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Em reunião com parlamentares da Comissão da @camaradeputados que discute a PEC do voto impresso hoje (21/6), o presidente do @TSEjusbr, @LRobertoBarroso, afirma que o objetivo do encontro é demonstrar a segurança, a transparência e a auditabilidade do processo eleitoral 👇
De acordo com o Secretário de Tecnologia da Informação do @TSEjusbr, Júlio Valente, "Tínhamos até 1994 um paradigma manual, c/ intervenção humana na apuração. A partir do momento em que o processo foi automatizado, conseguimos retirar, em um processo crítico, essa intervenção" 👇
Ainda nesta tarde (21/6), o Assessor Especial da Presidência do @TSEjusbr, Giuseppe Janino, destaca: “são vários mecanismos p/ se auditar a #urnaeletrônica, possíveis graças ao paradigma digital, que possui atributos como: autenticidade, imutabilidade, rastreabilidade do voto” 👇
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HAPPENING NOW: Press Call with Immigrant Advocates and Potential TPS Holders Call on Administration for Central America TPS Designations

.@oachacon61, Executive Director of @ALIANZAAMERICAS will be moderating the press call to urge the Biden administration to act swiftly on TPS designations for Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.
.@albornoz_gabe Vice President, @MoCoCouncilMD:

"If we receive an additional of TPS designation status... it will allow yet another generation of immigrants to establish strong roots here"
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Addressing Anti-Black Systemic Racism in U.S. Immigration Law and Policy — This panel features @DianaKonate w/ @AfricansUS, Haddy Gassama w/ @UndocuBlack, @MustafaJumale w/ @mnbictweets, @PenielIbe w/ @afsc_org #ConveneWithCLINIC
It also includes @RISServes Staff Attorney Christy Williams and is moderated by CLINIC Director of Advocacy @lisa_parisio.
@PenielIbe discussing how immigration is a space where anti-Blackness appears in layers of issues like education and health care.
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Joining the panel — Advising #TPS Clients — presented by Training and Legal Support Staff Attorneys Ilissa Mira and Jennifer Riddle. #ConveneWithCLINIC
With every development regarding #TPS and DED, CLINIC updates our dedicated webpage. View it here:…
After an overview of the latest federal actions on #TPS designations and current USCIS policies, the presenters are working through practice cases with attendees, providing best practice advice.
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Tuning into the workshop: Hot Topics in Immigration Law with Charles Wheeler, Director of Training and Legal Support, or TLS, Ilissa Mira, TLS Staff Attorney, and Martin Gauto, TLS Senior Attorney. #ConveneWithCLINIC
TLS Director Charles Wheeler discusses recent changes to #PublicCharge.

You can view articles and resources on the current status of #PublicCharge here:…
TLS Staff Attorney Ilissa Mira provides an overview of the #TPS landscape.

CLINIC's TPS/DED page is updated frequently to reflect new designations, redesignations and more!…
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CLINIC Convening 2021 opens with the Welcome Plenary: Charting a New Course.

This session includes a fireside chat between Chief of Staff, Office of the Director, USCIS @feliciaedc and @CLINICexec Anna Gallagher #ConveneWithCLINIC
Regardless of faith background, service connects us all in the CLINIC network to serve those immigrating to the United States. - @CLINICexec
After canceling CLINIC Convening 2020 due to the pandemic, CLINIC Convening 2021 saw the largest number of registrants in the conference's history. #ConveneWithCLINIC
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"Maria Praeli ... said she and others spoke candidly to Biden about their concerns and about worries their fates could be upended by a TX court if Congress doesn’t act.

