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#RussianArmy Promises to "Liberate" #Donbas by October

Yesterday #Putin held two meetings with representatives of the security and military bloc leadership. During a meeting with the military, the president heard reports on the situation on the front and suggested...
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discussing the prospects for both a Ukrainian counter-offensive and actions of the #RussianArmy. #Putin was reassured that the Ukrainian counter-offensive had so far resulted in nothing but losses on the part of the enemy.
2/4 Image
Speaking of their own prospects, the leaders of the military bloc promised the president to "liberate" #Donbas by October 7 this year, just in time for #Putin's birthday, giving him such an expensive gift. These promises cheered the president up a little, although he...
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The #Kremlin’s push for a “long war” against #Ukraine may have a snowball effect on domestic insurgency within Russia - say experts @PetroBurkovskyi, @t_tarasiuk in the article for @KyivIndependent
The growth of resistance movements within #Russia, both actual and nominally formed, has been particularly noticeable since 2022. There are sources of serious domestic insurgency in Russia.
The diversity of the groups’ ideological platforms, variety, and geography speak for the genuity and independence of these anti-Putin groups.
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1. Ukraine continues preparing for the offensive by attacking Russian oil facilities in #Krasnodar and military facilities in southern occupied areas.
For several days #Ukraine has attacked #Russianoilfacilities inflicting serious damage on one of Russia's largest refineries. Image
2. Ten strikes were conducted in recent days with about half of them successful and Ukraine has hit and reportedly damaged five facilities in the #Krasnodar region.

Ukraine released results of an earlier reported #StormShadow strike on #Yukivka between #Berdyansk & #Mariupol. Image
3. The strike was on Russian forces housed in a resort facility killing 100 Russian military personnel and wounding 40. Past reporting claimed targets of earlier strikes were high-value like pilots, SOF and Marines. ImageImage
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#ItsDone #SunakBomba N°2.
cc: @ Circonscripti18
#Russian intelligence confirms that the #NATO-#Ukrainian #terrorist regime is preparing to seize the #Zaporizhzhia #NPP by crossing the #Dnieper. This was also announced by the PDT of the "We are with Russia" movement V. #Rogov ImageImageImage
Next #FalseFlag in the #HeavenlyJerusalem - #Zaporizhzhia.
#Satanic #Zionists do not care about the lifes of the #goyims, cuz according to the #Talmud they are comparable to #insects and must be eliminated.

- #AshkeNAZI #Zelensky at #MSC: "#AtomicBomb" Image
Chapter II.
#Christians are to be #Exterminated
- Art. 1. Christians to be Harmed #Indirectly
- Art. 2. Christians to be Harmed #Directly

#mRNA-#WEF-#UkraineWAR-#WW3 Revelation 3 9 Look at thos...The Talmud Unmasked  [The S...
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The Battle of #Bakhmut exposed several key flaws in the Russian planning and conduct of operational maneuver. The #Kremlin’s fixation with Bakhmut also shows that #Russia has not learned lessons from the first phases of the war.

Bakhmut Retrospective🧵#2:
2/ The Russian military command continued to pursue a relentless assault on #Bakhmut after the city lost its original operational significance and failed to adjust its military objectives appropriately.
3/ The #Kremlin, evidently, chased after any potential victory to generate informational effects and allowed #Prigozhin to expend a large amount of Russian ammo and thousands of prisoner recruits, & then more professional forces to maintain a battle of no operational significance
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#Ukraine Banning Pro-russian TV Stations and Political Parties - #Disinformation #Overview Image

“This is a recurring #disinformation narrative by pro-#Kremlin media about the West’s purported attempts to interfere in #Ukrainian politics and set the #political establishment there against #Russia.
In reality, neither pro-#Kremlin parties nor #politicians nor #media are #persecuted in #Ukraine as long as they obey the #law.
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#Bakhmout, #Ukraine: #Wagner et #Prigojine ont annoncé aujourd'hui la prise de la ville dans le #Donbas.

Est-ce vrai ? Quel est le contexte ? Est-ce une victoire ? Quelle est la valeur de Bakhmout ?

Voyons ça ensemble dans ce thread en faisant une chronologie des faits 🧵 1/24 Image
#Prigojine explique dans sa vidéo que l'assaut de #Bakhmout avait débuté au mois d'oct., il y a 224 jours.

En réalité, les frappes ont commencé au mois de juillet, période à laquelle je me suis rendu sur place pour la 1ère fois.

Ici, nous étions près de l'usine Artemivsk. 2/24
#Soledar était la cible première: une partie de la ville était d'ores-et-déjà contrôlée par les 🇷🇺, l'est se faisait constamment pilonner.

C'est ici que j'ai participé à une mission humanitaire avec les 2 bénévoles britanniques tués dans cette même ville, Andrew et Chris. 3/24 ImageImageImage
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May 16, 2023
#Donbas, #Donetsk People's Republic, #Bakhmut.

