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Memo to those holding on to Milton Friedman and even the New Keynesian frauds. 1/x
Social security isnt going broke
Your federal taxes do not pay for stuff
They are deleted.
Republicans didn't raid the social security trust fund
The National Debt is not Debt at all as we know it
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I've grown weary of problems without actionable solutions. We all know we are facing an environmental crisis. We all know this. Honestly? It will take a World War II level intervention to alter this significantly & a lot of diplomacy to engage other nations to do the same.
Most folks talking about the environment lead you off a bridge to oblivion. They point out the problem, but couldn't answer how to fund an initiative like this. Most are still chasing Bitcoins and berries.
The truth is, the window is tightening.

It requires real solutions. Real solutions that require an understanding of how to mobilize resources but leveraging the public purse.

I gauge the efficacy of all environmental work by how they Marshall resources in their solutions.
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In this time of reaching out across the aisle, I would like for each of you to remember that Trump did this:

Lifted the ban on the importing of elephant trophies and endangered species

Knowing that elephants are sentient animals with families who mourn their dead
Took back Bears Ears/other sacred native lands for fracking & oil

Lifted restrictions for clean water & allowed chemicals from mining, fracking, & oil to pollute the earth & waterways

Approved bear baiting/killing of hibernating bears, cubs & wolves so his own kids could hunt
Lifted bans on #chlorpyrifos which eat our human babies' brains. Google it.

Lifted restrictions on safety at chicken and pork plants. Took away protections from the farmers and gave them back to the chicken and pork sellers. Made it ok for us to eat tumors/cancer in our chicken
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#Florida, this is not just about voting out Trump. You need to #FlipFloridaBlue if you want to stop the pollution in your state.

The corrupt FL legislature has ignored 2 amendments you have overwhelmingly voted for.

More pollution = more hurricanes & you will be the recipients!
🎞 Short video on toxic blue-green algae blooms, caused by pollution.
🔴 Red tide can also be a problem in #Florida, which can be exacerbated by pollution.
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I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. I woke up with a sense of complete dread. Our world is on fire. The air is filled with hazy smoke. The POTUS wants to be a dictator and is taking away rights and liberties left and right. There are no more checks and balances.
The person in power at the White House has crazy people humming into his ears about bringing upon martial law should he lose the election. White nationalists and racism is the norm with someone at the top making it ok. And prople still want to elect this clown for another term.
I’ve been out of work for six months due to a global pandemic with no end in sight. People are politicizing the wearing of masks and not protecting our fellow humans. Over 180,000 Americans dead. Trump is killing us and nobody cares. There is no more humanity.
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I screamed & cried (literally) when I heard this news while driving through smoke with <.5 mile visibility to help my father seal his condo from the historically toxic air in Portland. It was 598 AQI in his hallway when I arrived. Worse outside (1)…
My eyes were burning, throat hurting, headache piercing ... & I was wearing a vented N95 (under my surgical mask because Covid). Few people have access to those or air purifiers. I was out for a total of an hour and I’ve felt sick for 15 hours & counting (2)
So many of my most beloved places are on fire, many of them gone. I’m worried about so many people — their homes, their lungs, their hearts, their livelihoods. And so many animals. #ClimateChangeIsReal #CovidIsReal #Vote
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This was totally unpredictable (except for my @FoxNews oped in June 2019)…
Everyone loves to talk about #ClimateChange and #AGW and #ParisAgreement but the boring and stubborn fact is that "green" energy does not produce the POWER we use.

California is seeing what happens MW output drops but consumption remains unchanged (likely more): brownouts
I know... you wished dad drove a cool car, but with kids, a dog, football gear, diaper bags... the wood paneled V8 station wagon made sense.

@GavinNewsom is trying to be the cool dad in a Boxster. It's not enough car for the family.
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Eunice Newton Foote fue una #científica y #climatóloga estadounidense que descubrió el efecto invernadero pero fue ignorada. ¿Por qué crees que pasó?
Sí, fue por que era mujer 😢👇🏻🧵

#ClimateChangeIsReal #UnaCientíficaParaRecordar
En 1856, 3 años antes de que #JohnTyndall publicara su icónica investigación detallando cómo diferentes gases tienen o no la capacidad de interceptar el calor que es irradiado en el espectro infrarrojo por cuerpos como el Sol ☀️o la Tierra 🌎, sucedió esto...
El matrimonio Eunice Foote y Elisha Newton presentó su trabajo en la 8ta Reunión Anual @aaas. Pero bajo condiciones desiguales: Elisha pudo leer sus resultados ante una audiencia mientras Eunice tuvo que contentarse con que su descubrimiento fuera comunicado por alguien más. 😐 Image
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@MattMcGrathBBC "Planting new forests 'can do more harm than good" is a highly misleading headline by @BBCWorld…
@MattMcGrathBBC @BBCWorld When planned well and implemented well new forests can help
But monoculture isn't ideal. These are the points you made in the article.

