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📺 @GabbyGiffords just addressed the #DemocraticConvention. She's speaking not just about gun safety, but drawing a powerful metaphor b/w her nearly decade-long recovery and the fight against gun violence: One more step, one more word. One more law, one less shooting. 1/
.@GabbyGiffords continues her recovery. This is her longest speech since being shot and is the product of countless hours of practice. She says, "I found one word & then I found another... America needs us all to speak out, even when you have to fight to find the words." 2/
“Words once came easily, today I struggle to speak, but I have not lost my voice." - @GabbyGiffords 🎙️


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Sen. McConnell has been stalling progress for the American people for far too long.

#COVID19 relief for families and businesses, common sense gun safety legislation, and healthcare protections are just a few of the HUNDREDS of bills awaiting action on his desk.

A list...
It’s been 510 days since the House passed #HR8 -- a common sense, bipartisan, gun safety bill that could save lives.

Still no vote in the Senate.…
It’s been over 500 days since the House passed #HR1 to reduce the influence of $$ in our politics, protect our elections, and restore faith in our democracy.

Still no vote in the Senate.…
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Today marks 26 years since our namesake Brady Bill went into effect on Feb. 28, 1994. To date, Brady Background Checks have saved countless lives.

The story of the people behind this lifesaving law — Jim & Sarah Brady — is vitally important. #BackgroundChecksSaveLives

In 1981, Jim Brady was @WhiteHouse Press Secretary. He was shot in the head during the assassination attempt on Reagan. He spent the rest of his life recovering. #EndGunViolence #BackgroundChecksSaveLives
The shooter who left Jim Brady paralyzed could have been blocked from buying his gun under the Brady Bill.

He'd lied on the federal form when he bought the firearm. The tragedy had been prevented. #BackgroundChecksSaveLives
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It’s been one year and almost 40,000 deaths since @senatemajldr received #HR8, the #UniversalBackgroundChecks bill.
Why are you so afraid to put it to a vote #MassacreMitch? Is it because you know more than 90% of US residents approve it and you know getting your fellow @SenateGOP members who answer to the NRA on record voting NO will hurt them in the elections? #EndGunViolence #HR8
Well guess what, NOT putting it to a vote is hurting YOU and your fellow @SenateGOP members anyways because @MomsDemand volunteers are watching your inaction knowing blood is on ALL of your hands. #EndGunViolence #HR8
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THREAD: Today marks one year since the House passed #HR8, a bill requiring a background check for every gun sale.

In the year Mitch McConnell has refused a vote in the Senate, 40,000 people have been shot and killed.

I want you to hear a few of their stories. It's important.
2/ In March 2019, 1 month after #HR8 got to the Senate, Shelby Verderosa was home with her six-month-old daughter when she was shot and killed in Phoenix. As a new mom Shelby "was doing everything she possibly could to make sure her daughter had the best life," said her cousin.
3/ Lamar Sharp was at a picnic in Kansas City in April, two months after #HR8 got to the Senate, when he heard gunshots. Instead of running toward safety, he ran to save his friend's two-year-old grandson and was shot three times. He died five days before his 32nd birthday.
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Mitch McConnell said today that he can't call the Senate back in session yet because staff needs time to draft gun violence prevention bills. Yeah, right.🙄 Here are four pieces of legislation we already passed in the House that @senatemajldr could hold a vote on TODAY:

1. #HR8, The Bipartisan Background Checks Bill would expand background checks on gun sales — including those at gun shows, over the internet or from private dealers –– that currently don't require a background check. Total no-brainer and supported by over 90% of Americans.
2. #HR1112 would close the Charleston loophole, which enabled Dylann Roof, the murderer of nine innocent churchgoers in Charleston, to get his hands on a handgun he would have otherwise been denied, due to a delay in his background check processing. This happens too often.
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#GiveUsAVote! The American people deserve to have real representation. In a recent poll 97% favor background checks.

H.R.8 - Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019

It’s time #MoscowMitch acted for the good of the people rather than for the NRA and Putin.
How effective are expanded gun background checks?

Academic research offers that background checks have a potential to reduce crime, but in practice, results are mixed.

