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US Navy hires active-duty drag queen to be the face of their recruitment drive


1. The US Navy invited an active-duty drag queen to be a “Digital Ambassador” – as part of a recent drive “to attract the most talented and diverse workforce” and combat plunging recruitment.

2. Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who identifies as non-binary, was appointed as the first of five Navy Digital Ambassadors in a pilot program that ran from October 2022 to March 2023.

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Lets list in my opinion the worst decisions taken or nearly taken by largest navies around the world. #εpsilon Image
The #USNavy #Zumwaltclass destroyers were supposed to have #AGS capable of firing ultra long range 155mm shells, have no shells as they were canceled. Now, to re-add the X-factor the #USN is replacing AGS guns with VLS for upto 12 hypersonic missiles. Costing a lot of $$$$$$$$$s Image
Once the greatest #Navy on Earth, decided it was too great and powerful to have a ship mounted AShM. The #Brits decided #RoyalNavy could retire its #Harpoons without procuring a replacement anytime soon. Luckily , it didnt happen. This is why I feel #UK will cause #AUKUS to fail? Image
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@IntlCrimCourt Broke?! Hobbyist level #Zaporizhzhia #FalseFlag. The cameraman was waiting for explosions that came from #inside the apartments to the #outside. He dared to go and take close-up pictures because he knew that no more #explosives had been #planted.
@IntlCrimCourt @KarimAAKhanKC This is just the appetizer from 'Thread 62'⬇️ mentioned:
#Ukrainian #fascists hold a party at #Kyiv's "BarHot" organized by #cartoonist Anton #Chadsky, eat a cake depicting a #Russian #baby
@IntlCrimCourt @KarimKhanQC
FROM: @amanpour “What is #Russia afraid of? #Democracy expanding,” says #Estonia’s Prime Minister @kajakallas | Mar 14
TO: #NATO #Stoltenberg On Air, Let's Count The [A]s | Mar 14, 2023.
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Had to use this hilarious picture!! The #AUKUS program doesnt instill much confidence in me personally. The program was supposed to bring together the #USNavy , #RoyalNavy and the #AustralianNavy to build a #Nuclear sub fleet. What about #IndianNavy? #εpsilon Image
The #UK in post #Brexit is notorious for armed forces cut that make little sense. There were rumors that they might cut the fleet size of #Astutesubmarine and give 2-3 to #Australia in #AUKUS. The current plan hinges a lot on #UK being not #UK . Image
The US is letting go of its 3 #Virginiaclass production slots to sell the boats to #Australia in 2030s. This will be followed by #SSNAUKUS to be built from mid 2030s to 2040s. This program is highly dependent on UK not being UK and funding the new SSN development. Image
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"China promptly issued a protest on Monday after a US Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane flew through the Taiwan Strait"

Monday, their time, is still 2023-02-27, ie today.

Did anyone already identify which #USNavy Boeing P-8A Poseidon that was this morning?
So far there seem to have been five different #USNavy P-8A Poseidons that have taken off from #KadenaAB, 4 of which conducted operations near China today, using the following Mode-S numbers to uniquely identify themselves.

#AE686A (unrelated)
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**NOT A TANk**
Here ->…

Bayonet underwater drone (UUV) with tracks can crawl out of the sea. Quite a useful capability… Submarine with tracks
A few other tracked submarines /UUVs to briefly mentions.

Firstly, in World War Two German engineers built a tracked midget sub. The idea was to launch /recover itself from a slipway rather than drive along the bottom of the seabed
During the Cold War, the #USNavy had the NR-1 spy sub which could drive along the bottom. Wheels not tracks though.
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🇺🇸 Has anyone looked up the Mode-S of the #USNavy P-8 Poseidon used in this piece, and put together the timeline of this story yet?
Mike is on the case, zeroing in on the time, which is what I needed! 😎

I'm presuming the flight was conducted with journalists from multiple outlets simultaneously. (NBC, CNN, more?)
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Il Premio #Pulitzer Seymour Hersh ha affermato che sommozzatori della #USNavy hanno piazzato bombe che hanno distrutto il gasdotto #Nordstream2 sotto il Mar Baltico lo scorso settembre.

#dimartedi #NATO #OhioTrainDisaster…

Seymour Hersh ha citato una fonte anonima nel riferire che gli americani hanno piazzato esplosivi a distanza che hanno distrutto 3 gasdotti costruiti per trasportare #gas naturale dalla Russia all'#Europa…

#Russia #Nordstream2 #NordstreamSabotage

La portavoce del ministero degli Esteri russo Maria #Zakharova ha detto in risposta al rapporto di Hersh che #Mosca ha "ripetutamente espresso" la sua convinzione che gli Stati Uniti e la NATO fossero coinvolti nelle esplosioni.

