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I discovered last week at AusIMM #Uranium Conference that I've been seriously underestimating😲 the potential impact of a US #Nuclear #SMR roll-out🏗️ on demand for mined #U3O8⛏️ needed to produce HALEU fuel.⚛️ Centrus $LEU CEO Daniel Poneman's presentation was a shocker!⚡️ 1/3 Image
2/ Production of High Assay Low Enriched #Uranium (HALEU) requires conversion & SWU to first produce 4.95% LEU from natural #U3O8 feed⛏️ which is further enriched to 19.75% for fuel fabrication.🏭⚛️ 9 of 10 #Nuclear SMR's under development in US will require HALEU fuel.😯 2/3 ImageImage
3/3 Given high cost to build a very complex factory to mass-produce advanced #Nuclear #SMR's💰 there would need to be a multitude of units ordered🧾 to justify launching🏭 & NEI estimates raw #Uranium demand could be 30M lbs/yr #U3O8 by 2035⛏️ far higher than I had imagined.🤠🐂 Image
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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#Eurovisionfinds Cyprus - A medieval base silver (billon) denier of Henry II of the Kingdom of Cyprus (1285-1324) of 'lion' type probably dating to the period after 1296 (see notes below). Mint uncertain #Eurovision @findsorguk… Image
#Eurovisionfinds Albania - A complete Post Medieval copper alloy Venetian 2 Soldi struck for use in Dalmatia and Albania dating from AD 1684 or 1691 #Eurovision
#ALB @CrapFinds… Image
#Eurovisionfinds Israel - A cast lead pilgrim ampulla of Medieval, thirteenth to fifteenth century date. the ampulla is similar to a design for which a mould was found during excavations of a Medieval workshop in Akko (Acre) in Israel. #Eurovision
#ISR… Image
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THREAD okay let's go! Join me as I draw along with the 2021 Eurovision Grand Final! #draweurovision #Eurovision
El Diablo sounds like a shagger #draweurovision #Eurovision #CYP
Credit to the dude on that smoke machine for going the extra mile #draweurovision #Eurovision #ALB
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🧵 many #nuclear hopes are riding on small modular reactors.

@NuScale_Power's #SMR is closest to market. customer for pilot plant is a group of utilities, herded by @SmartEnergy1.

in july only 213 of 720MW (30%) was subscribed.
subscriptions have since dropped to 104MW (14%)…
of the 36 towns in #nuscale's pilot project, the "carbon free power project" #CFPP:
• 8 towns have withdrawn entirely
• 24 reduced their share entitlement
• 3 maintained identical entitlement
• 1 joined (token level).…
with the planned 12 module plant undersubscribed, #nuscale is now looking at downsizing to either 4 or 6 modules.

counteracting this fall of subscriptions, nuscale has uprated modules from 60MWe to 77MWe each.

as such, nuscale now has 33% subscriptions for a 4 module plant…
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#Uranium Market Update in a nutshell🥜 #U3O8 continues to be a best performing commodity of 2020, up 25% YTD, up 69% from its bottom in November 2016.🐂📈 #Nuclear power growth remains robust ⚛️🏗️↗️ Demand at 182M lbs/yr & rising, Supply deficit ~60M lbs, -317M lbs by 2026⛏️⏬🗜️
#Uranium has strong #bullish outlook 🐂🔮 #Nuclear utility contracting has been below normal for past 8 yrs. Re-stocking cycle overdue with growing uncovered demand & delayed Long-term contracting since 2012.⌛️
With such strong #Uranium supply/demand fundamentals, why is #U3O8 market rebalance taking so long? 🤔 Trade Issues, Russian Suspension Agreement, #COVID19 have sidelined #nuclear utilities BUT trade issues nearing resolution, utilities getting back to work, #China going all-in🏗️
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🤓the nuclear power sector is hoping for a revival with the advent of "small modular reactors".

@NuScale_Power is arguably the closest to a commercial #SMR product, but is also providing a clear example of the challenging and long road ahead for the sector.
.@NuScale_Power aims to reverse trend of increasing nuclear project costs by utilising:
• passive safety systems / simpler design — safely do away with several expensive systems
• modular, factory fabricated reactors — capturing economics of factory manufacturing / repetition
in 2015 @NuScale_Power signed up a first customer, #UAMPS, to build a nuclear power plant near idaho falls for a 2024 delivery.

UAMPS @SmartEnergy1 is a consortium of community-owned (ie. municipal) power systems in the “intermountain west” of the US: utah & neighbouring states.
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Le sujet des SMR est le sujet le plus important du moment car il détermine tout le futur du nucléaire.