It is a first step. Do nothing? Close the private sale loophole next.
Here is a fact check and notation of several polls and results on America’s approval of universal background checks for firearms purchases.
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$9.9K: What the @NRA gave to @senrobportman's campaign in 2016.
$242K: What the NRA spent on independent expenditures (like ads) supporting Portman in 2016.
$1.55M: What the NRA spent opposing Portman's challenger.
$3.06M: How much the NRA has spent on Portman since 1990.
@NRA @senrobportman Our question for @senrobportman is simple: when will you publicly urge @senatemajldr to put #HR8 to expand background checks to a vote in the Senate?
@NRA @senrobportman @senatemajldr We know what side you stand on @senrobportman — and it's not the people you represent and the victims in #Dayton.
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Not even one week later, another tragic mass shooting. I am thinking of our fellow Americans in #ElPaso.
But let’s be clear: these two incidents weren’t even the only two mass shootings in the past 7 days. See for yourself >>
The numbers are shocking, but we must also remember that each life lost to gun violence is not just a statistic. Their loved ones will never see them again. And survivors may endure lifetimes of physical and mental trauma.
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Ok, all (and especially for fellow Californians, wondering what to do):

There are gun control laws which have been passed by the House, which have not been taken up by the Senate, because McConnell

Let's raise hell throughout recess with Senators to force movement on the bills.
The bills, as follows:

1. #HR8, the Bipartisan Background Check of 2019.

Legislation name is self-explanatory, but it passed on passed in the House on February 27, 2019. It would require a background check for every firearm sale…
Gabrielle Giffords wrote to McConnell in June to urge the Senate take it up.

“Speaking is difficult for me, but I am writing to say, as loudly as I can: bring H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, or S. 42, the Background Check Expansion Act, up for a vote without delay
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Three years ago, an act of brutality & hate stole 49 beautiful souls at #Pulse Nightclub. We will never forget the darkness of that night – but neither will we forget our commitment to #HonorThemWithAction.
Just a few short months ago, the House passed #HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, and H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act – legislation inspired by the courage of survivors & the persistence of young advocates across the country.
It’s time for the Senate to follow suit by holding a vote on these commonsense measures to prevent gun violence. #HonorThemWithAction #Pulse
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Ok, let's reorientate this week, in light of recent news.

1. Please remember: the House passed #HR8 on February 27th. It's the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.

Today is a good day to call Senators and ask them to take it up.…

(Scripts at end)
2. This week is also the week the House is expected to set up votes to override Trump's veto on the national emergency.

(The speculated date is tomorrow, 3/26 - be aware). Definitely call and ask your House members to support the veto override. We need 290 in the House.
Link to original story:…
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Today’s historic gun safety victory in Congress is a testament to courage. Just eight weeks into the new Congress, courage is what inspired the House to pass #HR8.
When it looked like the gun lobby would forever silence any debate on stronger gun laws, courage shone through. Courage embodied by relentless advocates and resilient survivors, and exemplified by leaders who ran for office and won on the promise to fight for a safer future.
Tragically, the cost to our communities while we waited over a decade for this progress has been far too high. Hundreds of thousands of American lives have been lost. Far too many families and communities, including my own, have been forever changed.
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A background check requirement for unlicensed sales could have saved a woman who was shot and killed in January 2018 in Appleton, Wisconsin, by her husband, who was able to purchase the firearm from a seller he met online, despite his prohibiting felony conviction.
It could have saved a woman, her husband, and six children—aged 6 to 13—who were all killed by her former partner in August 2015 near Houston, Texas. Despite an extensive prohibiting criminal history, the killer was able to buy a gun from a stranger he met online.
Or another woman who was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend in May 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The killer, who also seriously injured her two children in the shooting, had a prohibiting restraining order against him, but was able to purchase a firearm from an unlicensed seller.
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Trump: Day 766
-Forcibly Kissed ex-Campaign Staffer
-Threatens 2 Veto Background Check
-Org Asks House 2 Halt Their Probes
-Departs for Vietnam NK Summit 2.0
-Russia Lists Nuclear Targets in U.S.
-Slammed by Fmr Fed Reserve Chair
-GOP Lining Up to Block Declaration
Day 871 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Former campaign staffer alleges in lawsuit that Trump kissed her without her consent.
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Trump: Day 765
-Seeks Self-Indulgent Rally July 4th
-Fawns Over Kim Ahead of Summit
-Pompeo Sz NK Still a Nuclear Threat
-Floats "Progress" in China Trade Talk
-50%+ Job Approval in Only 17 States
-Sen Cornyn Quotes Benito Mussolini
-"No Factual Basis" 4 Natl Emergency
Day 870 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 721 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Trump: Day 754
-Installed Room-Sized Golf Simulator
-Refuses 2 Back-Pay Fed Contractors
-Aims 2 Detain Children at Toxic Site
-Judge Voids Manafort's Plea Deal
-FEMA's Chief Brock Long Resigns
-Hypocrisy Exposed by Jake Tapper
-Schedules Rally in Miami 4 Monday
Day 859 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 710 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Today, @HouseJudiciary is taking another step towards ending gun violence by marking up #HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act.
The gun violence epidemic has gone on for too long. 97% of Americans support passing commonsense background check laws – and yet these important measures have been held up in Congress for years.
Ensuring background checks on gun sales & transfers is the most effective and efficient way to start saving lives. I hope my @HouseGOP colleagues will step up and pass #HR8 so we can get commonsense, bipartisan solutions in place.
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Trump: Day 747
-Dems Launch New Investigations
-Calls Adam Schiff a "Political Hack"
-CoS Sz 'Nobody Cares' About Deficit
-2018 4th Warmest Year on Record
-1st Gun Violence Hearing in 8 Years
-Rolling Back Consumer Protections
-More Tarriffs Would Cost 900k Jobs
Day 852 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
The DOJ has launched an investigation into how federal government lawyers handled the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy Florida man accused of having sex with underage girls.

