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I’m happy to report the string of 4,736 radio ads I’ve heard in the #GASenate runoff has been broken!!

I’m sad to report the ad which did it was a “we can fix your broken kid” ad by #AutismSpeaks.

Give autistic people 1% of their bloated budget & watch the world change. 💯
I’m serious. Give autistic adults 1% of the budget of any big autism group and things would be SO MUCH BETTER for parents, kids, and us.

I’ve repeatedly said that to neurotypical people, but to quote Georgia native André 3000 “Y’all don’t want to hear me, you just wanna dance.”
It seems that every week I’m contacted by someone I know who has someone in their life who is a parent of a newly diagnosed autistic kid.

I spend SO MUCH TIME filling in the gaps that autism groups don’t fill-in because they EXCLUDE autistic people from their leadership...
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"This did not mean that I loved black people; on the contrary, I despised them, possibly because they failed to produce Rembrandt."

The words are of #JamesBaldwin but they speak of the colonised people everywhere, even those who have risen to power in our world
In the autobiographical notes of Notes on a Native Son,
#JamesBaldwin is frank to confess that, in growing into his version of manhood in Harlem, he discovered that, since his African heritage had been wiped out and was not accessible to him
he would appropriate the white man's heritage and make it his own. This terrible reality, central to the psychic stance of all American Negroes, revealed to Baldwin that he hated and feared white people.
From Eldridge Cleaver #SoulOnIce
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Happy birthday #JamesBaldwin . Here's an interview excerpt w/ Quincy Troupe:

Baldwin: my publisher, Knopf, told me I was a "Negro writer" and that "I reached a certain audience." So they told me, "you cannot afford to alienate that audience. This new book will ruin your career..
.. because you're not writing about the same things and in the same manner as you were before and we won't publish this book as a favor to you."

Troupe: As a favor to you?

Baldwin: So I told them fuck you.

Troupe: What did they say after you told them "fuck you"?
Baldwin: I told them I needed a boat ticket. So I took a boat to England with my book and I sold it in England before I sold it in America. You see, whites want black writers to mostly deliver something as if it were an official version of the black experience.
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“You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you.”

Celebrating #JamesBaldwin on his birthday.
“You must understand that your pain is trivial except insofar as you can use it to connect with other people’s pain; and insofar as you can do that with your pain, you can be released from it, and then hopefully it works the other way around too.” - #JamesBaldwin
You also need to understand that James was not playing when it came to style. #JamesBaldwin ImageImageImageImage
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It's #JamesBaldwin's 96th birthday. You can watch I Am Not Your Negro on Hulu and Netflix and the entirety of 'The Fire Next Time' as read by the great #JesseLMartin is available on youtube
#JamesBaldwin's 'I Am Not Your Negro' on hulu:…
#JamesBaldwin's 'I Am Not Your Negro' on netflix:
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Comme j’ai plusieurs fois cité James Baldwin, on m’a demandé par quoi commencer. Je crois que je conseillerais, pour ma part, « Chroniques d’un enfant du pays ».

#VendrediLecture #JamesBaldwin Image
Dans ce livre autobiographique, on explore les affres de la condition noire durant la période de la ségrégation aux US (1876-1965): le racisme, la culture, l’impossibilité d’être accepté dans les restaurants, la peur d’être tué, mais aussi la possibilité d’un monde commun (2/3)
« La plupart [des noirs] n’en ont rien à faire du tout, de la race. Ils veulent seulement leur propre place au soleil et le droit d’être laissé en paix, comme n’importe quel autre citoyen de la République. Nous pourrions tous respirer plus facilement. »

Pouvoir respirer.
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1/ Four years ago I wrote on #BlackLivesMatter by putting its ideals into conversation with our greatest thinkers: #IdaBWells #MartinLutherKingJr
#FrederickDouglass #AnnaJuliaCooper #AudreLorde #JamesBaldwin #Langston Hughes #ZoraNealeHurston…
2/ My ambition was to honor our cherished tradition of black intellectual work and approach the movement by putting its ideals into conversation with some of our greatest thinkers and writers
3/ Chapter 1 sets the stage with Douglass and Wells grappling with what it means for blacks to find a meaningful place in a young #democratic nation founded on #4racialbondage and murder
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As I pour through every #JamesBaldwin essay/interview I can find (starting with Collected Essays)—I want to share some of his hauntingly prophetic quotes

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”
1) Another #JamesBaldwin quote. This one is for my daughters, nieces and nephews:

“The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.”

