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For Cloud Native, WebAssembly means letting go of some of the assumptions incumbent in our current choices - @wasmcloud takes it one step further. #kubecon
Specifically, WebAssembly (Wasm) unlocks vast new deployment patterns that no longer dependent on Linux or a specific CPU architecture like x86.
From a security perspective, Wasm moves the Security model from the Process boundary to a Capability-based approach.
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Next up: Wojciech Tyczyński of SIG Scalability on the necessary k8s and etcd changes to scale to clusters with 15k+ nodes.

First off, scalability isn't really number of nodes, but a lot of factors that may scale with cluster size.

#KubeCon #CloudNativeCon Image
Starting with real life usecases: @TwitterEng currently running on mesos clusters, which can handle 40-60k nodes in a single cluster

But scalability work affects everyone! This makes all clusters more reliable and performant.

#KubeCon #CloudNativeCon
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I'll be live tweeting #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon, and taking this year off for speaking. Excited to sit back and actually watch the content 😊. What talks are you attending?
@Lemonjet here to give a keynote on K8s @ Apple. They have MASSIVE data center scale. Looked to K8s for the pluggability, extensibility, and ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, they had to consider the learning curve and platform support to drive adoption. #kubecon #CloudNativeCon
Apple started by breaking down different users and workloads. Application developers, SRE (Note: easy to forget that infra teams are also your customers!), hardware, machine learning / batch, and finance / payments jobs. #kubecon #CloudNativeCon @Lemonjet
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And it's twooting time with @mauilion and @IanColdwater for #TGIK. Image
TIL that @mauilion has a subtly different pronunciation of "Kubernetes" than I do.
Duffie: "kuber-NEAT-iss"

Me, depending upon my mood:
Cooper nets
K 8 s
Kyoober nets
Kuiper Ned's
Cue bernettes
Koober neats

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Every #Kubernetes cluster admin MUST watch "Advanced Persistence Threats" session from @IanColdwater @bradgeesaman #KubeCon #CloudNative. So much knowledge and goodness - thanks for sharing. I've been trying to get people to understand this attack vector for a long time 👇
You all did a much better job than me articulating it. Ahhh!!! Watching this hurts! I even wrote a chapter on this in Kubernetes Best Practices O'Reilly book. I wake up in cold sweats knowing how easy it is to leave this open! Biting my nails again.
Heartburn watching this. I suspect my pain isn't going to stop here. Anxious for what's going to happen here.
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After magistral @obeattie keynote 2y ago at #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon EU in Copenhagen I couldn't miss today @milesbxf & @suhailpatel talk about war stories of running @monzo on @kubernetesio in production. And oh boy am I not disappointed. So incredible talk. Pure gold. Thread ⬇️
Let's start with the global landscape at Monzo:

- One single @kubernetesio production cluster
- 600+ microservices, all written in @golang
- Hundreds of nodes
- Almost entirely on AWS
- From @Linkerd to @EnvoyProxy for service mesh
- From flannel to calico for network

They wanted ALL services to explicitly define what they talked with, so made a huge usage of Network Policies to specify ALL ingress and egress connections of every service.

Under the hood: Calico to enforce the network policies by generating iptables rules ✨

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Even though I won't get to meet everyone in person, I'm still so excited at all the talks we have lined up for #KubeCon next week! Here are a list of ten talks that I'm super looking forward to, in no particular order:
DNS horror stories by @lbernail @datadoghq

I mean. What's not to love. DNS. At scale. On Kubernetes. Failing. #KubeCon
Toolchains behind successful Kubernetes development workflows by @ellenkorbes @tilt_dev

Developing cloud native microservices is hard. I'm interested to hear about how other people are solving this for their organization. #KubeCon
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Some thoughts from this year's #kubecon now that I am back in ☁️ city and have decompressed a bit. (Thread)
The stable of CNCF technologies is maturing, but they are still primarily building blocks. End users are struggling to figure how to put them together in useful ways, and often end up inheriting complexity they don't need.
The vendor ecosystem is not helping decrease complexity; quite the opposite. The fierce competition, FUD, and sometimes rancor is confusing end users. CNCF is not helping either; the official landscape is so large and confusing as to be useless. We need to do better.
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“Look at this. Look at all of you. Look at what we built here.” ~ @IanColdwater recognizing the strength of Kubernetes is the inclusive people, and that maybe the project assumes more positive intent than it should from hackers. #KubeCon Image
“I’d like to thank the release team for this.”

Features that help administration, like auth can-i, saves @IanColdwater and other hackers a whole lot of time when finding mischief on a cluster.

#KubeCon Image
“It’s been said that defenders think in lists and hackers think in graphs.”

