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US' Pentagon believes its precognitive AI can predict events 'days in advance' using Machine Learning! 😮

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#BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #Python #Coding #100DaysofCode #MLBS4Spoilers
US Northern Command recently completed a string of tests for Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE)

It is a combination of :

👉 AI
👉 Cloud Computing and
👉 Sensors

The machine learning-based system observes changes in raw, real-time data that hint at possible trouble. 🙌

This could lead to a major change in military and government operations in the US.

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The past few weeks I've been curating 2 custom cases focused on Product Management & Product Analytics as two amazing roles in Data and earned my CSPO 📚

I delivered it today 🙌🏽 fellows loved it, we need more Product Managers!

#data #product #WomenWhoCode #agile #codenewbie Image
Both roles hit a few "Top Jobs of 2020" reports during COVID, everyone's creating a product/service or adapting their products to remote, the demand exploded! ☄

We think of products like apps but products could be a service, like the DS4A training!👇
➡️ Airbnb is a product and a service
➡️ Uber is a product and a service
➡️ Your phone is a product
➡️ Consulting is a service

Today will be another great day in the DS4A community because the fellows will be learning how data plays a significant role in the product space.
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🙋‍♀️ Do you know AlphaFold? It is a protein-folding AI tool developed by Deepmind 🙌

Now Deepmind has announced something astonishing! 🤯

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#BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #Python #Coding #100DaysofCode #ML #ArtificialIntelligence
In December 2020, @DeepMind introduced AlphaFold which could predict the structure of proteins! 💯

This tool helped solve a 50-year grand challenge! 😮

@DeepMind “Protein folding is a problem I've had my eye on for more than 20 years,”
- DeepMind co-founder and CEO Demis Hassabis.

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Here is a 🧵of FREE Udemy Courses to help you in your journey to becoming a Data Analyst, Engineer or Data Scientist! Note: courses are free at time of post.

Let's start with SQL then Python.

#data #python #sql #analytics #datascience #cloud #sql #womenwhocode #blacktechtwitter
SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics…

MySQL for data analysis…

SQL Bootcamp - Hands-On Exercises - SQLite - Part II…
Microsoft Excel Masterclass for Business Managers…

Professional Program on SAP for Business Analytics (PPSBA)…

Python Complete Course For Python Beginners…
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21 Best Free SEO Tools -
A Thread🧵🧵
#Analytics and #Webmaster Tools

1. Google Search Console (@googlesearchc)
2. Bing Webmaster Tools (@BingWMC)
3. Google Analytics (@googleanalytics)
#Crawling and #Indexing Tools

4. Screaming Frog (@screamingfrog)
5. Beam Us Up (@BeamUsUpCrawler)
6. XML Sitemaps
7. Robots.txt Generator
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What did I learn from organizations getting started in #AI?

They start by not building, but by asking questions. (a thread..) (1/10) Image
What problems exist that needs to be solved?
Why can't this problem be solved by traditional software, Why do we need #MachineLearning ?(2/10)
The answer belongs to one in 4 categories:
Category 1) Need to process a lot of data and is not possible for traditional data analytics/BI methods to scale. Because you have to make many micro-judgements on pieces of information and you want to speed up decision making (3/10)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/24/2021…
Changes in farming practices could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2036…

#FarmingPractices #greenhouse #GasEmissions #reduction
Mindat: The Wikipedia for Minerologists, Miners, and “Rock Hounds” (Except Not)…

#minerals #database
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Buy Vs. Sell-Side Risk Information: Time to Differentiate between “Your Risk” and “My Risk” Reports
@CFAinstitute @GARP_Risk
Report Sample of Asset Allocation Analytics
Well, we all are accustomed to reading “Buy” and “Sell-Side” Investment Evaluation Reports prepared by Financial Research Analysts at various FIs such as Investment Companies operating in the Financial Markets.
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I've been a fan of @woonomic with his analysis on the cryptocurrency market through different perspectives on-chain and through technical analysis. One of my favorites is the Mayer Multiple analysis. Long read incoming but with TLDR at the end
1/ The Mayer Multiple is the current price of Bitcoin against long range historical price movements (200 day moving average), the Mayer Multiple shows when Bitcoin's price is overbought or oversold throughout the years.
2/ It's worth noting as the market becomes larger and less volatile, the peaks are becoming less exaggerated. here is the graph from 2014 to present
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This thread is not meant to be hopium but I want to point to some real credible data to make my case.

