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The US Federal Reserve has two imperatives: keeping #employment high and #inflation low. When these conflict - when unemployment goes near-zero - the Fed forgets all about #FullEmployment, cranking #InterestRates to "cool the economy" (AKA "increasing #unemployment"). 1/ A vintage postcard illustration of the Federal Reserve build
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An economy "cools down" when workers have less money, which means that the prices offered for goods and services go down, as fewer workers have less money to spend. 3/
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You can be forgiven for thinking the Great #Inflation Story is how a pandemic, a senseless war, and #monopolistic price-gouging temporarily drove up prices, prompting calls to crush workers and suppress wages in order to "reduce demand" for goods:… 1/ The old woman in the shoe. ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
But for all the attention we gave to this transient inflation, there has been precious little alarm over the soaring inflation in #CareLabor - #daycare, #preschool, #NursingHomes and #MedicalServices. 3/
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How can a Governor turn his/her back on Most Vulnerable Citizens of New York. Not only are #NursingHomes as Restrictive as Prisons, Residents were without Legally Responsible People-Guardian,Family to Oversee Care while Governor “granted” (illegal) exemptions from Liabilities!
Ageism is PC? Or is it simply Political Payback?
I know @cvpayne could do the math 🧮
How much money did Nursing Home Owners/Liability Insurance save being granted immunity? How much money is saved when lawsuits roll in? Problem w/immunity-I don’t believe is legal. Sue anyway.
I wish even one Director of Nursing had stood up to AC’s Irresponsible Order and Refused. I would have refused. Nursing Homes regularly close to admissions during Deadly #Influenza season. Similar-airborne virus.
Spreads like wildfire. @CMSGov @HHSGov NY Licensing and Protection.
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#COVID19, fraud, murder, operator changes, awards ... the @_McKnightsSL #seniorliving #yearinreview has it all! #YIR Image
#YearInReview: 2021 began with the hope that the new #COVID19 vaccine would help control a pandemic that had caused so much illness, death, loneliness, isolation and worker fatigue in long-term care in 2020. #seniorliving #YIR
#YearInReview: #COVID19 vaccines, boosters and corporate and federal mandates still dominate life for #seniorliving workers and operators.… #YIR
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/26/2021…
Ground-breaking films show RNA’s complex curves take shape : Research Highlights…

#rna #shape
The geopolitics of climate - World Game…

#geopolitics #climate
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#Covid19 What’s happening in #NursingHomes in Lockdown since 30 Dec?

737 new cases (150 open outbreaks) 16 Jan

311 new (112 open) 9 Jan
65 new (64 open) 2 Jan
146 new (47 open) 26 Dec
118 new (37 open) 19 Dec
34 new (4 open) 12 Dec…
update: now 165 open outbreaks... more than 1 in 4 of ~all~ nursing homes currently have an outbreak

& 1 in 25 of ~all~ residents in #NursingHomes have died since March 2020

precautions are not being taken to stop airborne spread…
research pre-covid: ‘in study, only 19% had adequate ventilation.. more respiratory outcomes were observed in relation to poor ventilation... & more pronounced effect of indoor air pollution in elderly living in poorly ventilated nursing homes’…
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Health Affairs has extensively covered the #COVID19 #pandemic this year. As #2020 draws to a close, we consider 10 of the lessons that have emerged from that coverage: 1/11
1) Mandating #facemasks in public is associated with a decline in the daily #COVID19 growth rate: (Wei Lyu and George Wehby of @uiowa) 2/11
2) #COVID19 emergency #sickleave has reduced confirmed cases: (@StefanPEcon of @ETH_en et al.) 3/11
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[Thread] Nursing Homes

‘103 #Covid19 deaths in October, 39 of them in nursing homes’

.. almost 40% of all recent deaths from #Covid19, & almost 1/2 of all deaths in Ireland since start of pandemic, are in #nursinghomes 1/…
about 30,000 people live in nursing homes... so just 0.5% of the population have suffered 50% of #Covid19 fatalities

HSE attribute this to ‘high rates of community transmission’, but... 2/…
..elderly people & people with health conditions who live ~outside~ nursing homes ‘in the community’ do not have these infection rates

... & Dublin #nursinghomes have not allowed visitors for more than 6 weeks now 3/
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I wrote this about Trump's #nursinghome negligence at the end of July:…

The Washington Post is now reporting there have been 7,000 additional nursing home deaths since the end of September. (1/3) #NursingHomeSlaughter #TrumpHatesSeniors
WaPo: Seema Verma, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services head, vowed in late March to “keep what happened in Kirkland from happening again.” Since then, "homes that received a clean bill of health earlier this year had about 290,000 coronavirus cases and 43,000 deaths" (2/3)
Since March, more than 70,000 nursing home residents have died, plus hundreds of staff members, making up about 30% of U.S. coronavirus deaths.