Attackers care about the pivot points. @IanColdwater hit the point that attackers know the tech and work around the checklists. #KubeCon Slide: what’s in your graph?
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Latency issues during the Airbnb k8s migration gave people the sads. #KubeCon
Some of it was due to hardware changes. The generation of hardware that the app had been running on made a difference. Also the host OS. #KubeCon
They had some issues with noisy neighbors. One specific service was causing problems for others due to the CPU it was using. They hadn’t set CPU limits because they thought it might hurt performance. #KubeCon
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The legondary @geekygirldawn and @castrojo are about to describe the community view of how people jump into Kuberentes contribution. I’m here for this story. #KubeCon Image
“Like everything in Kubernetes, we define everything as a yaml file.”

He’s not joking. It’s a thing. 😂

But don’t worry — there are friendly interfaces elsewhere in the community.…
“SIG Contributor Experience is like your home room.”

It’s great to see this place where community builders can be a welcoming introduction to the Kubernetes community. If you’re in need of support, reach out to them!… #KubeCon
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We were literally 15 seconds from this in the @opentelemetry keynote. on one hand I feel fucking vindicated, on the other hand I wish I'd had 15 more seconds... #KubeCon lightstep tracehoneycomb tracestackdriver trace
Literally ran to my laptop after @bryanl was done, saw the finished build, and let out a primal scream. #KubeCon
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#SIGBoulder held it down tonight! #KubeCon Josh and me post climb!Josh rocking out
.@joshrosso and I are game to have a another on Thursday if, let’s say, 5 people are into it too! Reply back here and tell friends.
We also had a good #kubetaco session at Crack. #KubeCon Gauc covered tritip and a b...
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.@gphat getting ready to send it with "No-Nonsense Observability Improvement" #kubecon #observability Image
@gphat "We are not going to define Observability today" 👍 Image
@gphat The normal zone, the weird zone. Image
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.@bryanl is curating updates on CNCF projects, including CoreDNS, which recently graduated (and without having to implement a ton of complexity to produce value)! #KubeCon
@bryanl and now we have one of the Vitess maintainers talking about how Vitess has graduated! The project allows people to manage their stateful databases on k8s in a scalable manner, and highly reliably! #KubeCOn
It's based off of MySQL so it's easy to get onto it, and it supports ~30% of Slack, soon to be 100%. millions of QPS supported. #KubeCon
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Yes, time for @bryanl to take the stage and highlight projects he wants us to know a little better. #KubeCon Bryan Liles taking the stage!
First up: Vitess. Simply put it’s a cloud native database. It’s graduation in the CNCF foundation marks an important acknowlegement of their adoption, maintainership, and health. #KubeCon Sugu on stage talking Vites...Sugu on stage talking Vites...
The next maintainer: Helm. They’ve crossed some huge milestones, like 1 million downloads a month. Most importantly, they have a large and active group of maintainers. Impressive numbers all around. #KubeCon ImageImage
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Awesome coding on stage by Nina Stawski from @splunk #observabilitysummit #kubecon Image
@splunk Front end code implementation of @opentelemetry Image
@splunk @opentelemetry .@ninastawski codes up traces in real time for front end code Image
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.@austinlparker and I are live at #KubeCon from the Observability Practitioners' Summit! Join us on the @opentelemetry Twitch channel at!
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Me, yesterday: why did I stop checking a bag? It’s so convenient to have extra room.

Me, today: wait, that 200 deep line is baggage drop? 🤯

👋 @Delta
Thank you to the kind people in TSA pre that insisted I go ahead of them in a line taking 30 min.

Also those who say MSP is a great airport must have never been to PDX 🤔
Ok delta and tsa pre aside, I’m on the #KubeCon Express from MSP and so excited 🎉💥
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Latest update on the #UnionStationLA situation -- overheard dispatch staff telling the conductor rotating off shift that they have a replacement train crew ready to go, but that the crew is stuck on the other side of Union Station and their bags are in the evacuated station :(
New crew appears to be here for the delayed Surfliner 768 that's also replacing Surfliner 1572. #UnionStationLA
The train *still* has not left, and now there are Amtrak Police with guns walking up and down the train? #UnionStationLA
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Lessons at #velocityconf from @davecheney on culture & community that I also intend to briefly touch upon in my #KubeCon keynote, because a white supremacist/misogynist attendee has not (yet) been banned... Harassment and discrimination are simply unacceptable. codes of conduct are very important words on paper.if you define merit in your projects in terms of who has got the most code, you are excluding other forms of contribution
@davecheney Update: the white supremacist has in fact been banned from KubeCon.
late-breaking news from last night that I missed, apparently.
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Day 2 of #KubeCon dawns, as @bryanl takes the stage! Let's tune in.
"Dinners in Barcelona run so late that some of the folks coming in now are just getting here from theirs." #KubeCon
"We're now selling t-shirts with pockets on the chest." This feels like a metaphor for a sidecar container story. #KubeCon
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This must be the right place... #KubeCon Image
Getting ready for my talk. The second floor providers accomodation for four "tents" ImageImage
It's getting busier now ImageImage
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You know...
I have spent the past several days at #kubecon talking to humans
And I have never been at an event (or ancillary party, etc) where ppl were so fucking willing to just shit on the practices of other open source projects and refer to them as jokes as ive seen in the past few days.
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