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i paesi dell'Asse si trovano di fronte a una scelta: o rafforzare la loro presenza militare in Ucraina conflitto con il rischio di entrare direttamente in guerra contro la Russia; o aprire nuovi fronti, per indurre la Russia a disperdere le sue forze.

La seconda soluzione politicamente meno pericolosa, sembra essere stata scelta.

.Se la Moldova è una piattaforma possibile a termine, ma occorre ancora lavorare, poiché la presenza militare dei caschi blu russi in Transnistria complica la situazione, la Georgia sembra al

punto e la tentazione di una nuova guerra del Causase verso l'Ossezia del Sud e l'Abkhazia entra nel discorso mediatico-politico, con il pretesto di lottare contro «l'occupazione» russa di questi territori, che hanno dichiarato la loro indipendenza negli anni '91 e '92, dopo

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From E:
The Director of the CIA just went on national television and said that the United States needs to provide "Full material and intelligence support"for Ukraine in the coming months.

In other words, Unsurprisingly.

The CIA wants WWIII with the US...…

"They absolutely will try and start a full blown war. There are already plans drawn, on the table, and both Burns and his brain-dead stooge Biden have personally walked Zelenskyy the puppet through the expected paces."…

It isn't an "if".
It is a "when", and the answer is late spring, before the summer hits, and it will be appalling if early indicators are to be believed.
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🚨 #RussiaUkraine Une analyse glaçante de James Rickards du Daily Reckoning concernant la terrifiante fin de partie de la guerre en #Ukraine qui s'est transformée en une longue et inexorable marche vers la désintégration de l'Ukraine ou une guerre nucléaire.

🚨À lire et RT ! 🔽
La guerre en #Ukraine présente deux aspects dont vous n'entendrez pas parler dans les médias d'entreprise.

Le premier est que la #Russie est sur le point de gagner la guerre.

Dans les médias américains, comme le New York Times 🔽
(une chaîne du département d'État) ou le Washington Post (une chaîne de la #CIA), on entend sans cesse des histoires sur l'échec des plans des Russes, sur leur incompétence.

Sur la façon dont les forces armées ukrainiennes (AFU) ont repoussé les Russes dans le #Donbas. 🔽
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🇷🇴 #Roumanie La sénatrice Diana Ivanovici Sosoaca:

« Je vous remercie. Ma déclaration politique porte le titre « Il a fallu que des gens meurent et ce n’est pas encore fini. Chers collègues sénateurs, depuis trois ans, nous vivons au niveau mondial une campagne d’assassinats🔽
de masse soit par le biais de prétendues pandémies et le besoin d’injecter des vaxxins non testés qui tuent des gens, soit via certains guerres censées réduire les populations et qui vont réaménager les pôles de pouvoirs, mettent la politique internationale sur de nouvelles 🔽
voies et modifieront les frontières. Nous sommes arrivés à un moment où nous vivons des tremblements de terre sur commande. Il s’agit d’une attaque contre la Turquie de la part des puissants de ce monde qui n’ont pas apprécié d’être remis à leurs places par le président 🔽
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Terrific Brookings #RussiaUkraine event just wrapped up, worth watching the video.
new panel just started, via @tedreinert…
Not directly about Ukraine, but noted @asliaydintasbas observation that on NATO/Sweden/Finland: think Erdogan wants to negotiate with the US. The Biden admin has been reluctant to engage in that conversation, while Erdogan is wanting to triangulate that relationship,
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Thanks for reading! This is the start of Daily Thread number 334.

All the news on the #RussiaUkraine war for Mon 23 Jan

To scroll through yesterday's thread see here:
It continues to be fairly quiet in #Ukraine with no major missile attack for 9 days and even mortar attacks are less frequent in some of the usual hotspots.

In #Sumy for instance 'just' 15 mortars in Novoslobidsk and Shalyhinsk was shelled with artillery just once.
No injuries.
#Russia's Occupiers in #Zaporizhzhia oblast claim they've "kicked Ukrainian troops out of" the village of #Kamianske (RU: #Kamenskoe)

Traitor Vladimir Rogov of the Occupying admin says it's now in the "grey zone"

#Ukraine insists it's disinformation, they've not retreated
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Monday is Day 327 of the #RussiaUkraine war.

