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One of the big debates lately is over #nuclear energy.

Some say it's necessary for #NetZero by 2050.

Others say it's not net-positive for the #environment.

So are smaller reactors☢️a good alternative?🤝
Small Modular Reactors (#SMR )promise to bring a 'modular', more adaptable solution.

Build for a very specific purpose?
👉+1 SMR
Need to scale up for the grid?
👉+10 SMRs (SMR Farm)
Need to ramp down because #fusion finally arrived?
👉 -1 SMR per year
Micro-reactors promise to bring portable nuclear using #SpaceX tech.

👉Fits in a container, hauled by truck/ship
👉Perfect for off-grid emergencies
👉Swallow the diesel generator market
👉Doesn't need refuelling for >10 years
👉Made in Assembly Line
👉Less fuel=safe
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🇦🇹 - Autriche :

L'🇦🇹 s'enfonce dans son anti nucléarisme primaire au dépend des ambitions #nucléaire s de ses voisins…
En 🇨🇿 voisine, 6 réacteurs #nucléaire s sont actuellement en service et fournissent environ 37% de l'⚡

Le gvt prévoit que le nucléaire fournira la moitié de l'⚡ du pays dans environ 20 ans, malgré une augmentation générale prévue de la demande d'⚡.
Pour réaliser cette sérieuse ambition #nucléaire, le gvt 🇨🇿 mise sur des centrales nucléaires miniatures, appelées petits réacteurs modulaires (#SMR).

Les SMR sont loin de la réalité commerciale, car aucun n'a été construit jusqu'à présent.
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$SMR updates that people want to know about.

All in one thread. 🧵

Let's dive in.👇

#Shimmer #SMR #IOTA $IOTA Image
The Focus is, as you can tell, on $SMR Touchpoint updates.

What is a touchpoint?
As an open builders program, Touchpoint leverages the power of the community to provide access to tailored support, world-class expertise and smart money.

Touchpoint to currently hosts 35+ projects across DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and other verticals.

All on #shimmer
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🤔 Klopt het dat #SMR’s (Small Modular Reactors) enkel kunnen draaien op splijtstof uit Rusland, zoals bepaalde politici van @Groen/@Ecolo vandaag claimen n.a.v. artikel in @destandaard?

❌ Nee, natuurlijk niet. Tijd voor een #factcheck
🧵 /1
🤨 O.a. @filipwatteeuw @JeremieVaneeckh, @WouterDeVriendt en @SamuelCogolati lezen een krantenartikel uit @destandaard en komen tot volledig foute conclusie: #SMR’s zouden afhankelijkheid zijn van Rusland voor hun brandstof.

📰 Artikel in kwestie:…
Het artikel gaat over HALEU, uranium dat tot 20% verrijkt is, en gebruikt zal worden in ‘advanced’ #SMR’s (Gen IV), zoals high-temperature gas-cooled reactoren (HTGR), molten salt reactoren (MSR) en lead-cooled fast reactoren (LFR).

Meer info:…

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The natural history of SMR and its longitudinal progression until the onset of severe #MR

There are two distinct patterns of progression of SMR patients with various implications… #EHJCVI @GeraldMaurer @denisamuraru @alessia_gimelli @JGrapsa @iamritu Image
Cluster 1 had higher LAV, LVEDV, and #LVESV, along with lower EF and less septal thickness, but slower EF and LVESV progression compared with Cluster 2.

Moderate SMR was more frequent in Cluster 1, whereas Cluster 2 had more non/trivial and mild #SMR

#EchoFirst #EHJCVI Image
On time-to-event analysis, there were no differences in terms of mortality and occurrence of MV interventions, #LVAD , and HTx

A higher likelihood of MV interventions (including Sx and #TEER) was observed in Cluster 2 type with fewer LVAD procedures

#EchoFirst #EHJCVI ImageImageImage
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IOTA Identity is Coming to Layer 1 and I’m going to break it all down for you in this thread.

Let us dive in 👇

We will be covering the following areas in this thread:

-Explore IOTA Identity on Shimmer
-More effective and powerful DID techniques
-Technical overview
-Identities controlling other identities
-Authenticating senders and receivers of funds
-DIDs issuing NFTs
-DIDs issuing native tokens
-Extending DID functionality with smart contracts

Explore #IOTA Identity on #Shimmer
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Checkout the four (4) unique features of shimmer that make it incomparable.

Learn what shimmer is bringing to the industry and more.

