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🧵#txlege House now considering #HR4: Proposed Rules of Procedure

For Reference, the Current House Rules of Procedure can be found here:…
@BryanforHD2 attempted to make a motion to delay consideration of #HR4 until THURS, 1/12. In response, the Speaker indicated he was not recognized for such motions.
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👀The #txlege House will be taking up #HR3: Housekeeping Resolution & #HR4: Rules Resolution tomorrow (1/11) when they convene at 10AM


Notable proposed changes in #HR3: Housekeeping Resolution:

- Increase in #txlege staff compensation from a max $5,280/mo ($63,360) to that of $6,000/mo ($72,000). One staff member can still be exempted from this cap.
- Increase in monthly operating account credit from $15,250/mo ($183k/yr) to $17,250/mo ($207k/yr) in session and $15,500/mo (186k/yr) in #txlege interim.
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1/ Dems are attempting to gut the Senate #filibuster rule—used for nearly 200 years to ensure bipartisanship & consensus-driven decision making—in order to force their federal takeover of elections into law via #HR4.

Lean more about the Dem power grab ⤵️…
2/ #HR4 is a grab-bag of liberal policies that would effectively abolish #voterID, subject states to crushing mandates & penalize them for cleaning up outdated voting procedures.

Their goal? Rig the system in Dems' favor & silence conservative voices to preserve their power.
3/ #HR4 would force states to seek permission from the federal gov't to pass/change their election laws—giving the Biden admin veto authority over laws they don't like.

In reality, it's never been easier for Americans of every voting group to register & vote than it is today,
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Last week @TravisCrumLaw & @ProfNickStephan wrote two great summaries of #HR4 *as introduced* on @ElectionLawBlog. This week, the House passed HR4... but not before a few final tweaks, one of which is really worth highlighting: *retroactive* retrogression liability under § 2. /1
The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act moved swiftly from introduction to passage, but there was one set of amendments agreed to at the last minute that can be found in House Report 117-117. /2…
Among these is a change to the new provision allowing voters to bring retrogression challenges. This now covers laws enacted "on or after January 1, 2021" (i.e., all of the restrictive laws enacted at the state level over the past half year). Below is the before/after. /3
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.@JacksonLeeTX18 and @RepTerriSewell with a group of Texas House Dems for a presser on today’s #HR4 vote
Rep. Jackson Lee notes/gives the TX Dems some credit for wthe addition of an anti-regression provision to #HR4: “We will move next to the senate and make sure they uphold the banner of courage.”
.@NicoleCollier95: “we left Texas because the fix was in…we came to Washington because the answer is here….we are grateful for the action of the house to protect our freedom to vote.”
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.@RepJoeNeguse speaking in favor of #HR4 in debate over the rule to advance that bill and others: "Mr. Lewis often told us the vote is the most powerful, nonviolent tool we have. Unfortunately, it is a tool yet under the glaring absence of federal standards."
@RepJoeNeguse "It's taken a long and bumpy road to get here, so I'm happy to be here on the floor" — @RepFischbach
@RepJoeNeguse @RepFischbach Fishbach says #HR4 "grants the federal government unprecedented control over state and local elections," and it "empowers the attorney general to bully states"
Adds: "we need safeguards that make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. That is not HR. 4"
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Today, with enormous pride and endless gratitude for those who marched here before me, I will be standing at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama to announce the introduction of #HR4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, in the 117th Congress.
I know I don't stand here alone. I stand on the shoulders of the countless brave men and women who fought, bled, and died here before me so that every American, regardless of their background, could enjoy the most sacred and fundamental right our nation offers—the right to vote.
As history teaches us, progress is elusive. Today, old battles have become new again as we face the most coordinated effort to restrict the right to vote in generations & a Supreme Court keen on destroying our nation's most consequential civil rights law, the #VotingRightsAct.
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If you listened solely to Democratic talking points & the so-called mainstream media, you would be convinced that America is a systemically racist & Republicans are hell bent on disenfranchising large swaths of voters. Both notions are patently false.
In fact, in 2021 it is easier to register and vote now than at any point in American history – no matter what color your skin is. This is a measure of progress of which we should all be proud.
Despite these facts, Dems in Congress have manufactured a myth of widespread voter suppression to impose a federal takeover of elections via #HR4, the #JohnLewisVotingRights bill, introduced (and never passed) in the last Congress as #HR4.
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AG Merrick Garland is giving a speech on voting rights at the DOJ starting momentarily — will thread highlights/notable quotes here
starts by shouting out newly confirmed @KristenClarkeJD as leader of the DOJ civil rights division
Garland: "There are many things that are open to debate in America, but the right of all eligible citizens to vote is not one of them"
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The secret Heritage video exposed by @ariberman makes abundantly clear what we’ve known all along: despite what Brian Kemp, Barry Fleming, and GOP officials across the country have said, #SB202 and other anti-voting bills are part of a nationwide GOP-led attack on voting rights.
This attack has been engineered by the far-right Heritage Foundation to disenfranchise voters of color in response to the Big Lie surrounding the 2020 election.
Heritage is, at this very moment, conspiring with Republican state legislators in states like Texas, where voter suppressors are finalizing bills behind closed doors.
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Hi Twitter, based on followers almost all of you don't know me. My name is Ben, I'm a Dem pollster working for @TargetSmart. I recently had the honor to work on an important project with @fairfightaction. Thread here on results of what we're nicknamed the Save Democracy Poll.
The goal of the project was to measure public opinion on key provisions in #HR1 #HR4 and the various voter suppression legislative vehicles that have been moving in GA and AZ. Here's a link to the full deck we've released:
Big picture is voter suppression is unpopular AF.
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@Georgia_NAACP⁩ will use every legal option available to protect the right of all Georgians to vote. Despite this set back, we are motivated now more than ever.

