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#SupremeCourt Constitution Bench led by Justice KM Joseph to continue hearing pleas relating to legality of bull-taming sport Jallikatu.

#jallikattu #Constitution #AnimalRights
Hearing begins.
State of Tamil Nadu to make submissions.

Sr Adv Rakesh Dwivedi for Tamil Nadu says the court must first consider the term "unnecessary pain"
Dwivedi: The implication of unnecessary pain and sufferings needs to be prevent as it posits that there will be some necessary pain which is permitted under the Act

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#SupremeCourt Constitution Bench led by Justice KM Joseph to continue hearing pleas challenging the laws legalising bull-taming sport Jallikatu and others.

#jallikatu #SupremeCourtOfIndia #constitutionbench #AnimalRights Image
Sr Adv Kapil Sibal brings arguments for the State of Tamil Nadu government.

*Correction: begins arguments

Sibal: Domestication of animal itself is painful, but what is prohibited is unnecessary pain. We are dealing with the rights of all these animals, the Act is to regulate the conduct not of the animal but humans towards them.

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#Query #Jallikattu

Do animals have fundamental right ?


In our view, animals have several statutory rights, but no fundamental rights, though there are a few judgments which stops short of saying this.
If humans are entitled to fundamental rights, why not animals?, the Kerala High Court had observed in N.R. Nair And Ors., Etc. Etc. vs Union Of India AIR 2000 Ker 340
Supreme Court in Animal Welfare Board Of India vs A. Nagaraja observed that Statutory rights available to animals have to be elevated to the status of fundamental rights.. as to secure their honour and dignity.
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The #Kannada #ಕನ್ನಡ film @KantaraFilm has been a huge success, in #Karnataka, other states of #India, and the world.

#Kantara's plot revolves around the traditional & exciting #Kannada & #Tulu sport of #Kambala #ಕಂಬಳ or water buffalo 🐃 racing!
@KantaraFilm #Kambala #ಕಂಬಳ is NOT the only sport of its kind in the 🌎.

Very similar sports exist in #Sumatra & #Madura of #Indonesia, & #WestBengal state of #India.

The only difference is, instead of water buffaloes 🐃, they use bulls (or rarely cows)!

In Sumatra, it's called #PacuJawi
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i just finished seeing #Trance (malayalam w/ english sub-titles, 2020, amazon prime video). it totally rips the mask off the entire RoL evangelism industry, and shows how it's a huge money-making fraud. the film shows the villains dying, but in real life they thrive. must watch.
next, #jallikattu (malayalam w/ english sub-titles, 2019, amazon prime video), india's official entry to the oscars this year. about the killing of an errant buffalo, as social commentary. maybe like #maranasimhasanam (throne of death, 1999, camera d'or at cannes). there a 1/2
man is sentenced to death on the newly arrived 'throne', a world-bank-funded electric chair, and becomes a minor celebrity on that count. the kerala villagers, the political parties, and the govt, and the (happy!) victim himself all become partners in a macabre game of death 2/2
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#Thread Going to ask @PetaIndia 5 specific questions. I know they follow my TL even though they are pretending I do not exist, after trolling me 24/7 for 2 days. My questions will prove that not only is @PetaIndia #AntiHinduPeta, it is also a fraud organisation #PetaIndiaExposed
Question 1 - @PetaIndia You made a ridiculous connection in your hoardings between #RakshaBandhan and cow leather trade, but why have you NOT mentioned #EidAlAdha anywhere in your hoardings featuring goats? Scared much? #AntiHinduPeta
Question 2 - You LIED that @IngridNewkirk WAS your founder and she is NOT the main functionary at @PetaIndia, if that is true, why do your campaigns feature her, and why does she sign your official FCRA returns? #AntiHinduPeta #PetaIndiaExposed
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When Justice R Bhanumati in her farewell speech thanked her Lord Jesus today, India learnt that the R in her name stood for Ruth & some of the fog surrounding her judgements in Hindu sensitive cases became clearer.
#Jallikattu #ChidambaramNararjarTempleCase
For 3 decades, this Judge opined & delivered judgements without us knowing her affiliations or ideology.

Thus it would not be unreasonable to make mandatory for Judges to declare the faith they practise when it comes to cases specifically related to other religions....
Specially since their names
may not give an indication of it.

As we have learnt the hard way over time, that the term & definition of secularism in India is warped & loaded against the majority community making it all the more imperative
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If there is no ban on meat, ban on animal sacrifice is illogical.

It is ok to slaughter an animal callously for meat but not ok to do it reverentially?

The aim is clear—to kill a native practice while mass slaughter by the meat industry and on #Bakrid goes unchallenged.
The Tripura ban is simply one more Church attack on native traditions at par with #jallikattu and #Sabarimala. This must be reversed.

Hindu dharma has a diversity of practices. Enforcing one model is an Abrahamic commandment based idea. Respect different traditions.

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Yesterday, was speaking to a Gaurakshak. She is one gutsy lady. Chases cow smugglers and butchers with her small team of volunteers, often in the wee hours of the morning. Has been attacked several times by Kasais. The stories she told are gut-wrenching.
Often 8-10 calves are crammed into a Maruti van for transportation. To make them fit, their legs are broken. Even when the van is apprehended and the animals rescued, less than half survive, the others die of asphyxiation, exhaustion and injuries.
Even the cops file chargesheets on cow smugglers, lenient judges let them out on bail soon. Stealing cows for beef is big business, as the cow smugglers and butchers spend nothing but the farmers lose.
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Confession of the last Indian Hindu - Read the whole series.
First they came 4 Kashmiri Hindus. They killed, raped and forced Kashmiri Hindus to flee. As it was a Kashmir problem, I did not do anything
Then they turned Tyrant n murderer Tipu into a hero. Some people fm Karnataka protested. But it was a Karnataka problem, so I did not join.
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