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Today's Eurasia Club luncheon seminar is with @FletcherSchool @FletcherRussia Visiting Scholar Andrey Todorov. The topic for today's session is focused on #arctic governance. ImageImage
"The U.S. is an #Arctic state and so are other countries many people chose to study in. Even Russia is an Arctic state. Hence it occupies an important place in foreign policy in myriad ways:" Andrey Todorov @FletcherSchool
Some of the topics the audience associated with #arctic

1. The Arctic is at the forefront of multilateral cooperation.
2. Wildlife conservation.
3. Melting ice caps and climate change.

Andrey Todorov: "What happens in the Arctic does not stay there."
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The wonderful #PA01 #townhall held by @ashley_ehasz was a great success tonight.

But present outside was #CardboardFitz, a prop from past @FridaysWithFitz events who provided a history of #GOP #MAGAextremist Brian Fitzpatrick's worst votes!

📷 by Steve C.
Thx, Steve!
An oldie but a goodie.

Back in 2017, #PA01 #GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick voted YES on the classic #Trump, Paul Ryan and #McConnell's #GOPTaxScam, which forked benefits over to the ultra rich and corporations.
#PA01 Rep. Fitzpatrick may pretend to be #green, but whenever given the choice, he picks his donors (big banks, #fossilfuel corporations) over the #environment.

De-regulating pipelines, opening the #arctic to drilling, etc. He votes with the money, not with the environment.
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THREAD - Startling example of feedback loops in Nature that are disrupted by #GlobalWarming:
- normally large colonies of algae can't grow in the #Arctic seas because they are bereft of nitrogen
- but enormous algal blooms have increasingly appeared appeared in this century

- turns out #climate induced wildfires in No America & #Siberia produce large amounts of nitrogen in the atmosphere
- that nitrogen falls on #Arctic seas, fueling algal growth
- and huge algal blooms block oxygen entry to the seas
- fish & other marine life forms suffocate, as the massive algal blooms block oxygen infusion into oceans
- the blooms also block sea ice formation, so
- the white ice albedo effect, reflecting hot sunlight away from the North Pole decreases
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Looking for polar climate visualizations? Start here: 📈📉

+ Arctic sea-ice extent:…
+ Arctic sea-ice thickness/volume:…
+ Arctic temperatures:…
+ Antarctic sea ice:…
You can also find...
+ Global sea ice:…
+ Archives of Arctic climate rankings (2012-2022):

+ Long-term climate change:…
+ Arctic climate model projections compared to observations:…
To improve transparency of climate data and processing methods, check out my...

+ References for the raw climate data (all free):…

+ #Python, visualization tools, and other software (all open source and free):…
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Each spring, #caribou migrate from their winter habitat to calving grounds. We analyzed GPS collars from 1000+ caribou and found that herds across the #Arctic are synched up and all depart on this migration around the same time 🤯 1/5
The timing of spring migration departure is related to large-scale, ocean-driven climate indices. In other words, continental-scale patterns in temp and weather trigger caribou to head north at the same time. 2/5
BUT, even if they leave at the same time, not all herds arrive on their calving grounds at the same time. The speed of migration is highly variable, and later departure dates ≠ later arrival. Are some caribou just more punctual than others? 3/5
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The annual @NOAA State of the #climate report is just out, based on 2021 data. And it's gut-wrenching.…
Everything is going the wrong way, rapidly. Greenhouse gas emissions are soaring...
MORE Image
2/ Despite what should have been a cooling caused by the Pacific La Nina event, 2021 was a hot one -- one of the 6 hottest ever recorded.
#GlobalWarming #ClimateEmergency

MORE Image
3/ The oceans in 2021 hit record heat levels, especially near the Poles. Hotter seas can't produce winter ice, so the oceanic system is unable to compensate for ice cap summer melting.
#GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis
MORE Image
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Yes, the term “Esk*mo” is derogatory.

In being #GoodRelatives, we must respect all people when they tell us how they identify & not use outdated, inaccurate, or derogatory terminology. The Indigenous peoples of the Arctic have been clear about rejecting this term.

🧵👇🏾 Yes, the term “Esk*mo” is d...
The word “Esk*mo” is an offensive term that has been used historically to describe Inuit peoples throughout their homelands, Inuit Nunangat, in the arctic regions of Alaska, Greenland, and Canada, as well as the Yupik of Alaska and northeastern Russia, and the Inupiat of Alaska. Image
The use of “Esk*mo”, an exonym (a name given to a group of people by another group), and perpetuates harmful stereotypes of the Inuit as remote and politically insignificant, while also romanticizing the Arctic. Image
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🚨New paper alert 🚨

I'm excited to announce that our open-access paper "The Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the globe since 1979" is now out in @CommsEarth:…

#ArcticAmplification #Arctic

Thread of the main results:

We report that the Arctic has warmed four times faster than the globe in the last 43 years.

