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I laugh when some go crazy about socialism being anti-American. Regulated #socialism has always been a part of our government.
Property taken by eminent domain has been occurring since at least the 1800's. #socialism
Sometimes personal property taken was not just for government use but private businesses under economic development. #socialism
When property taxes were introduced, many cried #socialism.
When income taxes introduced many cried #socialism
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My op-ed with General Petraeus in the @PostOpinions today. We must fight #kleptocracy and corruption overseas to protect America’s reputation abroad and Americans’ well-being at home.
Authoritarian regimes have weaponized corruption.

#Putin & other authoritarian rulers are using money to subvert the rule of law & remake foreign governments.

Even as they work to undermine our laws, they are attempting to benefit from the protections these laws provide.
#Congress must use its power to harden U.S. rule of law defenses & push back against these foreign adversaries. If we fail to take action at this pivotal moment, the consequences will be grave. A good place to start is with my bipartisan #TITLEAct.…
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"At least a dozen of the emails show @senatemajldr McConnell's staff acting as a conduit between [his wife] @SecElaineChao and Kentucky political figures or business leaders, some of whom have had prior relationships with the couple."
Federal ethics agency @OfficeGovEthics rejects Commerce @SecretaryRoss' financial disclosure, which falsely stated he sold bank stock that other reports indicate he did not sell – a violation of Ross' ethics agreement…
Grand jury examining whether former Interior secretary Ryan #Zinke lied to federal investigators regarding his decision to deny an application to two Native American tribes to operate a casino…
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“Washington told itself a comforting story that minimized the importance of this outbreak of kleptomania: These were criminal outliers and rogue profiteers rushing to exploit the weakness of the new state”…
The West could have turned away this stolen cash; it could have stanched the outflow to shell companies and tax havens.

Instead, Western banks waved Russian loot into their vaults.
What was at stake could well be systemic contagion: Russian values might infect and then weaken the moral defense systems of American politics and business.
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#kleptocracy is a name we need to use more. Let's call the Trump admin what it is. Trump has proven NAMING someone or something has a lot of power. Witness Sen. Elizabeth Warren stumbling early in her race because Trump named her *Pocahontas.*

@TrickFreee @WillBenton1
Witness the power of the names, "Fake News." "Crooked Hillary," etc. You can't deny the power of *naming* our foe or the actions of our foe. #Kleptocracy isn't used enough-it isn't even a recognized hash tag when you type it into a tweet. Let's get it trending. #IndictTrump
#Kleptocracy Paul Erickson, a Republican political operative & boyfriend of accused Russian spy Maria Butina, was indicted in the federal court in SD on 11 counts of wire fraud and money laundering. #Erickson
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@MichaelCBender FEMA tents (left): for the victims

FEMA country club (right): for FEMA Dept Head

Any questions?

@MichaelCBender Disaster preparedness checklist for kleptocats:

-private plane ✅

-beachfront property where there’s no hurricane (Mar-A-Lago?) ✅

-catering from France ✅

-maids, housekeepers & Butler ✅

-yacht on standby ✅
@MichaelCBender “For everything else there’s the Government MasterCard”
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"The disclosure suggests these loans could have generated more income from interest in a yearlong period than the entire value of the loans themselves."

Yet another update to his disclosure forms: Kushner filed wrong info about 2 of his loans in Brooklyn…
Kushner paid $72.5 million for 3 properties valued at $3 million along a toxic Brooklyn canal from a developer.

The developer then bought 4 apartments from Michael Cohen for almost 5x their assessed value, in cash.

Cohen then invested with the developer…
Despite the property's high level of contamination, and its wildly inflated purchase price (financed by Signature Bank, on whose board Ivanka sat), Jared was able to sell it for $115 million 4 years later.

"Experts say the transactions raise red flags"
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"@DonaldJTrumpJr called IREO “truly a fantastic group” when the companies announced the project in April 2016"

Trump Organization’s real estate partner in India IREO accused of defrauding its foreign investors of at least $147 million
(h/t @Khanoisseur)…
.@EPAScottPruitt spent over $105,000 on first-class flights in 2017, in addition to the $58,000 Pruitt rang up on charter flights and a military jet to carry him from an event with Trump in Cincinnati to catch a connecting flight to Europe out of NY
Former official: @DonaldJTrumpJr pushed ‘blatantly illegal’ project in India

Trump project in Mumbai had its permits revoked after investigators found “significant irregularities", including a suspected $100 million fraud scheme…
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A roadmap for understanding Mueller's strategy: analysis of the 270 people connected to the #TrumpRussia investigation, including
• 138 with ties to Trump Org, campaign, transition or regime
• 53 foreign nationals (39 directly connected to Russia)…
Tom Barrack hasn't received much attention, but he's connected to several key figures in the investigation.
Rick Gates worked directly for Thomas Barrack as late as October 2017, days before he was indicted (along with Manafort, whom Trump hired at Barrack's urging) by Mueller…
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