What if....
2) What if.....we also used this as a rallying cry for every American on her or his 65th bday: Commit to spend as much time as you’re able to using your OWN skills/powers, hard-fought learnings including painful mistakes—to make this country—authentically just and ensure that...
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My roommate texted me to ask if I had ever been to @redbaycoffee in Oakland. “I see they have your favorite author on a postcard of theirs.” This was my reply.

#JamesBaldwin An image of a postcard for ...A screenshot image of a tex...
I have this in the second image’s AltText, but here is what I wrote.

Oh, god. I’m hearing his coffee order in James Baldwin’s voice:
“I suppose, when submitting an order, one should consider the latte. It is a drink which brings to mind, as far as one can tell, a sense of purpose coupled with tranquility. In other words - a delight.
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🚨🧵Here’s a thread to cover some additional thoughts on the new #AutismSpeaks logo (and on them):

You know that Autism Speaks didn’t design their logo with the autistic community because, if they had, we would have instead focused them on redesigning their organization first.
Form follows function. The truth is that Autism Speaks has only one token autistic board member and only a few - if that - token autistic staff.
That frame is one reason why its programming is currently facing budget cuts, why it gets creative in positively telling the abysmal numbers hidden in its annual report, and why #AutismSpeaks continues to fail autistic people and our families day after day.
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People keep sharing this piece by @autistichoya and LOVING it. This includes parents I know of autistic kids (of all support type needs) who’ve never encountered the work of Lydia X. Z. Brown (the author) but who’ve now shared it with all their networks.…
I like to joke that @autistichoya “scares me”. I mean that a the highest compliment in my own weird way. Like Thunberg, she’s not afraid to speak truth. We need that, I need that, to keep us sharp, focused, and effective.
The fact that parents I know in Ohio, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico & other places are resonating with this tells you how much the message of @autistichoya here is connecting with them. These are parents of kids with low support needs, high support needs, non-speaking, speaking, etc.
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#tRrump’s ‘Go Back’ comment is, of course, nothing new for most of us who are brown-skinned, @nytimes
What's new is that the #racist comment is from the #POTUS!
As one who has engaged with the public, I have had my share
The best example is this.
In 2016, after attending @theAAG annual meeting in #SanFrancisco, and after observing the #homelessness there, I wrote about the issue and related it to the local conditions here in #Eugene
An important public policy topic, yes?
Oh, but I was a brown-skinned #immigrant who was "complaining" ... how dare I try to make my country better by writing about the plight of the homeless!
The responses came.
Most didn't want to help solve the problem.But to call out my "otherness"
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Husband of musical queen @Beyonce & multimillionaire who gentrified his own hood using #EminentDomain #BarclaysCenter tells others #NipseyHussle was doin the same 2 #Crenshaw & crowd goes wild 🤦🏾‍♂️ I really thought I’d be spending my Sunday differently.
#GentrifyYourHood #JayZ /1
1st the source: A/b 7 yrs ago I 1st saw the documentary #BattleForBrooklyn which talked a/b #JayZ & #Beyonce's role in supporting the Brooklyn Nets #BarclaysCenter I dont think I've been able to fully 4give them 4 it, then again neither has apologized. /2
Gentrification isnt simply “neighborhood improvement” but is SYSTEMIC use of private forces & PUBLIC POLICY 2 forcibly displace low-income & vulnerable residents/biz owners from land & replace them w/more affluent ppl/uses to generate capital returns. Just ✔️ the root word. /3
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"I've been here 350 years but you've never seen me. I represent sin, love, death, sex, hell, terror and other things too frightening for you to recognize."

#JamesBaldwin in a New Orleans church pulpit to a mostly white congregation, 1963
Also in 1963 photographer Steve Schapiro travelled through the South with #JamesBaldwin for LIFE Magazine, and took this photo of Baldwin in New Orleans, dancing with an unnamed CORE worker.
Baldwin's dance partner: CORE worker and Freedom Rider Doris Jean Castle.

Here is more about her:…
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