#Pulitzer #Russia

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#Submarines #USNavy #ColdWar
Spring of 1982, in the vicinity of Kings Bay. Two Soviet Project 861/Moma-class AGIs following very closely unidentified US Navy's James Madison-class SSBN.
AGI "Ekvator" (418) is in the background. Photo was taken from AGI "Seliger" (SSV-514).
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @Aviation_Intel @wachteldean54LV Call out to US submarines, anyone able to ID the James Madison-class SSBN?
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#FirepowerFriday #WW2 #ships: #Germany's mighty and handsome 52,600-ton 8x15" battleship Tirpitz at speed↖️ and Tromso fjord, #Norway↗️. ↙️↘️Perhaps on November 12, 1944 when she was sunk by RAF Lancasters. Her clean lines betray a lack of AA. Photo: ACME.
2/ Per…, here's a #USNavy manual excerpt on Tirpitz identifying what is what.
3/ Tirpitz was, of course, the second and last ship of the Bismarck-class battleships. These diagrams from…, etc., show her gentle evolution over time, especially ↖️↗️↙️where we see improvements in AA, radars and camo. ↘️ is similar to ↗️.
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Με αφορμή λοιπόν προηγούμενο ποστ που ήταν βασισμένο στις 2 συνεντεύξεις του @xaviervav (@navalnewscom) έκανα μια μικρή έρευνα πάνω στις δύο κλάσης LCS σχετικά με τις διαμορφώσεις οπλισμού των δύο σκαφών.

#LCS #FreedomClass #IndependenceClass
Ας αρχίσουμε λοιπόν με την κλάση LCS Freedom Class.

Σε αυτή λοιπόν την κλάση συναντάμε δύο διαφορετικες υπό-κλάσης.
1. Πλοία με οπλισμό

1xMk-110 57mm
2xBushmaster 30mm
Αλλά και το ραντάρ TRS-3D.
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While this article is 5 years old, and likely out of date regarding the operations that are being carried out from Keflavik 🇮🇸, it makes it clear to me that the "rotational" deployments of large numbers of #USNavy P-8A Poseidon and #RCAF CP-140 Aurora aircraft are a #NATO mission
It's also clear that #RCAF and #USNavy operations out of NAS Keflavik 🇮🇸 and NAS Sigonella 🇮🇹 are related, it's basically the same mission, the only difference is #Keflavik surges when the Russian Navy is brining a submarine through the GIUK gap, making a very obvious tell for us
In 2022 the #RCAF deployed to #Keflavik and different bases in the UK several times for patrols of the GIUK gap, with different CP-140 Aurora Block IV aircraft which seem quite popular.

However, the Gov't of Canada won't talk about it, nor will #NATO Public Affairs.
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#USNavy #USAF #avgeeks #aviationlovers - NATF-22? Yes, there could have been a navalized F-22 stealth a la F-14 Tomcat with swing wings, Mach 2.25 supercruise, heavier landing gear, and so much more. So why did the US Navy opt for the F-18 and F-35 instead? I'll tell you... 1/ Image
2/ Congress wanted the NATF-22 but the US Navy pushed back. The swing wings would have compromised stealth and added to the maintenance woes. As it was, the F-14 was already far too expensive especially in the absence of the #USSR's military, which is why the F-14 was retired. Image
3/ The naval F-22, aka Sea Raptor, would have been slower than the F-14 and cost more. The F-22's unit cost was, ballpark, $138 million. A navalized one surely would have cost at least 20% more based on F-14 vs F-15 costs.… Image
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#Hurricane #USNavy #OTD: December 18, 1944, Admiral Halsey catastrophically orders the US Navy’s vaunted TF38 into #TyphoonCobra. TF38 has seven fleet carriers, eight battleships, ~60 light carriers, cruisers, and destroyers. In all, USA loses three... 1/
2/ destroyers on Dec. 18 killing 790 sailors. USS Iowa @ussiowa, CL Miami, etc., damaged. Light carriers Langley and Cowpens (above tweet) roll through 70 degrees, sending airplanes overboard or into each other, starting big fires. 146 aircraft lost!!!
3/ In contrast, USA lost 123 aircraft in June 1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea. Destroyers Hull↖️, Monaghan ↗️ and Spence ↙️ sink. Maddox ↘️ and others are pounded but survive. 30 US Navy warships sunk or damaged total! #disasters #WW2 #Pacific #Weather
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#avgeek #aviation #USNavy #airplane - Vought OS2U Kingfisher; 1519 built starting 1938. Used by US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and the Soviet Navy. 450 hp; 1 x .30 cal (one fixed forward; one ring mounted in back) + bombs or depth charges. 1/
2/ OS=Observation Scout, U=Vought and 2=2nd plane by Vought for Observation Scout duty. Some had wheels vs floats. Were they convertible or built that way? OS2Us flew from land, naval air stations, or were catapult-launched off battleships, heavy cruisers or light cruisers.
3/ OS2Us sat atop a launch car sled on the catapult. An electric motor turned the catapult 30 degrees off the bow as the ship sailed into the wind. A 5" smokeless powder charge rammed the car to 80 mph in .5 seconds, retention pins dropped and the plane was off!
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#SilentService - #USNavy🇺🇸⚓️
Programme #VirginiaClass Block V

