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I’m going to rant 4 a minute to respond to this fellow-citizen who’s been told that the parties switched sides.

It’s not true. The switched sides thing is a gross mischaracterization.
In summary: Unfortunately, some Republicans (R.)don’t care about black people. But at least we don’t actively exploit them like Democratic (D.)party does.

Let’s start with the voter suppression thing:
True, you can probably find examples of R’s trying to manipulate laws to improve their chances at the polls, but D’s do that too: why you think D’s are so excited abt importing illegal immigrants? — Political Power.
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“Under these, and innumerable other disadvantages, your fathers declared for liberty and independence and triumphed.”
“Fellow Citizens, I am not wanting in respect for the fathers of this republic. The signers of the Declaration of Independence were brave men.”
“They were great men too — great enough to give fame to a great age. It does not often happen to a nation to raise, at one time, such a number of truly great men.”
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@jnlamstudies Forum, “#Shakespeare and #Black America” before the 2020 print publication if you have access to the
@CambridgeCore platform. Just in time for our #RaceB4Race discussions on appropriation! Buckle up--Tweetstorm a' comin' #LitPOC #MedievalTwitter
2/ These essays are short and, not just accessible, but actually enjoyable (IMHO). I’m always tweeting stuff for you to check out, but this time you don’t have to listen to just me. (Although y'all most def should listen to me) + #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC
3/ Look at this referee comment. Now you KNOW you need to read these if you are interested in #appropriation #pedagogy #theater #Activism #archives #BlackHistory! Thanks generous and insightful reviewer!! #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC #ShaxCultApp
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In 1860 an anti-Constitution abolitionist argued—
“On the 27th of September, Mr. Butler and Mr. Pinckney, two delegates from the State of South Carolina, moved that the Constitution should require that fugitive slaves and servants...”
“...should be delivered up like criminals, and after a discussion on the subject, the clause, as it stands in the Constitution, was adopted.”
But #FrederickDouglass said that the lecturer misrepresented the facts behind that clause in the Constitution. FD said—
“These illustrious kidnappers were told promptly in that discussion that no such idea as property in man should be admitted into the Constitution....”
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“I think [people] make a great mistake in saying so much of race and color. I know no such basis for the claims of justice....In this race-way they put the emphasis in the wrong place.”
— Frederick Douglass
“I do now and always have attached more importance to manhood than to mere kinship or identity with any variety of the human family. RACE, in the popular sense, is narrow; humanity is broad. The one is special; the other is universal. The one is transient; the other permanent.”
“In the essential dignity of man as man, I find all necessary incentives and aspirations to a useful and noble life. Man is broad enough and high enough as a platform for you and me and all of us.”
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Captain America doesn't care about Black America.
Saying the 4th of July represents courage for black people, is like saying Thanos wanted the Infinity Stones, so he could make a friendship bracelet for Iron Man. Where is @DonCheadle when you need him.
.@ChrisEvans The Black Panther @chadwickboseman should of given you this Black History lesson.

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro. #FrederickDouglass
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Instead of just partying on the #4thofJuly , why not learn some more about your the #USA for example James Earl Jones reading #FrederickDouglass' What to the American Slave is the #FourthOfJuly ? via @democracynow
Or for at least a little while during the #4thofJuly cookout play an episode or two of the @PeabodyAwards winning @uncivilshow #podcast, the untold #history of the #AmericanCivilWar by @catchatweetdown & @JackHitt via @Gimletmedia
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In the final moments of President’s Day, I want to excerpt the words of Frederick Douglass from his 38 page speech about the assasination of Abraham Lincoln which I read at the @librarycongress in December. I held the original manuscript written in Douglas’ own hand:
“The fact is the people in the very depths of their souls loved Abraham Lincoln. They knew him, and knew him as one brother knows another, and they loved him as one brother lives another. He was not only the President of the country, but a member of each loyal family....
...The very picture of his plain American face was loved, as the picture of a dear relation...the American ppl saw in him, a full length portrait of themselves....
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New thread that I will add to over the coming days as I re-watch Ken Burns' The Civil War.

I'm gonna call this #WhyWeNeedaNewCivilWarDocumentary. 🤓

(@netflix listen up!)
1. Starting with Episode 1, "The Cause," the doc does not mention #slavery until a full 6 minutes in, erroneously stating that #RobertELee "disapproved" of slavery.🙄…

Direct quote: “what began as a bitter dispute over union and states’ rights..."

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The best part of this week were the hours I spent with my friend ⁦@LibnOfCongress⁩. For two and a half hours she allowed me to review original documents written in longhand by my hero, the great #FrederickDouglass.
Allison Cannon from the Manuscript Division of the @librarycongress provided wonderful context as we read Douglass’ letter to his son from his visit to Egypt.
I could barely breathe as I read from Douglass’ eulogy for Abraham Lincoln. Righteous anger, deep grief, and a searing, trenchant, and still relevant analysis of racism in America. #FrederickDouglass @librarycongress
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