i.e. feedback from participants after simulation)

2/ Image
We observed that even when explicitly asked about challenges posed by the physical space & equipment, the discussions veered back towards teamwork/communication. Even our follow up questions gravitated away from the physical space/equipment issues

3/ Image
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Over the centuries, we've learned how to use #science to *make* things. That's called #engineering. But we have yet to perfect the practice of using science to help us to *do* things. And it is this gap that's preventing solutions to #covid19 ...
...We don't even have a widely-accepted name for this new thing. I've been calling it #decisionintelligence (and @Gartner_inc and other influencers are using this term too)...
We can see this gap in the wide discrepancy between 1,000s of research projects for #covid19, and yet even months into the #pandemic, there are people on the front lines - universities, event centers, aged care facilities - who are struggling...
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