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#HappyDeepavali #HappyDiwali Once, it so happened that Lord Krishna was standing in front of the mirror adorning himself. He was trying on different crowns on his head and putting on some fine jewelry while his charioteer waited outside with the chariot ready.
His charioteer
waited and waited and thought to himself – usually Krishna comes immediately, today he has still not come. So, out of curiosity he went inside to find out if the program was still on because Krishna was very unpredictable, anytime anything could change. So, the charioteer goes
inside and he sees Lord Krishna standing in front of the mirror admiring himself. He politely asked, “My dear Lord, tell me, why are you dressing up so much today. Where are we going?”Lord Krishna said, “I am going to meet Duryodhana.”
The charioteer said, “You are dressing up so
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Diwali greetings to all of you. On this auspicious occasion, I want to share with you a special gift I have from Devi Ma - the ability to create Yantras that work wonderfully in solving problems in their entirety.
They are specially beneficial in resolving Vastu & family issues, among others.
I do systematic & detailed Puja, invoke mantras before I hand it over to you, ensuring that it works.
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All #Hindu festivities have now become festivals celebrated by atheists, people not following any denomination, above all followed by other religious people! This is the current alarming trend. Let me narrate and reiterate why we celebrate Deepavali/Diwali. This #HinduFestival
symbolizes the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance". It is a Festival of Lights as the name suggests. In North India it is associated with Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and Ganesha, god of wisdom and the remover of obstacles,
with many other regional traditions connecting it to Sita and Rama, Vishnu, Krishna, Durga, Shiva, Kali, Hanuman, Kubera, Yama, Yami, Dhanvantari, or Vishvakarma. It is a celebration of the day Rama returned to his kingdom in Ayodhya with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana
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Sri Yantra is a form of mystical diagram, a Tantrik ritual drawing used for meditation and concentration.

The enchanting diagram consists of nine triangles that intersect at various points to form 43 smaller triangles. Five of the nine triangles point downwards & represent Shakti, the feminine power. The remaining four represent Shiva, the masculine & point upwards.
Aside from extremely complex geometric properties, the Sri Yantra has a very deep, detailed cosmological interpretation. It has also been observed to have a number of properties responsible for psychophysiological influences widely used in modern therapeutic suggestive methods.
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#HappyDeepavali #ஶ்ரீகிருஷ்ணன்கதைகள் கிருஷ்ண பரமாத்மா நரகாசுரனை வதம் செய்ததைக் கொண்டாடும் விதமாக தான் தீபாவளி பண்டிகை கொண்டாடப்படுகிறது. அதாவது நரகாசுர சதுர்தசி என்பார்கள். நம் பண்டிகைகளில் தீபத்திற்கு முக்கியத்துவம் உண்டு. தீபம் இல்லாத வழிபாடே இல்லை எனலாம். அதிலும் குறிப்பாக Image
தீபாவளி அன்று வரிசையாய் விளக்கேற்றி வைக்கும் போது, புற இருள் மட்டுமின்றி, அக இருளும் அழிந்து போகும். இதற்கு காரணம் தீபத்தில் பரமாத்மாவும், நெருப்பில் ஜீவாத்மாவும் வாசம் செய்து வருகின்றனர் என்ற நம் ஐதீகமே. தசாவதாரத்தில் ஒன்றான வராக அவதாரத்தை மஹாவிஷ்ணுக்கும்,
பூமாதேவிக்கும் மகனாக
பிறந்தவன் நரகாசுரன். முதலில் மிக நல்லவனாகத் தன் அன்னையிடமிருந்து பல கலைகள் கற்று சிறந்து விளங்கினான். அவன் வளர வளர தன்னுடைய அசுர குணதிற்கே உரித்தான அம்சத்துடன் எல்லோரையும் துன்புறுத்தலானான். தவத்தில் சிறந்த மகரிஷிகள், குருமார்கள் போன்றவர்களை இகழவும் செய்தான். ஈரேழு லோகங்களை
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Fireworks on Diwali
(A Thread)

One of the earliest paintings depicting such firework grandeur is that of Dara Shikoh’s marriage in 1633. Paintings from 16th & 17th cent. suggests that fireworks were part of celebrations/festivals by the masses (royalty as well as non-royalty)
@DalrympleWill @Mughal_imperial @IndoIslamicPage @Go_Movie_Mango @Redhotpedia @Royal_Mughals The only time when people were denied of fireworks was during Aurangzeb’s tenure. From 1665 onwards, Aurangzeb banned fireworks during Diwali because had considered it to be “Hindu practice”.
@DalrympleWill @Mughal_imperial @IndoIslamicPage @Go_Movie_Mango @Redhotpedia @Royal_Mughals Our ancient Sanskrit texts referred to Saltpetre as “Agnichurna“, its usage for producing smoke was documented 2300 yrs ago in Kautilya Arthasastra. Also, Chinese texts dating back to 7th century says that Indians were aware of Saltpetre & its usage for producing purple flames.
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May this festive season bring you peace and prosperity, happiness and health.

दीपावली का यह पावन पर्व आपके जीवन में सुख, शान्ती, समृद्धी तथा उत्तम स्वास्थ लाए।#दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।
இந்த பண்டிகைக் காலம் தங்களுக்கு செல்வம், மகிழ்ச்சி, ஆரோக்கியம் மற்றும் அமைதியை நல்கட்டும். இனிய தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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