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It's been more than a year since the House came together to pass the #VenezuelaTPS Act.

It's been more than a year of the Senate GOP blocking that bill to protect Venezuelans from deportation.

Headed to @DSenFloor to try to pass it TODAY.

WATCH 👉… Image
Venezuela continues to experience the worst political, economic & humanitarian crisis in our hemisphere.

Its people continue to suffer extreme food and medicine shortages, levels of criminal violence akin to a conflict zone & grave human rights abuses under the Maduro regime.
Maduro’s dictatorship has inflicted a humanitarian catastrophe on the Venezuelan people. President Trump talks tough on Venezuela, but refuses to provide temporary protection to 200,000+ Venezuelans in the U.S. at risk of deportation.

We need #VenezuelaTPS now!
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This is a a cruel, arbitrary, & entirely intentional move to cut off the last possible route to permanent status for many #TPS recipients before Trump finally ends their status in January, and it will hurt #EastBoston & #Chelsea more than nearly anywhere else in the U.S.
This seemingly small/technical redefinition of a vital #immigrationlaw concept is actually a fairly extreme act of administrative violence (more on which below) & yet another indicator of the creeping fash which has infiltrated DHS at all levels

FYI, immigration "parole" is simply permission to lawfully enter the U.S. (It has nothing to do with the more commonly-used criminal law term, or anything to do w/a crime at all.) It's a fairly simple concept, but has been redefined here explicitly to disadvantage TPS recipients
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1-#MyStory- Decade of my life is lost in search of American Dream,being labor &showing excellence in 9 to 5 job,law-abiding,paying taxes, with kids close to age-out,my dreams are crushed, American dreams are JUST that dreams!
#S386IsFair #PassS386 #HR1044
2-I wish i get back my 10 yrs stolen life,stolen with misinformed dual intent #h1bvisa , #greencardbacklog despite being vetted twice USCIS&US DOL,APPROVED for GC have2wait for150+yrs?
#EBGCountryCap make #NoSense my last hope is #S386 which is also being crushed by @DickDurbin
3-Not untill 4Yrs back was aware of this indentured servitude caused by #NationalityDiscrimination #ModernSlavery in a Great Nation while world is watching & laughing for its ages-old IMMG policy, adding to it, #Durbin who sabtoge #DACA #LegalImmigrants but doesn’t help in REAL
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Ya que Twitter está un poco silencioso, resaltemos algunos datos acerca de la política de USA y #Venezuela.

Desde que los @TheDemocrats pasaron a controlar el Congreso en el 2019, han liderado cada propuesta de ley para apoyar al pueblo Vzlano 👇
@RepDarrenSoto lideró el Venezuela #TPS Act of 2019 que pasó en la cámara baja del Congreso en Julio. Republicanos del Senado luego lo bloquearon. Hoy en dia @realDonaldTrump sigue sin aprobar #TPS4Venezuelans, pudiendo hacerlo inmediatamente con una orden ejecutiva
@TheDemocrats de #FL también fueron los autores de varias leyes que hacen daño a Maduro y otorgan ayuda humanitaria al pueblo Venezolano que tanto ha sufrido. Estas propuestas de ley pasaron en el Congreso y tomaron efecto en December 2019: 👇🏾
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1/ By amending no more than THREE WORDS of the Immigration & Nationality Act, Congress could amend a 91-yr-old law to grant a pathway to citizenship to millions of undocumented Americans in a piece of legislation shorter than this tweet.

Really: three words!

Here's how:
2/ Loosely speaking, the U.S. had virtually open borders for everyone other than Chinese/East Asians until 1917.

The visa system was then formalized in 1924 based on white supremacist "national origins quotas" explicitly designed to favor white northern/western Europeans.
3/ As strange as this is to think of today, we simply weren't keeping good track of who was coming to the country at a federal level until 1906 and there was no mandatory requirement that new immigrants register with the government once here.

There wouldn't be until 1940.
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13,400 employees of a mismanaged federal agency are losing their paychecks at the worst possible time--a scandal by any definition, but even worse when you factor in the many thousands of immigrants with pending citizenship applications who now may not be able to vote in November
USCIS has always been 95%+ funded by the extremely expensive filing fees paid by immigrants themselves. This is why it never closes even during government shutdowns, and why it hasn't depended on Congressional appropriations generally.

So how did this happen? A few things:
DHS claims that new filings have been way down since the #COVID19 lockdowns began. And I'm sure that's true: A typical greencard through marriage costs $1760 in filing fees alone--a lot for any family facing economic uncertainty.

But there's a lot more going on here.
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Just a reminder that Reagan's 1986 legalization program extended a path to citizenship to anyone who had worked on a farm for more than 90 days in the preceding year.

We can absolutely do this.
Many clients in my office who are undocumented or in uncertain status (#TPS, #DACA, asylum pending, etc) are
doing the hard work on the front lines in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities--often for people who would otherwise be happy to see them deported
Approximately 1/4 of the entire healthcare workforce was not born in the United States.

~27K of them have #DACA. Many more have greencards or have naturalized.

