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I missed this GLA slide pack when it was published in July.

'A Public Health Approach to Serious Youth Violence: Supporting Evidence'

Sigh. I found it pretty frustrating.

Lots of data confirming the association with a range of indicators of disadvantage.

OK, useful.

What's missing?

Longitudinal analysis, qualitative insights and a narrative.

A basic question: why did serious youth violence get worse between 2012/13 and 2017/18?


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The point knife crime conference @UniKent opened up by @AlexStevensKent #thepoint
Prof John Pitts now discussing knife crime in the context of #countylines
According to Pitts #knifecrime offences peaked in 2009, although it is possible 2019 may usurp that figure #thepoint
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Let me tell you a #knifecrime story I dealt with last week as a GP in #Croydon which has a lot of knife crime and loads of chicken shops.
Social services @yourcroydon rang me to ask whether I had any background information on a teenage patient of mine who absconded from A&E after having a stab wound sutured. Didn’t explain how it happened and left before the police and social workers came #KnifeFree
Yes I did!
Parents had been worried about him for several years due to disruption and behaviour problems at school.
Under resourced school didn’t have the capacity to give him pastoral care and asked parents to see GP to get a referral to adolescent mental health services.
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#StopAndSearch won't affect me as much as many others (though more than most). If I conscientiously object to my privacy being unjustifiably violated, I'm privileged so it won't ruin my life.
But for the historically targeted, set to be further marginalised... :🖕🏿Johnson & Patel
I'm against #StopAndSearch without their being a reason to suspect THAT person, but if we ARE doing it, it shouldn't just be in some areas. Make it TRULY random/fair.
Make the rich rural Tory-voting pensioner feel the privacy violations they're inflicting on black boys in cities.
After all... Boris Johnson did say that the most ''loving'' thing you can do to a person is have an officer of the law force them to empty their pockets in public.

So why not spread the love?
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I gave a brief (via Skype) presentation on #knifecrime yesterday to a meeting at @UAL - thought I'd post the slides here in case anyone is interested.

A brief overview of evidence on use/carrying, trends, and then a series of 7 hypotheses about why the increase.

A thread.

First some headlines re motivation and risks for carrying & use. Main sources @iainbrennan's excellent paper… and the v good recent @CollegeofPolice briefing by Abigail McNeill and @levinwheller… #knifecrime

To illustrate the trend in recent years I opted first for health rather than crime data. NHS data taken from the spreadsheet published to accompany this @commonslibrary #knifecrime briefing published last Nov.…

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(Thread) I haven't really weighed in on the #knifecrime debate on here, but I want to say something about it now. We need to stop demonising youth, particularly black youth, and actually address the fundamental causes of criminality in these deprived mostly inner city areas.
One issue that is rarely talked about is the process of how these children, and they are mostly children, are indoctrinated into gangs. It is grooming. We tend to only think of grooming in a sexual context but it is applicable in a gang context too. These kids grow up in poverty.
Then they're shown a glamorous alternative to poverty - cars, designer threads, girls, etc. and the older boys make it look like drugs are easy money. They then get them to do "drug runs" and often they're set up to be robbed.
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The Offensive Weapons Bill is due its second reading in the @UKHouseofLords this afternoon. Listen to the debate here:… and read our briefing here:… #youthjustice #knifecrime
Lord Paddick, Liberal Democrats questions whether the proposed law on corrosive substance possession - which removes requirement of intent to cause harm - is being introduced because govt believes it will be effective, or because they "just want to be seen to be doing something"
Lord Paddick goes on to discuss harm and ineffectiveness of short sentences. Watch here: #offensiveweaponsbill #youthjustice #knifecrime
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and report it to John Trayner MD @TheGoAheadGroup London cc'ing TfL's Bus Bosses, @willnorman @CarolineRussell (of @LondonAssembly) @StopKillingCycl & me. The only way to ensure TfL & CityHall don't just #CoverUp for TfL Contractors' #SafetyFail is to shine a light on it.
In my experience, it's clear that TfL => Trade Association set up to protect its Bus & Tram Contractors instead of regulating their Safety Performance. Read @CarolinePidgeon's & @KeithPrinceAM's MQTs sometime & you'll see how far City Hall & TfL go to protect them from #Scrutiny
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