Evgeny Prigozhin, head of the #Wagner PMC:
"This 🇺🇸#US citizen came to the meeting. Nikolos.
Where is this Nikolos?"

Musician: "Here he lies."
Evgeny Prigozhin:
"Here we have the veteran Nikolos. We're going to put him in a coffin, respectfully cover him with a U.S. flag and give him to the United States.

Because he didn't die in bed as an old man, he died in the war. And he probably died with dignity, didn't he?"
Musician: "He shot back as he was retreating."

Eugene Prigozhin: "He died in combat. Tomorrow morning we're handing over his papers and packing up his body."
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The allegations are unlikely to cause the #Kremlin to remove #Prigozhin in the near term but can contribute to efforts to discredit Prigozhin. 1/
#Prigozhin commands the #Wagner forces in #Donbas, and his removal would disrupt the #Russian lines in #Bakhmut — a risk that #Putin is unlikely to take. 2/
The #Kremlin is also unable easily to publicly remove & replace #Prigozhin as the de facto head of Wagner because #Wagner is an independent company and Prigozhin holds no official position in the #Russian government. 3/
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May 15, 2023
#Donbas, #Lugansk People's Republic

🇺🇦#Ukraine launched a missile attack on an aviation school in Lugansk.
Apparently the strike was again carried out by British Storm Shadow missiles.
"There's quite a dense residential area there. Recently restored cadet corps building," said Rodion Miroshnik, former ambassador of the Lugansk People's Republic.
May 15, 2023
LPR representation to #JCCC:
On May 15, 2023, at 0800 a.m. 🇺🇦#Ukraine launched a missile attack on #Lugansk (#LPR) using two Storm Shadow cruise missiles.
1/2 ImageImageImageImage
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🇺🇦#Ukraine 🇷🇺#Russia

Irina Gorban writes short stories about children from #Donbas who have been killed or injured.

Since 2016, she has worked with the #Donetsk People's Republic Ministry of Information, gathering evidence of Ukrainian war crimes against civilians.
'That's how we ended up surrounded by pain, such terrifying pain. Surrounded by atrocities.’
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#Ukraine #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk? Falsehood” Image
‘It was not #Ukraine that #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk

Sometimes anti-#Ukrainian #propaganda uses falsehoods – e.g. #fabricated documents or photos, through which it gives a completely new, #untrue context – or simply untruth.
This is the case here. In the post we read that the current Ukrainian authorities "#murdered the #people of #Donbass and #Luhansk due to their #ethnic origin."
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Wednesday 10 May
Day 441 of this terrible war.
At least #Ukraine has woken relatively peacefully today in contrast to most recent days.

All the news on #Russia's invasion, all day in one thread. If you want to buy me a coffee please see my bio for the link💙💛
So y'day was another violent & busy day as #Russia celebrated Victory Day but with zero victory to salute in its illegal invasion of #Ukraine

More deaths by fire, setbacks in #Bakhmut and #Wagner being labelled terrorists by more countries. Catch up here:
#Russia's losses in the last 24 hours show a marked decrease in he amount of equipment destroyed compared to the recent trend.

However, #Ukraine is killing more and more soldiers as Russians continue kamikaze tactics in #Donetsk with the one resource they have plenty of: people. Image
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Hoy hablaremos de un tema mas serio, la Guerra del #Donbas del 2014 hasta el 2022, voy a resumirla enfocándome en eventos que solo ocurrieron en la región, incidentes como el Maidan o Odesa no serán incluidos Image
Primero contexto
Tras la anexión de Crimea por parte de Rusia, muchos grupos Pro Rusos (muchos viniendo de Rusia) empezaron a protestar, pero estas protestas no llegaron a mucho y eran ignoradas por la población. Por lo que a los Rusos se les ocurrió algo. Image
Los Rusos usaron una táctica llamada "filibustero"
Básicamente llamaron a los que habían participado en la anexión de Crimea para causar caos en el Donbas, pero quien los lideraría? Image
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It’s modern day, so they use buses. But this is cattle cars. They are mass deporting people against their will in large groups to camps in Crimea and Siberia.

This is genocide. They did this in #Mariupol. Where are those souls? They then moved in Russian families
By giving them free property. You know what it’s free? It’s ours. It’s stolen. They did this in #Crimea and #Donbas. When horror of these camps and deportations are finally told, you will have to answer same question as in 1945:
How did you let this happen. This time you can’t say you were unaware, you knew. You knew whole time, but you let it happen.

