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Effective communication is not just about speaking, but about truly connecting with others and building bridges of understanding.
#tuesdayvibe #InspirationalQuotes #Inspireyourself
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Communication is not just about transmitting words; it's about fostering genuine connections and creating a shared understanding.
Listening is the key to effective communication. It shows respect, validates others' experiences, and opens doors to deeper connections.
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#happeningnow at the Par Central motor Inn at Queens, NY
Protesters gather in front of the hotel, and they state they don't want the hotel to house Migrants
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#Migrants #NYC #BREAKING
Par Central Motor Inn in Queens, NY , protesters rally outside due to the hotel housing migrants .
A group of Migrants walk by, and the protesters yell at them.
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#migrants #breaking #tuesdayvibe
Par Central Motor Inn Queens NY.
Protesters rally outside the hotel to demand the hotel stop hosing migrants. I spoke with one of the organizers of the rally.
Here's what he had to say .
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#tuesdayvibe #NYC #NEWS
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I tracked the bus load of Migrants that left from the Roosevelt hotel to an old NYPD Police Academy in Manhattan, NY. 100s of Migrants are being housed here.
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#NYPD #MIGRANTS #tuesdayvibe
How's my tracking skills? Lol
Just tracked down another bus load of Migrants to a different location in midtown Manhattan
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Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel, and the hotel is housing migrants. They state that the community is outraged.
The NYPD has arrived at the hotel and stated that if they don't leave, they will be arrested.
#migrants #NYC
This footage was sent in by one of the activists
Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel where migrants are being housed.
Activist do a sitin and chant " OUR TAX dollars our responsibility "
#migrantcrisis #tuesdayvibe
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So, today I went down memory lane with hubby😊. A THREAD
It happened that when I was in secondary school(LSMCM), I was in Jss3. I fought with my best friend of then and we started keeping malice.
We went home on a certain Friday hoping to continue our malice on Monday in school.
But God had a different plan for me😂😂😂 we were home on the Saturday and we started hearing strong and mighty sounds with the shaking of the land, we all became scared and people started asking questions.
We got to know the sound was coming from Ikeja cantonment (barracks)
It was bomb blast😭😭😭
Ye!!!! My bestie stays in the cantonment, I was scared and I started praying God please I don't want to go to hell. After the hell stories we were told in Sunday school😍.
I was praying to God to spare my friend so I can just say to her, I am sorry.
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1/n 🧵

#Trump will be arrested tomorrow, an event that will get start the Great #American #MAGA #bankrun.

This is a thread of memes related to this topic. Image
2/n 🧵 Image
3/n 🧵 Image
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Just another day in Bronx, NY.
There's nothing to see here, just a naked guy hanging off the train station

#NYC #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations
And the man falls after hanging on it
This is a repost
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1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global supply shortages are delaying deliveries so order early. More tips:…

#CyberMondayAmazon #CyberMonday #finance #Blog #MONEY #mondaythoughts #holiday #shoppingstar #Investor 1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global ...
2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDGET: Plan ahead & ask family to bring supplies. More tips:…

#tuesdayvibe #finance #blog #blogger #WritingCommunity #christmas #holiday #budget #MONEY #Investor #timidbee 2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDG...
3. PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAYS: Save for the holidays in a separate account. More tips:…

#wednesdaythought #Wednesday #holiday #MONEY #finance #blog #WritingCommunity #christmas PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY...
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This will be my thread for the #Uncool50 rundown of 2022! My favorite 50 formally released singles between December 1976 to now.

Come along for the ride it’ll be fun! My personal guardrails for it were a big help w/ hard choices (see below)
#hiphop Image
See here for the rules and other players. Then come back each night to see my next entry - some obvious, some niche, and everything in between!

Much thanks to @nonoxcol for getting this going and giving it clarity!
Chronological order, so not the lowest/highest ranked, but the first (and a trailblazer!). It still sounds like little else and can make me cry. #RIP you legend

1. @DavidBowieReal - “Heroes” (Sept. 1977)

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The rich and diverse African culture varies from country to country and even within countries. Each ethnic group's culture revolves around family and can be found in their art, music, and oral literature...

#Afrikindness #beaninspiration
...African people speak various languages, practice different religions, and live in many housing types.
Today's post will show the African people's richness, beauty, and culture.

#Afrikindness #beaninspiration #tuesdaymotivations #tuesdayvibe
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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We know what you're thinking:

"What if the nine inches of safe playground surfacing *is* a Megalodon?"