You've found the start of the daily thread, thanks for joining.

A harrowing weekend in which many more civilians were killed by #Russia's terrorism.
Click here and scroll down to catch up on yesterday's news:

Already important news to bring you from #Zaporizhzhia

A Russian rocket has hit critical infrastructure causing a big fire right now.

Power and internet connection are down in many districts.

#StandWithUkraine #RussiaIsATerrorostState
People have been injured in the night attack on #Zaporizhzhia, but no deaths reported.

Houses have been damaged as well as the city's infrastructure.

📷Anatoliy Kurtev, ZP City Council.
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Shchaslyvoho Rizdva! Ukrainian for Happy Christmas.

I extend warmest wishes to those who still celebrate today in #Ukraine including those in Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia, and to all Russians who protest against the illegal war too.

Day 318 here's my daily #RussiaUkraine thread
All the important news concerning #Russia's illegal invasion and #Ukraine's heroic defence in one handy thread.

It's Saturday 7 January. For a recap of Friday's stories, you can click and scroll here:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

Concerning news emerging overnight that #Russia¦n hackers attacked 3 nuclear research labs in the USA

The group known as Cold River targeted employees at facilities in New York, Chicago and California last summer according to Reuters.…
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Putin's brilliant information war.

Ukraine's rejection of the ceasefire makes Ukraine and @ZelenskyyUa aggressors and portrays Ukraine as non-humanitarian as Ukrainians in Russian-held territory may be harmed by Western munitions violating the ceasefire.
Putin knows history; @ZelenskyyUa understands comedy. Zelensky needs to read a bit of history about the Christmas Truce, a series of widely circulated informal ceasefires on the Western Front of World War I around Christmas 1914.
The truce took place five months after the outbreak of hostilities. There was a lull in the fighting as the armies exhausted materiel and commanders revised strategy after the indecisive result of the First Battle of Ypres with ≈294,717 casualties in 35 days.
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A milestone in the #RussiaUkraine war.
Tuesday 20 December is Day 300 of the unprovoked conflict.

Welcome along to another daily thread with all the important news and analysis, updated in real time throughout the day.

Here's yesterday's thread ICYMI
The NAFO Fellas down under asked me to let you know about this festive initiative:

#StandWIthUkraine #StopRussia

The @UN stands accused of "yielding to #Russia's threats" for not investigating #Iran's role in the drone attacks which are causing the civilian population unimaginable suffering

Many allies believe Iran's supply of weapons violates a 2015 UNSC resolution…
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Sunday's #RussiaUkraine news thread begins here on Day 298 of the war.

Welcome along and Happy Hanukkah if you celebrate this evening.
Incidentally, the New York Times quotes Putiin calling #Ukraine's Jewish leader #Zelenskyy as "an assistant to Nazism"🍲🫖⚫️(no kettle emoji😂)
It's nice to report another fairly quiet start to Day 298 in #Ukraine.

If you missed anything from Saturday, click and scroll here:

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine

There's a touch of Star Wars about the war from today...

Actor @MarkHamill, a strong supporter of #Ukraine, has become the voice of the English language Air Alert app.

"Luke Skywalker" adds some iconic Star Wars quotes along with news on possible threats.
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Hello and welcome to my daily #RussiaUkraine news thread for Sunday, live from #Ukraine.

It's Day 291 of #Russia's illegal war, with all the important stuff in one handy🧵

Lots of action yesterday evening, to recap, click here:
#Russia's forces in #Ukraine are spending the night counting bodies.

Numerous attacks on occupied areas over a few hours, probably in #Crimea, definitely in #Donetsk + #Luhansk and most devastatingly in #Zaporizhzhia.

The biggest strike was in #Melitopol:
One of my unsung heroes of the war is #Ukraine's legendary rock star @s_vakarchuk who's spent so much time criss-crossing the country giving free, unannounced performances to keep spirits high.

Here the @okeanelzy frontman turned up in #Kyiv's main railway station

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🔴 #RussiaUkraine #ZelenskyWarCriminal Toute personne qui soutient un tel homme, prétendant défendre la "Liberté", est capable de tout. Cela signifie que la même "liberté" qu’en #Ukraine nous attend dans l'ensemble de l'Occident.