We are not defeated - we’re just getting started.…
This is not only an unfunded mandate on local counties but an egregious power grab by Republicans trying to maintain political power. Let the record reflect that rather than trust democracy, they corrupted it to appease conspiracy theorists.

Luckily, this isn’t over. #GaPol
Democracy is under attack by partisan agendas and we can do something about it right now. We need everyone to call their Congress member and their U.S. Senators and urge them to pass #HR1 and #HR4 today.
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THREAD: As the nation remembers #BloodySunday and the violent scenes on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Republicans in state legislatures are fighting to resurrect the dark history of Jim Crow, and Georgia is on the front lines of GOP voter suppression. #gapol…
From attempts to criminalize those handing out food and water to voters waiting in long lines, to efforts dismantle the Black church tradition of Souls to the Polls, these bills, like those in the era of Bloody Sunday, are targeting Black and brown voters.…
Advocates, voters, and faith leaders are speaking out against bills like #HB531 and #SB241 that prolong an age-old legacy of racist voter suppression. On the anniversary Bloody Sunday, the urgency of passing #HR1 and #HR4 cannot be overstated.…
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"This is the first commemoration of #BloodySunday without John Lewis. John Lewis was our moral compass, our North Star...He left us this past year, but he didn't leave us without directions & instructions. He told us to vote like never before. And we did." --@Sifill_LDF #Selma56
"That day...Georgia elected for the first time since Reconstruction a Black United States Senator, and GA also elected for the first time in its history a Jewish United States Senator...They are symbols of what we can do when we marshal our strength and determination to vote."
"What Black voters have faced for centuries, when white supremacists have found themselves to be losing power, was finally seen by the entire country on January sixth. And that means we have a lot more work to do than many people understood." --@Sifill_LDF
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Today is the anniversary of #BloodySunday, the day 600 people began a march in Selma after police killed an unarmed black man.

At the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, they were beaten & gassed by police. Amelia Boynton, knocked unconscious. A young John Lewis, fractured skull.
The peaceful march was to confront Alabama’s governor about police abuses of power & the denial of Black people’s voting rights. They were only given more violence, more oppression.

Nevertheless, they persisted. Bloody Sunday was just the first of the Selma to Montgomery marches
More marches followed w/ the right to vote taking center stage. And the fight continues today against those who want to make it harder for some Americans to vote.

#HR1 & #HR4 (aptly named after John Lewis) are needed to restore hard-won protections.…
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THREAD: Georgia now has TWO of the worst voter suppression bills in the nation moving quickly through our legislature: #SB421 and #HB531. #SB241 would end no-excuse mail voting, implement new ID requirements, and add witness requirements for mail voters. #gapol
Today #HB531 passed out of committee- it would restrict dropbox access, add new ID requirements for mail voting, force counties to choose between offering some Saturday OR Sunday voting, and more. The GOP-led GA legislature is unrelenting in their attacks on voting rights. #gapol
Not only are these ID and witness restrictions suppressive and unnecessary, they are outwardly discriminatory, and would have a disparate impact on Black and other minority voters across our state, as well as older voters and voters in single-person households. #gapol
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Like many who were enslaved when they were born, #FrederickDouglass did not know his birthdate. He adopted February 14th as his birthday. He remains among the most brilliant, fierce, eloquent, prescient Black leaders and American patriots in our history. Heed his words. 1/
In January 1865 Douglass gave a speech “What the Black Man Wants” in which he pressed for the right to vote. Among the reasons:
“I believe that when the tall heads of this Rebellion shall have been swept down...& blotted out, there will be this rank undergrowth.....” 2/
“...of treason... interfering with the quiet operation of the Federal Govt in those States. You will see traitors handing down, from sire to son, the same malignant spirit which they have manifested & which they are now exhibiting....with broad blades & bloody hands....” 3/
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Sen. McConnell has been stalling progress for the American people for far too long.

