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Make a schedule 📅(Virtual Attendee)

- Visit Kubecon website and make your own schedule.
- If you are into networking - Check talks around Istio, Kubernetes, Cilium, eBPF, Envoy and etc.
- Add everything to your calendar
- Note down speaker and companies names on a paper.
BOOTHS (In-person and Virtual)

- Visit Booths and Ask right questions to staff at booths.
- Ask what are you working on?
- Ask why this tech stack?
- What is revolutionary in this? Why to learn?
- Check companies product, Ask for a demo.
- It proves you're interested.
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Now checking out an unconference session- "Pod Lifecycle: the good, the bad, and the misunderstood" with @bobbypage! Image
Pod Lifecycle is complicated and we have the issues to prove it. Many issues are on the kubelet side, but not all of them. With the wide variety of controllers possible, there are a lot of ways for the lifecycle of a pod to go wrong. #kcsna #KubeCon #Kubernetes ImageImage
Static pods are a particularly weird use case. I remember learning about these while studying for the CKA (Kubernetes Admin certification) & being like, "THAT'S A THING?!" One of those things that feels like an anti-pattern, but essential in certain use cases. Image
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Really cool to see @Docker make wasm/wasi part of the docker desktop experience! @ccrone @juntao ImageImageImage
@Docker @ccrone @juntao @juntao, founder/maintainer of the WasmEdge runtime, walkingus through when and when not to use Wasm

#wasmday #KubeCon ImageImage
More on WasmEdge

#wasmday #kubecon Image
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One year ago this month as I told my friends I'd give the Linux desktop one year before succumbing to the inevitability of OSX. This setup is the culmination of my research. I call it the cloud native desktop. Find me for a demo.
All the properties of cloud native at your fingertips. K8s without the VM layer, a container runtime at the core of every operation. Any distro userspace to devel with right at your fingertips. Clean separation of the system from the user space, all atomic operations.
It's not a distro, it's a tenet of ideas. What a client laptop would look like if we started without any of the baggage of the old world. This janky prototype is already more reliable than any you can get from any Linux vendor today. Period.
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What is HTTP/3 and why should you care? 🤔

- Reduced latency and buffering
- 70%+ browser support
- Benefits for machines with old OS/kernels

My team and I have been chatting to experts and playing with the latest version of the protocol that powers the web

Read on 🧵 👇
HTTP/3 is supported by 70%+ of browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge), and according to W3Techs 25% of the top 10 million websites 🌐

The official RFC/spec was standardized in June 2022:
I recently had a fascinating @ambassdorlabs podcast chat with @alyssa_oss, Senior Staff Engineer at Google and @EnvoyProxy committer 🙌

We covered a lot of ground in 20 minutes: HTTP/3 Use Cases, Envoy Support, and Google’s Rollout…
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#KubeCon EU Takeaway 2: ➡️ Platforms and “golden paths” enable productivity and reduce developer friction

I saw several great talks, and also presented on why I think golden paths and platform engineering are the next big thing 🔥

Let's explore this in more detail: 🧵 👇
The first mention of "golden paths" was from @MercedesBenz in the opening keynote, where they talked about the K8s-based platform they had built over the past 7 years 🏎️

Lots of thought, effort, and iteration had been applied to the dev experience 🧰

@MercedesBenz Golden paths are all about making it easy for a developer to code, ship, and run applications; to go from biz idea, to code, to test, to running in prod, to collecting telemetry to enable iteration ⚡

There can be one golden path or many, depending on your use cases 🛣️
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My top five takeaways from #KubeCon:

1. Cloud education is vitally important
2. Platforms and “golden paths” enable productivity
3. Developer experience is top of mind
4. Cloud networking is simplifying
5. Increasing focus on security

Let's explore 1 in more detail 🧵 👇
First, the complete #KubeConEU summary blog post that provides in-depth coverage can be found here:…
Takeaway 1 ➡️ The cloud native community continues to grow: Education is vitally important

@pritianka mentioned in her opening keynote that 65% of attendees were new to KubeCon. And a lot of these folks were new to the cloud native space

More, and new, education is needed
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Last talk of the conference for me is @Divya_Mohan02, @SaiyamPathak, @kunalstwt and @coffeeartgirl talking about how to navigate the CNCF landscape. #KubeCon
Cloud native as a paradigm involved because people wanted vendor agnostic infra, and a more declarative approach to deploying workloads. @Divya_Mohan02 #KubeCon
3 categories of projects in the CNCF: Sandbox, Incubating, and Graduated. Sandbox is early with lots of innovation. Incubating projects are being used in production by more people. Graduated projects are mature and stable. #KubeCon @coffeeartgirl
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Next up is @lizrice talking about Cilium :) #KubeCon
Specifically about Cilium’s service mesh :)
Liz started off asking who is tired and a lot of hands went up, including hers 😂 #KubeCon
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Watching @breakawaybilly talk about composability next :) #KubeCon
What is compound interest for software? Composability. #KubeCon
With the cloud native ecosystem we can select and assemble from the projects on the landscape. #KubeCon
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All the cool kids are at @urlichsanais and @raesene’s talk. #KubeCon
Love you, security nerds ❤️ #KubeCon
Oh I didn’t know that @raesene works on the CIS benchmarks for both Docker and Kubernetes. #KubeCon
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🧵 #KubeCon Europe 2022 recap for Cluster API.