Unfortunately, we recommend mulch or wood chips for the safest playground impact surfacing.
Gen X will tell you this was their playground.
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"My Genitals Were Sewn Up With Acacia Thorns (the image)!"
Malko Jama Recalls Hers:
""I was nine. A woman came to the house. They held me down and held my legs apart and she cut me with a razor and stitched me back up with acacia thorns.
She cut out the clitoris
and the inner labia and then she cut out the flesh from the outer labia and sewed up the skin that was left.
Now they have a more modern way for stitching girls back up but at the time they used thorns like pins.
She cut out the clitoris and the inner labia and then she cut out
the flesh from the outer labia and sewed up the skin that was left.
When it was finished they took a big sheet and a cord and they bound my thighs together... so that I had to stay there with my legs together. They brought me small pieces of bread but refused to allow me water or
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The e-wallet will retain your money #OMITB securely in an online setting while you use those information to transfer money into and out of your bank, enabling #tuesdayvibe you to make payments securely.

and occasionally anonymously.
Why are gambling e-wallets recommended for usage at mobile and online casinos? You can explore new and established casinos safely without disclosing your bank. @worldwidewob…

information because only the e-wallet has access to your information.
It's far simpler to punch in an email address and a password when playing on your mobile device than to write out all of your credit.

card information. Most online and mobile casinos provide quicker withdrawal times through e-wallets.
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Largest Stock Market of the World 🌍

🇺🇸 USA $42.59 trn
🇨🇳 China $9.99 trn
🇯🇵 Japan $5.50 trn
🇭🇰 Hongkong $5.28 trn
🇸🇦 S. Arabia $3.25 trn
🇺🇸 UK $3.14 trn
🇮🇳 India $3.14 trn
🇨🇦 Canada $2.96 trn

(By Mcap)

In the next few years, India will definitely be in the Top 3 positions 🏆

Do you believe it too? ⤵️

#USDT #tuesdayvibe
All the stock market details are updated daily on

• Get top gainers/losers
• 52 week high/low
• 100+ indices of NSE and BSE
• Top performer stocks

And much more 💙

#StockMarketindia #invest
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Underrated Green Flags


#tuesdaymotivations #tuesdayvibe
1. Friends who check up on you regularly.
2. A partner who doesn't make everything about themselves.
3. Friends who have your best interests at heart.
4. Friends with pure intentions.
5. Friends who inspire you to follow your dreams.
6. Parents who support anything good you want to do in life.
7. Friends who make sure they keep you part of their social activities.
8. Family, friends and partners who know when you're not feeling well, and know how to deal with you, and how to help you get better again.
9. Working environments that are healthy for you to enjoy your work and inspire productivity.
10. Friends who always make time to listen.
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Buying off the plan can be a good opportunity for an investor or property owner looking to make a profit or gain some equity:…

#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts
#Mondayvibes #Australia #Brisbane #Perth #Adelaide #MONEY #cryptocurrency
Buying off the plan can be a good opportunity for an investor or property owner looking to make a profit or gain some equity:…

#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts
#Mondayvibes #Australia #Brisbane #Perth #Adelaide #MONEY #cryptocurrency Buying off the plan can be ...
Buying off the plan means you have decided to purchase a property that has not yet built or is currently under construction:…

#timidbee #Finance #Australia #MONEY #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations #investing #blog #brisbaneflood #Perth #Adelaide #Crypto Buying off the plan means y...
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How 1 brave esports host sacrificed her multi-million dollar network, career & the careers of her associates to complain about imaginary misogyny🔦

OH.....& how she mentioned G4 hosts don't play the games they have to review😬 #gaming #G4TV #gamers
Gaming world spiraled into outrage earlier this month when Indiana @Froskurinn Black, host of Comcasts new gaming network @G4TV lectured viewers on finding her less “bangable” than previous hosts

Lecture so shrill & destructive,
Must be seen to be believed👀
@FDRLST #frosk #rant
Outburst racked up millions of views across social media & gaming outlets covering the story

Old fans of G4, unaware the network had relaunched, were blasted w/ the decadent state of their old favs 😵‍💫
#gaming #g4tv #feminsim #gamers #business #economics #badadvice #tuesdayvibe
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“I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.”
~ Ratan Tata

Wishing a healthy & wealthy birthday to Ratan Tata Sir💙

🧵on some interesting facts about him👇

#TataGroup #RatanTata
1. His first job was of managing operations on the shop floor of #tatasteel in 1961.

2. First Indian to pilot the F-16 Falcon in 2007✈️
3. Under his leadership, #TataGroup saw an increase of🚀
~40 times in revenue
~50 times in Profit
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Mercury retrograde effect (January 14, 2022- February 4, 2022.)
Aquarius:-Aquarians might face trouble in being decisive about all aspects of their lives. Under pressure, you might make hasty decisions. Therefore, be aware of it.
You should think before you speak. There might come times when you act stupidly and deteriorate your relations with people around you.
On the positive side, you will be energetic and passionate about your work . Things in professional life, on an overall basis will be fine.
For friends, you might develop a feeling of distrust. The feeling might not be true. Therefore think twice before you push them away from you.
#AstroWorld #astroloji #astrology #Astrophile #Tuesday #tuesdayvibe #TuesdayFeeling
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Day 14 - I isn’t feeling 2 well. I just received my dose of pamidronate and the drs said I lost 8 kgs. Please share and keep me company tonight. (Cont) #dogsoftwitter #RescueRandy #tuesdayvibe Image
My parents cooked me a nummy kidney fwiendly meal of lean beef and noodles that I’m doin my best to get strong!
Ms Dr says they’re going to get more aggressive with Lasix tonight in hopes of getting this stoopid poison out of me.
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