When we tried to stop them in Donbas, #RussiaIsANaziState make propaganda that we are killing our own people. Then they move in convicts and claim
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26/6/15 REWIND - Oekraïense journalist roept via nationale tv, @HromadskeUA, op tot genocide van etnische Russen in de #Donbas. Hromadske TV word gefinancierd door de Nederlandse US Ambasade in Oekraïne. #Schaligas #Burisma #Biden #kolomoisky
26/6/15 - Ukrainian Journalist Openly Calls for Genocide on Hromadske TV, Financed by the US and the Netherlands… Image
2013 - According to the interim financial report Hromadske TV was funded by the Netherlands Embassy (793,089 Ukrainian hryvnias, -₴-), the US Embassy (399,650 ₴) and by George Soros' International Renaissance Foundation (247,860)… Image
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Before I go to bed at nearly light please see just how Russia was caught funding and staffing these fake separatist movements and attacks, including Odesa. They admit it.

First review this conversation of Putin advisor Sergey Glazyev where he discusses creating false flags in
#Kharkiv, #Crimea, #Odesa and #Donbas and funding fake separatists movements and staging riots.
Then review collection of emails from Putin advisor Vladislav Surkov, who supplied death squads and shooters to hunt Maidan protestors and conduct hybrid warfare using fake Russian separatists…
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@Europarl_EN #Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve #peace in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev TIME to #prepare for #war - to help #CRUSH #ETHNIC #Russians Dec 28, 2022
@Europarl_EN cc: @ TaranQ
German '#Merkel' (#Hitler's daughter) in an interview with the German newspaper #DieZeit:
- "The 2014 #MinskAgreement was an attempt to give Ukraine #time. They used that time to get stronger, which you can see today.
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Last week @leonidragozin retweeted my piece and a debate started in his mentions about "civil war" in #Ukraine vs. #Russia'n invasion. There's a lot of bad faith around that debate but exploring it can open up a few of the themes from my piece. THREAD…
In 2014 RU couldn't create separatist war in #Donbas out of whole cloth. Was possible because millions of east UA citizens were alienated from post-Maidan government, a minority radically so. Was no common touchstone to understand revolution's causes, events of its final days. 2/
Radical flange of this social group was organizing for armed protest, w/ significant (not universal) moral support in Donbas society. @scrawnya has demonstrated how they jockeyed for Kremlin support w/ help of ideological entrepreneurs like RU mercenary Igor Girkin-Strelkov. 3/
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In @opendemocracyru I share how I've been trying to grog what's happening in #Ukraine #Donbas #Donbass under #Russia's relentless assault and whether a path was possible to a different outcome. I cite work of @scrawnya and @SporrerWolfgang here. THREAD…
My starting point is this: the Donbas is ravaged beyond repair. In the areas under the control of Kyiv before Feb '22, only Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and a smattering of small mining and factory towns remain more/less intact, and they are under brutal rocket attack already. 2/
In the parts of Luhansk Oblast that Kyiv controlled every town larger than 14,000 people has been wrecked and occupied. The rest are simply occupied. Here's maternity ward in #Serverodonetsk where my daughter was born, amidst ruins of this 120,000 strong city. 3/ Image
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Welcome to my daily #Ukraine thread for the 425th time!

Here every single day without fail to bring you the news of #Russia's illegal invasion in one handy place.

If you like what I do, tips are welcome. Buy me a coffee (see my profile) or send me a story tip via DM.
Sundays are often fairly quiet, even in a war it seems. But not yesterday.

One of the longest Sunday threads for over six months of fighting in #Ukraine.

If you need to catch up, here's the link for the start of yesterday's 🧵

I'll start in #Russia where a drone "stuffed with explosives" has been found near #Noginsk in Moscow region.

The 3-metre UAV weighing 85kgs "fell from the sky".
Media are saying it's one of #Ukraine's UJ-22 drones, with Canadian M112 explosive charges (unverified)

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In case you want to know about #Sudan and you don’t know what Russia has been doing. Here is brief history.

In 2017 Russians, using their Nazi SS #WagnerGroup bribed then leader Omar al-Bashir to let them control gold mines as Russian territory. Same as they did with mines
In #Donbas. In 2019 Bashir was ousted, which was bad for Russia stealing gold while ensuring poverty for people of Sudan, Russia stayed behind making chaos until 2021 coup they managed thinking it bring to power leader who let them steal gold (and people). But also, this is how
Russian fascism works. Wagner is funded by gold that they kick back to ruling oligarchs and Russian government also gets to make its Red Sea naval base. But 2021 government while happy to let Russians steal gold, we’re not happy to have occupation at Port of Sudan
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Happy Easter!
It's Day 3,332 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.
That's true - it took me a while to work out!

What started with #Crimea, spread to the #Donbas, then the eventual full invasion on 24 Feb 2022

It's Day 410 of the full invasion and here's my daily thread for Sunday
I should say it's Palm Sunday in #Ukraine (and #Russia) with the Orthodox World celebrating Easter a week later this year.

If you need to catch up with Saturday's news from Europe's war, then simply click and scroll here⬇️

Also last night I revealed the results of the poll, and you rejected my proposal of switching my profile pic to the anti-war drawing by a 12 year old Russian girl who's father was arrested because of it.

The result was 62-13
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