Below is how it all started ↓

$SMR #Shimmer #Iota @shimmernet Image
The thread's 🧵 scope is as follows :

1/ What is shimmer
2) Technology ( DAG )
3/ unique feature
4/ Incentives
5/ Conclusion

Let's get started right away. ↓

Shimmer is a scalable and feeless network enabling frictionless decentralized and scalable Web3 economies.

For the first time since the start of IOTA in 2015, a new token is introduced to the world called #Shimmer (#SMR).
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🇰🇷 - Corée du sud :

5 organisations 🇰🇷 ont signé des accords sur la commercialisation de la technologie de production d'électricité au CO2 supercritique par le biais d'un petit réacteur #nucleaire modulaire (#SMR).…
Des protocoles d'accord ont été signés par l'Institut 🇰🇷 de recherche sur l'énergie atomique (KAERI), Hanwha Power Systems Co, Ltd, Hyundai Engineering Co, Ltd, la province de Gyeongsangbuk-do et la ville de Gyeongju.
L'application de la technologie de production d'énergie au CO2 supercritique aux #SMR "ouvrira un nouvel horizon" dans la technologie #nucléaire et fournira un tremplin pour entrer sur le marché des SMR, a déclaré Park Won-seok, président de KAERI.
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$MIOTA has been one of the best performers in the @COIN360com top 100 list with a 9.2%% daily gain and 21% weekly gain.

What powered such a price surge in a bleeding market? #IOTA 2.0 with @shimmernet, #Stardust, and more @iota developments.

A 🧵 👇

1/ What is @iota?

A distributed ledger built for the "Internet of Everything" for exchanging value and data between humans and machines.

It uses Tangle, a structure where newer txs verify the older ones, for parallel validation of txs without requiring total ordering.
2/ It offers a network that is:

- Secure: the whole system is distributed across many network participants -> no single point of failure or attack

- Feeless: no txs fees charged, but $MIOTA holders can secure prioritized txs if the network reaches capacity limits
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L'#Italia deve pagare 190 milioni di € all'azienda fossile #Rockhopper perché ne ha bloccato le trivellazioni di #gas in Adriatico. Una follia.

Un thread, dati alla mano, su transizione dei sistemi #energetici per rimanere sotto +1,5°C
Che poi: quanto è 'sto gas nell'Adriatico? E soprattutto: ci serve il #gas? Le rinnovabili funzionano? E il #nucleare in Italia? Anche quello nuovo e piccolo #SMR? E quanto tempo abbiamo?

Vediamo tutto in breve, con due premesse fondamentali: /2
Sappiamo che il tema #energia è delicato. Da anni ci confrontiamo con esperti/e e studiosi del tema, tutti i dati riportati sono sempre science-based.

Dopodiché, la transizione che ci serve è si #energetica, ma anche sociale, economica e con equità [WG III, IPCC]
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💊PCN IIF vs DES SMR Priorities

🧐Some Unintended Consequences 🤔

(Sorry about the acronyms)

#SMR in #PCN should follow four high-level principles delivering:

▶️ Shared decision-making
▶️ Personalised Care
▶️ Safety
▶️ Effectiveness

🧵 Thread 1/12
#SMR should target 🎯 people with complex or problematic polypharmacy at greatest risk of med related harms, ergo those:

1️⃣ in care homes
2️⃣ with polypharmacy >=10 meds
3️⃣ on meds associated with errors
4️⃣ with severe frailty
5️⃣ on addictive pain meds

All agree so far?

🧵 2/12
Naturally the devil is as always in the detail

For example, only GPs & nurses or pharmacists with IP & advanced Hx taking & Exam techniques can deliver #SMR

For pharmacists means enrolled on or completed @CPPEPCPEP (acronyms++)


CPPE Certified equivalence to PCPEP
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1/14)#Uranium #mining #stocks have been thrashed by global market meltdown⏬ but U #investing thesis👨‍🏫 is most bullish in 4 decades!🤠🐂 This🧵will bring U up to speed🏇 on how a record U supply deficit⤵️⛏️ is colliding💥 with a global #Nuclear #Energy Renaissance⤴️🌞🏗️⚛️ 🌊🏄‍♀️👇2
2)Entering 2022, #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech estimated 200M lbs of #Uranium demand versus just 135M lbs of mined supply🔀 for a ~65M lbs primary deficit.↕️ #Nuclear utilities are drawing down inventory & relying on ~20M lbs of Secondary Supply to fill the gap.⛏️👇3
3)But then #Russia invaded #Ukraine🪖 turning global #Nuclear fuel market on its head.🙃 Russia's 39% of global enriched #Uranium, 27% conversion & 14% of mined U supply have been disrupted by US & EU sanctions, shipping bans & self-sanctioning by western utilities🇷🇺⚛️⛏️⛔️🇺🇸🇪🇺👇4
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📣 Announcement 📣

1/x We would like to inform you about the #NFT benefits of #GADAO collection! Thank you again for your interest in our joint project!