'Our lives have been in limbo for far too long,' Praeli said." #HomeIsHere #HereToStay
#DACA recipient @mariapraeli: “I am enormously grateful to President Biden and his team for taking the time today to hear from—and truly listen to—#DACA recipients like me in the Oval Office." #HomeIsHere #HereToStay
“Our lives have been in limbo for far too long. Every day that goes by without Congress passing permanent legislative protections—for Dreamers and #DACA recipients like me, #TPS holders, farmworkers, and the entire undocumented population ..." #HomeIsHere #HereToStay
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Para tener un poco de contexto: el #TPS está cancelado, la última extensión vence en octubre 2021. El rol del embajador León en los 90 y las gestiones del gob. de #ElSalvador ,de entonces, lograron que el #USCongress estableciera este beneficio migratorio para los #Salvadoreños
Las extensiones hechas para los salvadoreños entre los 90 y 2017 dependieron de la gestión y el lobby de los gob. y los embajadores de #ElSalvador Desde 2016 esta gestión las realizan en gran medida los mismos tepesianos agrupados en la @TPS_Alliance
Cuando 2017 la Administración #Trump canceló el programa, el gob. de #ElSalvador dirigido por Bukele y representado por la canciller Hill en #USA aceptaron el término del programa con una pequeña extensión, a cambio de firmar acuerdos de agenda anti inmigrante
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🗣Today we’re gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza, alongside thousands, READY to march and make our demands heard. @POTUS immigrant families are counting on you! #Citizenship4All
🦋 Today, we fight to ensure that the Biden administration keep the promises made to immigrants at the start of these 100 days. Where are you on this historic day?! Join us in DC! #MayDay #ImmigrantWorkersAreEssential
📢📢📢 @POTUS and Congress, can you hear us from Freedom Plaza? We come in thousands to remind you that immigrant workers are essential and deserve a path to citizenship NOW! #WeAreHome #ImmigrantJustice
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Sanchez argument has started & counsel for TPS recipients is up. If you're listening there's a lot of talk about what the TPS statute says & if it meant to allow TPS recipients to adjust status based on certain words. It's important to remember what's at stake in human terms. /1
The TPS recipients in these consolidated cases have been in the U.S. for 20 years on TPS. Adjustment of status allows them to get green cards and stability in the country that is already their home. Of course, Congress could fix this by passing the #PromiseAct. /2
This issue has divided the courts of appeal below. The 3rd, 5th & 11th Circuits have determined that TPS recipients who originally entered w/o inspection cannot adjust status, while the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 6th, 8th & 9th Circuits have held to the contrary. /3
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NEW from @MauritanianFor “'Land Slavery'” + Stolen Land - Another Tool for Oppression of Black Mauritanians." For decades, Mauritanian gov't has taken land, livestock, + water access from families. No consultation, no compensation.
Property rights are HUMAN rights. Mauritania is rich in natural resources, but gov't chooses to take from the ppl + give to global corporations, fattening their own pockets, while whole villages disappear.
Land-grabbing is an intrinsic part of oppression of Black Mauritanians by Beydane power structure. It is racially motivated. It forces migration. It's a calculated part of the plan to disappear Black people from the nation + send them to Senegal, Spain, anywhere but here.
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All they have to do is *not this.* This is an argument for separating people lawfully present in the US for decades from their families.

So: don't. Stop. The bar is on the floor here. No one is making you do this. Just don't.

There's no easy way to know how many ppl would be harmed by this directly, but #TPSElSalvador protects ~200,000 alone, and very few of those came with inspection.
And we're not talking about cutting off some general "line" or pathway to citizenship here. If adopted by SCOTUS this argument would most directly harm immigrants married to US citizens and/or with adult US citizen children who would otherwise be able to file for them.
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New bill by @gillibrandny would expand access to legal counsel for immigrants facing deportation. This is long overdue + the principles within it should be enacted by any means, legislative or administrative.…
My friend @Houleyeet23, Pres of @MauritanianFor, says: "decisions made in immigration court are often life-or-death matters. And where is your public defender? I know many people who fled Mauritania with nothing, because they were running for their lives...
...In US, they tried to explain what happened, but didn’t know language, much less how to present ;egal case. My heart hurts for ppl who lost their cases + have been deported, simply bc they didn’t have a lawyer. We need a ‘public defender’ program in the U.S. Immigration Court."
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Join us, and our partners on Zoom or Facebook Live for the virtual #Immigrationsummit, Intermountain Rising: Unlocking our Region’s Economic Potential Through Bipartisan Immigration Reform.

Register here 👉
ABIC Board Member @bob_worsley helps us open our summit today as he recounts his experience as a member of the #ArizonaStateSenate, his love for the Hispanic and immigrant community, and his beliefs of the need to create bipartisan commonsense immigration reform.
"Immigration policy is never framed as what it actually is, U.S economic policy. Federal immigration reform is essential for the economic success of the United States." @ASU President @michaelcrow on the impact of bipartisan #immigration reform to America's economic growth.
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I've watched some version of the #DREAMAct pass many times in the last 15 yrs, w/Lucy's hand always ready to pull away the football as Charlie Brown makes yet another run at it. But I keep watching.

Your ball @SenateDems

#DreamAndPromiseAct #HR6
#DREAMandPromise presents the first new major pathway to residency and citizenship in 25 yrs. It is a chance to reconsider everything we think we know about immigration to the US--especially the current criminal bars to admission--and I hope the Senate takes it up in that spirit
We urgently need to give #DACA and #TPS recipients a chance to stay in the only country most of them have ever really had any life in. But that doesn't mean we have to cut & paste current bars to admission, most of which tie to bad late-1900s drug & mass incarceration policy
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Dreamers, #TPS holders, and farmworkers have never stopped fighting for their futures — and that’s why TODAY, the House will vote on #HR6 and the #FarmWorkforceModernizationAct. Across the country, there is strong bipartisan support for a path to citizenship. #WeAreHome
New national polling from @CenterForwardUS released TODAY finds voters are eager for congressional action and there is broad bipartisan support for protection from deportation and a path to citizenship for Dreamers, #TPS holders and undocumented farmworkers w/ over 80% support.
.@coalition_dream, a group of +100 of the nation’s top businesses & trade assns, endorsed #HR6 and said continued inaction "will cause significant negative economic and social impact on businesses and hundreds of thousands of deserving young people across the country.” #WeAreHome
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🚨BREAKING: @JoaquinCastroTX, @RepTedLieu, @SenWarren & @SenAlexPadilla introduced the Citizenship for Essential Workers Act, which would provide 5 mil.+ undocu workers a path to citizenship.

