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📸 Brown, Alito, Kavanaugh, Thurn and Taxis - German nobility
📸 Brian Brown, World Congress of Families XI, Budapest
National Organization for Marriage
@Nadja72638243 Brian Brown, BOD of NOM, w/John Eastman. Brian Brown, Cleta Mitchell, and Eastman to Justice Thomas. ImageImageImage
Alito, Kavanaugh met at the court with Brian S. Brown, who runs several anti-gay groups; German Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, and Gerhard Ludwig Müller, a right-wing German cardinal who has said publicly that a “homosexual network” inside the church is responsible for sex. Image
One of Brown’s groups has filed an amicus brief in cases currently pending before the court—their visit is notable for another, unexpected, reason: All three are in the vanguard of a political, right-wing movement that’s been pushing to topple PopeFrancis.…
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"43 percent of registered voters would vote for the Democratic congressional candidate in their district — only slightly more than the 40 percent who would vote for the Republican candidate. Eighteen percent of registered voters are undecided."
"Among those who say they are very likely to vote or have already voted, Democrats lead by 4 percentage points, 47 percent to 43 percent.

That’s a slightly smaller edge for Democrats than other public polls conducted in the immediate run-up to the election,
but it fits an overall trend of modest tightening on the general ballot." #NotABlueWave #NotABlueTidePool #JobsNotMobs and #JusticeKavanaugh handily beating #BringBackNancy
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From @LarrySabato Crystal Ball report: “There has been buzz over the past few weeks that not only is Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in serious danger, but also Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN). We’ve long been more bullish on Donnelly than McCaskill in large part because he is more of a
moderate than McCaskill, on abortion and other issues, but Donnelly may now be trailing too.” @larrysabato also sees toss ups in AZ, FL and NV. Still has MT lean D: But momentum all R everywhere. And the rush to blame @realDonaldTrump for packages, just as
w/rush to convict #JusticeKavanaugh is going to solidify GOP support, bring even more folks to polls. It’s becoming a @realDonaldTrump and GOP v the media election.
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With @JohnJamesMI closing in MI, you have to assume the same momentum in Indiana for @braun4indiana @HawleyMO @MorriseyWV @MarthaMcSally @DeanHeller @MarshaBlackburn @FLGovScott @MattForMontana. 24/7 coverage of suspicious packages and implicit/explicit…
blaming of @realDonaldTrump is going to turn support for these candidates rock hard solid. It is confirmation bias on display in almost every newsroom, the same sort of collective guilty verdict before any evidence as rendered against #JusticeKavanaugh No idea who terrorist(s)
is/are or their mental stability but blaming @POTUS is not going to stop erosion of Democratic support across many political battlefields. The reverse, I think. It’s Kavanaugh 2.0. Meanwhile, don’t exclude possibility of hostile power messing w/ elections again.
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Live listener events —where hosts like me, @DennisPrager @MedvedSHOW @radiotalkermike and our local colleagues— meet and talk with hundreds and hundreds of voters who self-select because of course they are politically active are fascinating in run up to elections.
In last few weeks I’ve done them in Phoenix, Tampa, NYC, Columbus, Pittsburgh. The takeaway —w/ necessary caveat that “anectdotal evidence is evidence of anectdoes”— is that the GOP base is the equal of D base in energy and commitment, set afire by #JusticeKavanaugh proceedings.
I’ve been doing these pre-elelction tours since 2002. The communicate only mood and energy and it is off the charts. I assume the D experience is the same. This is not the traditional setting for a wave when one side is demoralized/disappointed and the other marching —2006/2010.
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I realize the #justicekavanaugh confirmation has been a hyper-partisan issue (that by itself is very concerning for a Supreme Court nomination) 4 wks now but why have the #Hamilton68 Russian influencer accounts spent so much oxygen on this? Like #BeersforBrett ?
We looked at our roughly 310 Twitter accnts that we reversed engineered as #Hamilton68 accnts (described at and we created wordclouds 4 various segmented categories of our Hamilton68 accounts over the past wk & highlighted them related 2 Judge #Kavanaugh
The first set we looked was our set of #Hamilton68 accounts that focus on Russian geopolitics. 14658 tweets were analyzed over a period of a week and #kavanaugh was the main hashtag promoted as it related to Judge Kavanaugh
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Oh we aren’t done here. There are too many causalities of this political war and just because their names stop trending doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten. #ClearTheirNames
#GenFlynn #JusticeKavanaugh #RonnyJackson
Start by firing @jontester he released an unverified “memo” calling @USNavy Admiral the “Candy Man” all based from claims coming from: wait for it... an unhinged feminist! Claims were so outrageous Obama admin disagreed! #ClearTheirNames #VOTEDEMSOUT pick @MattForMontana 🇺🇸
See we let @SenatorTester get away with it because #RonnyJackson resigned BUT he only did because he said position was too important to be stalled, now we know how right he was. To this day libs like @tedlieu say Jackson should have his medical license revoked! #ClearTheirNames
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(1) #ConfirmKavanaugh updates thread #3 starting from 10/4/18.

A directory of my 10 Kavanaugh threads, and counting. (I know, I surprise myself sometimes.)

#JudgeKavanaugh will soon be #JusticeKavanaugh and the American Republic will be preserved. 🦅
(2) This WaPo reporter is incorrect about the vote being "scheduled for" Saturday. The earliest time a vote COULD be held is Saturday pm. There's no reason not to hold it on Sun/Mon IF we need Daines. I think we won't. Read my 5 tweets about him here:
(3) An excellent short explainer about the fact that Mitch has the votes:

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(1) A directory of my Kavanaugh threads since July 9, 2018.

I never planned more than a couple of threads about him this year but, I shoulda known the Dems would try to destroy whoever was the nominee this time.

Well, he fought back. #AmericanOfTheYear #JusticeKavanaugh 🇺🇸
(2) Like Democrats, I'd already decided how I felt about him before his nomination was announced. I live-tweeted the announcement, which was a great event in itself.

(3) I followed Kavanaugh's progress over the summer and on September 22nd, I finally wrote a thread about the preparations for the all-important hearing on September 27th. It covers the hearing before the next thread started the day after.

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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread starting September 30, 2018.

🇺🇸Previous thread from August 24:

🇺🇸40+ other threads like these:…

🇺🇸Unrolled versions:

Below: FLOTUS at a USAID clinic in Ghana.
(2) First Lady Melania Trump is a natural in this important role.

She's one of those women whose face lights up whenever she is around children. God Bless our great First Lady.

(3) FLOTUS left Joint Base Andrews in her trademark high heels and arrived in Ghana wearing practical flats. She still looks sensational, whatever she happens to wear!
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