But the headline is very misleading about the importance topic. It could give ammunition to those who deny or doubt scientific consensus on climate change
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Heads up: This is going to be a LONG thread, but a very important one if you're interested in the plight of our Black farmers and our small farmers in this country.

Black Farmers Matter!

#NCAg #NCpol #agriculture
I have a number of concerns re: @USDA's aid distribution & program implementation of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). Chiefly, I'm concerned with how aid will be made available to minority farmers & small producers, particularly young & nontraditional farmers.
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The Daily Mail have systematically hunted Meghan and Harry down like Diana over a number of years. Now they claim H&M to be "traitors" for being hunted and choosing a different path for themselves ... cont'd

@DailyMailUK @MailOnline @AlisonKMurray @carolJhedges @RachelAshleyVox
Cont'd ...

The Mail's treatment of Meghan and Harry is the same behaviours that tabloids apply to Remainers, Judges etc.

They invested 17 pages of hate in their pursuit of H&M today because they chose a different pathway for their exit instead of a tunnel of love ...

Sorry seems to be the hardest word for Mail readers. It seems to me that they live their lives like candles in the wind ...

Meanwhile, #WWIII, #ClimateCrisis, #BrexitShambles get no coverage due to the #gaslighting of our gutter press ...

@EUflagmafia @velvetsilk
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See thread exposing how these “bushfires” are really just crimes against humanity, nature, and the ecosystem. Is the establishment using them to justify more taxes, cause massive disturbance in our economy, farming, and environment? Apparently a “trillion $ opportunity” for some!
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"The life of every child born today will be profoundly affected by climate change." - a thread on The Lancet 2019 report on impacts of climate change on human health

#TheLancet #ClimateChangeIsReal…
The world has observed a 1°C temperature rise above pre-industrial levels. A child born /today/ will experience a world that is more than 4 degrees warmer than pre-industrial average.
Downward trends in global yield potential for major crops threaten food security, with infants often the worst affected by potentially permanent effects of *undernutrition*.
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Thread👇by Bruce Walker, firefighter & resident of Wytaliba, wiped out by #bushfiresNSW near Glen Innes
It corrects the record on disinformation spun by multiple politicians & MSM about the folks who lived there, the background & underlying causes & lies about hazard reduction
A window on the history & his 1st hand experience, conversations that've been hijacked by pollies to further their narratives.Time to tell the real story
@simonahac @AndrewBartlett @RonniSalt @MichaelWestBiz @AaronDodd @TheRealPBarry
@denniallen @LesStonehouse @TonyKoc69285191
Originally posted on FB..and remember, this guy's lost everything..

"responding to this well informed fuckwit here - Anthony - just anthony. (okay, zuckerberg? no last names.)  🙊

so mate - first up, i've been an RFS volunteer for close to 20 years &
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1. When the polar ice is melted, Florida will be erased.

But we could see a 10 meter rise in a century with the help of anti-science #Trump & his #ClimateDenial Republicans pushing a high carbon & methane agenda. What would that look like?

2. When the polar ice is melted, Florida will be erased.

But this is #Florida with only a 10 meter rise in sea level. Be sure to thank the Republicans.

3. When the polar ice is melted, Florida will be erased, but this a Florida our grandkids could see.

People in the Keys are already packing their bags. I have just enough time to go see them while we still have them. #RoadTrip

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#Resistance family: I pretty much dropped off of twitter for a couple weeks, dealing with personal shit and trying to check my rage and restlessness with the status quo. And, of course, everything is worse now, and in a couple more weeks, it will be even more worse. 1/
I'm tired. Of the fact that this Administration continues to defile our country with impunity. Tired of racists (becoming more emboldened by the day). Tired of cops getting away with (literally) murder. Tired of human beings being locked in cages like animals. 2/
I'm tired of the fact that brown Americans are made to feel as though they're not Americans (even those born here). It makes me tired that, as each day brings us closer to school starting, my stomach ties into knots, thinking about what could happen to my children there, 3/
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The Bureau of Land and Management has hired conservative pundit/lawyer William Perry Pendley as its second-in-command. Pendley has tweeted that climate change isn't real and diversity is killing people.…
Pendley from this April: "How many have died and how many more will die because of diversity and race-based decision making?" Image
Pendley on the environment:

"#ClimateChangeIsReal NOT!"