One of those lawyers, Alex Acosta, is now Trump's Labor Secretary.…
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In honor of @MomsDemand & @Everytown’s Gun Violence Survivor Week, I am sharing my #MomentsThatSurvive story publicly for the first time. While I was trying to break up with a man, he grabbed me and pressed a gun to the back of my head. 1/6
He asked, “do you think it’s loaded or not?” He let out a low laugh, and then pulled the trigger. I heard a click. He immediately said “what the f*ck”, obviously perplexed as to why the gun didn’t fire. 2/6
In his shock, he loosened his grip on me and I was able to breakaway from him to run out the door. I left a jean jacket behind that I wore so often people associated me with it. People I barely knew recognized the pins on my jacket before they recognized me. 3/6
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It’s Friday, so call me crazy, but I can’t wait for next week. On Wednesday, our @HouseJudiciary Committee will have the first hearing on gun violence in 8 years. A new Congress is putting your right to be safe over any other rights. #EnoughIsEnough #HR8
For too long, an NRA-controlled Congress failed to pass common sense gun laws, instead allowing the most dangerous weapons to be in the hands of the most dangerous people. Predictably, thousands have died. & Congress would respond w/ moments of silence & zero moments of action.
Those days are over. Your life matters. Your child’s freedom to learn without fear matters. Your ability to go to church without going through a metal detector matters. And young black men, who we lose every day in our cities to gun violence, matter. #EnoughIsEnough
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Trump: Day 730
-Day 30 of the #TrumpShutdown
-TSA Unschedled Absences Hit 8%
-Pursued Moscow Deal Up 2 Election
-Mocks Climate-Change Cuz It's Cold
-Lies About Hispanic Approval Polling
-Compared to MLK by Mike Pence
-No Events Scheduled 4 MLK Day
-Called a "Sad Specimen" by Will
Day 835 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 686 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Trump: Day 728
-Day 28 of the #TrumpShutdown
-Federal Workers Stand in Food Lines
-Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress?
-Allowed Sen Graham to Fly to Turkey
-Meets NoKo Spy Chief in Oval Office
-Gambling Reversal Linked 2 Donor
-Teases a "Major Announcement"
Day 833 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 684 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Trump: Day 727
-Day 27 of the #TrumpShutdown
-Blocks Pelosi Trip 2 Visit the Troops
-Lies, Hypocrisy & Pettiness in Letter
-Melania Flies 2 Mar-a-Lago 4 Wkend
-Directed Cohen 2 Pay 4 Poll Rigging
-Opposes $600M in PR Hurricane Aid
-1,000's of Migrant Kids Uncounted
Day 832 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 683 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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