I will keep this thread short but filled with info to save both yours and my time.

Lets start the 🧵

$BTC #Bitcoin #BTC #Analytics
2/ If you have followed me for long time, you would know I use Futures market signals like Open Interest, Funding rate & Premiums to analyze the market sentiment & the probable direction we're going to go next. Here, we will use funding & OI for our analysis.

$BTC #BTC #Bitcoin
3/ If you take a close look at the below chart, there are red & green lines. Red are regions where price dumped soon after and green are when price pumped soon after.

Green lines are also those lines which have very low or negative funding. Red have very high positive funding Image
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Fellow devs we would love to share some data about #HundredDays release, we hope this could help ... first let's talk about wishlist: we launched with around 60K wishlist, we grew the last 10K in 6 days when we entered the "Popular upcoming" chart
From launch day 13/5 until the end of May we sold 12,5K copies: 89,5% of them on Steam, 10,5% on other stores combined (EGS, GOG, Stadia, Itch); top 3 countries are US, China and Germany ... we are super happy with the result ^^
During the first weekend we had "Mixed" and "Mostly Positive" review days, during Mostly Positive days we had 2,5M page views, while Mixed days dropped to 300K; first lesson learned: try as much as possible to keep up the reviews, especially if you are selling really well 😉
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I had attended a webinar recently and learnt something incredibly unique! I discovered that you could be a Data Scientist, but having a #specialisation is IMPORTANT!

What is a "specialisation"? How many kinds of specialisations are there in #DataScience Domain?

Thread🧵 Image
One can acquire all the skills of a Data Scientist, but having specialisation in a particular skill can set you apart from the rest. It can be anything! You can analyse data as no one else; data visualisation or database management (#DBMS) could be your niche.🤩
☑️Data Visualisation
If you have a knack for producing beautiful graphical representations from the data, this could be your domain of specialisation, and you could become a Data #Visualisation Engineer. Image
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How to set up a Conversion Funnel in Google Analytics for Shopify checkout

#Analytics #CRO #ecommerce #conversion

Here's my 16 steps guide 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
1) Go to your Google Analytics account, click on "Admin" (left-bottom part), select your desired View (right part) and then click on “Goals”.
2) Create a New Goal
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LOVE being faculty at @MIT this semester for a class on #dataanalytics & #datascience. I tend to PM my mentees, especially women and #blackexcellence to start to prepare questions to ask. Too often people stay silent. Speak up. Never be embarrassed to show #curiosity.
Listening right now to mid-semester progress reports from teams and am feeling like such a proud #datascience #BigData #bigdataanalytics momma. Bear cubs doing good (well AND good in world)

LOVE that this is a space within @MIT that focuses on #SDoH and #equity.
Literally right now, hearing about a study on #socialmedia chatter as a driver of vaccines hesitancy driven by #Twitter - start postulate "cause/effect" by an incident that happens within days after a vaccine - like ppl automatically assume a death is "caused" by vaccine
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🔴 Responsabilité numérique : l'exemple des #musées 🏛️

Je publie aujourd'hui une étude pour analyser l'état du web muséal français autour des enjeux d'#opendata, de #privacy, d'#a11y et d'#ecoconception.

Thread à dérouler ⬇️ 1/33
tl;dr : déroulez le thread ;

📰 Sinon, l'étude est accessible ici :
📊 Les données sont ici :… (eh oui, #opendata oblige)

Tout est sous licence @creativecommons, n'hésitez pas à la réutiliser. 2/X
❔ Partie 1 - Méthode - Quel périmètre d'analyse ?

Je me suis intéressé aux 100 #musées les plus fréquentés en France, en 2018. En repartant des données en #opendata du @MinistereCC.

Si on soustrait quelques doublons de sites, on obtient 89 sites web étudiés.

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Andy has hours of video over many years on the internet between keynotes, interviews, and more. I found this fireside chat from 2017 insightful into some of the basics that make AWS AWS. There are foundational, they're not hidden, they just execute
"It's something we passionately believe will make a huge difference in the year, and we're investing a gigantic amount of resources"
Andy on artificial intelligence and machine learning

#AI #ML #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #AndyJassy #AWS
"If you look at the history of AWS, in every part of our business, and what's driven us, is democratizing technologies that were only available to a small number of companies"
Andy on technology democratization
#AndyJassy #AWS #JeffBezos
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Many years ago my then employer @Teradata let me create a set of #Analytics cards. @JudyBayer and @edouardss helped hone them.