#IOTA #IOTAcommunity #IotaOrigin #SMR #ASMB #NFTCollection #NFT
2/x NFT Benefits:

- #GADAO Expierience Boost
- Creatures rotating Bonuses
- Mining Mini Game
- $AUREUS Airdrop
3/x GADAO Experience Boost:

Within GADAO, there will be several opportunities to take responsibility. NFT holders get a boost when they actively participate in problem solving and can thus take on more responsibility, manage funds or lead and shape projects...
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1)The #Uranium #mining #stocks #investing thesis👨‍🏫 in May 2022 is now the most bullish it's been in 4 decades!🤠🐂 Here's a thread to bring you up to speed🏇 on how a record Uranium supply deficit⤵️⛏️ is colliding💥 with a global #Nuclear #Energy Renaissance.⤴️🌞🏗️⚛️ 🌊🏄‍♀️🧵4U👇2 Image
2)Entering 2022, #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech estimated 200M lbs of #Uranium demand versus only 135M lbs of mined supply for a ~65M lbs deficit for many years to come.↕️ #Nuclear utilities draw down inventory & rely on ~25M lbs of Secondary Supply to fill gap⛏️👇3 ImageImage
3)Then to make matters worse, #Russia invaded #Ukraine🪖 turning the #Nuclear fuel market on its head.🙃 Russia's 39% of global enriched #Uranium, 27% conversion & 14% of mined U supply are a target of emerging US & EU import bans & self-sanctioning by western utilities🇷🇺⛏️⛔️👇4 Image
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🇬🇧 - Royaume-Uni :

Le Premier ministre a déclaré lundi aux entreprises énergétiques et aux investisseurs qu'il souhaitait des progrès "à grande vitesse" pour accélérer le programme de construction de nouvelles centrales #nucléaire s…
Le Premier ministre 🇬🇧 a déclaré lundi aux dirigeants de l'industrie #nucléaire qu'il était "incroyablement frustré" par la lenteur avec laquelle le secteur nucléaire britannique se développait, selon des personnes présentes à la réunion de Downing Street.
Le groupe de travail #nucléaire 🇬🇧 propose d'accélérer la construction de centrales électriques
Kwasi Kwarteng veut que l'organisme de livraison aide à atteindre l'objectif des réacteurs pour fournir un quart de la production d'électricité d'ici 2050
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1) Long before #Russia, world's main enriched #Uranium supplier, sent shock waves thru #Nuclear fuel markets😱 by invading #Ukraine🪖 mined #U3O8 was already in a sustained deficit⬇️⛏️ with demand for #CarbonFree Nuclear surging.⬆️🏗️⚛️ A Uranium #investing thesis thread 4U🤠🐂👇2
2) #Uranium #mining #stocks are famous⭐️ for delivering investors extraordinary life-altering returns😎🍹🏝️ when they enter a boom cycle⤴️ after a long painful bear market for #Nuclear fuel😩 when supply/demand fundamentals shift🌊 as they have now in a strong bull market🤠🐂👇3
3) #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes🌜 by supply security fears😟 as there is no substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors⚠️ so fear can lead to panic buying by nuclear utilities🛒👇4
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¡Empezamos el día con buenas noticias! La Agencia Sueca de la Energía ha concedido 10.6 M$ a la empresa Swedish Modular Reactors AB, una colaboración entre @UniperSweden, @Leadcold y @KTHuniversity, para la construcción del primer prototipo de SEALER…
SEALER es un reactor modular pequeño (#SMR) refrigerado por plomo diseñado para la producción de electricidad en un formato muy compacto. Si queréis saber más sobre los beneficios de esta prometedora tecnología, echad un vistazo a nuestro hilo 👇

