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#AnimalResearch saves lives, yet opponents say that it is ineffective and even fails to protect #HumanHealth.
EARA examined the facts in this feature, which highlights the essential understanding & breakthroughs that only exist thanks to studying animals…
🧵 Here are some key points on the common mistruths about #AnimalResearch & its benefits:
1) 92% of drugs that work in preclinical tests fail in humans – This is a misleading statistic. #AnimalTesting ensures potentially harmful drugs are rejected so only those that are proven……
2) 89% of preclinical studies (mostly involving animals) couldn't be reproduced – Reproducibility affects all aspects of science & research, not just #AnimalResearch. Singling out animals as the main problem is inaccurate as lab practices are often to blame, while non-animal……
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Soon California will monitor #microplastics in #drinkingWater and inform consumers. Law requires @CaWaterBoards evaluate #humanHealth risks and consider developing a numerical guidance level.

We convened an expert workshop to inform the state.
We started by scraping the literature for toxicity studies. Of the >220 studies, 74 were relevant for humans. We focused on in vivo studies (n = 41) due to the lack of a framework for quantitative assessing in vitro particle toxicity data.

@todd_gouin et al. screened each study for relevance and reliability for understanding impacts. No single study met all criteria, so a subset was selected as being absolutely critical for evaluation (red criteria).
Most studies did not use enough doses to pass criteria.

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#climatechange🌍🌡 is the greatest threat to human #health👩⚕️. 
Here are 5 ways climate change is impacting our health and how the future could look like if no action is taken. 
A 🧵. 1/11
#climatechange #globalwarming #savetheplanet #climate #climatecrisis #climatechangeisreal
1. Extreme Heat🌡: Heat waves are deadly⚰. One study attributed more than 1/3 of heat-related deaths to climate change. Future warming could result in an additional 2K - 10K deaths/year in each of 209 U.S. cities. 2/11
Heart attacks & strokes can result from prolonged exposure to heat. The heart has to work harder to pump blood and minerals are lost through sweat. Extreme heat can also worsen pre-existing conditions such as kidney damage, especially for vulnerable populations such as 👴👵. 3/11
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"The most important solution to the problem of spiraling housing costs and...attendant social building more housing. The key thing standing in the way of building homes are barriers decades of policy choices." @danrothschild…
Why Syndicates Trend to the Extreme Over Time | The Ethical Skeptic…
#SocialAffiliation, #HumanBehavior, #syndicates, #CommunityLifestyles
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"You have the feeling, when you ride, that this animal understands you and you understand this animal. You also have this feeling of mastering this big animal — it makes you feel powerful.” -- Ludovic Orlando @LudovicLorlando…
Genetic roots of three mitochondrial diseases identified via new approach…
#MitochondrialProteins, #CRISPRCas9, #GeneEditing, #MitochondrialFunction
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"Fear...rarely creates real unity. The world needs the kind of motivation which awakens in us our altruistic instincts and creates true unity from diversity. To accomplish this the force must be spiritual in nature." -- Richard Meier…
Why rats don't deserve their dirty reputation, according to scientists…
#UrbanDwellingMammals, #HumanHealth, #DiseaseCarriers, #ResearchResults
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