So here's a thread that some of you in #DataScience might find useful.

The idea was simple. If you are doing some cool Data Science every now and then just draw a card, and see if you can answer it for your project. If not... well.

So over the next 52 days (plus Joker days) I'm going to draw a card and explain why it's important. At #random. Because in data random is usually best.

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Super Thread:

The Digital #NewNormal Part 11:

The globalist's Master-Plan introduces NEW restrictions on our daily lives, we are now being offered only 2 choices.

A. Forced to stay in Economy busting Rolling Lockdowns or B. Prove immunity via Tests & Vaccine Certificates.

The core of this #COVID19 conspiracy is DATA, our Health data, that's what they ultimatly want & according to that data using #AI and #Analytics to form the new social control structures and privileges.

This also opens the way for touchless, #Biometrics & smarter societies.

Tony Blair Today:

"We have the best data systems in the world. Collecting data in one place, with one patient record is going to be absolutely vital, testing, vaccinations, every single thing to do with the development of this disease, is needed."…
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If you are NOT a clinician with DIRECT patient contact or other frontline service worker (janitor, delivery person, receptionist checking in patients F2F) and offered a vaccine, do the RIGHT thing and step back in line. #HealthcareHeroes needs to be more than a hashtag.
This is NOT okay.

#HealthcareHeroes my foot.

Actions > words

Trainees doing intubation daily should not have to protest to be heard that their LIVES are at risk as compared to administrators or non F2F care doctors.
I posted on #LinkedIn because, frankly, no administrator really follows #MedTwitter apart from “gotcha” policing to discipline or fire a whistleblower clinician.

This is unacceptable.

Admin before F2F care trainee?

Momma grizzly mode activated.…
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I was a product manager on Samsung #ecommerce and we were testing a hypothesis that users were ready to adopt purchase of products via chat i.e. conversational commerce. I got a $1M budget to validate it. Here’s how lack of model explainability dooms business decisions. Read on…
We selected the most popular chat app, FB Messenger, to test this hypothesis. To accelerate the test, we ran ads with a promotion that opened a chat window directly into our commerce chatbot.
Now about the ad target. We had a database of millions of users who had previously engaged with the Samsung brand. The target of 300k users for the ad campaign was decided by an #ML model.
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Meet @Mel_Bertram , the world class leader in
🧩Health Economics
🧩Health Systems Reforms
🌈(all of them including for) #UHC , #NCDs & #Cancer

Very soon at #Data #Analytics #Delivery4Impact #DDI @WHO
Dr Bertram is a well-recognized advocate and technical expert for the #cancer community, for the brilliant work to support efficient & effective global 🌐 cancer control planning!

Find more at: 👇👇👇
She led the developments of the first exercise of @WHO @UN @SDGoals #BestBuys recommendations for #Cancer, turning the Impossible into the possible:

👩🏼‍🏫 achieve cancer- specific goals in low- and middle- income countries, where #cancer should NOT be a sentence of death!!
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I'm excited to share something I've been working on recently.

Tag Mapper helps you avoid Google #TagManager mistakes which could lose you data.…

This visualisation is of a medium-complexity GTM account. This is what we're trying to navigate when we make changes - potential for unexpected issues is HIGH

Tag Mapper helps you see;
- What's at risk when you change something
- What could have caused something to break

Let me give you a scenario. You want to make a GTM change so you open up Tag Mapper. It takes the raw setup data from your GTM account.

If you don't know how to get your raw GTM setup - I've written a how-to blog post here;

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In pandemic & election, many have financial anxiety right now.

Whether it’s because of job loss or uncertainty of future, in current economic situation many of us worried about money.

#BTC #finance #bitcoin #StartUp #investing Image
Luckily there are some simple ways to combat financial anxiety.

Tackling anxiety often means change of mindset & financial anxiety is no different than that.

#LifeGoesOn #LaxmiVilasBank #sharemarket #Reliance #nifty50 #Nifty


Remember that comparison is thief of joy.

It’s really easy to look at Instagram & think that someone else has more money than you & by extension a better, cooler Life.

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