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2016 | This #silver rhyton discovered at #Deylaman, Northern #Iran. The inscription as well as leading art #historians identify the #artefact as representing #Durga #Mahishasuramardini

Interestingly, it gives new insights into the high-quality production of silver icons
Its provenance is taken to be in Eastern #Afghanistan It was looted during the #Arab #Muslim raids on #Shahi and #Zunbil kingdoms of South Eastern Afghanistan in the latter half of seventh century. Its provenance beyond the #Hindu Kush is not surprising as #archaeology attests to
Its provenance is taken to be in Eastern #Afghanistan It was looted during the #Arab #Muslim raids on #Shahi and #Zunbil kingdoms of South Eastern Afghanistan in the latter half of seventh century. Its provenance beyond the #Hindu Kush is not surprising as #archaeology attests to
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Last week … I had the best time in #Ladakh

1. Yoga and Meditation Retreat
2. Some hiking
3. Cultural program at Lama Yuru village
4. River Rafting at Zanskar river (till the Sangam with Indus)
5. Motorcycling upto to #KhardungLa
Best #BlockLeave ever … (pics follow)
I am not the best #Yoga practitioner … but hopefully get better with practice
A little bit of #meditation (though my mind continues to wander)
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A whole pandemic later we're back in India to get things ready for the Kachchh Archaeological Project, with the support of @FundacionPalarq 💫

Here's what we are up to! ⬇️ Image
Hello from the Dept of Archaeology, University of #Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram 👋

We're working here with Profs Rajesh SV and Abhayan GS, directors of the excavations at the awesome burial site of Juna Khatiya in Kachchh, Gujarat Image
The site was partially excavated between 2019-2020 - until the global lockdown stopped the ongoing work

Dozens of Early Harappan burials have been documented so far - a cemetery dating back to over 5000 years ago! Image
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After partition in 1947, the water system was also bifurcated between Pakistan n India.

India cheated Pakistan when on April 1, 1948, India suddenly n without warning stopped...
...the supply of waters flowing into Pakistan's Central Bari Doab and Dipalpur Canals.

The boundary award on the partition of the sub-continent had left the headworks of these canals in Indian territory, and in accepting it India had implied her willingness to leave...

...the historic distribution of common waters undisturbed.

India's action was therefore in flagrant disregard not only of international law n morality, but of her solemn commitments with Pakistan and a gross violation of this country's historical rights over common waters.

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For those wondering about the timing of Indus Valley civilization and the reasons for its decline.

(Our text books and articles and historians still attribute the arrival of "Aryans" who conquered the Harappans!)😂

Just to share what i learnt and hoping it may get u interested
The tweets will be addressing with scientific evidence

1. When did the actual IVC start (earliest date as per evidence)
2. How did it flourish
3. Why did it decline

I have added the references alongside.
If i have made any mistakes, pls correct
The beginnings

Using oxygen isotope studies and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of pottery from various cultural levels of Bhirrana - Harappan site, Haryana the earliest level has provided mean 14C age of 8597 to 8171 years before present.

#india #indus #harappa
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I have developed a new found interest in human migration with special emphasis on Indian civilization of late.
After reading and understanding many articles published in this field – I am summarising my observations

#india #civilization
and posing a few questions hoping that some of you would be able to answer or correct me if I am wrong. Hope you like this..
The understanding of ancestry & human migration is based on studying the mitochondrial DNA from the skeletal remains from excavations.

The beauty of mitochondrial DNA, also called maternal DNA since it is derived from mother alone. The sequence of mt DNA stays the same over generations, and thus is a useful tool for looking at maternal ancestry. DNA is an alphabet soup made up of 4 letters - A,G,C,T

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Indus Valley Civilization: Great Civilization of South Asia #hidispus #indus #indusvalley #india
The Indus Valley Civilization is known to be one of the greatest ancient civilizations. However, why is it considered so great? What makes them an exceptional set of people?

Firstly, this civilization was great because of their innovations in art and architecture.
The materials they developed and used in their architecture could survive in any weather conditions and were long lasting.
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Alexander’s Indian Conquest: Why He Returned Without Conquest? #alexanderthegreat #hidispus #indus #macedonia
Alexander the great was one of the greatest emperors the world has seen. He conquered world’s biggest armies, kingdoms and rules. He was also the role model for many great conquerors and emperors that came after him including for Julius Caesar.
In fact, it is said that Julius Caesar wept in front of the statue of the Macedonian emperor, Alexander, and when asked for the reason he said at my age of 32 years, Alexander had conquered the whole world, while I am yet to do anything noteworthy.
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1/ 🚨🚨🚨

Potter is an elected official who has access to millions of dollars - but as the @MontereyHerald reported - when @JoeLivernois & @Calkins_Royal were in charge - he wasn’t a great businessman.

But LH set up a trust to help him get his Casa in the CCBTS. Easy.


Now his job, when he isn’t performing his duties as Mayor of #Carmel, is lobbying for the billion dollar #marijuana business.

Convenient. Friends in #high places.

@mcgreevy99 has written extensively (@latimes) about the 420 industry and allegations of #publiccorruption

in #LosAngeles and #SantaBarbara county.

We know the County of San Luis Obispo was just raided under the authority of a sealed federal search warrant investigation (*reported* by @CalCoastNews )looking into #paytoplay - involving their elected board of supervisors - in
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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