📸 GD EB.

➡️ Le 7 décembre 2022 (« Pearl Harbor remembrance day ») a été posé la quille du futur SSN-803 USS « Arizona » : 30ième Virginia, déjà, et 2ième Virginia Block V mais sera le premier lancé, a priori.
➡️ Curieux : le SSN-802 USS « Oklahoma » a reçu le numéro de coque précédent mais a vocation désormais à être mis sur cale en second. Sa construction semble bien moins avancée : il n'existe que la photographie d'un élément du massif.
➡️ Les Virginia Block V ont une coque allongée, en raison de l'intégration du Virginia Payload Module (#VPM), portant sa longueur de 115 à 140 m pour un diamètre inchangé de 10 m. Le déplacement en plongée de 7 800 à 10 200 tonnes.
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#Hurricane #USNavy: December 17/18, 1944, Admiral Halsey catastrophically orders his vaunted TF38 straight into #TyphoonCobra. TF38 has seven fleet carriers, eight battleships, ~60 light carriers, cruisers, and destroyers. In all, the USA loses three... 1/
2/ destroyers on December 18 killing 790 sailors. BB Iowa, CL Miami, etc., damaged. Light carriers like Langley and Cowpens (above tweet) roll through 70 degrees, sending airplanes overboard or into each other, starting bad fires. Total aircraft lost...
3/ ... is 146! In contrast, USA lost 123 aircraft in June 1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea. Destroyers Hull↖️, Monaghan↗️ and Spence↙️ sink. Maddox↘️ and others take heavy poundings but survive. In all, 30 US Navy warships sunk or damaged! #hurricanes
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➡️ Un #SSBN classe Ohio* en escale à Gibraltar ce matin alors que se profile (NOTAM) l'équivalent 🇷🇺 d'un tir de validation par l'Izd.955A/09552 « Generalissimus Suvorov », préalable à son entrée en service et affectation à la Flotte du Pacifique.
➡️ 1ière escale d'un #SNLE / #SSBN classe Ohio (14 +4) à la HMNB Gibraltar depuis celle (28 juin - 1er juillet 2021) du SSBN-732 USS « Alaska » (1986). La mission du SSBN-732 USS « Alaska » (1986) incluait la « regional security »,
au profit de l'Alliance atlantique tandis qu'il y avait une montée des tensions OTAN-Russie en Mer Noire et en Méditerranée.
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#avgeek #planespotting #USNavy #USAF #USMC: Douglas SBD Dauntless / A-24 Banshee carrier-borne and land-based dive-bomber saw extensive action in the Pacific. At Midway, SBDs damaged the IJN carriers Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu, leading to loss of all four. 1/ TY @Sylvia70485099 ImageImageImageImage
2/ The SBD ("Scout Bomber Douglas") first flew in 1940. Recognition: circular perforated dive brakes; wings: compact, sturdy, non-folding. Crew: 2. 5,936 built, 1940–1944. Used by USA, France and New Zealand. Let’s visit the different versions and check out details… #Models ImageImageImageImage
3/ SBD-1: 1,000 hp Wright R-1820-32 Cyclone; 6-volt electrical system. 2 x .50 cal guns on upper cowling + 1 x .30 cal rear-facing on semi-circular mount. 57 built, all in 1940. USMC only. Images:…⬅️. ImageImageImage
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Did you know that @StationCDRKelly is not only a #NASA record-holder and a #USNavy captain, but also a former medic? That’s one of the reasons he supports 🇺🇦medical workers.
Here's what the Rocket Man said himself👇🏽
"In my youth, I worked in emergency medical care as an EMT and ambulance driver and saw with my own eyes how timely medical assistance can save people's lives. Later, as an astronaut, I always performed the role of medical officer in space so medical care is important to me."
"Ukrainian doctors and medical personnel today are real heroes, performing miracles daily and in unbelievably challenging and dangerous conditions. I consider it my duty to support Ukraine as they defend democracy against Russian aggression."