Un éditorial incendiaire de Tucker #Carlson 🔽 Image
sur Fox News

Vous vous souvenez quand la #Russie a envahi l'#Ukraine en février et que nos dirigeants nous ont dit alors qu'il ne s'agissait pas d'un conflit lointain en Europe de l'Est ? Que c'est notre guerre ?

"Aucune armée ne devrait être autorisée à envahir un pays 🔽
souverain", nous a-t-on dit.

(Évidemment, l'Irak et l'Afghanistan ont été des exceptions à cette règle).

L'invasion de l'Ukraine ne pouvait être acceptée car il s'agissait d'une question de principe, il s'agissait d'une bataille morale historique à laquelle nous étions 🔽
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Tuesday 6 December, also known as Day 286 of the #RussiaUkraine war: this is the daily news 🧵

#Russia's illegal invasion continues to make no ground, so they bomb civilian targets.

Y'day's barrage was well defended by #Ukraine
See what you missed here:

A warning that for the next few days the updates may be a little slower than normal, or go missing completely - dependent firstly on my travel and secondly on power/connection in #Ukraine.

Today is my first return since February.
Thanks to those who already sent good wishes
It's a special day in #Ukraine too - The Day of the Armed Forces.
There is literally a day for anything and everything (a Soviet relic), but today is very important, especially in current times

To all the heroes, helping the Armed Forces in any way - we salute you.
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🔴 #RussiaUkraine 🇷🇺 🇺🇦

La paix à travers plus de guerre.

Nous sommes vraiment chez les FOUS ! Toute proposition d'ouverture de négociations de paix est considérée comme plus dangereuse, plus destructrice que la guerre elle-même ! Quiconque prononce le mot PAIX devient 🔽
l'ennemi no.1 de l’OTAN, il devient persona non grata dans l'UE
C'est vraiment fou ! La guerre doit continuer jusqu'à ce que la #Russie soit vaincue et que #Poutine soit abattu. Même s'il n'y a pas un seul général dans tout le Pentagone capable d'expliquer comment 🔽
exactement ils aboutiront à la victoire de Biden, Ursula et Zelensky.
La seule préoccupation de l'État profond américain est de maintenir l'équilibre. Les stratèges de Washington jouent gros en marchent sur un fil : comment doser les armes et le soutien logistique/humain 🔽
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New US Sanctions 1/5:The US has imposed sanctions on hundreds of people and firms connected to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Three things jumped out at me: #RussiaUkraine
New US Sanctions 2/5: The targeting of the military industrial complex: 14 people were sanctioned including international suppliers. This continues efforts to cripple Russia’s ability to make weapons. #RussiaUkraine
New US Sanctions 3/5: The threat to “impose costs” on any country that backs the Kremlin’s annexation moves: very few would, but the idea is to isolate Russia on the world stage, and G7 allies are on board. #RussiaUkraine
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🔴 #RussiaUkraineWar
🇷🇺 🇺🇦 #UK 🇬🇧

Rappelons-nous qu'il y a quelques mois à peine, Henry Kissinger a averti l'Occident de se retirer et d'éviter le conflit #RussiaUkraine, au prix même d'une cession de territoire à l'Ukraine, mais ses avertissements sont tombés dans 🔽
l'oreille d'un sourd. Cela se passait fin mai. En effet, en avril et juillet 2022, une négociation pour solutionner la crise ukrainienne a été sérieusement discuté entre #Kiev et #Moscou mais à ces deux occasions, Boris Johnson est intervenu pour torpiller les pourparlers 🔽
et s'est soudainement envolé pour Kiev pour persuader le président ukrainien #Zelensky de mettre fin aux pourparlers. C'est le même Boris Johnson qui a annoncé le conflit imminent dans un discours adressé aux dignitaires, à la City de Londres en novembre 2021. À cette 🔽
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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - 251501Z - 261500Z JULY 22
Following thread will be a breakdown of all Russian Naval Combatants in the following seas


#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar #RussiaUkraine #russiannavy
#ViceAdmiralZecharin908 and #ValentinPikul770 alongside the port

Single #PJ23040G class AGCR and #RFNYunarmeetsKryma remain in the port

#RFNKasimov remains in the Kerch strait.
#RFNTsikolon missing from IMINT

#AdmiralMakarov494 operating to the west of Crimea. Has line of sight on Odessa from her position.
#RFNGrayvoron operating south of Sevastopol.
#Bykov class vessel operating off Sevastopol.
#SB45 class seagoing tug at anchor off Sevastopol
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“Zelensky should fear for his personal safety” - Sullivan

Is USA trying to assassinate Zelensky?