The four-fold Arctic amplification (AA) ratio is higher than what is generally reported in literature and media.

One reason for the higher ratio is that we defined the Arctic properly (with the Arctic Circle, 66.5°N), and calculated the trends since 1979 when satellite data became available.

With these parameters, the observed AA ratio is 3.7-4.1, depending slightly on the dataset.

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It is a week since the highest temperatures in thousands of years hit the UK.

It is now an objective reality that this civilisation will collapse at some point in the early 2030s. Long tail possibilities are the late 2020’s and the late 2030’s on the other side.
2. Why? Forget global averages 1.5C, 2C – that’s all political distraction. What will bring down the system is physical and biological HARD STOPS and the compounding secondary effects cascading through the system.
3. These are objective. Like putting a bullet through someone’s brain. They die. They have nothing to do with social predictions – i.e. complex systems. This is Newtonian cause and effect.
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Happening now: Most destabilizing factor in the world today - "There are so many" @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines tells @SilveradoPolicy @Google Leadership & Service Forum
NEW: "The mismatch between what we perceive to be #Putin's even near-term military objectives & the fact that his military can't actually achieve them is a destabilizing factor" per @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines "It has raised the potential for escalation"

Another destabilizing factor - "The way in which disruptive technologies are emerging in many respects, the kind of convergence of so many fields of science" per @ODNIgov’s Haines
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Really excited to share our last paper about the importance of #groundwater discharge as driver of #methane emissions from #Arctic lakes published in @NatureComms !…
In this paper we sampled ten different lakes in the Abisko region to evaluate spatial and temporal patterns of groundwater discharge and implications in lake CH4 emissions (1/6) Image
A 222Rn mass balance revealed that groundwater discharge was an important water source for the lakes, with inflows comparable to those from inlet streams (2/6). Image
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"It’s too soon to say whether #climatechange is directly to blame for causing severe #heatwaves in these four powerhouse economies — which also happen to be the top emitters of heat-trapping gases — at roughly the same time, just days into summer."…
1/ "While #globalwarming is making extreme heat more common worldwide, deeper analysis is required to tell scientists whether specific weather events were made more likely or more intense because of human-induced warming."
2/ "(A team of researchers who studied this spring’s devastating heat in #India found that climate change had made it 30 times as likely to occur.)"
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Russia welcomes Arctic cooperation with non-regional countries. a 🧵 on why suspending #Arctic dialogue & engagement w Moscow was a serious misstep.…
morality of engagement appeared to be the narrative which won out in this (likely) protracted war. in lieu of the transnational, frontier challenges which the #Arctic whips up - climate change, global transportation, data, space, minerals, hydrocarbons, fisheries.
rational interests were sacrificed: #Arctic Council was effectively suspended via a pause & Russia has wasted no time seeking out new avenues for engagement w states far beyond the region. some will be hard to exorcise once embedded.
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Russian-Asian #Arctic Research Consortium founded: ten Russian and Chinese universities will become part of the Russian-Asian Arctic Research Consortium 👇🏻…
+ proposals sent to India, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as Hong Kong.
+ already includes one of China’s “seven sons of defense research” Image
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🧵 [1] JUST OUT: The 2nd report I’ve coauthored with the recently-formed International Working Group on Russia Sanctions, coordinated by @FSIStanford @McFaul outlining urgent comprehensive energy embargoes & sanctions on Putin’s regime.