Je vais garder un #thread dédié de nouvelles ou synthèses sur ce thème.

#nucleaire #smr #mmr
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Saksaksi on käsite "eierlegende Wollmilchsau", eli "muniva villamaitosika". Sillä kuvaillaan asiaa, jolla väitetään olevan vain hyviä puolia, ja mikä taipuu mihin tahansa. "Kunnianhimoinen ilmastopolitiikka" on välillä varsinainen muniva villamaitosika. 1/…
Artikkelissa esitetyistä toimista esim sähköautojen lataus- ja biokaasutankkauspisteet ovat toki fiksuja. On kuitenkin epäselvää, kuinka tehokas verorahojen käyttötapa esim omakotitalojen öljylämmitysten muuntaminen on työllisyyden ja ilmaston kannalta. 2/
Meille on myös kerrottu, että tuulivoima ei nykyisellään enää kaipaa tukia, ja nyt siihen oltaisiin kuitenkin ehdottamassa elvytysvaroja. #ydinvoima #smr 3/
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So, because I’m tired of Coronatweets, and I’m stuck on a 3 hour plane and don’t want to do real work, I thought I’d distract you with some general thoughts on this year’s Eurovision songs, in my first #ESC2020 thread of the year
Not all the songs are out so far, but enough now to start forming opinions, and in general, this is going to be an awesomely amazing year. A much better showing all round than 2019, and possibly better than 2018 levels. Videos are here:…
Retro is big this year. From random cassettes and floppies in #GEO 🇬🇪 to pixel art in #ISL 🇮🇸 to... whatever you want to make of #RUS 🇷🇺... Retro has made a comeback
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With the opportunity to engage and influence Draft #PCN guidance, I will do a full twitter thread on each aspect of the new Service Spec!

The aim is to be objective, so there will be no screaming etc!

Why on twitter
1. I would like it to be public
2. Easy to share images
Spec ONE - Structured Medicine Reviews #PCN
As a concept SMRs are a positive initiative, polypharmacy should be addressed.
The draft assumes that the SMRs will be delivered in principle by Clinical Pharmacists. Funding for the post is available via PCN monies therefore, should not impact GP workload.
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🔴On entend beaucoup de désinformation sur le sujet du #nucléaire. Il convient de s'attaquer aux idées reçues communément admises pour montrer pourquoi l'énergie nucléaire doit être une composante indissociable de la lutte contre le #ChangementClimatique.

Un #Thread à ce sujet :
🔴Le nucléaire, une énergie néfaste pour le climat ?

▶️Non, l'énergie nucléaire est le source pilotable la plus décarbonée de toutes !
🔴Le nucléaire, une énergie très dangereuse ?

▶️Non, le nucléaire français est aujourd'hui très contrôlé et très sûr !
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🤓 so, i was looking at the @MineralsCouncil submission to the nuclear inquiry, which includes this nifty little infographic…

…and low and behold, it's the typical misinformation & truthiness we've come to expect from them.

THREAD on just a few things i noticed…
the world does not have 452 operating nuclear reactors…

there are 449 if you include the 28 japanese reactors that are still out of service 7.5 years after #fukushima.

so more like 421 operating reactors. no biggie, but let's get it right!

no, germany is not extending the life of its coal fired stations "to back up the grid".

in fact quite the opposite — germany is _paying_ coal power stations to leave the market early.
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Les #SMR en mars 2019 ca donne quoi ?

News ci-dessous :
Roumanie :

Le 19 mars, l’entreprise américaine NuScale et le fournisseur roumain d’énergie, Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN), ont signé un protocole d’accord pour échanger des informations commerciales et techniques sur la technologie #SMR de NuScale.
L’objectif est d’évaluer la possibilité de développer, de certifier et de construire un #SMR de Nuscale. L’énergie nucléaire fournit actuellement 20% de l’énergie domestique en Roumanie et depuis sa création en 1998, SNN exploite seulement deux tranches nucléaires à Cernavoda.
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We are live tweeting for the #Ready4Nuclear US/Canada #Nuclear Energy Leadership Summit!

Great slate of speaker today-- stay tuned. Image
First Speaker, Marco Presutti of Natural Resources Canada reminds us that $140B in trade and 9 million jobs result from US/Canada Nuclear Partnership. Image
Next up, Dr. John Barrett, CEO of Canadian Nuclear Association. "After a great advocacy effort at #COP21, nuclear was included in the clean energy efforts of Mission: Innovation."

@TalkNuclear Image
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