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#USNavy #shipspotting #WW2 #OTD CV-8 USS Hornet sunk. Oct. 20, 1941: commissioned. Apr. 18, 1942: Doolittle Raid. Jun. 4-6, 1942: Battle of Midway. Aug.–Oct. 1942: Solomon Islands. Oct. 26, 1942: Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Mortally wounded. Oct. 27, 1942: 01:35: sinks. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
@HornetMuseum @Rich_Ships @slottsstaden @DramaWarship @WorldofWarships @WarshipPorn @militaryhistori @BattleshipNJ @GavicWayne @USNavyCNO 2/ CV-8 Hornet was a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier. The class was CV-5 Yorktown↖️, CV-6 Enterprise↗️, and CV-8 Hornet↙️. CV-7 USS Wasp↘️was an 85' shorter version of the Yorktown-class. Sadly, all but Enterprise (which survived WW2) were sunk June to October 1942! ImageImageImageImage
@HornetMuseum @Rich_Ships @slottsstaden @DramaWarship @WorldofWarships @WarshipPorn @militaryhistori @BattleshipNJ @GavicWayne @USNavyCNO 3/ Surprisingly, Hornet displaced only 20,000 tons standard, 25,500 full load. Specs: 824’ 9” l x 114’ b x 28’ d; 120,000 shp; 32.5 knots; crew: 2,919; 72 aircraft; 3 elevators; 3 catapults; armor: 4” deck; 2.5”-4” belt. Most carriers had little armor; Hornet was no exception. ImageImageImageImage
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#ships #navy #WWII #USNavy - Let's tour IJN Yamato, WWII's most impressive battleship.↖️Yamato on trials, 1941. ↗️Yamato's original config from….↙️Yamato after 1944-1945 refit from Tamiya. ↘️ Yamato's death, April 7, 1945. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ Yamato, her sisters Musashi and Shinano (completed* as an aircraft carrier) were WWII's three mightiest vessels. Yamato's main armament was 9 x 18.1"/45 guns. 45 calibers = 67' 10" long! Here is a stern view focused on Yamato's #3 turret on Sept. 20, 1941 during construction. Image
3/ Yamato's secondary armament was 4 x triple 15.5 cm (6.1")/60 guns arranged in a diamond formation: front, back and one per side. They were removed from Japan's Mogami-class↘… light cruisers when the Mogamis were upgraded to new twin 8" gun turrets. ImageImageImageImage
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Operational CATOBAR Aircraft Carriers and their Air Wing (late 2010s). Let’s look at the air wing composition of the Nimitz Class and Charles de Gaulle and see how they compare.
#USNavy #Aircraft #Military #Jets
But first, we will look at the role and capabilities of each aircraft. We will take the Nimitz Class’s air wing as an example.

Quick note: The next infographic will cover the evolution of these carriers, their air wings and China’s arrival to the club
The US Carrier Air Wing (CVW) has x44 F/A-18 Super Hornet multirole fighter. Meaning it can do almost any mission an aircraft could do: Air to Air engagements, Ground strikes, Anti-Ship, Suppression of Air defence… They are the main weapon of the carrier
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Programme OASuW Increment 2

➡️ Tailhook Hook'22 (8 - 10 sept.) : Boeing a dévoilé cet engin - auparavant dénommé « Spear » (📸 @beverstine) - mû par un statoréacteur à « combustible solide » pour le programme Hypersonic Air-Launched Offensive (#HALO) : #USN #USAF.
➡️ Le programme #HALO est l' « Increment 2* » du programme OASuW (Over-the-horizon offensive Anti-Surface Warfare) Increment 2 devant permettre de constituer des capacités opérationnelles de lutte anti-surface par munitions hypersoniques.
* « Increment 1 » :
AGM-158C LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile)

➡️ L'un des objectifs opérationnels du programme est de pouvoir engager des buts de surface dans un temps très contraint : à la manière des « time sensitive target » et dans un context A2/AD,
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