#COVID19 relief for families and businesses, common sense gun safety legislation, and healthcare protections are just a few of the HUNDREDS of bills awaiting action on his desk.

A list...
It’s been 510 days since the House passed #HR8 -- a common sense, bipartisan, gun safety bill that could save lives.

Still no vote in the Senate.…
It’s been over 500 days since the House passed #HR1 to reduce the influence of $$ in our politics, protect our elections, and restore faith in our democracy.

Still no vote in the Senate.…
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Statements honoring a fallen giant of American history ring hollow from someone who is blocking the civil rights reforms @repjohnlewis championed, @senatemajldr.

Enacting #HR4 & restoring the Voting Rights Act is the most important way this Senate could honor his life & legacy.
As long as this @WhiteHouse opposes restoration of the Voting Rights Act that @repjohnlewis helped enact in 1965, the claims of its staff ring hollow:
And President Trump’s support for flying the Confederate flag speaks for itself:…
In a proclamation published on the White House website attributed to @POTUS — but not tweeted by @PressSec @WhiteHouse or Trump — this POTUS ordered US flags be flown at half-staff today as a mark of respect for the memory & public service of @repjohnlewis… Image
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7 yrs. ago today SCOTUS issued the disastrous Shelby decision, gutting the Voting Rights Act & unleashing a torrent of voter suppression. Just days ago we saw Shelby in action: sudden poll closures & long lines ALL OCCURRING in minority-heavy precincts. Coincidence? No.
We need to act fast & #ProtectOurVote by taking up & passing my bipartisan Voting Rights Advancement Act which the House ALREADY passed (#HR4) & is supported by 46 senators. My #VRAA would restore the Voting Rights Act, and in doing so, #RestoreTheVote. Image
Why is @senatemajldr afraid to release the #VRAA from his legislative graveyard? Empowering all Americans to vote isn't a Democratic or Republican priority; it's the American way. I urge all senators to join me in calling on Leader McConnell to allow a vote to #RestoreTheVote
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55 years ago, brave women and men marched from Selma to Montgomery, risking their lives to demand full and equal participation in our democracy. Because of them, today Congress and state legislatures and city councils all over the country look a little more like America.
But today we find ourselves fighting modern-day poll taxes and literacy tests. We're witnessing the systematic dismantling of the voting rights the footsoldiers of Selma, including my friend @repjohnlewis, were beaten & bloodied for. We can't allow their sacrifices to be in vain.
On this anniversary of #BloodySunday, let's tell Mitch McConnell: stop blocking #HR4.

It's time to restore the most fundamental right in our democracy - the right to vote.
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After months of hearings held across the country and powerful evidence of widespread voter suppression schemes advanced by state and local govts, the House prepares to pass #HR4.
Grateful to voting rts advocates, citizens, experts, & the community of civil rights orgs who brought forth the evidence to support this legislstion. @NAACP_LDF @ACLU @LawyersComm @civilrightsorg & so many others & House leadership @RepTerriSewell @RepMarciaFudge @SpeakerPelosi
In 1886 in Yick Wo v Hopkins the Supreme Court stated that the right to vote is “preservative of all rights.” #HR4 is essential the very legitimacy of our democracy and to the right of racial and language minorities to having our voices heard.
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The 202-page House rules resolution was just filed. #HR4 has several changes for the upcoming @86thLegislature, so I'll be recapping some of those changes in this thread. #txlege
Rule 2, Section 9 is modified to allow "not more than two individuals to serve as parliamentarian." Speaker Bonnen announced that Sharon Carter and Hugh Brady will be the co-parliamentarians. #txlege
These committees will increase in members 7 to 9:
Ag. & Livestock
Bus. & Industry
Criminal Juris.
Culture, Rec. & Tourism
Defense & Veterans' Affairs
Interntl. Relations & Econ. Devel.
Juvenile Justice & Family Iss.
Land & Resource Man.
Urban Affairs
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