Back in October last year, Cluster API reached production readiness with the v1.0 release…

Today, our end user community is growing more than ever ✨
Let's start with the incredible community behind the project: our best feature yet!

- 400+ contributors around the globe 🌎
- 1000+ unique contributions per day across all repositories 📈
- Since v1.0, Cluster API has been downloaded ~700k times. 🤯
KubeCon was kicked off this year with @fabriziopandini at @thenewstack panel talking about Cluster API amongst other things about Kubernetes.
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Next up is @hasheddan and @ImJasonH with Registries After Dark Pt. 2. #KubeCon
Oh Jason couldn’t be here but helped prepare it, hi @ImJasonH if you’re watching :) #KubeCon
We’re starting off with How A Computer Works (I would like to know this). #KubeCon
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Next up I’m watching the Cilium project updates with @tgraf__, @lbernail, @purvid, and @lizrice :) #KubeCon
Wow this is pretty packed :) #KubeCon
Cilium uses eBPF and Envoy for networking, security, observability and service mesh. #KubeCon
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I’m excited to see @puerco talking about securing the Kubernetes software supply chain. Yay SIG Release :) #KubeCon
LOL at @puerco’s fake TED talk beginning, I was howling 😂
OMG this is so funny 😂
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Watching Alper Rifat Ulucinar talk about CRDs. #KubeCon
Some of the Crossplane providers for cloud platforms have hundreds of CRDs. #KubeCon
One of the issues they’ve run into with lots of CRDs installed is client side (kubectl) throttling. #KubeCon
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About to watch @nserrino talk about autoscaling. This breakout room is big, wow. And still hard to find a seat. #KubeCon
Workloads are often spiky and unpredictable and they might bite you when you least expect it. #KubeCon
Three types of autoscaling. #KubeCon Image
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Ok starting my morning #KubeCon thread. If you are new to the event my best advice is to pace yourself. I understand FOMO but you can’t possibly do all of the things. The hallway track is very valuable and the talks are all recorded.
It’s not worth stressing about the schedule, whether you’ve picked the best possible talks to watch, etc. Just try to have fun and learn some things.
I’ll be at the @loft_sh booth after the keynote if you have a chance to say hi, it’s booth SU15. I’ll be around there some more during the conference :)
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Kubernetes Interview Ready Guide ♾🐋☸️

Everything you need to know to Crack kubernetes Interview 🚀⚡

Handwritten 🧵👇
30 Days Challenge Thread 🚀
I will add 5 Interview questions every alternative day 🌟 in this thread so make sure to bookmark this and share with others to help them 🔥

• The questions covered here are mostly conceptual
• I never claim only these type of questions are/should be asked during interviews
• For interviews, you should have fundamentals strong. And you should be able to provide solutions to practical problems.
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Secret Behind Kubernetes🚀⚡ Success🌟

⬇️Case Study 🧵👇
Kubernetes ♾ is about Six years old, It was released in 2015. Over the last two years it has gained exponential popularity that seems unbelievable.
This year, it came in as the number three most loved platforms🥳
Even though there are a lot of alternatives available like Mesos from Apache, Docker swarm, but still Kubernetes is the leader🤞⚡
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Soo...not sure what happened but apparently my other tweet thread didn't continue, so picking up part 2 of #kubecon day 3.
Other one at 4:30 - Have you had a feature that you wanted to propose, then back off after looking at the process? Is all of it really needed? Well you can find why it might be from @bobcatwilson, Kirsten Garrison, and @AdamBKaplan at their panel!
Last time slot for the day and there are 3 - Are you at an end user company and looking to open source something? How do you make sure theres continued support for it? Find out more from @khblixt and Kareena Hirani on how they did it at intuit for argo
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Well, last day of #kubecon is here folks, and we got some great stuff right off the bat :)
First the Keynote today should be awesome \o/ There are great updates from @ccaramanolis @stephenaugustus @gojasmineee, Masoud Mirmomeni, @_jimmyguerrero, @decodebytes, @tophee, @ParisInBmore, @rupaNandi, @ffkiv and @allanfriedman
At 11am, there are 2 session. First from an update from
@the_sttts, @jpbetz, Federico Bongiovanni, and Abu Kashem about some things going on in API Machinery - the big big thing is Server Side Apply \o/
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Time for day 2 of Bob's big list of #KubeCon sessions, and there are A LOT of good ones.
There are 2 sessions at 11am - First, for all you OSS data nerds, theres a great session from @Sophia_IV on some of the gotchas and best practices around analyzing OSS data and sharing it in an ethical way
Also at 11, is a presentation from @fuzzychef and @CathPaga and TAG Contributor Strategy on something important for every project! Turning contributors into maintainers (we seriously need more maintainers across the board :x)
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Hokay, today is the first “real” day of #KubeCon and I’m going to kick it off each day with all the sessions I’m interested in :D
Right off the bat, we have the keynotes! at 9am PT. I can't list all the session descriptions, but its a great line up from @pritianka @pythomit @k_gamanji @kaslinfields @ccaramanolis @vijoy @cdavisafc @gojasmineee and @stephenaugustus!
Then, at 11am we have some wonderful k8s contributors, @theonlynabarun @maria_fibonacci and @puerco going over some of the upstream supply chain fun in sig-release.
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