Once battle of Kramatorsk gets over, #Russians will sail through Dnepro. #Russians have not destroyed any bridges in Dnepro because they know they will need them.
2) Russia is literally winning the war. All the PR stunts, Ghost of kiev & all are useless. You can't win a war with tweets. War is lost. Kiev is panicing & now sullivan talks about personal safety of Zelensky.
3) The americans are going to take him out because from the point of view of Americans it makes sense to have a dead Zelensky rather than an living one. Because if they take out Zelensky the whole Ukraine will collapse into chaos.
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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - 181501Z - 191500Z JULY 22
Following thread will be a breakdown of all Russian Naval Combatants in the following seas


#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar #RussiaUkraine #russiannavy
0 units operating

Sole MCM - #ValentinPikul770 alongside the port

Single #PJ23040G class hydrographic vessel and #RFNYunarmeetsKryma836 remain in the port

#RFNSuzdalets remains operating in the Kerch strait.
#RFNTsikolon south of strait
#RopuchaLST's #Korolov130,#Yamal156 and #TsezarKunikov158 conduct logistic support missions from #Sevastopol, to #Feodosia and to #Novorossiysk

#Large contingent of surface ships south of Sevastopol. 2 x #KalibrShooters

#RFNIngushetia630 operating off Crimea (#Kalibr)
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Videos show shopping mall in #Kremenchuk in Central #Ukraine on fire after reported Russian missile strike. Eyewitnesses say that there were many people inside. #Russia previously hit oil refinery there by long range missiles. #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar #RussiaUkraine
#Ukrainian officials confirm so far 2 people killed & 20 wounded, while #Zelenskyy claimed that there were more than 1,000 civilians inside this #Kremenchuk shopping mall. It's located next to machinery factory. Russia hit many such factories in #Ukraine.…
New AP report: "At least 13 people were dead and more than 40 wounded, according to the regional governor, Dmytro Lunin, who said that rescuers were continuning to comb the smoldering debris for more victims."
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"More brands are starting to get that internet culture is important and meme culture is important. Meme literacy is important for their social media presence. It’s becoming less and less optional, depending on their level of engagement online." @DonCald…
The Internet Encyclopedia of Memes - Cybernaut - Every…
#MemeLiteracy, #InternetCulture, #MarketingStrategy
Floating solar power could help fight climate change — let's get it right…
#SolarPower, #ClimateChange, #FloatingSolarPanels
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یہاں کسی کو روس کے بارے میں علم ہے ہی نہیں بلکہ یہ بھی نہیں جانتے کہ اوکرائنا کا مطلب روس کا آخری حصہ ہے
یوکرین، بیلاروس، مالدووا اور پریدنیستروئے دراصل روس کے ہی حصے ہیں جنہیں 1920 کے بعد انتظامی معاملات کے ضمن میں تشکیل دیا گیا تھا

روس نے یوکرین کے خلاف عمل کو پہلے منٹ سے ہی جنگ نہیں بلکہ خصوصی عسکری کارروائی کا نام دیا تھا
روس نے کبھی نہیں کہا تھا کہ وہ اوکرائنا کو ڈی ملٹرائز اور ڈی نازی فائی،جو اس خصوصی عسکری کارروائی کے دو اہم بلکہ دو ہی اجزاء گنوائے گئے تھے،کرنے کا عمل ہفتے دو ہفتے میں مکمل کرلے گا
بلکہ کہا تھا اور کہے جا رہا ہے کہ مکمل کر کے ہی چھوڑے گا
اور وہ ایسا کرکے رہے گا
چاہے دنیا ادھر کی ادھرکیوں نہ ہوجائے
رہی بات مزاحمت کا اندازہ نہ لگانے کی
تو بغیر مزاحمت کاسوچے عسکری کارروائی نہیں کی جاتی
کتنی مزاحمت ہوگی
کتنا نقصان
میدان میں اترنے کے بعد ہی اندازہ ہوا کرتا ہے
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