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In an early post, we briefly touched upon high velocity, shallow arc and lower velocity, higher arc guns.

While discussions on muzzle velocity are typically examined from a range, accuracy, or penetration angle, one other factor existed that played an equal if not larger role.
This factor is barrel wear. Something that influenced naval design for several navies.

The forces required to force a heavy naval shell through a barrel are tremendous. The intense heat and pressure places a great deal of strain on the barrel
Each shell that is forced down the barrel strips a tiny bit of the barrel along with it. This damage is typically towards the breech of the gun, concentrated towards the start of the rifling. However, successive shots allow the damage to extend further down the barrel..
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One of the greatest ships you never heard of. Shinshū Maru was a amphibious assault ship developed by the Japanese before WW2.

To call her innovative would be an understatement as the ship was a collection of advanced features.
The most advanced of which was a large, floodable well deck. This allowed her to rapidly deploy her landing craft during amphibious operations. On the subject of landing craft, she could carry about fifty in addition to four gunboats.
Her massive superstructure was originally intended to function as a hangar, allowing her to handle her own floatplanes to better coordinate landing operations. However she lost her catapults prior to completion and never carried her aircraft.
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The forward 6"/47 Mark 16DP guns aboard the cruiser Worcester.

The Mark 16DP saw the earlier Mark 16 (Cleveland & Brooklyn classes) guns be mated to a new turret and greatly enhanced shell handling equipment.
This allowed the Mark 16DP to retain its powerful anti-ship performance, while granting it autoloading capability and any angle loading. The mounts also featured powerful motors, granting fast traverse and elevation rates.
This made the Mark 16DP one of the first truly successful 6" dual-purpose guns to see service.

However, the weapon was not without drawback.

It was extremely heavy. It was also let down by a complicated dual feed loading system that hampered rate of fire and was unreliable.
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#GenMilley: “CZ brings a wealth of operational experience to the SEAC position and has served with distinction in the @usairforce and Special Operations community for the past 30 years. I have the utmost confidence in his leadership... (1/3) Image
...and know I and our senior enlisted leaders across the services and combatant commands will benefit from his counsel as #SEAC4.”

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s ceremony:
#KnowYourMil (2/3)
Learn more about the unique experience SEAC Ramon “CZ” Colon-Lopez brings as the first Airman to hold the position:

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1 of 4: On Wednesday, torrential rain and drastic wind gusts overcame America’s most hallowed grounds. Visitors ran for cover. News media piled into vehicles together. The streets flooded. Trees as old as the cemetery itself broke at the trunk and came crashing down.
2 of 4: But America's Regiment endured. They found low ground and held fast through the wind and the rain. Some had to be to ordered to stand down from planting flags, still determined to continue to #HonorTheFallen.
3 of 4: One of the most extraordinary displays of discipline and dedication to duty ever to be witnessed at @ArlingtonNatl was taking place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. With only a few watching from cover, a Tomb Sentinel approached the Unknowns with U.S. flags in hand.
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Hear from Pfc. Nathan Spencer, a scout with @FightingFirst who shares how the #USArmy has influenced his life.

Video by @FortBenning

#WhyIServe #KnowYourMil #ArmyValues
How has serving impacted you?
To everyone who responded to this thread, thank you for sharing your story. Your stories are real, they matter, and they may help others in similar situations. The Army is committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our Soldiers.
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The #ViceUSOTour is still going strong after a great visit to #Afghanistan with our @USFOR_A troops. Enjoy some 📸 from the #Kandahar stop. #KnowYourMil ImageImageImageImage
.@ripcityhamilton on his 1st @the_USO tour: "It’s an honor to represent the #NBA family on this tour & bring a little cheer to the men & women serving our country. These are the folks that allow our nation’s freedom & I am excited to do my part to thank them."#KnowYourMil Image
Jon Stewart, @RobertIrvine, @PaigeVanzantUFC and @BlessedMMA definitely lifted the spirits of our #JointForce stationed in #Afghanistan this week. #BeTheForce ImageImageImageImage
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The #USOViceTour just kicked off visiting @USForcesJapan in #Yokota Air Base 🇯🇵:

#BeTheForce #KnowYourMil ImageImageImageImage
#GenSelva on the #JointForce: “They are the defenders of everything America holds dear, and this @the_USO tour is first and foremost about thanking them and their families for what they do every day for our nation.” #USOViceTour Image
#KnowYourMil: @PaigeVanzantUFC and other celebs on the #USOViceTour got to experience what it’s like to put out fires with the #Yokota Air Base fire 🔥 dept as well as a prepare for a chemical/biological/nuclear attack. ImageImageImageImage
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#GenDunford met with @DefenseIntel Director #USArmy Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley yesterday before addressing the DIA workforce. ImageImageImageImage
#DYK that @DefenseIntel provides critical research to the Joint Staff to help inform @DeptofDefense investment decisions for the #JointForce?

#KnowYourMil: Image
During his remarks, #GenDunford thanked the @DefenseIntel workforce for their critical intelligence analysis and for the support he’s received throughout his career.

He noted that for the past 20 years, he’s started his day reading something produced by DIA. Image
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