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Trump's cruel proposed cuts to food assistance wouldn't just massively increase hunger in the U.S...

If enacted, his SNAP cuts would kill ***2.8 million jobs.***

Great by @helaineolen (feat. @rwest817's last analysis for @amprog!)…
@helaineolen @rwest817 @amprog While his budget may be DOA because Dems took back the House, his proposed cuts to food assistance pose an immediate threat since he's trying to sidestep Congress to enact them.
Just one of those proposed cuts would take food assistance away from 755,000 struggling workers...

and as new @amprog analysis finds, also kill 178,000 jobs over the next decade, and 18,900 jobs next year alone, if it takes effect.…
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The Trump administration wants to boot 755,000 people off SNAP by cracking down on bullshit work requirements. Check out #HandsOffSNAP to learn more and find out how to submit a comment in opposition.
Work requirements were baked into SNAP from the start. States have been able to get waivers: these are what’s under attack.

Many people subject to work requirements are already working. Kicking people off SNAP doesn’t ‘lift people out of poverty,’ it just makes them hungry.
‘But these just apply to able-bodied adults without dependents,’ you say.

You can be disabled and still be viewed as ‘able-bodied’ for the government’s purposes. You can have dependents the government doesn’t recognise.
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Most families’ SNAP—which provides just $1.40 per person per meal—runs out by the 3rd week of the month.

For many, “budget carefully” = skip meals to stretch early-disbursed February benefits even further—especially since USDA has no plan for keeping SNAP funded into March.
The number of days SNAP households have to make it between February and March benefits—assuming there *are* March benefits—because of Trump’s shutdown:
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Trump is threatening his shutdown could last “months” or even “years.”

If it continues even a few more weeks, we’ll see hunger in America skyrocket as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka food stamps) starts to run short on funds.


1. SNAP, the nation’s largest food assistance program, helps nearly 40 million people in some 20 million households put food on the table.

Right now SNAP has enough federally appropriated funds to make it through January.
2. If the shutdown continues into February, millions of struggling Americans’ food assistance will be at risk as SNAP starts to run short on appropriated $.
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BREAKING: After failing to gut food stamps in the Farm Bill, Trump has announced he plans to sidestep Congress & unilaterally slash the program by fiat—just days before Christmas.

1. A proposed rule issued today by the Trump admin would significantly weaken the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), by making it even harder for unemployed & underemployed workers to access food assistance, under the guise of harsher “work requirements.”
2. According to the Trump admin’s own estimates, the rule could jeopardize food assistance for some 755,000 Americans struggling to find stable work.
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Great reporting by @Rewire_News.
I have spoken at length about work requirements, and this is why.

What is happening in Arkansas is infuriating.

There's a lot to unpack here, and I know threads can be tedious, but please stay with me. 1/
I live in rural PA, where progressives can be pretty moderate. Last spring, a member of our local progressive group's Facebook page commented, "What's the big deal? If they're able bodied, shouldn't they work?" The comment got "likes," so I asked to speak at the next meeting. 2/
I explained to the group that the goal of #workrequirements was not to get people to work, but to kick ppl off #Medicaid. I stressed that the bureaucracy surrounding work requirements targets those who work. After the meeting, so many said, "I hadn't thought of it that way." 3/
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Literally right as House & Senate began conference on the #FarmBill this morning, @USDA released a report finding 15 MILLION American households—about 1 in 6—struggled to put food on the table at some point last year.…
Yet House Republicans, led by @ConawayTX11, are STILL pushing for massive cuts to nutrition assistance that would take food away from 2 million Americans.
These are the members of Congress who are deciding whether to maintain food assistance through SNAP—or to take food out of the mouths of hungry kids & families to pay for millionaire & corporate tax cuts👇👇👇 #handsoffSNAP #FarmBill
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As of this morning, Republicans are still pushing ahead for a vote on the #GOPFarmBill, which would strip more than 2 million Americans of food assistance.

So it feels like a good time to review some facts about hunger in America.

For many of us, the word “hunger” evokes third-world images of kids with distended bellies. Or maybe the homeless man sitting on the subway grate. But in America in 2018, hunger and food insecurity are an alarmingly widespread experience.

In a recent national survey conducted by @amprog, nearly 40% of Americans report that they or someone in their immediate family faced serious problems with “having too little money to buy food”—just within the past year.…

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As of now, Congress is plowing ahead with a vote on a Farm Bill that slashes food assistance by $23 billion. Often lost in the discussion are the people who are helped by food assistance. Here are some of their stories. 1/7
Let’s start with the basics: Food insecurity is a widespread problem. Almost 1 in 7 Americans have a hard time affording food. Here’s what that looks like by state. 2/7…
As it stands, the House Farm Bill will cut nutrition benefits for about 2 million people by making work requirements even harsher. Since most recipients already work, that’s just going to add the type of red tape conservatives say they hate. 3/7…
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