"[Climate science] is political science or junk science, not real science, and it is, as with real science, far from settled!"

"Endangered Species Act is a joke." ImageImageImage
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<pic thread>

Farmers are going bankrupt left and right here, no exaggeration.

Every few days I hear of another.

Not only have tariffs destroyed their family businesses, climate change is DEVASTATING this state's farmers.

I've included pics below:
This is what it looks like EVERYWHERE here, in three out of four farms easy.

It's almost JULY and these pics are from last week.

While taking these I saw a few fertilizer tractors out, VERY few seeders.

These are corn & soy fields, and we are not low ground here.

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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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The New York Times has compiled a list of the 84 environmental rules on their way out during your nightmare presidency.
Here are the ones that have been completed so far:
"1. Canceled a requirement for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions. (EPA)"
"2. Revised and partially repealed an Obama-era rule limiting methane emissions on public lands, including intentional venting and flaring from drilling operations.
(Interior Department)"
#ClimateChangeIsReal #ThursdayThoughts
"3. Loosened a Clinton-era rule designed to limit toxic emissions from major industrial polluters. (EPA)"
#PartyOverCountry #GreedOverEverything
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#Thread | Here's how climate-induced changes in plant behavior are hurting local economies across India.

📸 Pixabay Man Picking Yellow Cocoa Fruit
1⃣ In #Uttarakhand, increasingly warmer winters are making #Rhododendrons bloom earlier than usual; during February-March instead of its usual schedule of March-May.

📸 Ssteaj - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
The season is not the best time for #Rhododendrons, because late winter rains in February-March wash away the blooms, affecting local population dependent on making juice, jams and jellies from the flowers.
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💥Trump’s changing how Govt #Climate Agencies report results!All 4 $$$ 4 BIG OIL🏭

Astonishing article.He’s KILLING THE EARTH 4 GENERATIONS 😢🥀

#TrumpFakeScience #ClimateChange #SaveTheEarth

#Trump Admin #Attacks #ClimateScience-NYT…
This is the thickness of the #EarthsAtmosphere from pictures I took during one of #NASA’s Live Feeds from the #ISS!Trump wants to change how #Climate data is shown to Americans so that releasing CO2 looks less dangerous then it actually is #ClimateChange #ClimateAction is needed!
Here’s one reality, we should be spending more money to stay on Earth than planning to leave to go to Mars because Earth’s Atmosphere is no longer viable to sustain life. Research is important but Mars Doesn’t Have an Atmosphere. Millions of people can’t live there in 125 years‼️
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💥Constitutional Crisis💥

💣Judge fast-tracks fight over sub of Trump fin records

Trump aided and abetted by Barr, tears at the very fabric of our Constitution

Trump ?? his administration’s Venezuela strategy

Trump’s shifting claim that ‘we got rid’ of the Johnson Amendment
💥Constitutional Crisis 2💥

White House revokes press passes for dozens of journalists

@senschumer: That. Is. Not. Acceptable.

Trump’s steel tariffs cost U.S. consumers $900,000 for every job created

Trump Pits Florida Against Puerto Rico Over Emergency Aid
💥Constitutional Crisis 3💥

Pompeo cancels trip to Greenland for meetings on Iran, North Korea

Barr’s top aide has seen the Russia probe like few in Trump’s world

Who is Richard Burr, Really?

Senate Judiciary Dems demand a Mueller hearing to DOJ
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A few words from @theguessworker on Earth Day 2019 and the overwhelming experience realizing you won't able to save what you love most. #ClimateChangeIsReal

👇👇👇 THREAD 👇👇👇
For the first time in 15 years, I sat down in my car the other day and broke down sobbing. On the side of a dirt road, surrounded by mountains. Waves of sadness, frustration, rage, and despair welling up.
I’d spent the day planting and watering seedlings, which I’ve done for half a decade now. We have 300 acres on the north slope of Volcan Mountain, between Julian and Warner Springs. The property got hit by the Pines Fire in 2002, which killed two-thirds of the conifers.
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