But do you really think *all* of them are working legally? Why does it possibly matter to you at this point?
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It’s a good day to account for facts about U.S. politics and #Venezuela. Since @TheDemocrats took control of Congress last year, they have led every legislative initiative in support of the Venezuelan people.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the record 👇🏾
@RepDarrenSoto’s Venezuela TPS Act of 2019 passed the House on July 25, 2019. Senate Republicans continue to block its passage. And President Trump refuses to take action which he could do unilaterally with the stroke of a pen to grant #TPS4Venezuelans.
In the meanwhile, Venezuelans are facing deportations & some detention, and as much as 150,000 Venezuelan seeking refuge in the U.S. from oppression and the humanitarian crisis are unprotected. It’s the duty of Citizens of Venezuelan origin, like me, to advocate #TPS4Venezuelans.
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TPS has arrested 3 people so far Wetsuweten #onpoli #TOpoli #canpoli
Police are methodically arresting peaceful protesters on the rail tracks
Seven arrests so far. Nobody is resisting. Police are dragging protesters off tracks #Wetsuweten #onpoli #TOpoli #canpoli
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#BREAKING @splcenter drops another bombshell report on Stephen Miller and his *extensive* connections with white nationalist hate group @CIS_org.

Why is this so important? Of course Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, right?…
Ramped up #ICERaids.
#TPS loss.
#DACA revocation.
#RemainInMexico protocols.
The #MuslimBan

Miller is often credited as architect of 45's immigration policies, but these policies didn't just appear in his mind overnight. He had lots of help, going back a long way.
The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by white nationalist/eugenicist John Tanton. If you follow me, you know I've been seeking to unseal the private #TantonPapers for 3 years.…
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Welcome to the Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending November 10, 2019. With Congress on recess this week, we are going to do things a bit differently this week. We are going to take a dive into #McConnellsGraveyard.
#MoCTrack 1/33
#GOP keeps trotting out their tired talking point about the “do-nothing-Dems” and all we can concentrate on is #Impeachment.


What you’ll find below are 30 bills of the 300+ that #McConnell has stalled in the Senate.

#MoCTrack #DemCast 2/33…
HR 1 - #ForThePeople

A bill that would improve voting rights, fix campaign finance regulations, and mandate ethics and accountability reforms.
💯 over 100 co-sponsors (236)

#MoCTrack #McConnellsGraveyard 3/33…
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THREAD: Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the US gov is legally responsible for the #MentalHealth trauma that Trump’s #FamilySeparation policy inflicted on thousands of migrant families at the US/Mexico border.… (1/9)
This groundbreaking ruling recognizes that the Trump Admin knowingly put families in danger & is obligated to provide a solution. #MentalHealth svcs are a step on the path to healing for kids & parents who were torn apart simply for seeking safety. #FamiliesBelongTogether (2/9)
It’s also critical that we don’t forget the millions of children--the vast majority of whom are US citizens--who are increasingly vulnerable to or have already been separated from their parents due to ICE enforcement in our own communities. #FamiliesBelongTogether #NoRaids (3/9)
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#TPSElSalvador, #TPSHonduras, #TPSHaiti, #TPSNepal, #TPSNicaragua, and #TPSSudan have ALL been AUTOMATICALLY extended to 1/4/2021.

There is nothing you need to file or pay for. Show your employer this notice if they have questions.

For as much relief as this #TPS extension has given these communities, it's also going to create mass confusion for employers and recipients. AFAIK this is the longest period for which TPS has ever been extended without actually issuing new notices, let alone cards.
By "automatically-extended EAD," DHS means work permits which have already expired as of now but are as of today officially valid until 1/4/21. Looking forward to spending many hours over the course of the next year explaining this to HR for my clients 🙄
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Working late again thanks to two awful Trump #immigration policies: #PublicCharge rule (scheduled to kick in on Tues) & the end of #TPSElSalvador in Jan.

We'd already been trying to get as many #TPS holders to residency as possible, & this new deadline has us all scrambling.
#EastBoston, #Chelsea, & #Revere are home to one of the East Coast's largest Salvadoran populations. We know from our clients & weekly visits to the consulate that reality is starting to hit: Thousands of my neighbors will begin 2020 by losing the status they've held for 18+ yrs
We have been able to process many of them for advance parole, a special travel permit which will allow those with immediate relatives who are US citizens or relatives to re-enter lawfully and qualify for residency. It's getting to be too late for those who haven't.
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1/ The Trump administration is about to achieve its longtime goal of setting up an #asylum firewall in Central America which will offshore our treaty obligations the worst possible places imaginable.

Let's look ahead to what this actually means in practice.
2/ Once Honduras inevitably signs, we'll have created a sort of buffer zone through which all asylum seekers coming from south of Mexico will have to seek asylum first. (Guatemalans will still be able to seek asylum at our border per current agreements.) Out of sight, out of mind
3/ Stephen Miller and other Trump #immigration policy minions have made it explicitly clear that there is only one purpose for all of this: to get these teeming masses yearning to breathe free as far from our golden door as possible, with no regard for their lives or the law
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"We love immigrants, as long as they do it the right way!"