“This pandemic’s death toll at #nursinghomes was not an inevitability," says Dean Lerner. (3/3)… #COVID19
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#NursingHomes important to know #Covid19 builds up & spreads like cigarette smoke; so closed windows in cold weather is making conditions high-risk for super spread- it can be easily mitigated by airing rooms (ventilation), air purefier fans (filtration) & checks with CO2 monitor
Ventilation & air filtration…
#Nursinghomes -use air filtration fan units to ‘clean’ virus from a room for <€100 (& diy options also work)

#Nursinghomes -check poor ventilation with a CO2 (carbon dioxide) monitor for <€150…
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#Covid19 prevention: CO2 monitors used as proxy for inadequate #ventilation in #schools #nursinghomes etc, it’s cheap & effective way of preventing high-risk super-spread #Covid19Ireland #Level5 @NormaFoleyTD1 @DonnellyStephen @CMOIreland @paulreiddublin @ronan_glynn @CcoHse
High-risk #covid19 indoor air conditions are ~immediately~ preventable with public health advice about clean air, #ventilation & free/low cost solutions, it’s basic environmental science…
Autumn conditions in Ireland (10-15° & high relative humidity) are high-risk (yellow zone)
If #Covid19 surge is the weather, not bad behaviour, then policing, road blocks & fines won’t be effective at #Level5
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[Thread] Teachers- air quality in classrooms is important (& so are confidence & comfort)

1. Empowerment: understanding risks & positive action to keep safe 1/ #schools #Covid19… Image
Education: Hacks to explain ventilation & to reassure 2/ #Covid19 #ventilation #homes #schools #nursinghomes #offices #restaurants ImageImageImageImage
Toolkits & posters for safety
#COVID19 #CleanAir 3/ Image
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#CovidKim Outrage du jour. @KimReynoldsIA refused 2 fund cautionary testing at nursing homes. Instead, $450K was diverted from #CARESAct to pay #IaGov staffing already paid by #IaLegis, then she hid shift! She got greedy. Folks will die. #IaPolitics #IaGov…
Half of all #Iowa #CovidDeaths occur in #NursingHomes and #CovidKim cut testing for Nursing Homes and took the money that it could have been used for to expand her personal staff budget. #IaPolitics #IaGov @IAGovernor @IowaGOP #COVID19 #Covid19IA
#CovidKim set the stage for general destitution of #NursingHome lives by gutting travel allowances for #NursingHomeInspectors shortly after she became governor in 2017. How can you inspect nursing homes if you cannot visit them?? #NLM #NursingHomeLivesMatter #IaPolitics #IaGov
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1/ The latest #COVID19 research roundup from @Reuters covers studies in @TrendsGenetics, @JAMANetwork, and @AnnalsofIM, and from @medrxivpreprint. Image
2/ In @TrendsGenetics, researchers from @Lacassagne_Nice say large-scale genetic screening to identify populations vulnerable to #COVID19 may well be possible. Image
3/ At 17 #nursinghomes in France, staff members opted to live-in during the pandemic, and residents’ risk for #COVID19 went down dramatically, @jbelmin and colleagues in report @JAMANetwork. Image
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#WWI fostered influenza in the crowded conditions of military camps in the U.S. & in the trenches of the Western Front in Europe.
The virus traveled with military personnel from camp to camp and across the Atlantic.…
#SpanishFlu #COVID19 #SARSCoV2
The 1918 #H1N1 influenza pandemic caused 500,000-700,000 deaths in the U.S.— almost 200,000 of them in Oct. 1918 alone— & an estimated 30-40 million deaths worldwide, mostly among people aged 15-35 years.
World-wide transporting of #WW1 military troops was the reason.
The 1918 influenza pandemic was caused by an #H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. It was first identified in U.S. military personnel in spring 1918.
500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus.… #SpanishFlu
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@GOP @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump you guys all want a #greateconomy and to be the party of jobs then do the right thing. Why would you let extended unemployment benefits lapse? You know that causes a #housing crisis. You dont want to fund testing either? That causes cases to
surge. It causes citizens unable to work. It causes children unable to go to school. But you want to cut off #testing for #Covid_19 #CoronaVirusUpdate . You know all of your actions and inactions make things worse not #MAGA. If you wonder why poll numbers are in the tank its bc
people know what youre doing to them. It seems like you all have abandoned America. Youve abandoned #HealthcareHeroes. Youve abandoned our nations #children . Youve abandoned our #nursinghomes. Youve abandoned #mothers and #fathers. Youve abandoned looking out for #Americans. You
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1/ Q: What have we learned about #COVID19 transmission in #nursinghomes?

A: Broad #testing and protective equipment are essential to containing spread and saving lives.
2/ Residents of nursing homes and professionals who provide care have been extremely hard hit by #Covid_19. Once the #virus enters a nursing home, the shared living space can make it difficult to contain.
3/ By the time individuals show symptoms of #COVID they are likely to have spread infection.
We see this occur in the following case study case where a Skilled Nursing Facility was hard hit despite symptom monitoring and visitor restrictions:…
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NEW: We're back with another jam-packed episode of KHN's #WTHealth. Host @jrovner is joined by panelist @pw_cunningham, @sangerkatz, and @MelMcIntire to discuss the latest news in health care and health policy.
On this episode... Image
Also this week, @mackert talks about why health experts have had such a difficult time explaining what the public needs to know about the virus. Here's a quote from him.
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