#ImmigrantsAreEssential & millions risk their lives to keep our country running. 1/
#ImmigrantsAreEssential, not just to our economy, but to our communities & our nation.

While many of us are able to stay home, millions of immigrants in our communities are working high-risk jobs to care for our loved ones, teach our kids, keep us fed & deliver our goods. 2/
In fact, nearly 3/4 of all immigrants in the U.S. workforce — including more than 5 million undocumented immigrants — are working in essential roles and helping us get through the pandemic.

📣Read the stories of immigrant essential workers here: 3/
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Why is there no movement on #VenezuelaTPS? Why hasn't the new administration done this incredibly obvious and simple political lay-up?
Surely, there can be no doubt that #Venezuela presents conditions of violence, strife, chaos and unrest sufficient for #TPS.
@POTUS campaigned on a promise of TPS for #Venezuelans. It was a clear distinction between Biden's approach and Trump's big stick and nothing else approach. But maybe Venezuelans did not believe that Biden would follow through. He was part of the Obama administration, after all.
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164 groups: "Given extreme nature of human rights crisis in Mauritania, immediate designation of #TPS or DED is warranted + necessary to safeguard vulnerable ppl in US." @JoeBiden @AliMayorkas @DHSgov @USCIS @SenSherrodBrown @senrobportman…
.@USTradeRep45 put sanctions on Mauritania over human rights abuses. Yet, 45 deported so many Black Mauritanians to a country that tried to kill them, leaving them there with no documents + subject to arrest, torture, abuse. Many fled again to other countries for safety.
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We applaud @SenatorMenendez & @RepLindaSanchez for introducing the #USCitizenshipAct today. This bill is a significant step toward a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants—including a fast track for #DACA recipients, #TPS holders & farmworkers.

A thread🧵1/5
#USCitizenshipAct would:
✅Create a path to citizenship for 11 mil. immigrants
✅Begin to address root causes
✅Fortify worker protections
✅Remove barriers to family-based immig.
✅Put limits on exec. authority to issue bans
✅Restore asylum
✅Replace "alien” w/ “noncitizen”
.@MarielenaNILC: "Millions of immigrants are doing essential work to help us through the pandemic & are in urgent need of stability & relief. We urge members of Congress to swiftly provide undocumented members of our communities a path to citizenship." #ImmigrantsAreEssential 3/5
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Following hurricanes Eta & Iota and the ongoing pandemic and pervasive food insecurity, @amprog called on @DHSgov and @StateDept to redesignate El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua for #TPS and issue a new initial designation for Guatemala.…
Since TPS was first created by Congress more than 30 years ago, skeptics have expressed concern that #TPS designations will encourage more people to migrate to the US.

📣A new @amprog @TomWongPhD column finds no evidence to support this.
First, to qualify for TPS, a person must have already been in the United States prior to the date of the designation; people who arrive later are ineligible for protection unless and until the country is subsequently redesignated for TPS.
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ICYMI: Senate Dems reintroduce bill putting #TPS holders on path to legalization.

If passed, the legislation could stand to protect over 400,000 immigrants from nearly a dozen designated nations, including El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, and Yemen.…
Barbara Rauda, a #TPS holder and frontline cleaner at Walter Reed Military Hospital: "I have been in the U.S. for over twenty one years and I have three children who are U.S. citizens, having a green card would help keep families like mine together.”…
Rose Michelle Tilus, Haitian #TPS holder and frontline worker: “As a frontline worker during the COVID pandemic, my immigration status has brought me tremendous stress that I would not be able to provide care in my community."
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Today during Black Immigrant Advocacy Week of Action, we call on @POTUS and @DHS_Secretary to use their authority to designate #TPS and #DED now to protect Black lives! #Act4BlackImms
At least 3.9 million people are in need of humanitarian aid in #Cameroon and half a million are displaced by conflict. @DHS_Secretary must designate #CameroonTPS now! Learn more here: #Act4BlackImms
40,000 Cameroonians in the U.S. are at risk of deportation to multiple ongoing conflicts in Cameroon. #TPS would safeguard people and keep families united. @DHS_Secretary must designate #CameroonTPS Now! #Act4BlackImms Image
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