[2] 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇺🇦Working Group is comprised of a stellar lineup of Transatlantic security experts that coauthored this report, including: @Nataliia_Shapo, @AmbDanFried, @maria_shagina, @edwardfishman, @RichardMNephew, @FukuyamaFrancis, @kath_stoner, @steven_pifer, @OlgaBielkova & more!
[3] For our second report, we have focused on a comprehensive set of “smart embargoes”, sanctions, and policy measures to rapidly limit the ability of the #Kremlin to raise further state revenues via energy sales abroad to the greatest extent possible.
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The @USNavy aircraft carrier @USSHARRYSTRUMAN pulling into Trieste in Italy marks something of a lull what has been a huge amount of naval activity to reinforce & reassure @NATO allies since the start of the #UkraineWar
After her 65 day #Clemenceau22 deployment (much of which was spent in company with @USSHARRYSTRUMAN & the @ItalianNavy aircraft carrier Cavour), @MarineNationale's @French_CSG returned to Toulon on 7th April 2022
While the @RoyalNavy's @HMSPWLS returned to @HMNBPortsmouth on 20th April after her stint in the #Arctic High North for Exercises #ColdResponse22 off Norway🇳🇴 & #NorthernViking22 off Iceland🇮🇸
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🚨New RUSI Whitehall Paper, ‘The Balance of Power Between Russia and NATO in the Arctic and High North’ by Dr Sidharth Kaushal, James Byrne, Joseph Byrne, Giangiuseppe Pilli and Gary Sommerville is out now!…
The growing importance of the #Arctic and High North is reflected in #Russia’s recent military build-up in the area, which has received an increasing share of expenditure from the #Kremlin over the past decade.
Our report maps Russia’s #military infrastructure in the Arctic and High North and assesses the power balance between #NATO and Russia in the region.
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🇷🇺aggression towards 🇺🇦has severe consequences for European security architecture and it will be felt in other geopolitical sensible regions 🧵 1/1
such as the European Arctic, which is seeing a heightening of military build-up, tensions, and competition over resources for some years now...
@epc event on climate insecurity and geopolitics in the Arctic offered a comprehensive picture of the current situation in the Arctic and its interlink with what is happening in Donbas
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🧵 While extreme events receive a lot of the attention in the #Arctic, it's more the long-term trends that are transforming this part of the world. Interannual variability (e.g., weather) is also large, which is why not every year is a new record. Here are those January trends:
Nearly all areas of the #Arctic have observed thinning ice over the last four decades. Trends in January are largest in the vicinity of the East Siberian Sea and north of Greenland.

[Data simulated from PIOMAS. For more info:…] Polar stereographic map of Arctic sea ice thickness trends f
In contrast, sea ice concentration trends in January are only confined to the outer edges of the #Arctic Ocean, such as the Barents-Kara Seas and Sea of Okhotsk.

[Sea ice concentration = fraction of ice-cover. For more info:…] Polar stereographic map showing Arctic sea ice concentration
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1\ Storytime: "I suppose it all started with the snow..." Here's me, second from left at, the Russian Embassy, Ottawa, December 2013. On the eve of historic events in #Ukraine I'm reminded of this moment from my own activist history. ⛄️☮️
2\ For me at least, the new cold war started when Russia arrested 30 #Greenpeace activists and boarded the organization's ship 'The Arctic Sunrise' in September 2013 during an #arctic #oil protest.…
3\ I worked at Greenpeace in Toronto as a fundraiser and had been (like a nerd) up all night watching GP ships on twitter/ship tracker (really). Suddenly, The Arctic Sunrise posted video of VDV with silenced VSS rifles rapelling from Mi-8s to the deck.
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1/ Izvestia reports that trials of the #Kinzhal #hypersonic weapon system under #Arctic conditions, "concluded "at the end of last year." According to the article, the trials "went on for several years" and have been "deemed successful."
2/ Article goes on to note that "as part of [these trials], both combat launches and combat training patrols were carried out by #MiG31K aircraft of the Aerospace Forces."

3/3 Short thread on what is known about planned #Kinzhal deployment 👇

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My most memorable memory from my time in the Canadian High Arctic was the year the arctic wolf pups were hanging out near the end of the airstrip. Folks at the Eureka station would often go see if they were around and visit them when possible. One evening I went out on my own.
As I approached I thought the pups may have been gone since I didn't see them out and about. But then I noticed the sleeping babysitter wolf off in the distance.
And sure enough, the pups were there. Just laying around on the tundra.
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The annual @NOAA Arctic Report Card is available today for 2021. It discusses recent changes in the #Arctic, extreme events, and broader human/environmental impacts.

+ Report:…
+ Video:
+ Highlights: Infographic showing a visual of the highlights in the 2021 A
@NOAA @NOAAResearch @NOAANCEI I am happy again to have played a small role in this year's report - see our section on Arctic sea surface temperatures:…

Also check out the fantastic collection of visuals by @NOAAClimate at… Map and line graph showing Arctic warming since the mid 1960
@NOAA @NOAAResearch @NOAANCEI @NOAAClimate @CSUAtmosSci "The Arctic story is a human story, and we all have a role to play in creating the best possible outcomes for the region, its residents, and all the citizens of the globe who depend on the Arctic as a critical component of our Earth system." --->…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/11/2021…
Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds…

#Arctic, #rain, #snow, #ClimateChange, #models
The United States Is Not “a Nation of Immigrants”…

#USA, #immigrants, #multiculturalism, #ColonialHistory, #settlers
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