Trump ended #TPS for #ElSalvador on 9/9/19. Extension was granted to 1/20/20--but #TPSElSalvador holders have no proof of this beyond USCIS website, and it's causing all kinds of chaos around here. Cruelty upon cruelty.
So, so tired of hearing #MAGA nation scream at my clients to do things "the right way" as they gleefully watch this administration rip up the very few options they may have had left.
To be clear, #TPS recipients are still in lawful immigration status for the next few months... but a substantial number of them don't actually know that and are now unnecessarily terrified that they are undocumented. Also seeing them (wrongfully) lose jobs, cancel intl travel
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(1/x) This thread is going to address #TPS (temporary protected status). Not sure it rises to the level of #FakeNews, but lots of reporters clearly do not understand a basic fact about #TPS – namely, that it is for people who are already in the United States...
#TPS is NOT for people who want to come to the United States. Reporters keep asking why we won’t use #TPS to let Bahamians in who were affected by #Dorian. The most basic answer is #TPS isn’t used to let people in…
(3/x) #TPS is to allow them to stay here when something happens in their home country while they are visiting (e.g., a natural disaster or war breaks out). But as long as we’re talking about #TPS...
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A true story, from today:

My client has been in the US for 23 yrs. Her adult son is a US citizen. Never been arrested, always worked + paid her taxes. Has #TPSElSalvador, but wants permanent status.

Easy, right? Not so much.
Let's start with this: adult children can only file for their parents if they entered legally. If not, the parent has to leave and wait for 10 years before applying. Few non-citizens know this before I tell them. All citizens should.
My client has been in temporary legal status (#TPS) since 2001. This gives no path to citizenship, and Trump has ended it. We have until Jan 2, 2020 to do something for thousands of my Salvadoran neighbors.
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If you sense looming anxiety in the #immigration world, it might not just be the chaos of the southern border. We are also waiting for many, many, MANY shoes to drop...

The final public charge regulation.

The proposed reg was published on October 10, 2018, & comments closed in December:…

As recent DOS numbers preview, this reg could usher in BIG, BIG changes.
A ruling on the #RemaininMexico (#MPP) preliminary injunction.

A hearing in Innovation Law Lab v. Nielsen happened Friday. The ruling could come out any day now.…
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Where to even start

First, you’re not speaker any more

And your party’s “ideas” were so soundly rejected during the midterm elections that you lost an historic 40 seats

But let’s go a little deeper. Let’s look at Trump’s “accomplishments” and see if we are “better off”
With Trump and the GOP gutting the ACA and fighting Medicaid expansion, people who pay for healthcare are certainly #NotBetterOff

But healthcare and drug companies, and people that own them, sure are. Just ask your friend Chris Collins.…
The millions adversely affected by the #GOPTaxScam are #NotBetterOff

On the other hand, all the companies and wealthy CEOs who used the tax cut to buy back stocks and become richer were probably thrilled…
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Thread: the Trump @StateDept tampered with key evidence for women's #asylum cases, and undermined the impartiality of our human rights reporting system. Fellow immigration attorney Joanna Gaughan caught them red handed:
2/ Every year @StateDept releases a report on each country's human rights practices. @TheJusticeDept immigration judges and @DHSgov asylum officers use these reports as evidence for asylum cases & emphasize them over other sources bc DoS is considered impartial and reliable.
3/ The photo? Honduras report, domestic violence. L is 2016, R is 2017 (latest available). Yellow describes the nice laws to protect women. Pink was eliminated in 2017, explains that the laws aren't actually enforced, and that rape and dv remain serious problems in Honduras.
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This is your Commander In Chief ~ ❤️🇺🇸
Everyone who's in full freak out mode? 😂🤣😂 Yes, I'm looking at you democrats who thought you were tying his hands..As @ThomasWictor would say? HA!
This is what Trump set the table for ~ he KNEW what these dolts would do..Such predictable liars. #PoundSand
#DACA #TPS #AmericaFirst #SOTU2019…
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I told @qzindia where many of my H-1B clients are from: A system so overburdened, hampered by new policy meant to hobble instead of run must be reformed. That starts by starving the beast.…
I've proudly served businesses in Northern Virginia and beyond to help them acquire H-1B visas and stay competitive. It can be hard to find qualified folks.

#H1B isn't perfect, but needs reform, not made unattainable.
That's exactly what the current administration is doing. And yes, it's for the same reason they tried to revoke #DACA, kill #TPS, sent troops to the border, and banned Muslims: they don't want people to come here.

The administration attacks legal immigration.
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As the posturing of the conference committee begins, just wanted to provide some thoughts that I wish weren't provocative, as both chambers & sides of the aisle begin their talks. I should preface these thoughts to say that no one wants a shutdown at the end of this process. 1/
Part of the challenge in these convos is that both sides are in rhetorical political battles not real policy ones & so because each word could mean 29035 things depending on who is saying it the result is a bunch of fake conversations that result in nothing. And that is sad 2/
It's particularly sad when it's so obvious that a majority of Americans are actually for a narrow bipartisan compromise on increasing security & providing PERMANENT protections to #DACA recipients & #TPS Holders. & yet we find ourselves in an enforcement-only conversation 3/
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