El prototipo de SEALER se construirá a escala 1:56 en Oskarshamn para demostrar la viabilidad técnica del diseño del reactor y sus materiales en un entorno de plomo fundido a alta temperatura 🌡️. Funcionará a base de calefacción eléctrica durante cinco años a partir de 2024 Image
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I think we all agree that #IOTA / IF is doing great stuff but let's not underestimate the role of #Firefly on this journey. They've got so many great things in the pipeline🤯
Just listened to the 7th episode of @MoonacoPodcast with @c_varley . I'll try my best to summarize...
@MoonacoPodcast @c_varley 2/n
* Voting mechanism out of Firefly:
this mechanism will be used further than deceiding what to do with the unclaimed tokens from the beginnings of IOTA. But in a way where u can't simply buy bags of MIOTA, vote for ur option and than sell & leave. The longer u stay at your...
@MoonacoPodcast @c_varley 3/n
... choice, the more weight does ur vote gain whereas switching ur opionion will continously decrease ur votes weight.
* Different coins in Firefly:
Firefly will (almost obviously) support #ASMB and #SMR and there will be additional "staking" opportunities shortly after...
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Happy #Nuclear New Year!⚛️🥳 60-page #EU Taxonomy plan that includes Nuclear as qualifying for low-cost #CleanEnergy project financing 💰🌞 is available for download at this link:

Fabulous news for #Uranium sector investors.🤠🐂
Main points 🧵 .../2
2) Covers construction and safe operation of new #Nuclear power plants for basically any function that helps to reduce CO2 emissions - generating electricity, industrial heat, district heating, producing hydrogen - as long as construction permit is issued by 2045 🌞🏗️⚛️ .../3
3) Existing EU #Nuclear fleet is also covered in the providing of low-cost financing for upgrades and modifications that will extend reactor operating life to maintain their contribution to climate mitigation, if authorized by 2040.🌞⚛️

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Who's worried that #SMR and #ASMB might dilute the value of #IOTA? I'm certainly not and here's why. Time for another 🧵👇
I believe #SMR and #ASMB provide a lot of additional utility to #IOTA. There's a lot of synergies to the tokens and together they're much stronger. Let's take a closer look at IOTAs utility:
1. IOTA must be held on firefly to receive the #SMR and #ASMB tokens. I anticipate these two airdroped tokens will become very valuable in the future. VCs have committed over $100m for just 10% of #ASMBs supply and it's likely Huobi will list these with other exchanges to follow
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Let's take a trip through the major releases on the @iota network since #chrysalis this April. 🧵(1/13)
Their brand new wallet, #Firefly, was released on April 21 in preparation for the token migration to the new #chrysalis network (#IOTA 1.0 -> #IOTA 1.5). (2/13)
Then the #chrysalis network (1.5) went live on April 28. The coordinator is still active, but this sets the stage for #coordicide (#IOTA 2.0) in the future. (3/13)…
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Aujourd'hui on va faire un point d'actualité sur les petits réacteurs #nucleaire s modulaires, les #SMR !

Pour cela on va passer par la 🇫🇷, la 🇸🇪, les 🇺🇸, la 🇨🇳, le 🇨🇦 mais aussi l'🇪🇪, la 🇫🇮, la 🇵🇱, la 🇨🇿, la 🇷🇴, les 🇳🇱 ...

Ca vous tente ?

C'est par ici ! ⤵️ Image
Alors petits rappels concernant les #SMR :

Pour avoir quelques données sur ce qu'on appelle un SMR ⤵️

Pour les réserves liées aux SMR ⤵️

Et si vous avez des questions sur les SMR posez les ici ⤵️
En 🇫🇷 les #SMR ont été mis sous le feux des projecteurs il y a peu à la suite de l'intervention d'@EmmanuelMacron lors de la présentation de #Francerelance ⤵️

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Initially, #IOTA was designed with the IoT in mind - lightweight, highly scalable, no transaction fees, parallel transactions, no miners.

Turns out this is also a great technical basis for every other scenario as well.

Since 17/18 a lot of things have happened:
The project is one of the most ambitious in the whole DLT space. The aim is so high that some don't believe it's possible: "scam" "garbage" etc. And 18/19 was a valley of despair. There were technical misconceptions and unnecessary dirty laundry.
Also - research is not a straight road - no organization has ever researched a feeless DLT system based on a DAG.

But the team took all the learning from the past and redesigned a whole new system with the same principles in mind. The birth of the current #Chrysalis network.
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🇨🇳 - Chine :

La 🇨🇳 prévoit de construire au moins 150 nouveaux réacteurs #nucléaire au cours des 15 prochaines années, soit plus que ce que le reste du monde a construit au cours des 35 dernières années.

Cet effort pourrait coûter jusqu'à 440Mds$…
Au début de l'année, le gouvernement a désigné l'énergie #nucléaire comme la seule forme d'énergie ayant des objectifs intermédiaires spécifiques dans son plan quinquennal officiel.
Il s'agirait du type de transformation énergétique globale dont les démocraties occidentales - qui doivent tenir compte des contraintes budgétaires, de la volonté politique et de l'opinion publique - ne peuvent que rêver. 😑
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